Reverend Insanity
1581 Thunder Ghost“s Death!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1581 Thunder Ghost“s Death!

Lang Ya land spirit had a look of pain.

As he looked at the falling sea level, he frowned tightly, feeling deep loss.

This seawater seemed ordinary but it was not, Long Hair Ancestor had painstakingly created this refinement water during his late years. Right now, there was only the quantity of one sea, if there were four seas, he would be able to use a secret method to cause a qualitative change and create a man-made secluded domain of heaven and earth!

For this goal, Lang Ya blessed land had been kept at crescent moon lake for a long time, using the water path environment and immortal tribulation tempering aperture killer move to trigger water path tribulations and increase water path dao marks for Lang Ya blessed land.

But now, in order to resist Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, Lang Ya blessed land's accumulations were rapidly expended, after this battle, it would definitely be depleted.

"Ahhhh!" Lang Ya land spirit growled, leading the band of hairy man Gu Immortals to mobilize Heavenly Giant Solor.

The silver giant attacked with immortal killer moves as Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were faced with explosions.

The attacks were extremely powerful, they were at rank eight level, at once, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals had no way to fight back, Thunder Ghost True Monarch's armor was broken, while Chen Yi and Fairy Zi Wei spat out blood, Feng Jiu Ge's state was even worse, his face was pale as paper as he gritted his teeth, he was holding on with fate armor Immortal Gu!

Omnipresent four seas was in essence a refinement path killer move, it used the refinement path dao marks of Lang Ya blessed land, it was the accumulation of Long Hair Ancestor's entire life.

This move did not care about ally or foe, Fang Yuan would be hit if he was within range, but hairy men could move freely. The reason was that hairy men had refinement path dao marks naturally!

And when Lang Ya land spirit's side uses killer moves, the refinement path killer moves would be amplified by omnipresent four seas, each hit would be extremely powerful, having first rate rank eight power.

As for the silver giant, it could also move freely as it was an ancient battle formation instead of an Immortal Gu House, Heavenly Giant Solor depended on the user, right now, with the hairy man Gu Immortals controlling it, it was a refinement path giant.

This was also why Fang Yuan and the variant human Gu Immortals of the other three races did not participate.

If he attacked, he would be restricted by omnipresent four seas, there would not be any point.

"Kill, kill them all!"

"Lang Ya's foundation is truly unfathomable."

The variant human Gu Immortals of the three races gasped, but Fang Yuan frowned deeply, telling Lang Ya land spirit: "First supreme elder, even though your all-out attacks are powerful, they cannot determine victory. Omnipresent four seas cannot last long, we have limited time, if you do not use any of your remaining methods…"

"I know, shut up!" Lang Ya land spirit growled, his eyes were bloodshot, he gritted his teeth, having a fierce expression, he was very uneasy in his heart.

On the surface, he had a great advantage, but Heavenly Court's four immortals could not be killed, they were like rocks by the seashore, no matter how hard the waves crashed into them, they remained motionless.

After more than ten breaths of time, even though the silver giant burst out with immense might, Heavenly Court's four immortals were still alive, while Lang Ya blessed land's seawater had dried up, not a drop of water remained, even the seabed was exposed.

"It is time to retaliate." Thunder Ghost True Monarch breathed in deeply, her expression was sinister, she started to condense her black armor again.

"As expected of Long Hair Ancestor's legacy." Chen Yi sighed deeply, healing his own injuries rapidly.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals had deep foundations, they resisted the silver giant's attacks with only mild injuries.

"You forced me, you all forced me!" Seeing the approaching Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, Lang Ya land spirit muttered as he screamed afterwards: "Come, come if you want to lose your life!"

Omnipresent four seas could not defeat the enemies, but Lang Ya land spirit took out another trump card.


Intense thunder rumbled and red lightning flashed, in an instant, the whole of Lang Ya blessed land was enveloped.

"This is?!" Heavenly Court's four immortals' expressions rapidly changed to great shock. Be it the plotting Fairy Zi Wei, or the Thunder Ghost True Monarch bursting with battle strength, or Chen Yi who was once the authoritative figure of a sect, or Feng Jiu Ge with immense talent, they all lost their cool.

Fang Yuan was also dazed, memories flashed in his mind as he spoke: "Steal Life?"

The other hairy man Gu Immortals were stunned, they did not know what this trump card was, even Lang Ya land spirit looked at Fang Yuan in surprise: "That's right, this is Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's rank eight steal life Immortal Gu! You know about it?"

Fang Yuan was deeply shocked, Lang Ya land spirit actually had steal life Immortal Gu in his hands.

Fang Yuan knew about steal life Immortal Gu from Thieving Heaven's dream realm, to think that Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had left this Immortal Gu to Long Hair Ancestor.


Heavenly Court's four immortals tried to defend themselves.

They were extremely nervous now, hundreds or thousands of times as before!

Because they could tell that this was the red light emitted by steal life Immortal Gu.

At the next moment, the overwhelming red light suddenly retracted, as if thousands of arrows were shot out before flying back to the bows like time was reversed.

The red light brought away the lifespan of all lifeforms!

In an instant, Feng Jiu Ge turned from a handsome young man to an old and wrinkled man with white hair.

Fairy Zi Wei spit out a mouthful of blood, wrinkles appearing on her face.

Chen Yi was extremely pathetic, his long hair broke as strands flew in the wind.

As for Thunder Ghost True Monarch, she held her chest, originally, she looked like a young girl, but after the red light retracted, she completely turned into an old lady, her hair was white and her eyes were blurry, she gasped in weakness as she tried to breathe, there were barely any teeth left in her mouth.

"Good!" Seeing this, Fang Yuan smiled.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were very powerful, but most of them were slumbering in the immortal graveyard, unless they had no choice, they would not wake up. Because they had already expended most of their lifespan, with their already limited lifespan, they would not be able to live long.

And now, Lang Ya land spirit used steal life Immortal Gu, this weakness was targeted, greatly influencing the Heavenly Court's four immortals.

"However, Lang Ya land spirit is only using steal life Immortal Gu, it is not a killer move and has a singular effect. Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals activated their methods urgently, they were all defensive but could not block everything."

"And this steal life Immortal Gu did not differentiate ally from enemy, even the silver giant was useless against it, our Gu Immortals were also affected." Fang Yuan looked at himself, he was also covered in white hair and wrinkles.

But it was not a problem, he had four thousand years of lifespan Gu, he quickly used a few to become a young man again.

As for the other variant human Gu Immortals, they originally had longer lifespans than humans, even without lifespan extension methods, they could also continue to live. Even those mortal hairy men could survive.

This was also why Lang Ya land spirit had kept this steal life Immortal Gu until now without using it.

"Even if Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals are stronger, so what? We will compete with them using lifespan! First supreme elder, use Steal Life again!" Fang Yuan's eyes burst with ruthlessness, he urged Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit smiled bitterly: "Back then, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable was afraid that this steal life Immortal Gu would cause chaos in this world, even though he gave it to my main body, he set up methods to only allow it to activate thrice before self-detonating."

"What? Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable is such a merciful person?" The variant human Gu Immortals were very surprised.

As for Fang Yuan, thinking about Thieving Heaven's dream realm, he understood why.

"Who cares if it can be used thrice or twice, when else do you want to use it!" Fang Yuan urged again.

Lang Ya land spirit nodded deeply, using steal life Immortal Gu again.

In the blink of an eye, the red light retracted again.

"Urgh…" Thunder Ghost True Monarch sighed with a weak tone: "To think that I… Jing Lan… would die here."

She tried to open her eyes, but she was too weak, her eyes closed again.

She — had died of old age.


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