Reverend Insanity
1593 Transaction
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1593 Transaction

\"You want to meet me so urgently, it seems you really want to die.\" Chi Qu You snickered.

\"First supreme elder is here, I'm saved!\" The Chi clan Gu Immortal defending Wind Flame Mountain felt great ease as he shouted.

\"I waited specially for you, are you interested in the dream path results that I have?\" Fang Yuan suddenly transmitted in secret.

Chi Qu You was slightly dazed.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan pointed with his finger as immortal battlefield killer move yama battlefield formed and trapped Chi Qu You in it.

Chi Qu You was slightly shocked but he soon calmed down, he even looked around the battlefield calmly: \"This is the battlefield that trapped Feng Jiu Ge?\"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: \"Senior Chi wants to say, is this the immortal battlefield that Fairy Zi Wei broke?\"

Heavenly Court not only exposed Fang Yuan's great thief ghost hand in treasure yellow heaven, they even released their understanding of yama battlefield and even the way to break it publicly.

Thus, with this information, Chi Qu You was not worried. He was not even anxious at all, as a formation path great grandmaster, he could defend himself inside yama battlefield. Meanwhile, Fang Yuan had limited time, if the righteous path Gu Immortals could encircle him, he would be in trouble.

There were no invincible Gu in this world, only invincible Gu Immortals, Fixed Immortal Travel could be countered in many ways.

Compared to that, Chi Qu You's bigger headache was that after Fang Yuan leaves, he would continue targeting Chi clan's resource points. That was a huge problem.

\"Take a look, senior Chi.\" Fang Yuan tossed an information path mortal Gu over.

Chi Qu You took a look, it was truly an information path mortal Gu, he looked into it and his gaze flickered.

This information path mortal Gu recorded details about the formation that Chi clan had set up on Wind Flame Mountain. As a formation path grandmaster who had the light of wisdom, it was not hard to make such deductions.

Chi Qu You instantly understood Fang Yuan's intention.

According to the info in this information path mortal Gu, Fang Yuan could totally destroy the immortal formation on Wind Flame Mountain, but he purposely chose not to and waited for Chi Qu You's arrival.

Chi Qu You nodded: \"You are indeed a genius, your formation path attainment is so high, no wonder Chi Shang acknowledged you.\"

Formation devotee Chi Shang was a rising star of Chi clan, he was recognized by Chi Qu You as a future formation path great grandmaster. Earlier, Fang Yuan disguised as Wu Yi Hai and interacted with him, they built a good relationship. When Fang Yuan got exposed and was pursued by everyone, Chi Shang publicly announced that he was an enemy of Fang Yuan, putting a clear line between them.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly before looking at Chi Qu You solemnly: \"What if I told senior that my formation path attainment level was obtained from the dream realm, what do you think?\"

\"Oh? Is that true?!\" Chi Qu You was moved, he assessed Fang Yuan again as he said with a questioning tone: \"You really want to transact with me?\"

Fang Yuan retorted: \"Why not? I need dream realms, but Southern Border's dream realms have defensive formations made by Chi clan. I want to use dream path gains to exchange for Chi clan's cooperation. To display my sincerity, I want you to see this.\"

Fang Yuan tossed out another information path mortal Gu, Chi Qu You received it and his gaze flickered, he unconsciously grasped the information path mortal Gu in his hand, as if afraid that it would fly off.

Information regarding dream path had an incredible attraction to Chi Qu You, he quickly looked into it.

When he raised his head, he looked at Fang Yuan with a different expression.

\"As expected of the one who used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth and had inherited Shadow Sect, the amount of dream path information that he is willing to release already far exceeds the total amount of research our Southern Border's righteous path has done!\"

\"Furthermore, this is only a small part of the information, a lot of things are missing, there is even some vague content not explained in detail.\"

Thinking of this, Chi Qu You was deeply moved.

He had to be moved!

Fang Yuan's bait was simply too attractive to him!!

