Reverend Insanity
1586 Snow Crystal Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1586 Snow Crystal Formation

The two Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies entered the sovereign immortal aperture and settled down in Mini Green Heaven.

The sovereign immortal aperture had five regions and nine heavens, among all the nine heavens, Mini Green Heaven was the least developed. Thus, Fang Yuan used it as the storage area of dream realms.

Shadow Sect's members, Ying Wu Xie, Lady White Rabbit, Hei Lou Lan, Fairy Miao Yin, and Bai Ning Bing were all cultivating in Mini Yellow Heaven.

Lang Ya's battle was too high end, everyone who participated had rank eight battle strength. Even the variant human Gu Immortals relied on the super immortal formation to fight, once it was destroyed, they could not fight anymore.

In a crucial moment, Fang Yuan would possibly need the Shadow Sect members to use ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel, so they did not join that fight after all.

As for Fang Yuan's time path clone, he was at the most northern part of Mini Northern Plains.


With a soft click, as the time path clone placed the final mortal Gu in, the Gu formation activated.

This Gu formation had a huge range of a few dozen square kilometers of land, there were tens of thousands of mortal Gu used to create it from rank one to five, they were of all paths but most of the Gu worms were ice and snow path. The core was made of two ice path Immortal Gu, they were obtained from the snowman Gu Immortals, refined into Fang Yuan's property.

The cores of the Gu formation were three of the rank eight immortal material, ice path crystal essence!

Each ice path crystal essence was large like a mountain peak.

The entire crystal was ice-blue in color, it had crystallized texture, the surface had countless holes of varying sizes, a large amount of cold and icy air was spewing out of these holes unceasingly.

If the frosty air was allowed to spread, the ice and snow path dao marks would also be carved in the surroundings, modifying the environment and creating a habitat suitable for snowmen and snow monsters to live in.

Thus, Fang Yuan's plan earlier was to use an ice path crystal essence to create a snow monster production line and establish new sources of revenue.

His original ice path crystal essence was obtained from his marriage with Xue Er. But earlier, he slaughtered the snowman tribe and obtained two more ice path crystal essences.

\"With these three ice path crystal essences, I can easily produce snow monsters.\"

\"I will name this formation, snow crystal formation.\"

Fang Yuan's time path clone observed for a while before nodding in satisfaction.

Attainment level was shared between his clone and main body, Fang Yuan had formation path grandmaster attainment level, so did his clone.

This was different from Shadow Sect, back then in order to deceive heaven, Spectral Soul made use of the fact that his split soul clones did not carry his full attainment level, so that almost all of them only focused on one path.

Even if Shadow Sect's members fought against Heavenly Court, they would not be found out as the Demon Venerable's split soul. This was also why Shadow Sect was able to plant spies into Heavenly Court.

As for Fang Yuan's time path clone, it was easy to expose, but Fang Yuan did not need it to go outside and fight anyway. Fang Yuan's motive was different from Spectral Soul, his time path clone was meant to make use of the light of wisdom.

And to deduce matters in the light of wisdom, attainment level was needed. Fang Yuan made a wise choice between the two options.

The snow crystal formation was created by time path clone, its main purpose was to emit the frost energy that would constantly alter the environment inch by inch.

Of course, the formation also had the ability to monitor and control the area.

\"It is a pity I am a formation path grandmaster and not a great grandmaster. Grandmasters can mimic other paths while great grandmasters can use natural dao marks directly. If I am a great grandmaster, I will not need ice path Immortal Gu for this snow crystal formation, I can use these three ice path crystal essences directly.\"

This way, Fang Yuan would be able to free up these two ice path Immortal Gu for other uses.

Of course, Fang Yuan did not lack Immortal Gu so that was not an issue. But normally speaking, Gu Immortals had very few Immortal Gu, if they used the Immortal Gu for formations, they would not be able to use them in other aspects. Thus, attainment level had an incredible effect — Gu Immortals could save use of Immortal Gu!

After setting up the snow crystal formation, Fang Yuan's time path clone flew away.

Even though he was not a land spirit and could not teleport, he had Immortal Gu and could fly very quickly.

After a while, the time path clone went past several hundred li as he looked down on the ground while concealing his figure.

There was a group of moving snowmen on the ground.

