Reverend Insanity
1600 Ambush, Reverse Scheme
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1600 Ambush, Reverse Scheme

In treasure yellow heaven, the higher the value of items, the taller and brighter the treasure light.

At this stall, the treasure light had been consistently tall and bright, it was like a torch compared to the other stalls.

Southern Border Gu Immortal Tie Qu Zhong's divine sense was moving around this stall.

\"I want three thousand copper dragonfish. Hmm…\" After hesitating for a moment, Tie Qu Zhong added: \"And two hundred silver dragonfish.\"

The transaction was completed quickly, Tie Qu Zhong paid a hefty amount of immortal essence stones for them.

When he withdrew his divine sense and flew around Southern Border's sky with his main body, his vision was obscured by clouds.

Tie Qu Zhong's worry had dissipated.

\"With these dragonfish, my rank seven edge Gu can be fed for now. However, dragonfish is only a temporary replacement item, to solve this problem, I need to be self sufficient and create the white steel extract resource point in my immortal aperture.\"

White steel was a rank six immortal material, one of the earth vein essences. White steel extract was a rank seven immortal material, often, there would only be a small bowl of white steel extract from a huge piece of white steel.

Tie Qu Zhong wanted to create a resource point to produce white steel extract, but it was a huge project to start with.

If he could not solve the problem, purchasing dragonfish to feed his rank seven edge Gu time and time again would incur huge costs, he would be making a loss.

When Gu Immortals cultivate, they do not just fight, resource management was also of utmost importance, occasionally even more than fighting.

Thinking of the white steel extract, Tie Qu Zhong's gaze turned to his right, there was Gu Immortal moving with him hundreds of steps away.

\"Shang Hu Zhang.\" Tie Qu Zhong transmitted.

The Shang clan Gu Immortal immediately replied with a nervous expression: \"Have you found traces of that demon Fang Yuan?\"

It turned out that the two rank seven Gu Immortals, Tie Qu Zhong and Shang Hu Zhang, were members deployed by Southern Border's righteous path to hunt down Fang Yuan.

Because of Lu Wei Yin, the group that chased after Fang Yuan had always been consistently following his tracks, finding new clues from time to time.

This time, the immortals went to the southeast of Southern Border, due to Lu Wei Yin's suggestion, rank eight time path Gu Immortal Xia Cha ordered the Gu Immortals to work together and search for new clues.

Shang Hu Zhang and Tie Qu Zhong were one of such pairs.

Tie Qu Zhong smiled lightly: \"No need to be worried, I just wanted to ask about the white steel extract.\"

Shang Hu Zhang heard this and relaxed, he smiled too: \"So you want to create a white steel extract resource point to feed your edge Gu. This is not hard, Shang clan can assist with that, but the price…\"

Both sides negotiated for a while, Shang clan eventually fought for a price that was not too low, while Tie Qu Zhong made up his mind and gritted his teeth as he agreed.

After succeeding in the transaction, Shang Hu Zhang's smile widened, he praised: \"Friend Qu Zhong, you want to create the resource point, it is truly wise. Even though the investment is expensive, in the long term, it will save you a huge amount.\"

\"Indeed, like how I bought dragonfish this time to replace a portion of the white steel extract, if I do this every time, the expenditure is huge.\" Tie Qu Zhong sighed.

Shang Hu Zhang's gaze suddenly flickered: \"Dragonfish? To speak the truth, our Shang clan has a dragonfish stall in treasure yellow heaven too. Not only do we sell ordinary dragonfish, we also have copper dragonfish. Sigh, friend, you should have told me earlier, I would be able to give you discounts.\"

Tie Qu Zhong chuckled: \"Shang clan is also in the dragonfish business?\"

\"Our Shang clan is interested in any kind of business. Friend Tie Qu Zhong, you also know that the biggest seller of dragonfish now is Fang Yuan! Come, come, I'll introduce you to the stall, it is run by one of us. Trading with outsiders will lead to their growth after all.\" Shang Hu Zhang said with an earnest tone.

Tie Qu Zhong had to thank him profusely but he felt unmoved on the inside.

Even though Shang clan gave discounts, the price of the dragonfish was still quite high. And this stall only sold copper dragonfish, there were no silver dragonfish here.

