Reverend Insanity
1560 Refinement Path Quasi-Supreme!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1560 Refinement Path Quasi-Supreme!

The fight depended on who the opponent was.

If Fang Yuan had won against rank six or rank seven Gu Immortals, no one would be so surprised.

But when the opponent was the famous rank eight expert Thunder Ghost True Monarch, it became a completely different thing.

Truthfully, Fang Yuan did not have an easy time in this battle, but it was sufficient to establish his reputation as the number one rank seven in the world, bringing down Feng Jiu Ge.

After this battle, Fang Yuan's name became truly renowned in the world!

After this battle, even those rank eight Gu Immortals would start paying heavy attention to this rank seven monster, Fang Yuan.

Naturally, this was all Fang Yuan's scheme.

Although it was Fang Yuan's defeat, as he took the initiative to retreat, he was not without any gains.

Victory and loss in a battle was not too important, only the losses and benefits derived from the battle mattered.

Although Fang Yuan was defeated in this battle, he had made a lot of gains. The three rib bones' value did not lie in themselves, but in their significance.

Fang Yuan used this battle spoil to the limit, shaking the entire Gu Immortal world. This included Chu Du's complicated feelings, Wu Yong's displeased expression, and Lu Wei Yin's sigh.

And when Fang Yuan returned to Lang Ya blessed land, he immediately felt a huge difference.

These variant human Gu Immortals, including Lang Ya land spirit, had a completely different attitude towards him, they held him in genuine awe.

Especially in this situation when Heavenly Court was waiting to attack them, Fang Yuan had become their pillar of support.

After all, the immemorial rock dragon was only an immemorial desolate beast, even though ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor had rank eight battle strength, it still could not compare to a genuine rank eight Gu Immortal.

And now, Fang Yuan had pummeled a rank eight Gu Immortal, and this rank eight Gu Immortal was Thunder Ghost True Monarch who was an expert even among rank eights!

Right now, who would even care about Fang Yuan's rank seven cultivation?

His battle accomplishment was displayed right in front of everyone!

Because of this, when Fang Yuan returned to Lang Ya blessed land, these people eagerly came to welcome him.

Fang Yuan's attitude, however, was slightly cold, he only talked a little with Lang Ya land spirit, Bing Yuan and others, while nodding towards Xue Er. Xue Er immediately lowered her head bashfully, the other snowman Gu Immortals beamed with pleasure at this.

The variant human Gu Immortals proposed holding a feast to welcome Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan declined without hesitation.

"The current situation is quite dangerous, the important thing right now is to make the best use of time to get through this danger." Fang Yuan said this indifferently, but the variant human Gu Immortals nodded and exclaimed in agreement.

Fang Yuan's status had truly changed.

These variant human Gu Immortals truly treated him as a rank eight Gu Immortal. Compared to their similar status with Fang Yuan before, they were now slightly lowering their heads and had a humble attitude.

On one hand, it was because of Fang Yuan's powerful battle strength that could pummel Thunder Ghost True Monarch; on the other hand, a great enemy was in front of them, they needed Fang Yuan's help.

"Everyone can leave now, I need to talk with first supreme elder in private." Fang Yuan waved the immortals to leave without any politeness.

Fang Yuan then transmitted his voice to Lang Ya land spirit: "I am first a supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect, only after that am I a member of the alliance."

These words were spoken with sincerity which immediately made Lang Ya land spirit feel good, thinking Fang Yuan had not forgotten his origin and was still their member. The gloominess he felt from Fang Yuan persuading him to hand over refinement path true meaning had also decreased by a lot.

The group of immortals was tactful, taking their leave.

Lang Ya land spirit grabbed Fang Yuan's arm, vanishing from the spot and appearing in the first cloud city.

"With your perceivable dao Immortal Gu, we found that they had really made some arrangements in the blessed land. We need to get rid of these harmful dao marks first if we want to move Lang Ya blessed land." Lang Ya land spirit was worried.

Fang Yuan felt slightly strange: "First supreme elder, with your refinement path attainment, isn't refining these dao marks your specialty?"

Lang Ya land spirit said in a distressed tone: "Heavenly Court is indeed Heavenly Court, their methods are extremely unusual. I have used almost all methods, but am unable to do anything to these dao marks."

A sharp light flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes.

Heavenly Court had indeed made ample preparations with their extremely profound foundation. Since they made arrangements, they were not worried of it being discovered, and even more unafraid of it being broken. Perhaps Fairy Zi Wei had already taken Lang Ya land spirit's skills into her consideration.

"I wonder if my self cleansing killer move will have any effect?" Fang Yuan was rather confident in this method, after all he had gotten rid of inextinguishable star target by using this move.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan did not want to immediately make an attempt.

He said to Lang Ya land spirit: "Since that is the case, then let me be direct. First supreme elder, please take out the refinement path true meaning, after I become a refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster, I will surely be able to resolve this problem."

Lang Ya land spirit's expression immediately changed, this refinement path true meaning was his ultimate treasure, he was going to take it out now and give to Fang Yuan, a human Gu Immortal. He naturally did not feel well, and was reluctant to part with it.

However, since he had already agreed to Fang Yuan before, and with the grave situation in front of them, even if he was reluctant, he could only nod at this moment.

