Reverend Insanity
1573 Star Cas
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1573 Star Cas

Heavenly Court invaded, four Gu Immortals appeared out of nowhere, Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk to pin-size.

Even with his knowledge and countless experiences, he felt that this was unbelievable!

"There is such a method? Sending four rank eight Gu Immortals in at the same time! If we did not destroy that dark spiral instantly, I'm afraid even more Gu Immortals would have entered."

Even though Feng Jiu Ge was not rank eight, his dao marks were at rank eight level, Fang Yuan placed him at the same level as rank eights.

Rank eight Gu Immortals had incredibly dense dao marks, there were few methods that could transport them and they were very hard to use. Even the immortal killer move seven immortal doors that Feng Jiu Ge used earlier could not teleport rank eight Gu Immortals.

If rank eight Gu Immortals wanted to move, they had to either fly themselves through immemorial white heaven or black heaven, unless they were space path great expert who could teleport themselves.

But even so, such space path great experts could only teleport themselves, they could not move other rank eight existences.

And Heavenly Court seemed to have used a method to directly teleport four rank eight Gu Immortals over from Central Continent! Such a method was truly unthinkable.

"Even in the five hundred years of my previous life, during the five regions chaotic war, I did not hear that Heavenly Court had such a move!"

Transporting four rank eight Gu Immortals at once, which was not the limit, and it could even create a tracking effect. Such a method was truly scary, any defense could be ripped apart, the advantage of having such a move could even extend to large scale fights.

Think about it: During the five regions chaotic war, every rank eight Gu Immortal ruled over an area. At this time, if Heavenly Court mobilizes several rank eights to teleport to an enemy rank eight and attack that person as a group, they would have a huge advantage in numbers, they would likely win. Who could endure such attacks if they did it multiple times? Any force would be extremely concerned and feel helpless against this.

"In the five hundred years of my previous life, why did Heavenly Court not do this? Was it because the conditions were not right, or was it not time for this move yet? I think I understand now!"

Fang Yuan's thoughts moved like lightning, he understood why.

If Heavenly Court revealed that they had such methods, once a few rank eight Gu Immortals died in the other regions, they would become alert, they would work together and form a large alliance against Heavenly Court!

It was common sense.

If they did not ally, as the situation progresses, any rank eight Gu Immortal would be in great danger at all times. Heavenly Court could attack any individual rank eight Gu Immortal at any time, they were not stupid, only by working together could they be safe against Heavenly Court.

Of course, Heavenly Court was not stupid, they had kept this move hidden and did not use it. They were afraid that this move's great power would make the other regions work together and form a four region alliance that would target Heavenly Court solely!

But now, in order to attack Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court had to use this move in advance, it showed how determined Heavenly Court was in attacking Lang Ya blessed land!

"No, not just me, they are tempted by rank nine wisdom Gu. At the same time, annexing Lang Ya blessed land would greatly help towards repairing fate Gu!"

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly to himself.

Heavenly Court's attack was too sudden, even though Fang Yuan was already mentally prepared for it.

But there was no helping it, Heavenly Court's method was truthfully out of Fang Yuan's wildest imagination.

"This is why such enemies are the scariest. Because they have too many trump cards from their immense foundation!" Fang Yuan sighed bitterly internally.

"Thief!" At the same time, while the other Heavenly Court Gu Immortals stayed motionless, Thunder Ghost True Monarch directly pounced at Fang Yuan.

She hated Fang Yuan to the limit, he had sold three of her rib bones in treasure yellow heaven, that video had been playing nonstop, it was the greatest humiliation of her life!

Thus, Thunder Ghost True Monarch directly charged at Fang Yuan and attacked, she was filled with intense killing intent.

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan vanished as golden light flashed.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch missed her target, she looked up and stared fiercely at the base of the super formation.


Fang Yuan was inside the super formation now, controlling it personally. The first thing he did was to activate the formation and bring in all of the variant human Gu Immortals that were scattered over Lang Ya blessed land.

When he had just acted, Heavenly Court also did the same.

Immortal killer move — Separation Song!

Feng Jiu Ge used his signature killer move as separation song started, countering all Immortal Gu Houses and immortal formations in this world.

Bright light shone in Fang Yuan's eyes, he multitasked as the immortal formation flew up and burst out with orange-red light.

Within the red light, separation song was weakening as his voice faded into nothingness.

To deal with separation song, Fang Yuan had made some modifications to the immortal formation! It was extremely effective when used now.

Feng Jiu Ge had once dismantled multiple layers of this immortal formation using separation song, but now, before separation song even got close to the core, it was exterminated, Feng Jiu Ge frowned deeply.

"Let me do it." Fairy Zi Wei flickered her finger as a starry rainbow flew out.

The starry rainbow flew like an arrow, flying past the clouds and wind, shooting into the super immortal formation and turning into a cloud of star sand, it was very dazzling.

The immortal formation activated faster and faster, this star sand fused into the immortal formation's activation and revealed several special forms, like clouds or dust, or even water vats…

Fairy Zi Wei smiled lightly, countless thoughts appeared in her mind, moving like waves of the ocean.

"Oh no! This wisdom path killer move can help her to deduce the workings of the immortal formation, it can also obstruct the cooperation of Gu worms and make the immortal formation slower and non-fluid." Some of the variant human Gu Immortals who came could tell.

"What do we do?"

"What do we do?!"

Almost all of the variant human Gu Immortals were covered in sweat, they had nervous expressions, they were filled with fear and immense pressure of an apocalypse.

Heavenly Court's group was too powerful, they were equivalent to four rank eights, even disregarding Feng Jiu Ge, the other three were rank eight elites and experts, one could be of immense threat to Lang Ya blessed land, not to mention three of them!

"Strange, why is Fairy Zi Wei not using Star Constellation Chessboard?" Fang Yuan had completely calmed down, suspicion flashed in his eyes.

His fight against Fairy Zi Wei was during Southern Border's dream realm battle.

"It is a pity that Star Constellation Chessboard was left in Heavenly Court to sustain the killer move star cast, otherwise, I would be able to easily unravel this super immortal formation with dozens of times the efficiency!" Fairy Zi Wei sighed internally, she did not stop her actions.

Another wisdom path killer move was unleashed without any warning, Fang Yuan did not even know how to deal with it, but the formation was hit and the star sand that invaded expanded to twice of its size!

"Troublesome!" Fang Yuan frowned deeply.

"Heavenly Court, do you think our Lang Ya Sect are easily bullied? Kill them!"

At this moment, Lang Ya land spirit growled, the silver giant formed from ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor descended into the battlefield.


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