Fang Yuan killed Qin Bai He and You Chan, obtaining the number one spot in the dragonfish business. Fairy Zi Wei obviously knew about this, she had exposed Fang Yuan's information in treasure yellow heaven earlier, other than great thief ghost hand and other methods, the dragonfish business was also exposed.

Thus, the Gu Immortals of the entire world knew that Fang Yuan was the current number one seller of the dragonfish business in treasure yellow heaven.

And naturally, he attracted the 'envy and jealousy' of these Gu Immortals.

There was naturally an impact dealt, but the actual loss to his dragonfish business profits were marginal and inconsequential.

Copper dragonfish had already been replicated, but the cost of production was much higher than Fang Yuan. This made his competitors' copper dragonfish much more expensive and unable to compete with Fang Yuan.

Other than that, silver dragonfish was exclusive to Fang Yuan, currently, Gu Immortals interested in the dragonfish business could not create it yet. This was a huge advantage for Fang Yuan.

With these two elements, Fang Yuan's number one spot in the dragonfish business could not be taken away.

Of course, Fang Yuan was not going to sell dragonfish using just one identity. He opened many stalls and created the scene of many Gu Immortals replicating his silver dragonfish, selling these for huge profits every day.

\"But even so, my immortal essence stones are dwindling rapidly.\" Fang Yuan sighed.

Repairing Dang Hun Mountain used a lot of immortal essence, and immortal essence was converted from immortal essence stones, Fang Yuan's huge expenditure was far beyond his immortal aperture's production speed.

However, the good news was that due to his full investment, Dang Hun Mountain was now sixty percent repaired, the soul path dao marks reached a qualitative change and could now produce guts Gu again.

But the production of guts Gu was terribly little, Fang Yuan needed to continue repairing Dang Hun Mountain.

\"Dragonfish business has too much profits, not only would many forces and Gu Immortals interfere, Heavenly Court would definitely try to suppress me. But currently, silver dragonfish is too hard to create, while ordinary dragonfish, iron dragonfish, and copper dragonfish have expensive methods of production that cannot match mine.\"

In time, Fang Yuan's advantage would continue to dwindle, especially after Heavenly Court obtains Spectral Soul's food path inheritance from soul searching, his dragonfish business would definitely face a huge challenge.

Fang Yuan knew this, he needed new sources of income.

The dragonfish business would not last long while guts Gu was exposed already, even though it was a monopoly, because the plans in green ghost desert was halted, Fang Yuan lacked souls to mass produce guts Gu.

Even though Fang Yuan had started his preparation, like the snow monsters and spirit snakes, these were not very profitable businesses.

Especially when Fang Yuan planned to refine time path Immortal Gu.

Time cutting edge needed specific time path Immortal Gu. Fang Yuan thought about it and decided to give it a try. After all, the original time cutting edge had incredible attack power and prospects, Fang Yuan did not want to give up.

\"Oh?\" At this moment, Fang Yuan's expression changed.

At the next moment, Southern Border's Gu Immortals appeared around him, encircling him.

The leader was an old woman, it was the time path rank eight Gu Immortal Xia Cha, she smiled coldly at Fang Yuan: \"Scoundrel Fang Yuan, you have finally fallen into my hands.\"

\"Lord Lu Wei Yin is truly incredible, we found this demon at last!\" Shang Hu Zhang laughed loudly.

\"Kill, kill this demon and eliminate all future threats!\" Tie Qu Zhong said loudly with deep killing intent.

Heavenly Court's spy Liu Hao had a grim expression, fixed space Immortal Gu was ready to activate in his immortal aperture, this Gu could counter Fixed Immortal Travel and prevent it from being used in a certain area.

Lu Wei Yin was silent, he wore his conical hat that covered his expression entirely.

Fang Yuan laughed instead: \"You guys are too slow but you came after all, my planning was not in vain.\"

Southern Border's immortals were originally very excited, but upon hearing this, the atmosphere changed.

Xia Cha squinted as cold light flashed in her eyes: \"Hmph, little scoundrel, you still want to deceive us when you are going to die?\"

\"That's right, he must be putting up a front! Lady Xia Cha has acted personally to conceal our traces.\" Someone shouted.

Fang Yuan smiled: \"Of course I did not sense your presence, however, I could sense your deductions. Why do you think I purposely stayed in Southern Border, leaving behind clues and allowing you to make deductions on me?\"

At the next moment, there was a loud sound as a formation activated!


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