Reverend Insanity
1607 One Million Immortal Essence Stones
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1607 One Million Immortal Essence Stones

Southern Border.

Yan Shou Mountain.

Xia clan's headquarters, Jian Wen blessed land.

Inside the blessed land, there were many mortal Gu Houses forming into a magnificent scene of an unbroken range of palace halls.

In the central hall, Xia Fei Kuai was moving on the ground in a hurry.

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal who cultivated light path, he had extraordinary battle strength, only slightly weaker than Wu clan's Wu Yu Bo. Because of cultivating a certain immortal killer move, his nature became impatient.

Fang Yuan had once fought him and set an agreement of five years in the disguise of Wu Yi Hai. Now that Fang Yuan's identity was revealed and had rank eight battle strength, Xia Fei Kuai had naturally thrown this five years agreement to the back of his mind.

\"Where did this news come from?\" Xia Fei Kuai quickly moved while asking.

Beside him was a featherman maid with rank five cultivation.

Xia clan raised a large group of featherman slaves, feathermen were the highest in quantity in Jian Wen blessed land.

This featherman maid was not an ordinary slave, she was one of the stewardesses of this hall and knew a lot of information.

Xia Fei Kuai was aware he would know everything when he entered the central hall, but he could not wait, impatiently asking this featherman maid.

The featherman maid quickly replied: \"It came half a day ago from treasure yellow heaven. That demon Fang Yuan took the initiative to contact us. He sent an information path Gu worm to my purple spiritual light stall in treasure yellow heaven. The Gu worm had a ransom note.\"

Purple spiritual light was a rank seven immortal material, it was not gathered from white heaven, but originated from deep underground ores.

This was Xia clan's number one source of revenue. Xia clan possessed the most amount of purple spiritual stone lodes in the five regions, so they firmly held dominance over this business.

Although any Gu Immortals could casually change their identities for transactions in treasure yellow heaven to prevent others from discovering them, it was more profitable for a force like Xia clan to maintain their identity, establishing their reputation and creating their signature products.

So Xia clan's stall had an explicit identity and Fang Yuan found it easily.

\"Hmph! His guts are greater than heaven, to think he would actually dare to extort my grand Xia clan!\" Xia Fei Kuai was extremely furious.

The featherman maid did not dare to say anything, obsequiously accompanying him to the hall entrance, before stopping. She did not have the qualifications to enter.

The hall entrance was already open, the main seat was empty; it was usually occupied by Xia Cha or her will.

And in the top seat in the left row was Xia clan's second supreme elder Xia Zhao.

He was slightly fat, he had a steady temperament, he cultivated earth path, and was currently Xia clan's main backbone.

Sitting opposite Xia Zhao, in the top seat in the right row was Xia clan's third supreme elder, Xia Chen Yuan. He was similarly an earth path Gu Immortal.

Besides them, the other seats were already occupied by the main bodies or wills of Xia Liu Pei, Xia Qing Cang, Xia Zhuo Mo, Xia Fan and other Gu Immortals, only Xia Fei Kuai was missing.

\"No need to stand on ceremony, take your seat.\" Xia Zhao said in a deep voice.

Xia Fei Kuai restrained his temperament, nodding his head before quietly taking his seat.

An information path mortal Gu was handed to Xia Fei Kuai from the left seat.

Xia Zhao looked at everyone: \"Since everyone is here, let's begin the discussion.\"

Xia Fei Kuai sent his divine sense into the Gu worm. This information path mortal Gu was the ransom note sent by Fang Yuan.

There were only a few words in the ransom note, but it was concise and comprehensive.

However, there was an image attached at the end that showed the scene of Xia Cha trapped in sovereign immortal aperture.

Xia Fei Kuai's anger flared up when he finished browsing the information, almost crushing this information path mortal Gu in anger.

\"This scoundrel Fang Yuan is a heinous criminal, he should be damned to death! We have to kill him!\" Xia Fei Kuai shouted with a fierce expression.

Xia clan's other Gu Immortals did not respond, they looked ashen and had unsightly expressions as they maintained their silence.

The hall was filled with a heavy and stifling atmosphere.

Besides anger, these people felt incredulous.

The grand Xia clan, a super force, actually had a day where they were blackmailed by one demonic path Gu Immortal!

