Reverend Insanity
1563 Meng Tu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1563 Meng Tu

Southeast of the northern icy plain, north of Inkman City, northwest of poison grassland, and at the extreme south of Meng tribe, there was a place called autumn blade plain.

This was a special land created naturally, it was flat with no grass growing on it.

Meng Tu walked step by step in autumn blade plain.

He was tall and well-built, and had a bronze luster to his skin. He was wearing an armored vest that revealed his shoulders. His pants were rolled up, revealing his calves.

He was walking barefoot.

The plain and natural ground was as sharp as knives, as Meng Tu walked on this silver soil, it was like walking on a mountain of blades, as his every step left behind a trail of blood.

But his expression was without a change. He was silent, his eyes closed, and his brows slightly knitted as he pondered over a doubt in his mind.

"Autumn blade plain is full of blade path dao marks, forming countless edge Gu naturally. I have been walking back and forth barefooted for several years now, but what is it that I am lacking for which I am still unable to make a breakthrough in my blade path attainment level?"

Blade path was an extremely small path, it could not be compared to paths like metal path, fire path, earth path and so on.

Sword path could not be left out when mentioning blade path.

These two paths were deeply interconnected and yet conflicting with each other. Because the origin of these two paths was the same, that was edge Gu.

Regarding edge Gu, it was recorded in >. Ren Zu was walking in Ordinary Abyss where some places were swampy, it was easy to get stuck in the mud, and the stench was foul. Some places were full of thorns, sharp pointy tips were everywhere, Ren Zu suffered a lot of injuries. In some parts of the ground, there were also edge Gu. When Ren Zu stepped on the ground, his soles were injured by the sharp edges, his injuries became larger as blood flowed, when he walked, the pain could be felt striking deep within himself.

Edge Gu was the origin of both blade path and sword path.

Many wild edge Gu were produced in nature, autumn blade plain was one of the few edge Gu production areas in five regions, and was controlled by the super force Meng tribe.

Meng Tu was a rank seven Gu Immortal who cultivated blade path and had peak rank seven battle strength. He was a genius when he was young, and grew rapidly, becoming a famous expert of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, and was one of the pillars of Meng tribe.

Several years ago, he gave a request to the tribe's Gu Immortals, wanting to stay in this autumn blade plain. On one hand, he could look after this important resource point of the tribe, while on the other hand, he was doing this in consideration of his own cultivation.

His blade path had been stuck at quasi-great grandmaster level, he wanted to use this autumn blade plain, by imitating Ren Zu's actions, to truly step into great grandmaster level!

But over these years, although he made some gains, he was always obstructed by a thin veil from stepping into great grandmaster.

Meng Tu had a determined personality, he refused to give up even after not seeing results for several years.

"Sigh, breaking through to great grandmaster realm is truly difficult! The tribe's supreme elders all praised me as a blade path genius rarely seen once in a thousand years, but I am still only at quasi-great grandmaster level even after hundreds of years."

"Although I have already sensed the thin veil obstructing me which seems to be so near to me, it feels like it is far away in the horizon and is as difficult as stepping into heaven!"

"But I need to continue walking, this method still has some effect. Some day, I will definitely be able to become a blade path great grandmaster!"

"Huh? Who is it?"

Right at this time, the Gu formation that covered the whole of autumn blade plain was destroyed abruptly, revealing the clear blue sky.

A figure descended with overwhelming aura, directly charging at Meng Tu without even saying a word!

"Such guts!" Meng Tu shouted in fury, he did not dodge, instead counterattacking with a knife-hand stance.

A loud sound resulted from the collision, the attacker was stable like a mountain, while Meng Tu was sent flying from the force

"My immortal killer move might look like it has no momentum, but all its power is contained within, I can easily break the ordinary defenses of rank seven Gu Immortals. But this person is uninjured after taking my attack head-on! This is a powerful enemy!"

Meng Tu was surprised, he quickly stabilized his footing and shouted at the attacker: "State your name. You dare to intrude on my Meng tribe's territory!"

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed madly, saying in a completely altered voice: "Meng Tu, of course you don't recognize me, but that is not an issue, because the dead do not need to know too much."

Myriad self Immortal Gu's recipe required an enormous amount of edge Gu, more importantly, it required a kind of special rank seven immortal material that was deep under autumn blade plain - drinking blade wine.

This wine was not produced naturally; it was an unusual product formed from the bloodstains left by Meng Tu, which had seeped deep into the ground and merged with this place's blade path dao marks.