They were either mortals or Gu Masters, they were all captured by Fang Yuan from the northern icy plain, there were several thousand of them.

Snowman slaves on the order of thousands in numbers were not rare in treasure yellow heaven, but the quality of this batch far exceeded the norm, because among these snowman slaves, Gu Masters were a high proportion. This was not normal, in treasure yellow heaven, this batch of snowmen could be exchanged for ten times the usual number of snowman slaves!

These snowmen had left the place where they lived for a long time and entered the sovereign immortal aperture, they were very fearful and timid.

At this moment, the group moved forward while conversing intensely.

When Fang Yuan slaughtered the snowman and rockman Gu Immortals, it was inside the immortal battlefield, he kept it hidden. When he captured these snowmen, he disguised as a snowman Gu Immortal, so these slaves did not know the truth.

Immortal killer move — Familiar Face!

Fang Yuan's time path clone turned into Bing Zhuo and descended from the sky.

Using Gu worms, he created a blizzard in the sky as snow descended slowly.

\"Ah! The immortal of our tribe!\"

\"Quickly kneel down, kneel down and greet lord immortal!\"

\"Welcome, great immortal Bing Zhuo.\"

The snowmen quickly knelt as they paid respects to Fang Yuan's time path clone.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was expressionless, saying: \"The world is in chaos, but we are in paradise. The three mountains have immortal fog, the snow race has nothing to fear.\"

His voice was not loud but it was heard by everyone clearly.


A gust of wind blew as the blizzard stopped, the snowmen raised their heads but only saw the empty sky, Bing Zhuo's figure had faded with the wind.

The snowmen were stunned, after realizing that Bing Zhuo had vanished, they got up with joy on their faces, they thought about his words.

The snowman tribe leader thought and said to the elders: \"Earlier, we came here due to the vague guidance of great immortal Bing Zhuo, he wanted us to come here. And now, he has shown up to tell us that there are three mountains ahead where we can live in peace?\"

After talking for a while, everyone agreed and set off, they were no longer hesitant, even though they brought the young and old with them, the speed was much faster than earlier.

To create snow monsters, the snow crystal formation was not needed. Just the three ice path crystal essences were enough to show effect just by existing, it was a simple matter.

But time path clone spent so much effort to create the snow crystal formation, he wanted to give these snowmen a place to live and grow.

\"With the snow crystal formation, the snow monsters and snowmen can live here without obstructing one another. But I cannot isolate them completely, I need them to interact and conflict with each other, so as to develop.\"

\"The snow crystal formation's maintenance is not a problem with food path methods, but the three ice path crystal essences are expendable, they will be used up eventually.\" Time path clone flew as he thought.

The frost energy that the ice path crystal essence emits contains the ice and snow path dao marks of the crystal itself, these dao marks would be carved in the surroundings for a while before dissipating, they would not increase sovereign immortal aperture's total number of ice and snow path dao marks. But the environment it creates would suit the snow monsters and snowmen a lot.

But it was too early for this problem, the three ice path crystal essences would only be depleted after a long time.

After managing the snowmen, the time path clone went to Mini Southern Border and had the rockmen settle down.

In the five mini regions, Mini Southern Border had the densest earth path dao marks, it was most suited for rockmen to live in.

The process of settling down the rockmen was very simple, the time path clone used almost the same method as before.

While the time path clone was managing the immortal aperture, Fang Yuan's main body was at another end of Southern Border.

This was a huge Earth Trench, it was deep and dark, even in broad daylight, it was covered in darkness.

These dark shadows were dark path dao beasts — shadow monsters, this was Plunder Shadow Earth Trench.

\"Back then, I succeeded in learning ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel here, I used many Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies to stop the righteous path pursuers. Hmm…\"

Fang Yuan observed and had a moved expression: \"Southern Border's righteous path built an immortal formation here too, and it is not weak at all.\"

\"Who is it? This is an important place of Southern Border's righteous path, any unauthorised lone immortal should leave before regretting it.\" At this time, a Southern Border Gu Immortal's voice resounded from the clouds, he was hidden within the immortal formation, not showing his true figure.

\"Oh?\" Fang Yuan's lips curled up, killing intent surging in his eyes: \"I want to see how you'll make me regret it.\"


With a loud sound, he started to attack the immortal formation forcefully.


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