Reverend Insanity
1592 Number Nine in the World, Great Space Temple
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1592 Number Nine in the World, Great Space Temple

Southern Border.

Fang Yuan broke into cloud bamboo mountain range and scavenged it, but he knew about the significance of this resource point, he was ready for Chi clan's counterattack.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

His great thief ghost hand that had been lurking for a while directly targeted Chi clan's Immortal Gu House.

The Chi clan Gu Immortals in the Immortal Gu House were shocked.

But immediately, the Immortal Gu House's surface shined with a dazzling golden light, the surface of the Immortal Gu House had ripples that formed into a spiral, absorbing great thief ghost hand into it.

At the next moment, the spiral vanished without a trace, Fang Yuan grunted as he lost his connection to great thief ghost hand.

Bright light shined in his eyes for a moment: \"As expected of one of the top ten Immortal Gu Houses, Great Space Temple!\"

Chi clan had two Immortal Gu Houses, they were both extraordinary, Great Space Temple was the stronger one, able to resist rank eight Gu Immortals!

From the outside, it looked like it was made of marble, it was pure white and round, there were golden accents on it, it radiated with sunlight and was extremely grand, giving people a feeling of warmth and hope.

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, during the five regions chaotic war, all the different forces competed with each other as the world went into chaos, Immortal Gu Houses were mobilized often and fought against each other. With ample battles, people started to learn of the strength of different Immortal Gu Houses, they were able to create a ranking list for the Immortal Gu Houses.

Chi clan's Great Space Temple was ranked ninth on this list, it was not simple.

It had one move called moving space domain, it could trap rank eight Gu Immortals. When Heavenly Court attacked Southern Border, this Immortal Gu House trapped four rank sevens and two rank eights, it had an extremely incredible use in that battle.

\"I'm afraid that great thief ghost hand is trapped inside moving space domain, that's how I lost contact with it. But the usage of moving space domain has a huge price, it needs time for preparation. How did they respond so quickly? They seem very prepared?\" Fang Yuan's thoughts moved rapidly in his mind, he quickly saw a problem.

\"There really was such a theft path method!\"

\"Demon Fang Yuan is getting harder to deal with, thankfully we were amply prepared.\"

\"We only made it in time due to Heavenly Court's intel. If he really succeeded in stealing the Immortal Gu of this Immortal Gu House, what would happen?\"

Chi clan's Gu Immortals felt deep after-fear and relief.


\"Prepare moving space domain for demon Fang Yuan's theft path method.\"

\"But we need to be careful, this demon Fang Yuan has a defensive killer move made using Reverse Flow River.\"


Under the Chi clan Gu Immortals' manipulation, rank eight Immortal Gu House Great Space Temple erupted with fearsome might, quickly suppressing Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan retreated while his mind entered treasure yellow heaven.

At the next moment, his heart shook. Like he had expected, Heavenly Court had placed a clip in treasure yellow heaven, showing the fight scene earlier. His usage of great thief ghost hand against Feng Jiu Ge was also exposed.

Not just that, Heavenly Court also released a lot of deduction results that were free for everyone to view.

These deductions were all about Fang Yuan, they were exposing his secrets.

In treasure yellow heaven, there were lots of commotion. The Gu Immortals in the five regions were very shocked, they were discussing his methods and Gu worms, they felt deep envy and jealousy towards Fang Yuan's resources.

This was a huge blow!

Intel of Gu Immortals was usually very crucial. In most cases, once Immortal Gu and killer moves were exposed, they would be easily countered by others.

Like now, not only did Chi clan defend against great thief ghost hand, they even trapped it inside moving space domain. They were going to research on this great thief ghost hand and trace it back to the source, exposing more weaknesses of this move.

If they were not guarded and Fang Yuan succeeded, he might be able to steal a few Immortal Gu and earn a fortune, and even gain an advantage.

Fang Yuan had used treasure yellow heaven to show himself thrashing Thunder Ghost True Monarch and it deeply affected Heavenly Court's prestige. They were merely giving him a taste of his own medicine now, dealing with Fang Yuan using the same method.

\"I have great thief ghost hand, Fairy Zi Wei must be very worried that I would use this move to steal more Immortal Gu and strengthen myself!\"

\"Since she could distract herself to do this, I'm afraid Lang Ya blessed land's battle has ended.\"

Fang Yuan's heart shook.

He wanted Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven to fight to the death, it was best if Lang Ya blessed land got destroyed. But both sides were very smart, they would not do something so stupid.

