Reverend Insanity
1554 Location Exposed
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1554 Location Exposed

Connecting heaven Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit connected to treasure yellow heaven and quickly completed the Immortal Gu transaction with Fang Yuan.

The exchange was extremely fast, in several blinks of an eye, they had both disconnected from treasure yellow heaven.

"This is perceivable dao Immortal Gu?" Lang Ya land spirit sized up the Immortal Gu in his hands.

This Immortal Gu had a round head and a black body, it had many segments in its body. When Lang Ya land spirit activated it, it started to shine in starlight.

After a while, Lang Ya land spirit's expression turned unsightly.

"They had made secret arrangements indeed!"

Using perceivable dao Immortal Gu, Lang Ya land spirit discovered many new dao marks in the blessed land. These dao marks interweaved together to form a mystical effect.

This was a hidden arrangement done by Feng Jiu Ge's group when they invaded Lang Ya blessed land.

Fang Yuan had once been struck by Fairy Zi Wei's inextinguishable star target, he had learned from this setback. Adding on that Feng Jiu Ge had retreated so straightforwardly, with just a little deduction, Fang Yuan knew they had definitely left behind some secret measures to make the next invasion more convenient.

"Fang Yuan guessed right, we need to clean these dao marks completely! When he returns, we will immediately relocate Lang Ya blessed land."

Lang Ya land spirit mumbled.

Although Feng Jiu Ge's group arrived at Lang Ya blessed land with Fixed Immortal Travel's help, Lang Ya blessed land was now no longer safe in its current location.

This decision was safe and also wise.

Prince Feng Xian had yet to leave, if Lang Ya land spirit rashly moved the blessed land, there would definitely be a huge commotion and it would expose its true location.

Wind blew at his face, Fang Yuan was like a sharp arrow that pierced through the sky, throwing the endless clouds behind him.

He had wanted to re-capture the upper extreme heavenly eagle, but his plan failed after running into Lu Wei Yin. But it was not that he had no gains, he had to thank Heavenly Court for this, if not for this external pressure, Lang Ya land spirit absolutely would not have agreed to give him the refinement path true meaning.

Even so, Fang Yuan had to use up all his breath on talking before he was barely able to persuade Lang Ya land spirit.

After the communication was completed, Fang Yuan immediately set off towards Lang Ya blessed land, preparing to take back wisdom Gu and the refinement path true meaning.

It was best for wisdom Gu to not be transferred through treasure yellow heaven, this famous rank nine Gu would incite an extremely huge response.

Although Heavenly Court knew about wisdom Gu currently, them knowing of it and the whole world knowing of it were two completely different concepts.

As for the refinement path true meaning, although Lang Ya land spirit agreed to give it Fang Yuan, he insisted on handing it to Fang Yuan in Lang Ya blessed land and not through treasure yellow heaven.

Lang Ya land spirit also knew the danger of rashly moving Lang Ya blessed land, and he was facing Heavenly Court on top of that, so he was facing huge mental pressure.

Not only did he ask Fang Yuan to return, he also discussed with the rockman tribe to borrow their rank eight battle strength immemorial rock dragon to guard Lang Ya blessed land.

"After returning, I am not only taking wisdom Gu and obtaining refinement path true meaning, I will also have to use light of wisdom to decipher the immortal killer move Feng Jiu Ge used to invade Lang Ya blessed land, and also repair the super Gu formation. Furthermore… I was trapped by Lu Wei Yin, but I also gained some insights. Especially at the third illusory dream. Maybe I can use the light of wisdom to completely comprehend these insights."

Thinking of Lu Wei Yin, Fang Yuan's gaze flickered.

He was almost certain Lu Wei Yin was an inheritor of Paradise Earth. Fang Yuan's current ability was not enough to deal with him.

In fact, Fang Yuan only had rank seven cultivation, and he mostly relied on reverse flow protection seal to deal with rank eight Gu Immortals. His other methods were not up to par for this task.

"What?" Suddenly, Fang Yuan's expression changed as he sensed ghost official garment shrinking rapidly and shaking like a candlelight in the wind.

"Not good, someone is deducing my location! And such a powerful wisdom path method, this is definitely the work of a wisdom path rank eight great expert!"

Fang Yuan quickly activated immortal killer move — Yama.

At the next moment, his whole body began to transform, ghost official garment and ghostly concealment began to link together.

Ghost official garment was only a rank seven immortal killer move, but after linking with the rank nine ghostly concealment, it was able to use a slight amount of rank nine's power.

"Hmm?" It was Fairy Zi Wei's turn to be surprised.

She had been fully confident, but who could have thought her deduction of Fang Yuan's location to suddenly become countless times more difficult!

"How could this be?" Fairy Zi Wei frowned.

"What's wrong?" Thunder Ghost True Monarch Jing Lan, who was at the side, asked.

"It is a bit complicated. I have Fang Yuan's dark limit Immortal Gu and also Gu Yue Fang Zheng, these are both crucial clues, but I actually still can't deduce Fang Yuan's location." Fairy Zi Wei smiled: "A pity, if it were before, I could only admit my defeat. But he caused Dang Hun Mountain to explode, although the origin is Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, he also participated in it and caused damage to Star Constellation Chessboard, I will definitely be able to deduce him."

Saying so, Fairy Zi Wei pinched her fingers, a translucent ripple suddenly appeared beside her from which a rank eight Gu Immortal walked out.

"Lady Zi Wei, what can I do for you?" This person was Chen Yi, he was originally meant to reinforce Feng Jiu Ge's group, but with Feng Jiu Ge returning, his task also ended and was called back to Heavenly Court by Fairy Zi Wei.

"Come, use your karma divine tree, I want to use your strength to deduce Fang Yuan's location." Fairy Zi Wei commanded.

Chen Yi bowed and accepted the order, immediately activating karma divine tree.

With the power of this legendary killer move, along with star constellation chessboard, Fairy Zi Wei finally made a breakthrough and deduced Fang Yuan's specific location.

"Damn it!" The moment Fang Yuan's location was deduced, yama suddenly detonated, exposing his true body.

The link between ghostly concealment and ghost official garment completely collapsed, ghostly concealment was safe and sound, but ghost official garment was almost destroyed.

"My location is exposed!"


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