Reverend Insanity
1604 Captives
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1604 Captives

The mountains were filled with lush forests, the sky was clear and cloudless.

A strange light suddenly made its appearance, it then dimmed and turned into a strange tall man.

This person had a pair of thin white brows that extended towards the outer sides of his face. The pair of eyes under the snowy brows were closed. He was dressed in white clothes that was not stained by even a single speck of dust, the robe as well his skin and hair all released a faint trace of radiance.

This radiance was not glaring, but made him appear divine.

This person was Jun Shen Guang, a rank eight Gu Immortal who cultivated light path, and was a supreme elder of one of the ten great ancient sects in Central Continent. He had recently been recruited into Heavenly Court by Fairy Zi Wei.

\"Liu Hao disappeared here.\" Jun Shen Guang's eyes were closed, but he seemed to be able to see the outside world clearly.

Shortly, he found many traces of battle.

\"This does not look good for Liu Hao. There was definitely a fierce battle here, unfortunately Liu Hao did not even send any request for reinforcements. Was it an immortal formation or an immortal battlefield?\"

Jun Shen Guang frowned with a heavy expression.

Liu Hao was a spy of Heavenly Court put in Southern Border's forces with the help of Wu clan. He held fixed space Immortal Gu which specially targeted Fang Yuan's Fixed Immortal Travel.

As for Jun Shen Guang, he was backup arranged by Fairy Zi Wei. If Southern Border's Gu Immortals fought Fang Yuan and made him escape with heavy injuries, Jun Shen Guang, who specialized in tracking methods, would be Fang Yuan's fatal assassin.

\"The Southern Border team who is chasing after Fang Yuan consists of experts from their respective clans. Most of them are rank seven experts, they can preserve their lives even when facing an immemorial desolate beast.\"

Tie clan's Tie Qu Zhong had impressive battle achievements in the current Southern Border Gu Immortal world, and was known as Great Sir Tie! When he made his debut, he had captured and killed over ten demonic path Gu Immortals. Southern Border's demonic immortals trembled at his name.

Shang clan's Shang Hu Zhang cultivated transformation path and wood path, and had methods to make the two paths not conflict with each other, much like Thunder Ghost True Monarch. His methods were complex and comprehensive, he was a peak rank seven expert of Shang clan!

Yang clan's Yang Ku was one of the peak representative experts of soul path in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world. He had once destroyed the nest of a herd of ancient desolate beasts by himself, and had successfully escaped from the pursuit of an immemorial desolate beast.

These rank seven Gu Immortals could be said to be elites of Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, any one of them was a trump card expert of their force.

\"Not to mention this group also has the current Paradise Earth inheritor Lu Wei Yin, as well as Xia clan's first supreme elder Xia Cha!\"

These two did not need to be explained, they were both rank eight Gu Immortals!

Jun Shen Guang heaved a deep sigh.

It was because of this grand team that Jun Shen Guang had been at ease. Even if they fought Fang Yuan, Jun Shen Guang would have enough time to quietly sneak closer.

Jun Shen Guang had been wary of Lu Wei Yin's and Xia Cha's methods, being worried they would discover him and create a misunderstanding. So he had been following from far behind without daring to come closer.

\"Two rank eights as well as several rank seven experts, they had all done enough preparation and had all kinds of methods to target Fang Yuan, yet they still lost! And this was not just a loss, it was a complete defeat.\"

Jun Shen Guang repeatedly shook his head.

\"Fang Yuan should have made use of dream realms!\" Soon, his gaze landed on the only small dream realm in the battlefield, becoming even more certain of his guess: \"Besides using dream realms, Fang Yuan's other methods, no matter how much incisive they are, cannot create such a result. Hmm?\"

Just as Jun Shen Guang was carefully inspecting the battlefield, he suddenly looked towards the south.

There was no one in the boundless clear sky.

But in Jun Shen Guang's investigative range, an Immortal Gu House was rushing over.

Jun Shen Guang did not need to identify the aura to know that these were Southern Border natives.

The Immortal Gu House was extremely fast, but it would still take a short while to reach here. Jun Shen Guang knew he had to use this time to quickly leave this place.

Because this Immortal Gu House had a great reputation and Southern Border Gu Immortals had many strange investigative killer moves, if they discovered Jun Shen Guang, there was definitely going to be a misunderstanding.

Not long after Jun Shen Guang disappeared, the Immortal Gu House arrived.

This Immortal Gu House was not glorious or grand, and looked just like a bamboo building from outside.

This bamboo building had two stories, made entirely out of bamboo, there were even bamboo leaves growing on the bamboos, drops of dew were dripping down from the leaves, green as jade.

It was the awe-inspiring rank eight Immortal Gu House — Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building!

Wu Yong had used this Immortal Gu House to retaliate and firmly stabilize Wu clan's position as the number one force.

The bamboo building's entrance opened from which a rank eight Gu Immortal flew out.

This person was a middle aged man with an ordinary appearance, but had a well-built body. His sharp eyebrows were slightly raised, giving him a dark and hazy aura. But his actions were full of a mighty prestige that no one could neglect.

