Reverend Insanity
1569 Fifty Percent!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1569 Fifty Percent!

Treasure yellow heaven.

A large lump of transparent fire was silently burning while letting out vast treasure light.

The fire immediately attracted the attention of many Gu Immortals the moment it appeared.

Many wills and a few divine senses were attracted towards the scene.

Black Heaven Temple's Gu Immortal Zhang Ji smiled, he was the owner of this transparent fire.

"I never expected this expedition to give me a batch of a rare rank seven immortal material. Its profits should be enough to replenish my immortal essence reserves."

While thinking, he responded to everyone's questions about the price.

His price was only a slight bit higher than the norm, so many had the thoughts of purchasing.

"I want all of this." One divine sense directly contacted Zhang Ji, offering a high price.

Zhang Ji's heart thumped in excitement, somewhat disbelieving: "You want all of this? The price…"

"Make the deal." The other side was extremely straightforward, directly giving a large amount of immortal essence stones.

"Okay!" Seeing such a huge amount of immortal essence stones, Zhang Ji's eyes immediately brightened, agreeing immediately.

The transaction was completed quickly, the Gu Immortals who were observing the fire were somewhat caught off-guard.

"No need to worry, I still have stock left!" Zhang Ji's divine sense was constantly fluctuating, he quickly proclaimed and took out another lump of transparent fire.

It was just that this transparent fire's amount was much smaller than the previously sold lump.

The first transaction had stimulated other Gu Immortals' desire to purchase, after all, this transparent fire was indeed rare in the market. Usually, they could only accumulate it over continuous purchase, and every purchase was normally only a fist sized or a basin sized lump of fire. They were different from now where the transparent fire was the size of a carriage! They could not lose this rare opportunity.

"But this time, I am going to raise the price." Zhang Ji's smile became brighter. He did not have much knowledge of the transparent fire. This was also his first time selling it and he did not have a proper understanding of the market situation, so the enthusiasm of other Gu Immortals was beyond his expectations.

He continued to raise the price, but few buyers gave up, so the starting price continued to become higher.

"Darn it, looks like I made a mistake in selling earlier!" Zhang Ji looked at this scene with some regret, while also admiring that buyer's decisiveness.

Zhang Ji was not foolish, he had divided his stock of transparent fire into three portions. The first portion was to test the waters, while the one he was selling now was the second portion.

As the transactions continued to increase, he got a clearer grasp over the market situation.

"Floating life fire!" Fang Yuan looked at this lump of transparent fire in his sovereign immortal aperture with a delighted expression.

It was him who took the lead and purchased Zhang Ji's goods.

This floating life fire was transparent and burned silently without any heat. But when it burns a living being, all kinds of past scenes of this living being would turn into images that would constantly replay in the floating life fire. At that time, the floating life fire would emit a multi-colored radiance, and would no longer be transparent.

Floating life fire needed to be preserved with special methods.

Zhang Ji had coincidentally obtained a large amount of floating life fire, he did not have such methods.

After Fang Yuan obtained it, he immediately used a method to preserve the floating life fire. This method was not from Spectral Soul's true inheritance, but was obtained from Lang Ya true inheritance which he had exchanged Spectral Soul's true inheritance for.

"I had thought I needed to travel far and find trouble with other people to seize this floating life fire. Who would have thought that someone was selling it in treasure yellow heaven in such a large quantity now. This luck is truly amazing!"

Fang Yuan smiled.

There were bound to be many Gu Immortals who wanted to purchase floating life fire.

But Gu Immortal wills were usually unable to make the decision, they could only follow the commands left by the Gu Immortal.

And to be able to take out so many immortal essence stones at once was also not something ordinary Gu Immortals could do.

Even if they had the capital, those observing Gu Immortals would want to bargain as the amount they required was usually not that big.

Because of many reasons, Fang Yuan was able to make the first move and gain it for a cheap price!

As for the risk?

This Zhang Ji was a Gu Immortal of Black Heaven Temple, a person of Heavenly Court, but he did not know the buyer was Fang Yuan, neither did Fang Yuan know of his identity.

Transactions in treasure yellow heaven were very secure. If Heavenly Court was able to use this to scheme against Fang Yuan, to have a such a deep influence even in treasure yellow heaven, then it was better for Fang Yuan to just surrender.

All in all, the chance of this was rather low.

