Reverend Insanity
1587 Death by Ghost Hand
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1587 Death by Ghost Hand

Boom boom boom!

With a chain of explosions, multicolored lights shone like fireworks. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wisdom, strength, soul, poison, star, refinement… killer moves of many paths were used easily by Fang Yuan.

Under such attacks, the figure of an immortal formation appeared. It was like a reinforced castle, white lights shielded it like a mountain, blocking all of Fang Yuan's attacks.

\"Hahaha, colorful attacks with little power, your methods are too flashy, they cannot take down our formation!\" Within the immortal Gu formation, Yang clan's Gu Immortal Yang San Mu mocked loudly.

Fang Yuan was currently in emperor yama form, Southern Border's Gu Immortals could not tell who he truly was.

\"No, this person's formation path attainment is not low, he is using all sorts of methods to probe our formation!\" Chi Qiu's expression changed as he said in a low tone.

This immortal Gu formation was set up by Chi clan, Chi Qiu was tasked here to guard it, as a formation path cultivator, his words were seriously noted by the rest.

Yang San Mu frowned immediately, asking Chi Qiu: \"We are defending passively, do we let him continue testing his moves?\"

Chi Qiu shook his head: \"Our formation has offensive methods too, when the Gu formation is destroyed to some extent, the attacks will be unleashed. Don't look at me, I cannot command the Gu formation to retaliate, all of you know that this setup has its reason, I am sure there is no need for me to explain it?\"

The immortals looked at each other helplessly.

The fundamental cause was Fang Yuan after all, he had once disguised as Wu Yi Hai and mixed into Southern Border's righteous path, at the crucial moment, he controlled the immortal formation and left after gaining great benefits. Southern Border's Gu Immortals lost a lot of face, they made changes after that battle. Chi clan's immortal formations were no longer controlled by outsiders, they operated on their own, it was to prevent traitors like Fang Yuan from succeeding.

Yang San Mu saw that Chi Qiu was without options, he turned to look at Xia clan's Gu Immortal Xia Fan.

Xia Fan was a wisdom path cultivator, seeing that Yang San Mu had turned to him, he shook his head and answered: \"The other party has very powerful wisdom path defensive methods, I cannot deduce his origins, unless we can gain crucial information later.\"

Yang San Mu heard this and his expression sank.

Next, he shouted at Fang Yuan: \"Hahaha, scoundrel, why are you using so little strength, are you here to scratch my back?\"

Yang San Mu, Chi Qiu, and Xia Fan had rank seven cultivation level, they were also defended by the immortal formation, they did not fear the rank seven Gu Immortal Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan snickered and ignored him, he continued to probe this formation from different angles.

\"This immortal formation is more complex and strong than I had expected!\"

Yang San Mu continued to provoke him, but Fang Yuan was completely immune to his words.

Yang San Mu frowned: \"He is just one rank seven Gu Immortal, while we have many people and the immortal formation. If we hide here and let him attack freely, wouldn't we lose face in the righteous path? Will any Gu Immortal be willing to face this daring scoundrel, if you can kill him, it will be quite a good story.\"

Once he said that, nobody moved.

Almost all Gu Immortals were not rash people, it might seem easy to deal with Fang Yuan who was alone, but that was the problem. Why would any ordinary rank seven Gu Immortal have the guts to attack this fortified immortal formation alone?

The Southern Border immortals were thinking that an ambush was likely here, they were not going to take the risk.

Yang San Mu could not get anyone to move, he was quite gloomy.

He was the temporary leader among these people, if they avoided battle this time, news would spread and others would put the blame on him. Yang San Mu would lose the most reputation among them.

\"Right now, Southern Border's earth veins are moving as immortal materials and Immortal Gu are being exposed constantly from the Earth Trenches, and yet I am here guarding a bunch of dream realms.\"

\"I wanted to go around and leave this post. After paying a huge cost, I was about to succeed, but if I avoid battle this time, and allow this person to leave, the clan would have an excuse and evidence against me, I will never be able to relocate myself.\"

Thinking of this, Yang San Mu gritted his teeth: \"The enemy is quite peculiar, as a righteous path member, I cannot let him off. Everyone, guard the formation, I will go fight him.\"

The Gu Immortals heard this and had varying expressions.

Some urged him to be careful, some clapped and praised him for the bravery, some assured Yang San Mu that they would guard the formation and he could go in peace.

Yang San Mu sneered in his heart, but showed an attitude of acting for a righteous cause, after saying some words that boosted his reputation, he left the formation to fight Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan saw him and was slightly surprised, before understanding Yang San Mu's mentality immediately.

Soul explosion!

Fang Yuan pointed as an immortal killer move was used against Yang San Mu.

Yang San Mu fought against Fang Yuan for some rounds, he could not take it much more, he panicked as he thought: \"This person must cultivate soul path! Even though his attacks are simple, they were very powerful, and his defensive method is very profound, I am not his match and will lose sooner or later. I should retreat now while it has not turned ugly yet. I have found out about his background anyway, I can explain myself later.\"

But Fang Yuan's battle experience was incredibly deep, after seeing that Yang San Mu had the intention to retreat, he quickly activated yama battlefield.

Instantly, Yang San Mu's vision changed, he was trapped inside yama battlefield with no way of escaping.

Yang San Mu was shocked: \"Immortal battlefield? How can this be! How can there be such a rapidly activated immortal battlefield in this world!!\"

He was shocked and panicked but he tried to stay calm: \"Don't fluster, this immortal battlefield was created so quickly, it must be deeply flawed. Maybe it is easy to deduce and break? I have other immortals on my side, they will have seen this immortal battlefield appear and surely help me get out of this.\"

Fang Yuan pointed as three yama children attacked Yang San Mu.

Yang San Mu's heart jumped, he fought as he retreated, trying to stall for time.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

Suddenly, Yang San Mu's body shook intensely, a look of shock was frozen on his face as his eyes almost popped out, he shouted: \"My Immortal Gu!\"

Fang Yuan successfully stole an Immortal Gu, he threw it into his immortal aperture without looking.

Yang San Mu spat out a mouthful of blood, he was immediately in bad shape after suffering heavy injuries.

It turned out that Fang Yuan stole the core of his movement killer move. With the loss of the Immortal Gu, the killer move failed and he suffered a backlash, the battle quickly went sour for him.

\"It seems my luck is much better than yours, I could not steal Feng Jiu Ge's core Immortal Gu, but you?\" Fang Yuan snickered.

\"Feng Jiu Ge? Who exactly are you?!\"

Great thief ghost hand!

Fang Yuan succeeded again.


Yang San Mu spat out blood again, his killer move's activation failed, with this second backlash, he lost his life.

Great thief ghost hand could actually kill people!


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