Reverend Insanity
1556 Fang Yuan“s Death?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1556 Fang Yuan“s Death?


Thunder rumbled as a ten feet thick bolt of blue lightning fell down from the sky and cleaved at Fang Yuan's back like an axe.

Fang Yuan was transformed into an ancient sword dragon and had reverse flow protection seal.

When this lightning struck him, an unstoppable force rushed in, knocking him down from the sky.

The lightning was reflected back at Thunder Ghost True Monarch Jing Lan, but Jing Lan just sneered as the whirlpool in her pupils spiraled and actually absorbed the reflected lightning.

Fang Yuan almost crashed into the ground, but he raised his head with all his might and swung his dragon body, after narrowly brushing past a tall mountain, he soared into the sky again.

"Little earthworm…" Jing Lan sneered, pouncing towards Fang Yuan once again.

She was extremely fast, Fang Yuan's ancient sword dragon transformation, even with sword escape Immortal Gu, could not match her speed.

Fang Yuan's speed was actually already extremely fast, it was at the peak level among rank seven Gu Immortals. Only Hui Feng Zi and a few other rank sevens could contest Fang Yuan in this aspect.

Jing Lan, however, was a genuine rank eight Gu Immortal who was highly proficient in movement. Her speed was at the peak of rank eight Gu Immortals.

Compared to her, Fang Yuan, who had peak rank seven speed, was simply too slow.

"Try this move." Jing Lan easily flew to Fang Yuan's back and aimed her palm at Fang Yuan's dragon head, a pale mysterious light shooting out of her palm.

The power of this mysterious light simply could not compare to the earlier lightning axe, but when it struck reverse flow protection seal, it immediately incited a huge change.

Water splashed out of reverse flow protection seal, reverse flow protection seal's thickness was reducing at a visible rate.

Fang Yuan's expression changed intensely, he shook his tail rapidly, fleeing with all his strength.

Jing Lan laughed loudly while thinking: "This junior Zi Wei is amazing, in just a short while, she has already deduced a rank seven immortal killer move that is specially used to break this Fang Yuan's reverse flow protection seal! It is a pity that this move can only be used once in a while. There is a time restriction, otherwise I would have already decapitated this little demon!"

Just as she was thinking this, Jing Lan's expression suddenly changed.

Far away in the horizon, an enormous wall, seemingly supporting the sky, was gradually being revealed.

This enormous wall was actually a regional wall.

The five regions were all covered with layers of membrane that formed each region's heaven and earth, while also separating each other.

These were the regional walls.

The regional wall before Jing Lan was purple-black, it was misty and chaotic, and gave rise to a feeling of oppression.

Southern Border's miasma regional wall.

"So this little demon wanted to escape into the regional wall!" Jing Lan immediately realized.

It was extremely difficult for Gu Immortals to cross regional walls, often, the higher their cultivation, the higher the difficulty in crossing the regional wall.

After entering a regional wall, Gu Immortals would not only be met with rejection force, they would also face backlash when using any method.

It was already not easy for rank six Gu Immortals to cross a regional wall. It was highly dangerous for rank seven. And for rank eight… the difficulty was extremely great, there were basically no rank eight Gu Immortals who would ask for trouble by walking into a regional wall, they were more willing to take a detour by going through black heaven or white heaven.

"This little demon is only rank seven, he will have the territorial advantage in the regional wall. I can't let it happen!"

At this thought, Jing Lan's brows stood up, her eyes shone with sharp light as she flew in front of Fang Yuan and blocked him.

Fang Yuan fell into a bitter battle.

He had been fleeing all along before to get close to the regional wall. He had a huge advantage in the regional wall, the sovereign immortal body could freely move about in the regional wall.

That meant he would be safe if he entered the regional wall.

But Jing Lan simply did not give him this opportunity, her attacks were like waves making Fang Yuan constantly change directions. However, Jing Lan's speed completely outstripped his and would always obstruct him from ahead.

Right now, Fang Yuan was not far from the regional wall, but because of Jing Lan, it felt like the regional wall was far away in the horizon.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Dragon!

Immortal killer move — Familiar Face!

With no choice, Fang Yuan could only use these two moves together. He disguised his identity, lunging forward amidst the scattered dragons.

"This!!" Jing Lan's eyes opened wide in anger, she had no good way to deal with this.

She had already tried before, her investigative killer move simply could not detect Fang Yuan's disguise.

But she had a huge arsenal of moves, and soon slaughtered all the myriad dragons, forcing Fang Yuan's true body out.

