Reverend Insanity
1591 Plunder and Developmen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1591 Plunder and Developmen


Fang Yuan waved his sleeves, black smoke spread out to the surroundings, he had used soul explosion.

This was a rank seven peak method, it immediately destroyed the core of the immortal formation on cloud bamboo mountain range that Chi clan had created with ease.


There was another explosion as the formation's core broke apart, the other areas of the immortal formation also collapsed.

At this point, the entire mountain range's formation was destroyed.

\"They left after all.\" Looking at the empty place, Fang Yuan's gaze was dark and unsurprised at all.

His attack on the formation earlier was met with great resistance that was quite skillful. But later on, Fang Yuan noticed that the immortal formation was getting more slow in reacting to his actions.

Immortal formations and Immortal Gu Houses needed people to manipulate them. Even wills or formation spirits left behind could not replace the use of a Gu Immortal.

\"Oh? An Immortal Gu was destroyed here?\" Fang Yuan soon noticed a special aura. He confirmed quickly that there was an incomplete Immortal Gu here, Chi clan's Gu Immortals had destroyed it before leaving.

Fang Yuan sighed in pity, but he admired their resolution. He would have done the same thing.

There was nothing valuable at the core area, Fang Yuan flew into the sky and started to ransack cloud bamboo mountain range.

Cloud bamboo mountain range had a large number of cloud path lifeforms.

Like the cloud fox.

Fang Yuan used an enslavement path method as orange-yellow light burst out of his bodys, shrouding all the surroundings.

Within the light, cloud foxes and other lifeforms struggled intensely, they had a painful expression as they growled. But soon, their resistance weakened as they stopped moving, they stayed on the spot as they became Fang Yuan's enslaved beasts.

Fang Yuan opened his immortal aperture door as these lifeforms gathered and went into sovereign immortal aperture like a flowing river.

Fang Yuan continued his actions as a large number of lifeforms entered his immortal aperture.

Suddenly, there was a sudden sound as two desolate beast cloud foxes emerged, running towards the outside of the mountain in a panic.

\"Come back!\" Fang Yuan laughed, flying as he chased them, using his enslavement path killer move to make these two desolate beast cloud foxes sprawl and admit him as their master.

Cloud bamboo mountain range was a huge large sized resource point, it was filled with dense dao marks, it was normal for desolate beasts and plants to grow here, even ancient desolate beasts could grow. Immortal Gu were rarer, there was one but it was destroyed before it could form.

After Fang Yuan finished his exploration, he obtained seven desolate beast cloud foxes, a total of eleven desolate plants of three species, cloud qi root, white hair root, and spear tip bamboo. The thing that made Fang Yuan the happiest was the quantity of a rank seven immortal material, cloud soil, it was huge.

However, he did not see any ancient desolate beasts or ancient desolate plants.

\"The Gu Immortals guarding this place must have brought them away, or maybe they never existed.\"

According to the laws of nature, there was a possibility of ancient desolate beasts or plants appearing here. But this place was governed by Chi clan for countless years, they were skilled at formation path but lacked enslavement path expertise. They would not allow an uncontrollable ancient desolate beast that could rival rank seven Gu Immortals to stay in their territory..

Fang Yuan did not mind it, he continued to search the entire mountain for spear tip bamboos.

These spear tip bamboos were ordinary Gu materials, the desolate plant spear tip bamboos had already been completely taken by Fang Yuan.

But it was quite troublesome now.

Fang Yuan had rich enslavement path methods but he could not use many wood path methods due to his lack of wood path Immortal Gu.

\"I need an appropriate wood path method to relocate these spear tip bamboos.\" Fang Yuan sighed.

If he wanted to move these spear tip bamboos, he would need delicate wood path methods. Methods of other paths would carve different dao marks on these bamboos, even temporary ones would damage the spear tip bamboos and reduce their quality.

Actually, Spectral Soul's true inheritance had lots of wood path methods, but Fang Yuan did not have the necessary wood path Immortal Gu.

Thus, he could only use mortal methods to take these spear tip bamboos.

But this lowered his efficiency greatly, far worse than immortal killer moves. And this cloud bamboo mountain range was huge, the amount of spear tip bamboos that Fang Yuan had taken were still very insignificant.

\"A pity that pulling mountain Immortal Gu is only rank six, even though it can pull mountains, it cannot move the entire mountain range.\"

In the past, Fang Yuan had pulled up Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley, but it was because these two secluded domains of heaven and earth was modified by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable using the killer move orderly well.

Cloud bamboo mountain range did not have such a treatment.

Of course, Fang Yuan could smash the mountain range but the results from that would not be under his control.

Trees had tree roots, mountains had mountain roots, unless he had an appropriate earth path method, he could not preserve these mountain roots.

\"What? Fang Yuan is attacking cloud bamboo mountain range!\" Chi Qu You's frowned deeply, he had a grim expression.

