Reverend Insanity
1605 Imprisoning the Hostages
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1605 Imprisoning the Hostages

An approximate outline of the truth had manifested in the Southern Border immortals' minds.

\"Among these year beasts, there are likely to be immemorial year beasts and not in a small number too. Fang Yuan indeed has the ability to battle the pursuing team with these year beasts. Moreover, this demon Fang Yuan has inherited Shadow Sect, he has countless true inheritances, constructing a time path formation that can trap our clansmen is within his capabilities.\"

Chi Qu You paused here before continuing with a frown: \"It is just that I still don't understand some things. If it was an immortal aperture which had been placed and hidden into one spot, it is normal for others to be unable to sense it. But can a time path formation be hidden so well? Both Xia Cha and Lu Wei Yin were unable to sense it?\"

Time path formations were not that good at concealment unlike phantom path, space path, or theft path.

Xia Cha and the rest were trapped in the formation, and had to battle with immemorial year beasts before finally being taken captive because of the dream realms. This could be understood.


The most unusual thing was at the very start. They actually did not discover and even directly rushed into Fang Yuan's trap.

Even Chi Qu You, a formation path great grandmaster, was bewildered.

It was not that time path formations could not be concealed, it was just extremely difficult to conceal them to this degree, it would be much more difficult than space path, theft path, phantom path or other paths.

Chi Qu You had never heard of such a time path immortal formation that could be concealed to such a degree that even two rank eight Gu Immortals could not sense it.

\"The dream realm has dissipated, wait a second, there is a person inside!\" Someone exclaimed.

Right at this time, the dream realm's transformation broke the Southern Border immortals' thoughts. This small dream realm that was left in the battlefield actually contained a person?

Soon, this person's appearance was revealed, he was Lu Wei Yin.

He was holding his arms across his chest, his eyes were shut as if he was in a deep sleep, unmoving like a statue.

But following the dream realm's dissipation, he soon opened his eyes and regained clarity.

\"You…\" Lu Wei Yin's expression changed slightly when he saw Wu Yong and the rest, he then looked at his surroundings and blurted out: \"Oh no!\"

\"Lord Lu Wei Yin, please explain what in the world happened to all of you.\"

\"Right! Did my clan's Gu Immortals really fall into Fang Yuan's hands?\"

\"Wait a second, we cannot be sure of his identity yet.\"

The situation instantly became noisy from the discussions between the Southern Border immortals.

\"Let's first verify his identity. Fang Yuan has familiar face and also has methods to quickly escape from dream realms.\" Wu Yong said.

Chi Qu You was silent, but his body moved slightly, trapping Lu Wei Yin with Wu Yong in the front and him at the back.

Lu Wei Yin was slightly stunned before nodding: \"Go ahead.\"

The Southern Border immortals had unique inspection methods. And for safety purposes, these methods were not limited to just one kind, they were complicated and varied.

After a while, the expressions of Wu Yong and the rest softened a little. Lu Wei Yin verified his identity, he was the real deal and not Fang Yuan's disguise.

Lu Wei Yin then quickly informed them of what he encountered.

After the Southern Border Gu Immortals learned of the information, their expressions became incomparably ashen, once again falling into deathly silence.

Lu Wei Yin shook his head and sighed: \"I am ashamed, I don't have any offensive methods and could only watch the situation happen. If I did not possess special methods that can protect me in dream realms, I might also have fallen into Fang Yuan's hands.\"

\"Forget it for now, let's return first.\" Wu Yong took a deep glance at Lu Wei Yin, then his sleeves waved as he entered Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building.

Not long after the Southern Border Gu Immortals left, a strange light shot towards the area, turning into Heavenly Court's Jun Shen Guang.

Jun Shen Guang inspected the traces in the battlefield and frowned after a while, mumbling: \"This time path formation is extremely mysterious, looking at the traces of the dao marks, there are no dao marks of phantom path, space path, or theft path. It is not a combined immortal formation, and is purely a time path immortal formation, but it actually concealed itself to the extent where Xia Cha and Lu Wei Yin could not sense it.\"

Rank eight Gu Immortals had deep foundation.

Xia Cha had plentiful methods as the first supreme elder of the super force Xia clan. And Lu Wei Yin was an inheritor of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. Neither of them actually sensed this grand formation, causing the group of Southern Border Gu Immortals to fall into the trap.

Jun Shen Guang checked several times, confirming there were indeed no other clues, he then turned into a strange light that quickly disappeared.

Sovereign blessed land.

A large castle-like formation that was letting out silver radiance suddenly floated in Mini Green Heaven.

Fang Yuan's time path clone as well as Shadow Sect immortals were surrounding this immortal formation, paying close attention to the captives inside.

Most of these captives were the Southern Border immortals whom Fang Yuan had ambushed and captured. Shang Hu Zhang, Tie Qu Zhong, Yang Ku, and so on were experts of rank seven, right now, they were firmly locked up, their eyes were closed as they were trapped in dream realms.

The strongest captive was the rank eight Gu Immortal Xia Cha who was given utmost attention by Fang Yuan. An extremely dense dream realm surrounded and fluctuated around her.

Pure will would be worn down when they fell into dream realms, but they would immediately recover if they escaped the dream realm. But the soul was different, even if they were taken out of the dream realm, they would still be trapped in the dream for a certain period of time, it would be as if they were struck by the killer move lead soul into dream.

