Reverend Insanity
1558 Retrea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1558 Retrea

Fang Yuan activated his strongest offensive method!

Dragons roared and countless silver scales filled the sky. Myriad dragons flew and besieged Jing Lan who was at the center of the deep crater.

"Damn, damn it…" Jing Lan clenched her teeth, fury burning in her eyes.

After the attack just now, her aura fell to the bottom. Myriad dragons pounced at her, but she easily killed them.

"These little worms can't do anything! Fang Yuan, you coward, come, let's have a real fight!" Jing Lan roared.

Fang Yuan sneered, his true body deeply concealed in a corner.

Myriad dragon!

Myriad dragon!

Myriad dragon!

Myriad dragon….

Disregarding the expenditure of immortal essence, Fang Yuan activated myriad dragon killer move in a frenzy.

Jing Lan's aura weakened rapidly, she kept on roaring and provoking Fang Yuan, but he did not move his true body.

Myriad dragon was a peak rank seven killer move, but it was indeed not much for Jing Lan.

Because Jing Lan still had abundant immortal essence and her Immortal Gu were also intact. But every time Jing Lan used a killer move, she would suffer backlash from the regional wall.

She had methods to weaken this backlash, but with her current severe injuries, any backlash could be fatal.

And also, she still had to use her healing methods, but how could her injuries be so easy to heal?

A Gu Immortal's injuries were difficult to treat. Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal body was the only exception in the world.

After failing to lure out Fang Yuan's true body, Jing Lan could only choose to break through.

Myriad dragons could not stop her even when she was heavily injured. This was the Thunder Ghost True Monarch who had such astonishing battle strength that she had once stood up to Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

Fang Yuan sighed, knowing that he was stronger in defense. Although his battle strength had barely reached into rank eight level, it was not enough to take the life of an expert like Jing Lan.

Gu Immortals of this level could not die so easily. Unless they were ambushed and trapped in immortal battlefield killer move, moreover, they had to be killed before the battlefield killer move was broken.

Naturally, from another angle, Fang Yuan was unable to kill Jing Lan, but Jing Lan was also unable to kill Fang Yuan. Even if she was faster, she could not stop Fang Yuan from entering the regional wall.

But even so, Fang Yuan was clearly aware that even if he could not kill Jing Lan, he still had to hunt her down.

"I must weaken this person's battle strength as much as possible so that I can gain as much time as possible later." At this thought, Fang Yuan pointed his finger.

Immortal killer move — Directional Confusion Fog!

Originally, the fog was purple and was not big, although it could confuse even rank eight Gu Immortals.

After Fang Yuan modified it, this move had no effect on rank eight Gu Immortals, but it had an amplified effect on rank seven and below Gu Immortals. Not only did the color change, the range was greatly expanded, but the duration shortened drastically.

After the battle in green ghost desert, Fang Yuan had once again modified this move with his high theft path attainment level, adding in many theft path mortal Gu and even adding great thief Immortal Gu as its core to steal the enemy's perception ability. Thus, its might had soared and could affect rank eight Gu Immortals once again!

In an instant, large amounts of fog spread around Jing Lan, messing up her sense of direction.

Fang Yuan took this chance to send out the myriad dragons once again to surround and attack her.

"Oh no! I lack many of my Immortal Gu, I cannot even break a killer move of this level now?" Jing Lan tried many methods, but shockingly found she could not deal with this killer move properly.

"'Hm? What's going on?" Fang Yuan was observing the whole situation, and was surprised when he saw Jing Lan unable to break through.

After this killer move was modified by Fang Yuan, its activation was slightly more convenient, but it was still only a rank seven move.

Fang Yuan did not even have the thought of obstructing Jing Lan with this move, his real thought had been to delay Jing Lan for some time.

But he was surprised to see that Jing Lan actually could not break out of the fog.

From outside the fog, Fang Yuan could clearly sense waves of Immortal Gu aura, this was Jing Lan constantly trying various methods to break the fog.

Her moves were not completely ineffective, but they had little effect, only thinning the directional confusion fog by a small degree.

Sharp light erupted in Fang Yuan's eyes as he immediately continued to activate directional confusion fog!

The fog continued to pile up layer upon layers, firmly trapping Jing Lan inside.