However, Fang Yuan's true body had already taken the chance to move ahead by several li, and was much more closer to the regional wall.

Jing Lan turned into lightning and flashed by, appearing before Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan gave a bitter sigh, once again activating the two killer moves. Myriad dragon might be powerful, but in front of Jing Lan, it was reduced to a veil to disguise his body. Against the power of the domineering lightning, it looked increasingly fragile.

Like this, Fang Yuan continued to lunge forward, while Jing Lan continued to obstruct him.

There was not much distance from the regional wall, but both sides were constantly engaged in fierce battle, Fang Yuan had to use a lot of effort to move forward each time.

"Found you!" Jing Lan smiled malevolently as she destroyed all the dragons once again, exposing Fang Yuan's true body.

She pushed forward her palm from which shot out a pale mysterious light.

The mysterious light immediately cut off a large portion of reverse flow protection seal, there was only a thin layer of reverse flow protection seal left.

"Good! There is much more improvement this time." Jing Lan laughed, transmitting her voice of admiration to Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei smiled: "We have already been probing reverse flow protection seal long ago. The previous results along with the information from senior's fight have already become a key to qualitative change. This kind of deduction is always difficult at first but easy later on, now I will deduce a rank eight killer move, making use of senior's Immortal Gu, to restrain reverse flow protection seal."

"Good, I am waiting." Jing Lan responded to Fairy Zi Wei while looking at Fang Yuan entering the regional wall.

There was nothing that could be done about it.

Jing Lan could not detect Fang Yuan's true body, his two killer moves were also greatly effective, although she obstructed him many times, she could only let him enter the regional wall in the end.

"But, you think you are safe in the regional wall?"

"A mere regional wall, how could it block me, Thunder Ghost True Monarch? Hmph!"

Black qi gushed out of Jing Lan's nose, the black qi rapidly expanded and spread throughout her whole body, covering her in a thick black cloud ball.

Countless ghosts of the dead roared inside the black cloud and fought each other, every time they fought, they would produce firm blue lightning.

Jing Lan controlled the black cloud ball and entered straight into the regional wall, still chasing after Fang Yuan.

"She actually entered here!" Fang Yuan got a huge shock.

"Kid, your trick might have been effective against others. But against me, you are simply playing tricks in front of an expert. Back then, I used regional walls to fight Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. Other rank eights don't have methods to enter deep into regional walls, but I have. It is your bad luck to have run into me!"

Jing Lan shouted non-stop while the black cloud ball let out countless lightning bolts that landed on Fang Yuan's ancient sword dragon transformation.

Fang Yuan cried out in pain, reverse flow protection seal was already broken pretty badly and could no longer reflect all the damage.

But Jing Lan was also not any better off, blood flooded out from the corners of her lips as she felt bouts of dizziness.

Using killer moves in regional wall would result in backlash, fortunately she had a phantom aperture which only had Immortal Gu and immortal essence, unlike normal immortal apertures containing large amount of resources. If there were other resources, they would have definitely suffered greatly at this moment.

Boom boom boom!

Lightning bolts smashed at Fang Yuan's body, mixed in among them was pale mysterious light that constantly broke down reverse flow protection seal.

Even in the regional wall, Fang Yuan was unable to escape from Jing Lan and was being chased closely.

Fang Yuan's injuries became increasingly severe, his sparkling silver scales had already lost their luster by now, blood stained half of his body, his horn was broken, and his dragon claws were fractured at many areas.

The black cloud ball around Jing Lan had also mostly dissipated, exposing her armor.

Her face was pale, but her spirits were lively as she fixed her gaze on Fang Yuan, vowing to kill this demon.

"Okay, the rank eight killer move to break reverse flow protection seal has finally been deduced." At this moment, Fairy Zi Wei's voice came.

Jing Lan was joyous.

Fairy Zi Wei reminded her: "This move is very powerful, I have to ask senior to use it cautiously, the backlash won't be small if the activation fails."

"Don't worry." Jing Lan was doing multiple things at once, immediately beginning to attempt activating this killer move.

She activated it three times, but every time resulted in a failure.

Fortunately, she had plenty of experience, timely stopping whenever she felt something wrong.

The backlash was indeed powerful, her armor was mostly destroyed, revealing her body inside.

At the fourth attempt, she finally succeeded.

"Fang Yuan, go and die!!!" Jing Lan flew above Fang Yuan's head, a vast beam of light shot down towards Fang Yuan's head.

Fang Yuan simply did not have time to dodge it, he could only watch as this pillar descended!


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