Fang Yuan knew from his first life's memories that Meng Tu bitterly cultivated here to breakthrough to blade path great grandmaster, but was never able to meet with that opportunity.

Meng Tu failed to breakthrough, he imitated Ren Zu by inserting edge Gu in his heart to deepen his understanding of blade path. The killer move he created was incomplete and had serious hidden side-effects, Meng Tu's mind gradually started to be affected and he would often fall into a mad demonic state.

Meng Tu also knew that this was not the ideal method, but he kept on insisting on cultivating relentlessly, hiding it from others.

When the five regions chaotic war started, Meng Tu took part in battles, however, the side-effect started up during a battle, he fell into a crazed demonic state, killing his own tribe's Gu Immortals.

After Meng Tu regained his senses, he concealed all traces while also fabricating false reasons, concealing this from the tribe.

However, as this happened suddenly, Meng Tu was not able to deal with the traces completely, Northern Plains' Gu Immortals slowly noticed some clues and found the truth.

Meng Tu faced huge pressure, Heavenly Court came and secretly instigated him.

Meng Tu had initially felt fortunate and wanted to use Heavenly Court to make contributions and make up for his mistakes, but how could Heavenly Court be schemed against by him, a blade path Gu Immortal?

Meng Tu was instead schemed against by Heavenly Court, he made mistakes again and again until he had no way out other than to side with Heavenly Court.

To support this chess piece, Heavenly Court deduced the opportunity to advance to great grandmaster, which was the drinking blade wine deep underground in this place.

Meng Tu followed Heavenly Court's guidance and came to autumn blade plain, he dug the ground and extracted a large amount of drinking blade wine.

When he took a small sip, his organs felt like they were being cut by blades, when he took a large sip, he felt so much pain that he wished for death, by the time he took the third sip, he had advanced to blade path great grandmaster.

From then onwards, he completely devoted himself to Heavenly Court and became the spy with second highest status in Northern Plains after Prince Feng Xian.

Later on, due to a lucky coincidence, his identity was exposed by Ma Hong Yun, but that was another story altogether.

Fang Yuan had deduced and confirmed that this place contained drinking blade wine, although the quantity was not much, he only needed a small amount. As for this Meng Tu, Fang Yuan had carefully picked him to test his emperor yama killer move.

Fang Yuan could not find a rank eight Gu Immortal to test the might of his emperor yama, that would be looking for trouble. As for ordinary rank seven Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan had no use for them. However, Meng Tu, who had peak rank seven battle strength, and was already renowned as a blade path quasi-great grandmaster, was an extremely good choice.

So Fang Yuan made a long trip to autumn blade plain, directly looking for trouble with Meng Tu.

"The attack just now was Meng Tu's hidden killer move, its power is beyond ordinary, but I could block it with just emperor yama. This defensive method is pretty good."

Fang Yuan assessed in his mind.

He had already activated emperor yama.

He was covered in a yellowish-brown robe of an emperor, turning into a ten feet giant.

The giant had a crown on its head which had strings of pearls in front and back. Its face was deep and dark, as if it was shrouded by a layer of fog, or was a dark whirlpool. Its sleeves were long and wide, it had a jade belt on his waist, and a bronze armor was covering his chest and back. The surface of the robe was adorned with golden threads that had weaved into thousands of ghostly monsters who stood orderly and without moving, giving a dignified aura.

Meng Tu's attack was not without any effect, the thin bronze armor on emperor yama's chest had a dent.

But with a little consumption of Fang Yuan's soul foundation, this dent immediately bulged up, restoring itself.

This was the specialty of emperor yama!

Rank nine ghostly concealment did not expend anything and also functioned on its own, while ghost official garment relied on soul foundation.

Emperor yama, which was a combination of the these two moves, did not require immortal essence, but spent Fang Yuan's soul foundation!

"Meng Tu, you are nothing much. You have cultivated here for several years, what new killer moves have you created? It will be a real pity if you don't use them before your death." Fang Yuan provoked.

Meng Tu laughed from anger, then looked at Fang Yuan with pity: "No matter who you are, you are seeking your own death by challenging me here! There used to be a defensive immortal formation here, but do you know why I persuaded the tribe to take it back?"

"Because as long as I am here, there is no need for an immortal formation to guard this place!"

Meng Tu fiercely stomped on the ground with his right foot.

At the next moment, the ground shook as endless blade lights surged up, countless blade path phantoms gathered into a huge army, surrounding Fang Yuan tightly.


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