Reverend Insanity
1572 Too Late
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1572 Too Late

Time passed quickly, half a month went by.

On this day, Fang Yuan flew out of cloud city, the immortal formation around Lang Ya blessed land activated and burst out with golden light, enveloping Fang Yuan.

The golden light flashed as Fang Yuan vanished on the spot, when he reappeared, he was in a desolate place a thousand li away.

These days, Fang Yuan modified the super immortal formation again, it had the power to teleport other people.

Because earlier, when Feng Jiu Ge attacked the hairy men and killed them, Lang Ya land spirit was aggrieved but helpless.

Lang Ya land spirit remembered this painful lesson, after refining myriad self Immortal Gu, he suggested this modification to Fang Yuan.

Lang Ya Sect helped Fang Yuan to refine myriad self Immortal Gu, using the Long Hair Gu refinement immortal formation in the process, Fang Yuan naturally had to return the favor and modify the immortal formation as they wished.

Fang Yuan's formation path attainment level was extraordinary, with the help of the light of wisdom, he had already finished the modification of the immortal formation long ago.

Arriving at an empty place, Fang Yuan breathed in deeply as he started to practice his killer move.

Immortal killer move — Emperor Yama!

Instantly, his appearance changed, he was tall and majestic, he wore a crown and his face was blurred, he became inscrutable. His imperial robe had ghost and monster embroideries, the numbers were no longer like before, there were over a thousand of them.

This was the result of Fang Yuan's recent cultivation.

Immortal killer move — Soul Explosion!

Fang Yuan moved his finger as black smoke shot out, destroying everything in its path. But due to the immortal formation's protection, Cloud Cover Continent shone in silver light, it defended against the power of the soul explosion to a great extent.

But even so, a killer move at the peak of rank seven could not be defended against by the silver light.

After a chain of explosions, the area around Fang Yuan was decimated, cloud soil scattered as a large number of crevices appeared in the area of several li.

Black smoke dissipated, the soul explosion ended as one yama child monster vanished on Fang Yuan's imperial robe, after a few breaths of time, it faded as if it had never existed before.

This was the price of using soul explosion.

Fang Yuan did not mind the expenditure, after pondering through this, his eyes shone with brilliance.

Immortal killer move — Yama Battlefield!


Intense wind blew as the world changed colors.

In three blinks of time, a huge surrounding area was enveloped by Fang Yuan's immortal battlefield, the place was completely isolated from the outside!

Within this battlefield killer move, the surroundings were pale green and yellow, vision was blur like there was fog. Dark winds blew, creating wailing sounds, it was scary and chilly.

Fang Yuan let out the yama children, these monsters cackled and flew freely in yama battlefield, their power was amplified, they were like fish in water.

After some testing, Fang Yuan stored all of the yama children and stopped using yama battlefield, the sky turned clear again as he returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

Yama battlefield was the greatest achievement that Fang Yuan had made in this secluded cultivation!

Earlier, Fang Yuan had deduced the immortal battlefield killer move purple star broken life, it was set up using the wisdom path Immortal Gu that Purple Mountain True Monarch left behind, Fang Yuan used it to kill You Chan and Qin Bai He.

But the advantage of purple star broken life immortal battlefield was the effect of concealing itself and isolating from the outside world. The weakness was that it needed time to set up, prior preparation was often required. And Gu Immortals were not stupid, if one tried to use it in battle, they would run away before it was set up.

Yama battlefield was created by Fang Yuan after considering his own situation, using the many battlefield killer moves that were recorded within Spectral Soul's true inheritance.

Yama battlefield was inferior to purple star broken life in terms of concealment and isolating from the outside world. Its advantage was that it only needed three blinks of time to activate.

Even though during that period of time, Fang Yuan could not move as well, it could quickly be used in battle.

In this three blinks of time, as long as Fang Yuan could grab the opportunity and catch his enemies off guard, they would not be able to run away.

After being enveloped by yama battlefield, Fang Yuan's advantage would be huge.

"Currently, I can force the enemies to stay and lose their lives if they are rank six or seven!" Fang Yuan sighed.

Gu Immortals were easy to defeat, but capturing or killing would be hard.

Firstly, there were countless ways to escape, Gu Immortals could not deal with all possibilities, some escaping methods were bound to be effective. Secondly, Fang Yuan was fighting alone and was wanted by Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven, he had to defeat his enemies in a short amount of time.

Thus earlier, Fang Yuan was very vigilant when choosing opponents. If Meng Tu did not have an immortal battlefield that could trap both him and his enemies inside autumn blade plain, Fang Yuan would not want to fight such a person.

Once yama battlefield was completed, Fang Yuan thought of his other method — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

His theft path attainment level was at great grandmaster, using great thief Immortal Gu and ghostly concealment as the cores of the killer move, he could deduce great thief ghost hand which could steal rank eight Immortal Gu.

This move was modified by Fang Yuan and became even more effective. It was used twice but managed to steal rank eight Immortal Gu Soul Beast Token, as well as rank seven Immortal Gu Bladewing, the situation quickly turned around when Meng Tu lost this Gu, resulting in his loss.