After a while, Fang Yuan finally saw the refinement path true meaning of Long Hair Ancestor.

True meaning was an extremely special form of will.

This was the first time Fang Yuan was personally seeing a lump of true meaning. This true meaning had the appearance of Long Hair Ancestor sitting cross-legged, its whole body was shining and crystal-clear, it did not have a physical body and looked like it was purely made from diamonds.

The absolute majority of wills could move about themselves, continuously expending themselves to think and move. But the true meaning was completely still, like a statue.

However, it was because of this characteristic that this true meaning could exist for so long. If it was able to move around and think, it would have already been expended completely.

"You… take it." Lang Ya land spirit had an extremely complicated expression as he looked at the Long Hair true meaning for a good while before sighing and saying to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan nodded and stepped forward, his eyes widened as an attractive force appeared that absorbed this Long Hair true meaning into his mind.

Long Hair true meaning entered Fang Yuan's mind, immediately letting out brilliant radiance.

The diamond-like radiance shone upon Fang Yuan's mind, forming an area of imposing light.

Fang Yuan immediately sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, his expression firm.

He began to use many wisdom path methods, immediately, shocking waves rose in his mind as countless thoughts and all kinds of wills charged at the Long Hair true meaning, constantly colliding, constantly absorbing, learning and comprehending.

Everything progressed smoothly, Fang Yuan completely absorbed this Long Hair true meaning in several hours, turning it into his own foundation.

This was the complete understanding of Long Hair Ancestor towards refinement path, now it completely turned into Fang Yuan's cultivation resource.

Fang Yuan's refinement path attainment level, which had been relatively unspectacular the entire time, now soared to quasi-supreme grandmaster in one step!

"This is truly ascending to heaven in one step! Even if it were the time of five regions chaotic war where dream realms manifested, I would not have such an accomplishment from exploring dream realms!" Even Fang Yuan felt extremely moved, his gain was truly enormous!

Although he had completely absorbed the refinement path true meaning, Fang Yuan still remained seated without budging, whole-heartedly savoring his advancement.

Refinement path!

This was a very special path.

Gu Immortals who cultivated this path were most proficient in refining Gu.

The way of Gu cultivation had three elements: nurture, use, and refinement.

Now, in terms of refining Gu, Fang Yuan had become extraordinarily skilled, among all the Gu Immortals in the entire five regions, there was almost no one who could match the current Fang Yuan in his understanding towards refinement path.

"But, just attainment level is still not enough. What I currently lack are experiences of refining Gu, refinement path Immortal Gu, and refinement path killer moves." Fang Yuan had a clear understanding of himself.

"But as long as I practice these things, my progress will be extremely rapid, to the point of simply skyrocketing. After all, I am now a quasi-supreme grandmaster!"

"Who could have thought that after raising my theft path attainment level to great grandmaster, my refinement path would become quasi-supreme grandmaster in just a short time!"

Fang Yuan pondered with closed eyes, carefully comprehending the changes brought by refinement path attainment level.

He casually flipped through a Gu recipe, with just one glance, the mortal Gu recipe completely revealed its profundities to Fang Yuan, and with another thought, Fang Yuan could raise this Gu recipe to its most optimal level.

He looked at an Immortal Gu recipe, it naturally had much more contents than the mortal Gu recipe, and its difficulty also rose sharply. But this did not beat Fang Yuan, he discovered he only needed to concentrate on the contents and some problems would immediately become clear with just some thinking.

For some more complex rank eight Immortal Gu recipes, Fang Yuan needed to use wisdom path methods to constantly ponder. But because of quasi-supreme refinement path attainment, his thoughts would not have errors.

Sometimes, he did not even need to deduce, he could just refine an Immortal Gu based on intuition or determine if an Immortal Gu recipe was usable.

Looking at an Immortal Gu recipe which he understood completely before, he was now able to instantly think of a large number of improvements, the more he thought, the more modification plans he discovered.

And regarding incomplete recipes, unlike before when he had to deduce with the help of the light of wisdom, the difficulty had decreased by countless times now. Naturally, he was not all-knowing, and would still need the respective path's attainment level to deduce many incomplete recipes.

"In the history of refinement path, there were only three supreme grandmasters. I now have quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level, not just in the current era, even throughout history, based on refinement path attainment level, I should be in the top ten."

Fang Yuan's battle strength might not have changed, but his view was no longer the same, it had almost been elevated to the highest point of Gu cultivation.

Standing at this height, Fang Yuan could simply look down upon the entire Gu cultivation process.

Countless insights emerged in his mind.

"The way of Gu contains nurturing, using, and refinement, they are actually one to begin with!"

"The nurturing of Gu worms has the element of refinement, the element of refinement contains the element of use, and the element of use also contains both nurturing and refinement."

The current Fang Yuan could look at a complete Gu recipe and tell how this Gu worm should be nurtured and what its effects were.

With his comprehension, he could also reverse-deduce how the Gu worm should be refined from the way it was nurtured and used.

"Wait a moment, I understand now! Actually, any killer move, be it mortal or immortal killer move, can be considered as an incomplete Gu recipe."

Fang Yuan's body suddenly shook as he comprehended this maxim of refinement path!


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