Reverend Insanity
1580 Heavenly Court“s Call to Surrender
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1580 Heavenly Court“s Call to Surrender

The moment Thunder Ghost True Monarch returned to the battlefield, the expressions of both sides changed.

Heavenly Court's immortals were extremely happy while Fang Yuan's side turned grim.

The two sides were evenly matched, at this time, Heavenly Court gained a new rank eight battle strength who was a first rate expert, this would cause a huge change in the battle result!

But Thunder Ghost True Monarch's report made Fairy Zi Wei's gaze turn dark: "What, you did not find wisdom Gu?"

Wisdom Gu was refined by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and the refinement process was recorded in Star Constellation's true inheritance, allowing Fairy Zi Wei to know a lot about it. But Fairy Zi Wei did not know that wisdom Gu had the trait of following after information path environments.

"Wisdom Gu is wild, did they refine it? Or did they destroy it? Or do they have any method to resist the light of wisdom and relocate wisdom Gu?"

Thoughts rumbled in Fairy Zi Wei's mind, she was thinking at lightning speed.

She stood up and looked at Heavenly Giant Solor, gazing at Fang Yuan as she shouted: "Hand over wisdom Gu, I will allow you to surrender!"

Heavenly Court's current invasion was mainly for rank nine wisdom Gu, Fang Yuan was only secondary.

Immortal Gu were unique and hard to refine, rank nine Immortal Gu were at the pinnacle of the pyramid, in the current five regions, in this entire world, there were likely less than ten rank nine Gu.

Rank nine wisdom Gu was too important for the growth of Heavenly Court's strength, it was second to fate Gu! Ignoring anything else, just Fairy Zi Wei alone, with just her wisdom path attainment and Star Constellation Chessboard, she was already one of the three strongest wisdom path great experts in the world.

If she could obtain rank nine wisdom Gu, and use Star Constellation Chessboard to refine it, she would be the number one wisdom path great expert in the world, she would comprehend all of the profundities of wisdom path in this universe, she would stand at the very top, the second strongest person would be miles away from her, she would have an unthinkable deduction ability.

Even if Fang Yuan had emperor yama, or even a rank eight wisdom path method, he would not be able to block Fairy Zi Wei's deductions. Only rank nine methods could work.

But how many rank nine wisdom path methods were there? At least in Fang Yuan's true inheritances of Lang Ya and Spectral Soul, there were no such records!

"Surrender?" The hairy man Gu Immortals shook.

Lang Ya land spirit shouted in anger: "Surrender my ass! Lang Ya blessed land will only have hairy men dying in battle, we will not be kneeling slaves!"

Fang Yuan was quite curious: "I am a complete otherworldly demon, in order to get wisdom Gu, will your Heavenly Court spare me?"

Fairy Zi Wei smiled arrogantly: "So what if you are a complete otherworldly demon? Our Heavenly Court predecessors have known about otherworldly demons long ago, we have recruited them before, it was merely not written in history. Look at now, Zhao Lian Yun is the best example."

"Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court is far more magnanimous and accepting than you think. Even if you are an otherworldly demon who possessed Spring Autumn Cicada and Spectral Soul's true inheritance, as long as you turn over a new leaf and contribute your sovereign immortal aperture into Heavenly Court, you will be one of us. And according to Heavenly Court's rules, we will treat you equally as everyone else!"

After hearing these words, Fang Yuan's expression did not change, he still smiled coldly, but Chen Yi had a complex expression, there was suspicion and jealousy in his eyes.

Chen Yi believed what Fairy Zi Wei said, because Heavenly Court's rules were as such, regardless of who you were in the past, after joining Heavenly Court as a righteous path member, after giving up your immortal aperture, you would be a member of Heavenly Court, there would be no differential treatment.

"But it is so difficult to join Heavenly Court! I, Chen Yi, have worked hard my whole life, I only managed to join Heavenly Court because of my battle strength and the fact that I have Genesis Lotus true inheritance, how many years has this Fang Yuan cultivated? He killed people and caused havoc everywhere, but if he turned around now and become a righteous person, he would get to join Heavenly Court!"

At once, Chen Yi felt a strong sense of injustice, he even felt a little grievance in his heart.

But Thunder Ghost True Monarch's expression was unchanged, because Heavenly Court had once tried to recruit someone else, this person slaughtered the people in the world, he was a much greater problem than the current Fang Yuan.

He was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

Before Spectral Soul Demon Venerable reached rank nine, Heavenly Court had tried to recruit him multiple times. After becoming rank nine, they also tried to recruit him once.