"In the past, I could not use great thief ghost hand too often to prevent my identity from leaking. If information gets out, others would be more alert and they would try to deduce my great thief ghost hand, my arrangements inside green ghost desert would also be found out."

"With yama battlefield now, I can trap my enemies and continue to use great thief ghost hand to steal Immortal Gu. There is little chance of the enemies running away, I can kill and plunder them, to accumulate my cultivation resources!"

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with a ruthless light, deep killing intent was accumulating in him.

With yama battlefield, he could start walking on the bloody road of 'killing enemies and stealing Gu while annexing their apertures to gain dao marks'.

Fang Yuan had no misgivings when it came to slaughtering innocent people, he did not feel any guilt or self-blame.

Fang Yuan licked his lips as he shook his head: "It is a pity… now is not the time yet."

If Lang Ya blessed land did not get exposed, if there was no pressure from Heavenly Court, Fang Yuan would leave and go around killing people! But the crucial thing now was to protect Lang Ya blessed land.

At the current moment, the preservation of Lang Ya Sect was more important to Fang Yuan than stealing Immortal Gu!

There was no doubt about it.

As time passed, Fang Yuan's mental pressure got larger.

Heavenly Court would not let this go, once they attacked Lang Ya blessed land again, even if Lang Ya blessed land prepared fully, it might not be able to resist.

This was because Lang Ya Sect's trump cards and secrets were exposed in the previous battle. Meanwhile, Heavenly Court still had unfathomable foundations, it could use some trump cards that targeted Lang Ya Sect or come up with some brilliant schemes to endanger the whole of Lang Ya blessed land!

The best situation was to relocate Lang Ya blessed land before the second invasion of Heavenly Court.

But the relocation would definitely be ambushed by Heavenly Court, it might even be Prince Feng Xian most likely! Fang Yuan had already deduced this clearly.

Against a rank eight, Fang Yuan could defend himself but he lacked offense, that was quite awkward.

He had two ways now.

One was to use a secluded domain of heaven and earth to form a rank eight offensive killer move. The other was to use a rank eight Immortal Gu to create an attacking method as well.

Among the secluded domains of heaven and earth, Luo Po Valley was the best choice, and also his only choice.

Fang Yuan had the inspiration to deduce Luo Po seal, but unfortunately, his progress was quite slow, even after the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan was quite vexed.

In terms of rank eight Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan had four, Attitude, Wisdom Sword, Years Flow Like Water, and Soul Beast Token.

Attitude Gu was the core Immortal Gu of familiar face, Years Flow Like Water produced year Gu, it was not for fighting. Soul Beast Token was needed in emperor yama killer move, it could not be taken out.

Looking at it, he only had wisdom sword Immortal Gu left.

Speaking of which, Fang Yuan had obtained this rank eight Immortal Gu long ago, in order to feed it, he had spent a lot of resources. But he had never been able to use it.

Activating wisdom sword Immortal Gu needed rank eight immortal essence of the user. This was what Purple Mountain True Monarch had designed for Bo Qing back then, but Fang Yuan only had rank seven red date immortal essence now.

This was a fixed rule that could not be changed.

And in fact, most rank eight Immortal Gu used rank eight immortal essence, Fang Yuan's three other Gu were exceptions.

Attitude Gu used mental energy, Years Flow Like Water could use any rank of immortal essence, but its strength depended on the essence used, Soul Beast Token expended the soul foundation of the user, and just looking at their activation requirements, all three Immortal Gu were top tier among rank eight Immortal Gu!

Thinking about it, even though Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu and inheritances, his rank eight offensive killer move still required Luo Po Valley.

"I managed to deduce reverse flow protection seal earlier because of my water path grandmaster attainment level."

"This time, to deduce Luo Po seal, my soul path is only master level, there is a huge obstruction!"

Fang Yuan had grandmaster attainment level in many paths, his theft path and refinement path were great grandmaster and quasi-supreme grandmaster respectively, but he could not transfer them to his soul path.

His soul path was only at master attainment level.

"But I have the light of wisdom, even though progress is slow, I can still slowly force my way through!"

"The biggest problem is time now, I hope I can make it… hmm?!"

At this time, the world started shaking, a huge dark spiral appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh no!" Fang Yuan's expression changed.

He recognized that the source of this dark spiral were the dao marks that Feng Jiu Ge had left behind.

Fang Yuan had already investigated these dao marks long ago, Lang Ya land spirit did the same. Both felt that this was a tracking method that was hard to get rid of. But now, Lang Ya blessed land was isolated from the outside world, these dao marks possessed no threat.

But to think that without anyone controlling and instilling immortal essence, these dao marks actually gathered into a dark spiral.

"Smash it!" Fang Yuan screamed, Lang Ya land spirit also gave the same orders at the same time.

The defensive formation that Fang Yuan modified immediately activated.

But at the same time, four starlight beams shot out of the dark spiral.

With a loud sound, the dark spiral vanished.

The starlight faded as four Gu Immortals appeared.

Feng Jiu Ge, Chen Yi, and Thunder Ghost True Monarch were present. They were led by a female immortal, she looked around before fixing her gaze on Fang Yuan, she smiled: "Fang Yuan, I finally caught you."

It was Heavenly Court's current leader, the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal — Fairy Zi Wei!


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