Reverend Insanity
1566 Meng Tribe“s Pursui
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1566 Meng Tribe“s Pursui

Two Gu Immortals were flying rapidly in the sky, they had rough appearances and were tall and well-built. They were Meng tribe Gu Immortals Meng Zi Zai and Meng Zhao.

Like Fang Yuan had expected, the moment he showed himself, Meng Tu sent the message of an attack to the tribe.

But later, Meng Tu had used the blade path dao marks to cover autumn blade plain with an environment similar to an immortal battlefield, he was no longer able to send messages.

With such an important message like an invading enemy, Meng tribe naturally would not ignore it. They immediately sent a rank seven Gu Immortal, Meng Zi Zai, and a young rank six Gu Immortal, Meng Zhao, to deal with the enemy.

"Uncle, who do you think this ignorant guy who dared to intrude on our Meng tribe is? Hehe, I think it is probably a demonic Gu Immortal who cultivates alone without any contact with the outside world." Meng Zhao said with a smile towards Meng Zi Zai.

Meng Zi Zai was stone-faced, but his eyes revealed a relaxed gaze as he agreed: "Your guess is logical, but you need to plan for the worst in everything. Currently, Longevity Heaven has appeared in front of everyone to unite every Huang Jin tribe, Old Ancestor Xue Hu has disappeared somewhere, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu has turned to the righteous path, the righteous path is at its peak. But there is actually someone who dared to go against the general trend and came to find trouble with my Huang Jin tribe, this fellow is either a lunatic or has some background. This is why the tribe sent us as reinforcements to prevent against any accident."

"Uncle, you are right. But…" Meng Zhao paused before laughing: "That person is truly unlucky, they went into autumn blade plain which is guarded by Lord Meng Tu. Lord Meng Tu cultivates blade path and has quasi-great grandmaster blade path attainment, he is ranked among the top three rank seven experts in the tribe!"

"He might not just be a quasi-great grandmaster anymore." Meng Zi Zai sighed.

Meng Zhao's eyes brightened: "Uncle, you mean that…?"

Meng Zi Zai smiled: "He is the senior brother whom I admire the most in my life, no one in the tribe can match his talent in blade path. He has been cultivating in autumn blade plain for the past years, with his talent, he should have reached great grandmaster realm."

"Blade path great grandmaster! He is indeed worthy of being Lord Meng Tu!" Meng Zhao said excitedly.

"Hahaha, that's right." Meng Zi Zai laughed, he had received a lot of care from Meng Tu in his cultivation, he held Meng Tu in the highest regard. So when Meng Tu messaged the tribe about the enemy, Meng Zi Zai requested to be sent to aid Meng Tu. In fact, he had utmost confidence in Meng Tu, and he only came to catch up on old times with Meng Tu and introduce Meng Zhao to him.

Meng Zhao had been carefully picked by Meng Zi Zai as a Gu Immortal junior to be nurtured by the tribe. Meng tribe also had various factions representing their respective political benefits.

Meng Tu and Meng Zi Zai were of the same faction, Meng Zhao was selected by Meng Zi Zai to draw in new blood to this faction.

Meng Zhao also knew the significance of this trip, so he was very excited.

"Autumn blade plain is not far away from here, we can see senior brother after a short while. Sigh, I have not seen him for a few years, if he could become a blade path great grandmaster, it will be a huge help to our faction." Meng Zi Zai inwardly thought.

But right at this time, his body suddenly shook violently, then his expression paled, and his eyes widened in extreme shock.

"Uncle? What's wrong?" Meng Zhao noticed the change in Meng Zi Zai's expression and was doubtful. Since meeting Meng Zi Zai, he had never seen this calm uncle show such an appearance.

But Meng Zhao saw Meng Zi Zai becoming even more abnormal.

Meng Zi Zai had unknowingly lowered his speed, before finally floating in the air without moving like a statue.

His expression was deathly pale, his eyes were red and tears actually dripped down.

Meng Zhao's heart shook even more, something huge had definitely happened, but he did not dare to continue asking. He could only accompany Meng Zi Zai as they faced the chilling wind.

Meng Zi Zai was dazed for a good while before his expression changed once again. He looked terrifying, his eyes filled with raging fury.

Meng Zi Zai gave a loud shout, the shout was like thunder, resonating over all the surroundings. He then shot forward at an extremely fast speed.

Meng Zhao was caught off-guard, but quickly followed after coming back to his senses.

But how could his speed compare to the rank seven Gu Immortal Meng Zi Zai?

Soon, he was thrown far behind.

Meng Zhao was very puzzled: "What's going on?"

He had a bad feeling in his heart: "Wait a moment! Uncle's direction is towards autumn blade plain. Has Lord Meng Tu met with danger?"

Meng Zhao's whole body shivered at this thought.

If it were really like this, then this was no doubt like a nightmare to him, and was very bad news for Meng tribe as well.

If Meng Tu, who had peak rank seven battle strength, died, then it was an extremely great loss for Meng tribe!

