Reverend Insanity
1597 Time Path Grandmaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1597 Time Path Grandmaster

Time path dream realm.

Fang Yuan turned into a young looking rank six Gu Immortal, his eyes were shut as his body was covered in specks of white light.

As the number of white lights increased, Fang Yuan's aura became denser and more stable.

Suddenly, his body shook, his aura became chaotic, it was like a tall building collapsing into the abyss.


Fang Yuan opened his mouth, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

\"I failed again.\" He opened his eyes, bright light shining within.

He had already failed to activate shrink time three times, this was a rank six killer move used to supplement time cutting edge.

With three consecutive failures, Fang Yuan's soul foundation fell with each injury, his thirty million man soul had fallen to twenty-nine million six hundred thousand.

This was not Thieving Heaven's dream realm after all, the soul foundation loss in Thieving Heaven's dream realm was too absurd.

Fang Yuan did not feel discouraged, his gaze flickered as fighting spirit rose in him.

Ignoring the rest, just shrink time itself was very valuable. It was not only useful for time cutting edge, he could supplement it for other time path killer moves.

The exploration failed, Fang Yuan's soul left the dream realm, returning to heal in the sovereign immortal body.

Guts Gu.

Fang Yuan took out a guts Gu and used it.

Earlier, he had an abundant supply, but now, he had to use them wisely.

He did not have many guts Gu, Fang Yuan planned to use them for the healing of his soul. Therefore, he could only stop his soul path cultivation.

The truth was, not only would Fang Yuan's soul foundation remain stagnant, as he explored more dream realms later, it would continue to fall. This was something to be expected, there was no helping it.

Soul path cultivation was no longer his priority, he needed to head into the River of Time and obtain Red Lotus' true inheritance, that was the most logical plan!

Fang Yuan needed to go soon.

Firstly, the longer he waited, the more problems that would arise. His enemy was Heavenly Court which had a deep foundation, they might have another great expert awakening at any time. Heavenly Court also had traps set in the River of Time, the more time passed, the more traps there would be.

Secondly, Fang Yuan was placing his hope on Red Lotus' true inheritance to resist Heavenly Court and preventing fate Immortal Gu from being repaired. This had the greatest chance of success now. But in the worst case scenario that Red Lotus' true inheritance could not help him, he had to make other plans. Thus, the earlier Fang Yuan obtained Red Lotus' true inheritance, the more time he had to deal with the future.

As for his soul path cultivation becoming stagnant or falling, or even the lack of immortal essence, Fang Yuan did not care. Of course, he was not ignoring them, he already had the way to settle them. Once Dang Hun Mountain was repaired, everything would be in order again!

Other than this method, Fang Yuan had no way of resolving these problems now.

Currently, Dang Hun Mountain was about thirty to forty percent restored, but the soul path dao marks had not reached a qualitative change yet, it could not produce guts Gu.

After resting his soul, Fang Yuan entered the dream realm again.

This time, he finally succeeded in activating shrink time.

The first three failures were not for nothing, each failure led Fang Yuan closer to success.

Fang Yuan finally grasped the killer move shrink time.

Of course, the shrink time obtained in the dream realm might not be usable in the real world. After all, dreams and reality were different.

Fang Yuan was clear in his mind, the content of shrink time was accurate. Even if there were differences, with the light of wisdom, he could spend some time to create a version usable in real life.

At this point, this stage of the dream realm has been cleared, the entire cultivation area faded from Fang Yuan's view.

His time path attainment started to rise rapidly before stopping.

\"I am still a time path master. But… compared to before, it has risen a bit, I am approaching grandmaster.\"

In the second stage of the dream realm, Fang Yuan started to practise time cutting edge.

This move was even more difficult and complex than myriad self back then.

Fang Yuan focused his mind and practised, he soon felt his head spinning, thoughts were expended rapidly in his mind, it was like a dried pond.

Fang Yuan was very patient, he practised the contents continuously over and over again, moving towards the path of success.

While practising, he got injured again.

After leaving the dream realm and going back to his body, Fang Yuan was shocked to find out that not only did his soul foundation fall from this injury, his lifespan was also shaved off to some extent!

\"Getting injured in this dream realm will expend lifespan!\" Fang Yuan's heart jumped, this was a new discovery. But thankfully, he had a lot of lifespan Gu now, there was no issue. Of course, other Gu Immortals would think differently.

Just like this, after a while, Fang Yuan got injured four times before he finally managed to use time cutting edge in the dream realm.

Just once was enough, this was not reality after all, the dream realm collapsed as Fang Yuan entered the third stage.

The old man appeared again: \"After six years, you finally learned time cutting edge, not bad. But we will have to test it in battle first.\"

Fang Yuan cupped his fists: \"Please arrange it.\"

The old man laughed: \"Rank seven Gu Immortal Li Xin is that person's right hand man, there is chaos in the south due to ancient desolate beasts, he is there to suppress them, go kill him!\"

Fang Yuan frowned slightly, he only had rank six cultivation level under this identity, without deep foundations, how could he kill a rank seven?

The only advantage was his killer move time cutting edge!

Before Fang Yuan could think anymore, the dream changed, the surroundings were covered in flames. A person stood in the sea of fire, looking at Fang Yuan with his triangular eyes: \"So you are a lingering member of Bo clan, hmph, die!\"

Saying so, dark red flames surged towards Fang Yuan like a huge wave.

Fang Yuan quickly retreated, at the crucial moment, he activated the time path Immortal Gu in his immortal aperture.

At the next moment, the flames engulfed him.

Fang Yuan died in battle.

The dream realm exploration failed, Fang Yuan moved his injured soul back into his body.

This dream realm was quite ridiculous. The battle started immediately, Fang Yuan had no time to react.

\"Furthermore, other than time cutting edge, I can only use the other time path Immortal Gu without formulating any killer moves.\"

Fang Yuan was quite vexed.

These time path Immortal Gu were all rank six, when used alone, how could they match the rank seven Gu Immortal Li Xin? And his dark red flame killer move was clearly rank seven!

\"It seems that I can only counter offense with offense and use time cutting edge against him.\" Fang Yuan made up his mind after a moment.

If this was real life, Fang Yuan would fight cautiously. But the dream realm was a different case.

After a while, Fang Yuan entered the dream realm.

Dark red flames came at him, but Fang Yuan did not dodge, he used immortal killer move time cutting edge.

A thin blade formed instantly.

The flying blade shot out with the flash of a sharp light.

\"Hmm! What is this killer move…\" Li Xin had a shocked expression as he fell, the dark red flames surged and burned him to a crisp.

Fang Yuan was deeply shocked.

\"This move is amazing! It could easily kill a rank seven, even though this Li Xin was covered in defensive methods. Even in the dream realm it is so powerful… it seems it is not weak in real life either!\"

With Li Xin's death, the dream realm dissipated.

The third stage of the dream was passed, Fang Yuan became a time path grandmaster!


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