What shocked them the most was Xia Cha, the grand first supreme elder, the authoritative figure of Xia clan and a rank eight existence, she not only failed to capture Fang Yuan, but was instead taken captive alive by him!!

Yes, Fang Yuan indeed had outstanding battle strength that could rival rank eight.

The Xia clan Gu Immortals had viewed the video where he had pummeled Thunder Ghost True Monarch. But so what?

Defeating a rank eight Gu Immortal and capturing a rank eight were two different concepts. The difficulty level was as massive as the gap between heaven and earth.

Xia clan immortals had never expected such a result!

Even now, most of them still felt dazed as if they were dreaming, the truth was really unimaginable.

Fang Yuan, a rank seven Gu Immortal, had captured a rank eight along with a dozen rank seven Gu Immortal experts!

Almost all these rank seven Gu Immortals were the trump card battle strengths of their respective clans.

Each of them possessed unique methods, and in the absence of rank eight, they were major factors that could influence the whole of Southern Border's situation and dominate an area.

Southern Border's righteous path had been resolute in capturing Fang Yuan, so they had established such a powerful team.

But now, these people were all taken captive by Fang Yuan.

Compared to other clans, Xia clan's situation was the most pressing. Because what they had lost was not a rank seven Gu Immortal, but their clan's only rank eight!

This was no longer just a matter of a decrease in their prestige, but something that directly shook their foundation.

In this world where the strong were respected, a person's safety could affect the whole situation. Xia Cha played an irreplaceable role in Xia clan.

\"I did not convene you all to make you stare anxiously. This is a critical juncture for the clan, we are in an extremely dangerous situation. At this time, we need to unite and get through this difficulty.\" Xia Zhao spoke while looking at the silent immortals.

When the situation had occurred, every Xia clan Gu Immortal was stupefied, Xia Zhao was not an exception.

Over these days, as the second supreme elder, he had been facing the greatest pressure.

When the ransom note finally came, his heart instead eased slightly.

\"You have all seen that mortal Gu, Fang Yuan is demanding one million immortal essence stones. What are your thoughts on this?\" Xia Zhao said.

After a while of silence, Xia clan's third supreme elder intentionally coughed before saying: \"One million immortal essence stones is not a small amount, but it is not big either, our Xia clan can afford it. But what I am concerned about is this message only mentioned his demand, and did not mention anything about handing over Lady Xia Cha!\"

The other immortals nodded at this.

Xia Fei Kuai's brows rose up in agitation, blurting out: \"How about we inform the other clans? We are being extorted, they are probably facing the same situation as well.\"

Xia Liu Pei glanced at Xia Fei Kuai with a sneer, not speaking.

Xia Fei Kuai was furious, glaring at him: \"What do you want to say? Just say it.\"

Xia Liu Pei was a rank seven Gu Immortal who cultivated wisdom path, moreover he had a powerful wisdom path attainment, and was a top expert at deductions in the present Southern Border.

He sneered: \"How can we rely on outsiders? Right now, they are eager to see us lose our first supreme elder. Since you realize that demon Fang Yuan is not extorting just us, then have you heard the other clans' responses? Have you seen them trying to contact us?\"

Xia Fei Kuai was silent.

Xia clan had suddenly lost its rank eight pillar, which immediately made it seem like it occupied an excessive number of territories and resources.

This situation was much more dangerous than that of Wu clan before.

Back then, Wu clan still had Wu Yong, a rank eight Gu Immortal, but under repeated schemes of Shadow Sect, he had been trapped in a difficult situation, besieged from all sides, almost unable to make a turnaround.

Southern Border was filled with many individual forces, there were always internal conflicts and contradictions between righteous path forces. Wu clan had occupied the throne of the number one force for a long time, but still did not have the ability to lead the whole situation.

So as far as Xia clan was concerned, they absolutely could not lose Xia Cha!

When Fang Yuan's will once again went up to the purple spiritual light stall, he received one million immortal essence stones from Xia clan.

\"We need to talk.\" Xia Zhao personally received Fang Yuan, his divine sense fluctuating constantly.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, not refusing: \"Alright. But I am in a hurry right now. Whatever you want to say, use an information path Gu worm to send it to this stall.\"

\"Please wait a second, listen to me…\" Xia Zhao wanted to press Fang Yuan to stay, but Fang Yuan's will directly left. Xia Zhao was furious but also helpless.

He could only look as Fang Yuan's will left, his heart feeling extremely heavy.


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