Reverend Insanity
1596 Time Cutting Edge
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1596 Time Cutting Edge

Fang Yuan was not a novice at exploring dream realms, he had a lot of experiences.

Fang Yuan had already understood Meng Bi's dream realm at this point.

\"I need to use the time path Gu worms in the aperture to create a time path killer move and heal Meng Bi's injuries.\"

Meng Bi was injured from overly using water text Gu, this time path killer move must target the root cause.

Even though Fang Yuan had ordinary attainment level in time path, he had Spectral Soul's true inheritance, Lang Ya's true inheritance, and Hei Fan's true inheritance. Especially the final one, it was a huge help for this problem.

This dream realm was testing the explorer's knowledge and ability to formulate killer moves.

Of course, it was not so simple.

Fang Yuan analyzed them, he found that the time path mortal Gu in this aperture were unique to this dream realm, they did not exist in real life.

Fang Yuan was not surprised, this was a dream realm after all, it was different from the real world.

Others, including time path great experts, would have to test their luck now. But Fang Yuan's luck was very good.

However, he had a better option.

Immortal killer move — Unravel Dream.

This move was useless when he explored Thieving Heaven's dream realm, but now, because this dream realm was much smaller, it had an extraordinary effect.

The necessary Gu worms started to float in the aperture, giving Fang Yuan the answer directly.

Fang Yuan already had a blueprint in his mind, using these Gu worms, he started to test them.

After failing twice, he succeeded in the killer move, Meng Bi was saved. And with this, the dream realm was over.

His soul returned to sovereign immortal body as Fang Yuan opened his eyes.

He joyfully discovered that his time path attainment level had risen from ordinary to master level.

But his joy did not last long, his expression suddenly changed.

At the same time, immortal killer move emperor yama that was shielding his soul started to expand rapidly from its original state.

\"Someone is deducing my location, they are quite proficient!\" Fang Yuan smiled coldly.

If this was before the defensive battle of Lang Ya blessed land, he would be worried. But he had emperor yama now, his defense against deductions made even Heavenly Court's Fairy Zi Wei without options for now.

As expected, after deducing for a while, the other party was unable to break emperor yama, they paid a huge price for nothing.

Fang Yuan's emperor yama killer move shrunk back into a simple garment on his soul again.

Fang Yuan's gaze flickered with cold light, he looked around as emperor yama's aura burst out in the surroundings, to play safe, he decided to leave this place immediately.

Using Fixed Immortal Travel again, it was simply too convenient to move around with this Gu.

In a flash, Fang Yuan went from one side of Southern Border to the other side, who knew how far the distance was.

Fang Yuan flew for a while before lurking in a grey valley that was filled with mist.

\"My soul foundation is only at thirty million man soul now.\" Fang Yuan calculated as he sighed.

Using emperor yama would place a burden on Fang Yuan's soul, his soul foundation would be depleted. Earlier, against that mysterious expert, emperor yama expended a million of Fang Yuan's soul foundation, the deducer was truly powerful.

Long ago, Fang Yuan's soul foundation far exceeded thirty million, but in the battle of Lang Ya, he expended it greatly.

And also, exploring dream realms consumed soul foundation and also caused great harm to the soul.

If this was before, Fang Yuan could use his resources to raise his soul foundation again. But now, Dang Hun Mountain was still being repaired, it could not be used.

Without Dang Hun Mountain to produce guts Gu, with just Fang Yuan's guts Gu in stock, they could not last long.

\"To repair Dang Hun Mountain, I have been using landscape as before Immortal Gu. Event hough Dang Hun Mountain has the effect of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's orderly well killer move, it is just a rank six Immortal Gu, this task has been draining my immortal essence.\"

Fang Yuan's immortal essence storage was drying up.

His abundant storage had already been depleted by the intense battles earlier.

Heavenly Court's attacks on Fang Yuan did not kill him but they were not in vain, his foundation was deeply hit by this!

The lack of immortal essence was also why Fang Yuan wanted to work with Chi Qu You instead of fighting.

Actually, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had an incredible amount of time path resources[1], the rate of time was rapid, his immortal essence was produced at the fastest rate in the world compared to all other rank seven Gu Immortals.

But his expenditure was even greater, just him alone could not make up for the deficit. The dragonfish business was sustaining him for now.

The dragonfish business was raking in huge profits, Fang Yuan used these immortal essence stones and constantly converted them into immortal essence, alleviating his problem.

\"With the dragonfish business and my guts Gu storage, I can still sustain myself. When Dang Hun Mountain is repaired, everything will get better.\"

With Fixed Immortal Travel and Omni-directional Travel, Fang Yuan was not afraid of people approaching him.

The truth was, with emperor yama's protection, there was little possibility of them deducing his location quickly.

Fang Yuan decided to continue exploring time path dream realms.

He had left many time path dream realms in Plunder Shadow Earth Trench, after setting up a Gu formation to alert himself, he entered the dream.

On a snowy mountain peak, an old man looked at Fang Yuan with his hands behind his back.

\"Kneel down.\" The old man said plainly.

Fang Yuan was dazed but quickly followed the old man's words.

The old man's expression turned solemn and grand, he said slowly: \"From now on, I will impart upon you the strongest killer move of our clan — Time Cutting Edge! Once this is shot out, it will not miss, anyone hit by it will die. There is only hope in taking revenge on our clan's mortal enemy after you learn this move.\"

\"Yes.\" Fang Yuan heard his words and had a feeling he was going to have huge gains in this dream realm exploration!

As expected, the old man taught him the entire killer move, time cutting edge.

This move was very complex, much more than Fang Yuan's own creation, myriad self. And the harder thing was, this move had a very short completion time, hundreds of steps needed to be completed in three breaths of time. Otherwise, Fang Yuan would face the backlash of this killer move.

\"Three breaths? How can that be possible?\" Even Fang Yuan felt that it was impossible.

However, the old man's explanation had not ended. Fang Yuan listened closely, the solution was for Fang Yuan to use another time path killer move to shorten time cutting edge's activation time to three breaths, that would allow him to use it.

If other paths uses time path methods to accelerate their killer moves, they would be adding fuel to the fire, the effect would backfire and the move would fail, resulting in a backlash.

But time cutting edge was a time path killer move to begin with, when using other time path killer moves, there would be no conflict, instead they complemented each other.

Thus, rather than time cutting edge itself, Fang Yuan started to learn the supplementary killer move — Shrink Time.

[1] Maybe I should mention this, author writes space path resources = size of aperture, time path resources = speed.


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