It was because of this crucial point that Fang Yuan could capture these Southern Border Gu Immortals and move them into his sovereign immortal aperture.

In this present time, the old immortal killer moves had no effect on dream realms. Even Immortal Gu Houses like Bay Pavilion and Heaven Overseeing Tower started disintegrating when they fell into dream realms.

To be in a dream realm for Gu Immortals was to be in dire straits.

But Fang Yuan had an extraordinary method, that was the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique!

Fang Yuan had the immortal killer move pure dream reality seeker transformation which he used to transform the dream realms in his sovereign immortal aperture into Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies. He then used these temporary dream path clones to enter the dream realms and take out the Southern Border Gu Immortals, locking them up inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

He then turned the dream realms in the battlefield to Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies and successfully retrieved them.

Finally, he hurriedly cleaned the battlefield, not leaving behind any clues before he left.

So when Jun Shen Guang and Southern Border's immortals arrived, they saw such a scene.

The time path clone's brows slightly furrowed: \"Although we are using the dream realm to imprison these Gu Immortals, there is a huge risk. If any one of them wakes up and causes havoc in my sovereign immortal aperture, it will really be a great loss.\"

To Gu Immortals, the immortal aperture was an important resource area as well as the foundation of their cultivation. The hidden risk in imprisoning these Gu Immortals here was really huge.

\"One skill to dominate the world, most Gu Immortals are helpless against dream realms currently. Even rank eight Gu Immortals can meet their calamity in dream realm. But just in case, I need to grab this time to take out these Gu Immortals' Gu worms and resources. Then, I will use soul path methods to separate their souls and bodies, only then will the situation be safe.\"

Fang Yuan thought of Lu Wei Yin.

This person was trapped in a dream realm, but when a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body went to take him out, it actually lost its way and was unable to approach him!

Being able to show effect in a dream realm, this was clearly a dream path method!

Recalling a past event, Fang Yuan had been ambushed by Lu Wei Yin and had gone through three lifetimes, that was also a dream path method.

Lu Wei Yin was not only an inheritor of Paradise Earth, he was also moving forward with the era, and held at least two dream path methods, almost similar to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's dream path methods were only unravel dream, lead soul into dream, and switch soul in dream.

It was because of this that Fang Yuan gave up on capturing Lu Wei Yin. Even if he could take him away, Fang Yuan did not dare to take the risk. Who knew if he had some other dream path methods. In case he woke up in the sovereign immortal aperture, that would truly be an example of luring a wolf into one's house, without any way of expelling it!

\"Sigh, I really did not expect there to be a day where these high and mighty Gu Immortals would become our prisoners!\" Fairy Miao Yin sighed with emotions.

Although she was one of the famous fairies of Southern Border, she was a lone cultivator and had suffered a lot at the hands of Southern Border's righteous path. She had deep resentment towards these famed experts of Southern Border's righteous path.

\"Such a pity that sister White Rabbit died. Sigh…\" Fairy Miao Yin's expression was truly mournful.

When she joined Shadow Sect, she had become very close with Lady White Rabbit, because she liked the latter's straightforwardness.

Lady White Rabbit had inherited the Black Tigress true inheritance and would turn into Black Tigress when faced with life-threatening danger, her cultivation would also soar to rank seven. Regretfully, she faced Xia Cha's direct attack using immortal killer move Summer Fan, she simply did not have time to react and died immediately.

Fang Yuan was powerless to help, Man as Before was only a rank six Immortal Gu and had no hope for success against such an injury.

Even Fang Yuan's main body was heavily injured at the moment.

It was Bai Ning Bing instead who had no injuries.

At the crucial moment, she turned into Bai Xiang, although it was shattered into pieces, Bai Xiang could resurrect with just a small fragment.

This move had once shaken Southern Border, renowned as the White Terror that had shrouded the whole of Southern Border's Gu Immortal world. Its profundity was that it could remove all harmful dao marks along with most of the body, then revive with just a tiny fragment.

However, Bai Ning Bing's current expression did not look good.

She looked at the trapped Southern Border immortals, thinking to herself: \"Even if I use Bai Xiang, I will still be trapped in the dream realm with no strength to resist. Strange, Fang Yuan actually did not use such a method to deal with me. He already has methods to resolve the alliance agreement on him, if I were him…\"

Bai Ning Bing felt a huge pressure.

After all, she was not a Shadow Sect member, and moreover, she was currently in Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture which was the same as being in someone else's headquarters.

The stronger Fang Yuan's strength and methods, the greater the pressure on Bai Ning Bing.

\"Alright, Ying Wu Xie, you shall remain here, I have lent you the Gu worms. In the next few days, you will be in charge of guarding this place, if anything abnormal occurs, use a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body to activate lead soul into dream to continue putting these Southern Border Gu Immortals to sleep.\"

\"Formation Spirit, guard this place properly. If the dream realm moves and endangers the formation, inform me immediately.\"

Fang Yuan's time path clone issued two commands.

\"Yes, sect leader.\"

\"Understood, master.\"

Supervision should be sufficient enough with Ying Wu Xie and the Formation Spirit, Fang Yuan was able to put his heart at ease slightly.


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