"She really can't break out." Fang Yuan gave a bitter smile, if he had known this before, he would have already used this move and did not need to flee so miserably.

However, any killer move's effect would decrease if they were used multiple times. Not only would it make others be on guard, it would also reveal traces that could be deduced and deciphered.

So Fang Yuan leaving this killer move until now was a wise choice. It was just that he had not expected it to actually be able to trap Jing Lan!

This was a pleasant surprise.

"This is problematic!" Jing Lan also realized this as she truly started to feel the aura of death approaching.


Countless sword dragons pierced into directional confusion fog and attacked Jing Lan from all directions.

Jing Lan could not break out the fog, instantly falling in a bitter fight.

The regional wall was still rejecting her, every time she used a killer move, she would suffer a backlash.

"Am I, Jing Lan, the grand Thunder Ghost True Monarch, going to die here?" As time passed, Jing Lan's heart started to sink as the situation turned increasingly unfavorable for her.

"No, I need to hold on, I can still fight! Even if I die, I will bring down Fang Yuan with me!" Jing Lan looked at her chest, her chest wounds were the largest and exposed her heart.

Her heart was extremely unusual, every time it beat, it let out threads of purple lightning.

This was her final trump card.

"Such valiant battle strength! Even after being so heavily injured, she can still persevere and it even looks like she has enough strength left. Moreover, her will is unbreakable, even though I secretly used so many wisdom path methods…"

After attacking for a good while, Fang Yuan heaved a sigh and gave up.

Time was extremely important now, Fang Yuan needed to deduce and modify ghost official garment as soon as possible.

Although the situation was completely advantageous to Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court would not just watch by. Once their reinforcements arrived, it would be Fang Yuan's calamity then.

There was even the possibility that Thunder Ghost True Monarch came with other Gu Immortals, but that her speed was too fast and left her companions far behind!

Immediately making the decision, Fang Yuan left, but he did not forget to add in many uses of myriad dragon and directional confusion fog before leaving.


Fang Yuan immediately moved deeper into the regional wall.

The five regions' regional walls were rather safe areas for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan moved while deducing the modifications of ghost official garment.

But soon, he found that no matter how he modified ghost official garment, its limit was still rank seven. Instead, it was better to deepen the connection between it and ghostly concealment.

"Ghostly concealment is a rank nine killer move, although it belongs to theft path, it has 'ghost' in its name and is closely related to soul path as well since it blocks the perception of souls. Yama is the correct way to go, I can raise ghost official garment to a much higher level by borrowing the strength from ghostly concealment!"

After finding the correct direction, Fang Yuan immediately began to deduce.

He had plenty of wisdom path methods and his attainment level was also high enough, and his theft path attainment level was the one which gave him the most crucial support!

Like this, after several days and several nights, Fang Yuan finally finished his deductions, activating yama once again.

This completely new yama killer move made the connection between ghostly concealment and ghost official garment much more close.

Previously, these two killer moves rejected each other, but now, they were beginning to merge together, and the rejection between them was completely gone.

"Success!" Fang Yuan carefully felt the effects, and clenched his fists in joy.

He was once again shielded from Heavenly Court's deductions, making his situation turn from dangerous to safe.

But if he canceled yama, he would once again be exposed to Heavenly Court's deductions.

Fang Yuan quickly moved towards Northern Plains.

Maintaining the new yama took a lot of immortal essence. And he had already spent an enormous amount of immortal essence in the fight with Thunder Ghost True Monarch, his immortal essence reserves were almost empty now.

In this battle, Fang Yuan had activated myriad dragon multiple times and also used directional confusion fog an unprecedentedly high amount of times.

These immortal killer moves expended immortal essence.

Furthermore, he had also spent a lot of immortal essence to deduce the new yama.

All together, Fang Yuan had suffered huge losses in this battle, but it was not that he had no gains. Preserving his life was the greatest gain, besides this, there was the new yama and three rib bones of Thunder Ghost True Monarch.

"These three rib bones were cut off by my dragon claws. Every one of them is a rare immortal material. But they originate from Thunder Ghost True Monarch, I don't dare to use them. It is better to put them in treasure yellow heaven!"


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