\"I'm afraid that Heavenly Court took the initiative to retreat. After all, in order to deal with Lang Ya blessed land, Fairy Zi Wei, Chen Yi and the rest were all injured to some degree. Feng Jiu Ge had lost his battle strength after fighting me, Thunder Ghost True Monarch died from battle… while Longevity Heaven has Lang Ya land spirit's help, they have the absolute advantage.\"

Another thing Fang Yuan noticed was that Prince Feng Xian's traitor identity was not exposed yet.

\"Prince Feng Xian might possibly be hiding near Loose Tail Ridge, waiting for a chance.\"

\"It seems that Heavenly Court is very prepared, even without Prince Feng Xian, they managed to escape.\"

Fang Yuan was not foolish enough to expose Prince Feng Xian's identity in advance.

Heavenly Court knew that Fang Yuan was an otherworldly demon that had reborn, but they did not know that Prince Feng Xian's identity was already known to Fang Yuan.

\"Right now, I have no evidence to testify against Prince Feng Xian. Actually, even if I have solid evidence, Prince Feng Xian is still a rank eight Gu Immortal, Longevity Heaven will have a tough time dealing with him, if they do not prepare amply, he might even escape.\"

Fang Yuan had to make good use of this, he might be able to reap great benefits in the future. Using it now would just be venting his anger, a successful person would have deep tolerance, how could he be swayed by emotions and act foolishly?

\"However, I cannot let all of you off either!\" Fang Yuan sneered, he immediately sent a video clip into treasure yellow heaven.

This video recorded Heavenly Court using star cast and sending multiple rank eight Gu Immortals into Lang Ya blessed land.

It was like a huge rock tossed into a lake, it created huge ripples and waves!

Heavenly Court had such a method?!

It was like Fang Yuan's Fixed Immortal Travel, the incredibly useful effect could influence important battles!

Other than Central Continent, the Gu Immortals of the other four regions and leaders of super forces felt greatly shocked, their alertness towards Heavenly Court rose to an incredible degree.

\"Goodbye.\" Fang Yuan smiled as he waved at Great Space Temple. At the next moment, he used the opportunity to activate Fixed Immortal Travel, escaping successfully.

Rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel was too useful!

Great Space Temple was not an immortal battlefield, even if it contained an immortal battlefield killer move, Fang Yuan would not let himself be trapped easily.

Even if he was trapped, many immortal battlefields could not contain Fixed Immortal Travel.

Unless it was an incredible method or countered Fixed Immortal Travel, Fang Yuan then would be in trouble when he gets trapped.

At the next moment, jade light flickered as Fang Yuan arrived at Chi clan's third resource point.

Wind Flame Mountain!

This mountain had countless sunset parasol trees, the leaves were red like fire. There were many birds and barely any land beasts, a small number of fire phoenixes were resting inside the parasol forest. Sensing Fang Yuan's animosity, these phoenixes raised their heads and looked at Fang Yuan fearlessly, they had an aura of indomitability!

This giant resource point was rare even for super forces, it was one of Chi clan's most important sources of revenue.

\"Demon Fang Yuan is here!\" A rank seven from Chi clan was here, they first activated the defensive immortal formation before reporting to the clan, seeking reinforcements.

\"If I can take down this resource point, Chi clan would really feel heartache. Hehe.\" Fang Yuan laughed coldly as he charged down and crashed like a meteor.

With an intense explosion, the immortal formation remained unmoved. Giant resource points had far greater defenses compared to middle and large resource points.

Fang Yuan stopped his movement as his gaze flickered with uncertainty, he rapidly deduced in his mind while using countless killer moves like they were cheap fireworks.

\"Scoundrel Fang Yuan, you are so devious!\" After receiving news of this, Chi Qu You was extremely furious, he could no longer stay, he left and went to reinforce the resource point.

Wind Flame Mountain was quite a unique resource point, other than raising phoenixes, at a certain timing each year, many wild phoenixes would come here and lay eggs.

If something happened to Wind Flame Mountain, the wild phoenixes might choose other locations, Chi clan would suffer great losses.

But Wind Flame Mountain was very far from cloud bamboo mountain range, Chi Qu You was the closest to it. Even though this Chi clan first supreme elder had already set up the formation in Plunder Shadow Earth Trench, he had to give up on that plan and save his resource point from Fang Yuan.

When he arrived, Fang Yuan had already broken up more than half of the formation of Wind Flame Mountain, many ancient phoenixes also died, Fang Yuan even captured three.

\"Fang Yuan, you scoundrel, don't run if you have the guts!\" Chi Qu You screamed in anger.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly as he greeted politely: \"Senior Chi Qu You, we finally meet.\"


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