Drinking blade wine, edge Gu, front-back divine obstruction needles, and floating life fire, these four main immortal materials were all gathered. Fang Yuan still had to purchase some more edge Gu, which could be completely satisfied by treasure yellow heaven, if not, he still had a channel left in Western Desert's Xiao clan.

Since there was no meaning in staying outside, Fang Yuan hurried back to Lang Ya blessed land.

Passing through the immortal formation, Fang Yuan returned to Lang Ya blessed land. The process was smooth with no danger.

Fang Yuan's return was much earlier than expected, this made Lang Ya land spirit extremely happy.

"Since you have returned, I will prepare for the refinement." Lang Ya land spirit was extremely active, the pressure from Heavenly Court was really too huge.

"I still need to thank first supreme elder and the Gu Immortals of the other three races for lending me so many immortal essence stones." Fang Yuan thanked.

Without their assistance, how could Fang Yuan take out such a huge sum?

"Don't stand on ceremony. We are all on the same side, you getting stronger means Lang Ya blessed land will be even more safe. If Lang Ya blessed land is in danger, they also won't be able to escape due to the alliance agreement!" Lang Ya land spirit's reply was direct and frank.

Indeed, the present situation made it such that Lang Ya Sect as well as the snowmen, rockmen, and inkmen were in the same boat. If anyone encountered danger, the rest would not be able to escape.

Fang Yuan handed the four immortal materials to Lang Ya Sect to process.

These immortal materials required at least fifteen days of processing, the steps were extremely tedious, repetitive and complicated. This was the case when all the hairy man Gu Immortals of Lang Ya Sect put in their full effort.

The superiority of myriad self Immortal Gu's recipe could be seen from this!

With his refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment, Fang Yuan's myriad self Immortal Gu recipe was so outstanding that it could be said to have reached the limits of the world with no room left for improvements.

The crucial procedures of the Gu refinement were shortened to the limit, there were three in total. While the other procedures had over ten thousand steps, most of them were the processing of the immortal materials.

Fang Yuan processed the immortal materials to their best state, spending most of his effort in this. Even if the expenditure of the immortal materials increased because of this, he did not hesitate.

Because these procedures were the ones which Gu Immortals could control. While those crucial steps of the Gu refinement could only rely on the collision and interweaving of the dao marks, Gu Immortals could not control these changes.

Through this method and with the help of Lang Ya Sect's Gu refinement abilities, the success rate of Fang Yuan's myriad self Immortal Gu recipe was at an incredibly high fifty percent!

That meant Fang Yuan had an equal chance to succeed or fail in refining it.

Fifty percent success rate was truly too terrifying.

The absolute majority of Gu Immortals would be happy if they had even one percent success rate when refining Gu.

However, this was also mainly because Fang Yuan was a refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster!

How many refinement path quasi-supreme grandmasters were there in the world? Since ancient times until now, an expert at Fang Yuan's level could be counted with one's fingers. Those who surpassed his level only amounted to three people in the whole of history.

Moreover, there were extremely few Gu Immortals who cultivated multiple paths, and how many of them would cultivate refinement path?

From another angle, most Gu Immortals were actually amateurs in refining Immortal Gu. It would be preposterous if they could raise the success rate of the Gu refinement!

In fact, even Fang Yuan, who had deduced it, was in slight disbelief over the fifty percent success rate.

But then he thought of Long Hair Ancestor.

Long Hair Ancestor had refined many Immortal Gu in his life, including rank seven and rank eight Immortal Gu. He was a refinement path supreme grandmaster, if he did not have such a success rate, would Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable find him for help?

"Furthermore, I am making use of the whole of Lang Ya Sect's strength to refine this Gu. In the present age, when comparing refinement path attainment, Lang Ya Sect should no doubt be the number one force."

"Besides these, the third main reason is my powerful luck."

First was his refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level, second was the number one refinement force's all-out help, and third was the powerful luck obtained from Giant Sun's true inheritance.

Three big reasons combined to form this fifty percent success rate of myriad self Immortal Gu's refinement!

"I am finally free from the curse of refining Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan was extremely moved to the point of having the urge to tear up.

He knew the most important reason was him becoming a refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster!

The other two reasons were helpful, but they were more or less present in all the previous Gu refinements. His fifty percent success rate was mainly still brought by the refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment.

"And this is when I am only deducing and modifying the Immortal Gu recipe. In the future, when I make up for my lack of foundational skills in Gu refinement, I can personally take charge of the refinement process, the success rate will increase even more!"

"It is a pity that I don't have enough time…"


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