Meng Zhao hurried to autumn blade plain with all his strength.

"This… what happened here?!" Meng Zhao was shocked, before even reaching autumn blade plain, he could sense the surging blade path dao marks in the air.

Autumn blade plain's original layout was already completely destroyed, replaced by countless blade marks which crazily cut across the land, forming pits and trenches all over the area.

Meng Zhao soon saw Meng Zi Zai kneeling on the ground, still like a statue.

He carefully descended to the ground, the dense blade path dao marks here stabbed into his skin, causing him to feel bursts of pain.

He walked to Meng Zi Zai's side and shockingly discovered streams of tears on the latter's cheeks!

Meng Zhao only saw Meng Zi Zai in autumn blade plain, he did not see Meng Tu. That guess in his mind immediately became more distinct by countless times, causing his expression to involuntarily turn into that of fright.

Meng Zi Zai slowly opened his eyes and looked at Meng Zhao, saying in a deep and hoarse voice that let anyone that heard it know the intense pain and anger he was restraining in his heart.

"Brother Meng Tu… has died in battle!"

Meng Zhao's whole body shivered, despite already guessing it, when he heard Meng Zi Zai verifying it, he still could not endure the extreme shock.

Meng Tu had actually died in battle?!

With his battle strength, who could kill him?

Meng Zhao opened his mouth, and after a long while, said: "Uncle, Lord Meng Tu is so powerful, how could he be so easily killed? Maybe he is still alive and has only shifted the battle elsewhere."

But Meng Zi Zai slowly shook his head: "When we were on the way just before, the tribe sent me a message saying Meng Tu's soul lantern was extinguished. But I still held hope… until I arrived here…"

His voice choked as tears flowed out of his eyes once again.

A man does not easily shed tears, unless it is truly a heart wrenching matter!

Meng Zi Zai continued in a weak voice: "I know he has a killer move called blade sacrifice which is a self-destruction method, it destroys his immortal aperture, Immortal Gu and other resources to let out an unprecedentedly terrifying might. Using this move means he is definitely dead."

"If so…" Meng Zhao quickly looked at the whole battlefield, feeling even more shocked.

Meng Tu was dead!

Such a powerful Gu Immortal had actually died, forced to self-detonate within such a short period of time.

Who in the world was the enemy?!

All kinds of past events and memories surfaced in Meng Zi Zai's mind.

He had never expected a situation where Meng Tu died.

Meng Zi Zai cried for a while before slowly standing up.

His face turned expressionless as he said to Meng Zhao: "You should return, our Meng tribe definitely won't let the matter of Meng Tu's death go. But this enemy is unimaginably powerful! Meng Tu had immediately sent a message when the enemy appeared, we also moved out at once, moving here without resting the whole journey. But in such a short period of time, Meng Tu was unable to protect himself and was forced to self-detonate by the enemy."

"I know his temperament, he probably wanted to use this move to drag the enemy with him. But from the looks of it, there is no traces of the enemy's death. This is a powerful enemy which even blade sacrifice could not kill!"

"I must give chase, I will catch the culprit even if I have to spend my whole life! This is beyond your ability, you should return to the tribe and cultivate, don't let this news be exposed."

Meng Zhao nodded with a heavy heart: "I understand, you must be careful, uncle."

With Meng Tu's death, Meng tribe had lost a capable expert and this was not a light loss to them. At the same time, they had got in trouble with a powerful enemy with a mysterious origin and unknown goal, Meng tribe would seal this news for the moment to maintain stability.

As for Meng Zhao, his cultivation was too low and his status was not high, which could be seen from how the tribe had still not informed him of Meng Tu's death.

"Don't worry. Second supreme elder is personally coming with the Immortal Gu House Investigation Courtyard." Meng Zi Zai patted Meng Zhao's shoulder.

Meng Zhao nodded his head, putting his heart at rest as he left.

With Immortal Gu House Investigation Courtyard, they did not have to fear even if they encountered a rank eight existence.

Meng Zhao did not have to wait for long as he saw Investigation Courtyard appear in the horizon.

Not long later, Investigation Courtyard came to a stop, Meng tribe's second supreme elder walked out of the courtyard, nodding at Meng Zi Zai solemnly before immediately starting to inspect the battlefield.

But why would Fang Yuan leave behind any clues?

After Meng tribe's second supreme elder finished inspecting, his expression turned even heavier.

Meng Zi Zai said: "This mysterious enemy is very clean with their methods, I have already inspected the battlefield earlier, they have dealt with the traces with extreme proficiency."

Meng tribe's second supreme elder nodded his head: "No worries, we have Investigation Courtyard here!"

Investigation Courtyard was an information path Immortal Gu House, its specialty was to gather information. Meng tribe's second supreme elder immediately activated one of its killer moves.

They actually managed to find some clues.

"He went in that direction, chase!" Meng tribe's two Gu Immortals entered the Immortal Gu House and chased after Fang Yuan with fury and hatred.


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