He was Wu Yong, Wu clan's current first supreme elder.

Another person flew out right after Wu Yong.

This person was old but energetic. He had deep, dark eyes and his cheekbones were protruding out. He also emitted rank eight aura. He was Chi clan's first supreme elder Chi Qu You.

With the two rank eight Gu Immortals at the lead, several rank seven Gu Immortals rushed out of Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building. They came from various clans, and every one of them had an anxious expression.

\"They disappeared here!\" The Ba clan Gu Immortal's expression was dark.

\"Quickly investigate what happened here. My clan cannot reach our first supreme elder.\" Xia clan's Gu Immortals were extremely anxious.

Thereupon, all kinds of investigative killer moves were thrown out in succession, and in just a while, this place had been completely searched over dozens of times.

Every person, including the two rank eight Gu Immortals, had a steely expression.

\"It looks like there was a tributary of the River of Time here.\"

\"There was also a time path immortal level formation, the group rushed here then fought a very fierce battle!\"

\"What is up with this dream realm?\" Someone saw that remaining small dream realm left behind by Fang Yuan.

Like Jun Shen Guang before, Southern Border immortals' gaze was quickly attracted to this dream realm.

Besides this dream realm, all other traces were removed by Fang Yuan, the remaining ones had no value. The only clue was this dream realm.

\"Be careful.\" The Southern Border immortals gradually separated and encircled this small dream realm.

\"This dream realm is continuously shrinking.\" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

Shortly, the other immortals also noticed that the dream realm was indeed shrinking and quite rapidly at that.

After a while, several Gu worms fell out of the shrinking dream realm.

Southern Border Gu Immortals quickly caught and carefully inspected them.

They found that these Gu worms were wild information path mortal Gu. Then they discovered that there were actually some messages left within these information path mortal Gu.

The contents of the messages were simple, but it made the expressions of the Southern Border immortals rapidly change to that of extreme shock!

\"Friends of Southern Border, I am notifying you that your clansmen are in my, Fang Yuan's, hands. If you want to redeem them, please wait for my message.\"

\"This, this, this…\" One person was tongue-tied, his whole body started trembling as he stammered while pointing at the information path mortal Gu in his hand.

\"Blatant lies! How can this be possible? Our organized team was actually captured by Fang Yuan? Hmph!\" Someone fiercely shook their head, repeatedly denying this: \"This must be a huge fraud!!!\"

\"But none of us can contact any of those clansmen.\" Someone retorted.

The Southern Border Gu Immortals fell into dead silence.

They were so still that they looked like human shaped statues from afar.

Wind blew, soft air blew the sleeves of the immortals.

Chi Qu You's white beard slightly shook in the wind.

Wu Yong's expression was ashen, he closed his eyes heavily and only after a long time, he opened them slowly.

No matter how unimaginable it was, the truth was right in front of them!

And the truth forced them to accept this cruel fact.

Southern Border's righteous path brought in many people to organize a troop of experts to specially chase and kill Fang Yuan, but not only were they unable to kill Fang Yuan, they were instead taken captive by Fang Yuan!


This was like a fierce slap at these Southern Border's righteous path Gu Immortals' faces. The slap stupefied them, while their cheeks started swelling rapidly.

\"When we discovered we were unable to contact Xia Cha and the rest, we hurriedly assembled a team and came to reinforce them, altogether it has only been a few hours. Lord Chi, do you think this is because of a time path formation?\" Wu Yong suddenly broke the silence, his voice slightly hoarse.

His words were vague, but others understood what Wu Yong's meaning was.

Chi Qu You slowly nodded, saying in a heavy voice: \"We have already deduced the strength of Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect members, we even evaluated them carefully. Based on the battle strength of Xia Cha and the rest, it is impossible for them to be taken captive by Fang Yuan in such a short period of time. There is indeed a time path formation here, it is shockingly complex, being at rank eight level, far beyond ordinary.\"

Chi Qu You was a formation path great grandmaster who was able to set up an immortal formation by using just the dao marks in the natural environment. Fang Yuan had cleaned up the battlefield, but it would not be possible for all the dao marks to be cleaned in such a short period of time, so there were still a large amount of time path dao marks remaining in the battlefield.

Based on the movement and number of these time path dao marks, Chi Qu You was certain a time path formation had been set up in this place.

Wu Yong nodded his head slightly: \"That's right. Lu Wei Yin and Xia Cha are both rank eight immortals, it is not easy to restrain these two unless it was a rank nine immortal battlefield, either that or a rank eight level immortal formation. We rushed over, although we appeared quickly, a long period of time might have gone by in this time path formation.\"

A Shang clan Gu Immortal spoke at this time: \"I remember that in treasure yellow heaven, Heavenly Court had exposed a formation of Fang Yuan that can be set up in a tributary of the River of Time to lure a huge amount of year beasts to fight.\"

Many Gu Immortals' expressions became dark upon hearing these words.


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