He was the first supreme elder of Chi clan, information had gotten to him at the very first moment.

The contact heart river bank earlier was a middle sized resource point, the losses were not too big. But cloud bamboo mountain range was a large resource point!

\"In the past, our clan paid a hefty price to invite an earth path great expert to move the mountain veins and develop cloud bamboo mountain range, only forming scale similar to today after a hundred years. To think that it would be targeted now.\"

Chi clan was a super force, it had many large resource points, but cloud bamboo mountain range was quite a unique one.

Back when Chi clan was still in its infancy period, Chi clan's ancestors had scrimped and saved when they were weak to slowly develop it.

In Chi clan's history, this cloud bamboo mountain range provided Chi clan a steady source of income over time and did not disappoint its initial creators.

After generations of hard work, the clan got stronger and its territory expanded continuously. Even though they had many large resource points now, and cloud bamboo mountain range became less important, it was never neglected, it was always guarded by two Gu Immortals.

Cloud bamboo mountain range was not just a resource point, it was a form of mental encouragement to Chi clan's members.

\"Forget about other large resource points, but cloud bamboo mountain range cannot be destroyed. Mobilize the Immortal Gu House, find Fang Yuan and take back cloud bamboo mountain range!\" Chi Qu You thought about it for a moment before ordering with a firm tone.

\"What about you, first supreme elder?\" Chi clan's Gu Immortal asked.

Chi Qu You snorted: \"Fang Yuan seems to know that I am here, his true motive is to take the dream realms here! I will stay guard here, he will definitely come again. Of course, you all must put up a facade that I am going to find him personally.\"

Thus, Chi clan moved its Immortal Gu House and went to cloud bamboo mountain range.

Fang Yuan had not left yet, he was still collecting spear tip bamboos. This bamboo had very deep roots of fifty to sixty feet, specific methods were needed to relocate them into his immortal aperture without any damage.

Chi clan's Gu Immortals saw Fang Yuan and hesitated, this was cloud bamboo mountain range, if they fought against Fang Yuan here without any immortal formation's protection, cloud bamboo mountain range might get destroyed.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

Fang Yuan was already prepared, his great thief ghost hand had been lurking for a while, it directly targeted Chi clan's Immortal Gu House.

Inside sovereign immortal aperture.

At the north-most end of Mini Northern Plains, snow was falling as frost energy permeated.

The snowmen had traveled for a long time, they finally arrived at their destination.

The cold weather made the snowmen reveal smiles of joy.

\"This is a good place for us to live.\"

\"This place is so huge, we will not have to crowd around like before.\"

\"Thanks to great immortal Bing Zhuo's guidance. Sob sob sob…\"

Some elderly snowmen were already kneeling on the ground, sobbing profusely.

\"Quickly look!\" Someone shouted.

The snowmen raised their heads and saw a scene they would never forget. The huge blizzard suddenly stopped as three huge crystal mountains appeared from within the fog. Gu Immortal 'Bing Zhuo' floated in the air as he nodded at them, before the fog gathered and concealed the three mountains again.

\"It's great immortal Bing Zhuo!\"

\"This is the home that great immortal has guided us to — Triple Sacred Mountain.\"

\"It seems that the immortals of our tribe live on Triple Sacred Mountain!\"

The snowmen were very excited, they knelt down and prayed towards the direction of Triple Sacred Mountain.

They did not know that 'great immortal Bing Zhuo' concealed by the fog turned back into a stranger, he was Fang Yuan's time path clone.

\"Food, environment, and plants, they are all set up already, even though the environment is plain, it is enough for them to live.\"

\"At this point, the snowman relocation is finally completed.\"

The time path clone nodded lightly as he controlled the snow crystal formation, looking at another area.

Over there, a group of snow monsters emerged from the snow, looking around curiously as they moved around.

\"Not bad, under the effect of the snow crystal formation, snow monsters are forming too. This snow monster production line is starting to work. In time, it will bring me huge profits.\"

After leaving Mini Northern Plains, the time path clone arrived at Mini Central Continent.

Not long ago, he had set up a river bank here, he directly copied the name of contact heart river bank.

On the river bank, there were countless white round rocks of varying sizes.

There was a river with flowing water, contact heart Gu lived inside it.

Fang Yuan obtained a large number of contact heart Gu, he sold most of them in treasure yellow heaven. The remaining river water, rocks, and a small number of contact heart Gu were left as seeds. In time, he could develop this into a source of revenue too.

The time path clone flew again, towards the southeast of contact heart river bank, he only stopped after a while.

It was a barren land without any lifeforms.

Time path clone started to plant spear tip bamboos here while releasing the cloud foxes and other beasts.

There was no mountain range here, but Fang Yuan planned to start building a cloud bamboo forest here.


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