Currently, the Gu Immortal world agreed that dream path would be greatly developed in the future. Not only would dream path be created, it would prosper and create Great Dream Immortal Venerable. Thus, be it super forces or rank eight Gu Immortals, they knew the importance of dream path, they explored dream realms and tried to advance further in this path than anyone else.

Whoever gave up on pursuing dream path would be left behind by this upcoming great era!

It was like how Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable created theft path, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable created transformation path, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable created qi path… in the long history of humanity, countless experiences had proven this point.

However, the start was the most difficult, dream path was only a concept now, no matter who explored it, they would have to pay a huge price with little gains.

Because he knew this, Chi Qu You understood that this information path mortal Gu was extremely valuable. If it was revealed to the outside world, all the super forces would fight for it, even if they had to fight until blood flowed into a river, they would do it without hesitation!

Chi Qu You caressed the information path mortal Gu in his hand as he looked at Fang Yuan with a sharp gaze: \"I can see your sincerity, but there are many Southern Border righteous path forces, why did you choose me?\"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: \"I have interacted with Chi Shang before, I also have Shadow Sect's and Wu clan's information, I know a lot about Chi clan. Chi Bang is your son, but he lacks the ability to become the first supreme elder, that was why you needed Chi Shang, the future formation path great grandmaster, to help him. Senior Chi, you have limited lifespan, when you die and chaos starts, can Chi Bang protect Chi clan?\"

\"You!\" Chi Qu You's expression turned dark, killing intent leaked out of him, but Fang Yuan was completely ignoring it.

Chi Qu You had no choice but to admit Fang Yuan was right.

Southern Border's earth veins were shaking, such situations occurred in the other four regions too, a person at Chi Qu You's level could also sense the chaos of the future.

Chi Qu You had already used many lifespan extension methods, lifespan Gu were not effective on him anymore. He had already started preparing long ago, for the sake of his son's succession.

Even though he knew that Chi Bang lacked talent, as a father, he had his selfish side. But he could not be selfish entirely. If Chi clan was destroyed in Chi Bang's hands, even if Chi Qu You died, he would not rest in peace. And if Chi clan was destroyed, would Chi Bang be safe?

Therefore, Chi clan needed Fang Yuan's dream path gains, with this, Chi clan would be able to protect itself in the future, it would also ride the tide of the great era and become an even stronger super force!

\"Hahaha.\" Chi Qu You suddenly laughed loudly as if his killing intent never existed. He looked at Fang Yuan and shook his head: \"Fang Yuan, you are truly the number one demonic figure of the five regions. I have finally seen your true abilities today, no wonder Heavenly Court and Wu clan were helpless against you. I will accept this transaction!\"

Fang Yuan nodded, Chi Qu You's response was within his expectations, there was nothing peculiar.

Chi Qu You was the leader of a righteous path force, while Fang Yuan was a demon that everyone was after, how could they make a deal? This seemed quite unthinkable.

But actually, for the terms righteous path and demonic path, everyone had their own understanding of it. The central thing that mattered were benefits, be it righteous path or not.

Look at Chi clan, it had so many resource points, it had to promote the advantage of the righteous path, that evil cannot defeat righteousness, so that they had the moral high ground to defend their territory and attain stability.

As for demonic path Gu Immortals, they had to deal with calamities and tribulations, they needed to become stronger and that needed resources. But what to do when they had no resources? The only way was to rob and steal, to kill and loot.

It was all for gains and benefits.

Precisely because of this central reasoning, why would Chi Qu You not agree to Fang Yuan's deal? They were just getting what they needed, for their respective benefits.

The talk was done, Fang Yuan dispelled the immortal battlefield and acted like he was forced to retreat in a panic.

Chi Qu You won but Fang Yuan managed to escape, his expression was quite ugly. For the following days, he defended cautiously, preventing Fang Yuan's retaliation from coming.

Seven days later, Fang Yuan suddenly appeared in Plunder Shadow Earth Trench, breaking the formation and successfully taking the dream realm.


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