"Heavenly Court is the Heavenly Court of humanity! Fang Yuan, you are extremely talented, you managed to roam freely as a rank seven and evade Heavenly Court's pursuit for so long, it shows your qualification to join us. I can swear on my life, after joining Heavenly Court, not only would you preserve your life, you would be able to cultivate and continue being a free Gu Immortal." Thunder Ghost True Monarch said.

"Fang Yuan…" At once, the hairy man Gu Immortals looked at Fang Yuan with worry.

Even Sixth Hair did the same.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "To obtain wisdom Gu, you guys are willing to let me go and recruit me, it shows how important rank nine wisdom Gu is to all of you! Then how about this, if you do not let us off today, I will destroy wisdom Gu in your face, your attempt will end in failure."

"Hmph, incorrigible! How can the grand righteous path be threatened by the likes of you? Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish!" Thunder Ghost True Monarch charged at Fang Yuan with deep anger.

Boom boom boom!

Fang Yuan fought against Thunder Ghost True Monarch on barely even grounds, thunder was rumbling, air currents were turbulent.

"Oh? That means wisdom Gu is on you now?" Fairy Zi Wei's eyes flickered with brilliance, she started to act as well.

Fairy Zi Wei was suppressed by Thunder Ghost True Monarch and Fairy Zi Wei's cooperation, he could only use reverse flow protection seal to defend himself, he could not fight back at all.

He transmitted to Lang Ya land spirit: "First supreme elder, this is an emergency! If you have any methods left, use it now, otherwise, there will be no time to regret!!"

Lang Ya land spirit shouted: "Forget it, I'll show you the true power of Lang Ya blessed land!"

As he said that, the entire sea surface of Lang Ya blessed land started to bubble, it was as if the ocean was boiling.

Countless refinement path dao marks shone with the light of dao marks, be it Gu Immortals or mortals, they could see it with their naked eyes.

The aura of an immortal killer move burst out like a grand tornado, it rampaged in the entire Lang Ya blessed land, none of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were spared, they were all hit by the move.

"What is this?!" Chen Yi and the rest had changes in expressions, all of their defensive methods radiated with a brilliant light, forced to resist the move.

The mysterious killer move was incredibly powerful, even Fang Yuan was hit by it, there were countless ripples on his reverse flow protection seal.

"Quick, come inside." Lang Ya land spirit transmitted, moving the silver giant towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan successfully fused into Heavenly Giant Solor formation, this was not the first time he was entering this ancient battle formation.

"What move is this?" A flash of joy sparked on Fang Yuan's face.

Lang Ya land spirit's move was very powerful, all four Heavenly Court immortals were all forced to defend themselves, they could not attack.

Lang Ya land spirit smiled bitterly: "These were the gains in battle that my main body had obtained when he killed a water path great expert in his life, using it, he comprehended the strongest refinement path killer move — Omnipresent Four Seas! This move expends an immense amount of seawater, unless we are refining rank eight Immortal Gu, we would not use it. Against the enemy now, it can only last for dozens of breaths."

Fang Yuan observed carefully, Lang Ya blessed land's sea level was truly falling, a vast amount of water was expended to maintain this omnipresent four seas killer move.

Fang Yuan had a realization: "So this Lang Ya blessed land's terrain was carefully designed. The three continents float on the vast sea, but the seawater is not simple at all, it is actually the refinement path foundation of the blessed land, it is truly precious."

Fang Yuan looked at Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals as he sighed: "It is a pity that this move cannot differentiate friend and foe, otherwise, if we can attack now, we can gain the upper hand!"

Actually, omnipresent four seas could be contained in an area, but that place needed to have a corresponding immortal formation to draw out the power of the killer move and refine Gu.

And this refinement path immortal formation is none other than the Long Hair refinement path formation used to refine Myriad Self for Fang Yuan.

Heavenly Court would naturally not be lured into such an obvious trap, and in this situation, Lang Ya land spirit had no choice but to use this move fully across the whole of Lang Ya blessed land, in the sky, land, and sea.

But this way, Fang Yuan's super immortal formation would also be attacked by omnipresent four seas. Thankfully, Lang Ya land spirit was prepared for it and went towards the silver giant, disassembling as the Immortal Gu were collected back, the variant human Gu Immortals of the three races also entered the silver giant.

"What do we do now?" Fang Yuan looked at Lang Ya land spirit as he asked.

He felt that Lang Ya blessed land still had some trump cards left.

And this battle would be decided by those trump cards!


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