Reverend Insanity
1552 Refinement Path True Meaning
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1552 Refinement Path True Meaning

"Exchange with what?" Fang Yuan smiled and continued: "Naturally, I want refinement path true meaning."

"Ah! You actually know there is refinement path true meaning in the sect?!" Lang Ya land spirit almost jumped from shock, this was the greatest secret of Lang Ya Sect and also the most valuable treasure in the sect's storage!

What was true meaning?

True meaning was considered a type of will, wisdom path has the three elements of thoughts, wills and emotions.

True meaning was the most valuable and enchanting thing sought after by everyone whether they were Gu Masters or Gu Venerables!

Northern Plains' icy plain was created by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable, it contained Reckless Savage true meaning. Thus, when a Gu Master underwent immortal ascension in the northern icy plain, they would evoke Reckless Savage true meaning. When a Gu Immortal obtained this true meaning, they could gain a huge boost in their transformation path or strength path attainment levels.

Dream realms also contained true meaning, Fang Yuan had explored several dream realms and was able to increase his attainment in all kinds of paths because he had absorbed the true meaning contained within them.

So true meaning usually signified a rise in attainment level.

Why was the five regions chaotic war an unprecedentedly magnificent era? The fundamental reason was the dream realms appearing everywhere in the world, many who explored these dream realms successfully obtained the true meaning contained inside, raising their attainment levels.

Accumulating attainment level normally took a long period of time. But true meaning greatly shrunk this process, this caused geniuses and elites to endlessly appear from every corner of the world, fighting and killing each other, giving birth to an unprecedented chaotic era!

The importance of true meaning went without saying, and the true meaning stored in the depths of Lang Ya Sect had an even greater origin.

This true meaning originated from Long Hair Ancestor.

Who was Long Hair Ancestor?

A refinement path rank eight great expert, known as the number one refinement path immortal of all times!

The long history of humanity spanned innumerable years, and throughout this time, there existed three most outstanding peak refinement path experts, Old Eccentric Tian Nan, Old Immortal Kong Jue, and Long Hair Ancestor.

Even Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had to concede to Long Hair Ancestor in terms of refinement path ability. The two venerables had requested Long Hair Ancestor to refine Gu for them.

In the statistics made by later generations, Long Hair Ancestor had refined at least thirty-eight Immortal Gu in his life, this was only the conclusive summary, it did not account for his many legends and rumors. If the rumors were noted, then this number would surpass one hundred!

Even more terrifying was that most of these Immortal Gu were not rank six, instead they were of high levels like rank seven and rank eight!

The refinement path true meaning in Lang Ya Sect was the true meaning of Long Hair Ancestor. It was extremely comprehensive, if Fang Yuan obtained it and absorbed it completely, his refinement path attainment level could immediately soar to quasi-supreme grandmaster!

This was akin to reaching heaven in one step, an ant instantly becoming an unprecedented giant beast. Or a starving beggar suddenly becoming the richest in the whole country.

It was exactly this concept!

The reason why it was 'quasi' was because supreme grandmaster required surpassing the foundation of the whole world, creating something out of nothing, achieving a new innovation.

Fang Yuan could not do this now.

If he obtained the refinement path true meaning, he was only completely inheriting Long Hair Ancestor's attainment level, he was not going further from this foundation and surpassing the whole world's refinement path foundation.

Fang Yuan did not have any extravagant hope towards supreme grandmaster, as far as he was concerned, this title was just a kind of supreme glory. Quasi-supreme was already enough for him to look down proudly at all refinement path Gu Immortals in the whole five regions. As long as he obtained this true meaning, he would transform from a small dune to the highest peak in one go!

Gu are the essence of heaven and earth, man is the spirit of all living beings. There were no strongest Gu worm in the world, only strongest Gu Immortal.

And how could a Gu Immortal be the strongest?

Attainment level was one of the most important judging criteria.

Having quasi-supreme refinement path attainment was akin to reaching a peak height and having the most abundant foundation, the rest would come along later.

Using seven Dang Hun Mountain compensation to exchange for a will?

Would Fang Yuan not suffer a loss?

Of course not.

Even if he had several Dang Hun Mountains, they only represented a huge amount of cultivation resources. And, what resource was the most precious?

Most would definitely answer attainment level!

"You want the refinement path true meaning left behind by my main body? That is impossible!" Lang Ya land spirit refused.

Fang Yuan was already mentally prepared for Lang Ya land spirit's attitude, he smiled: "First supreme elder, our Lang Ya Sect has held on to this will for three hundred thousand years. If it is only preserved indefinitely, how different is it from a rock? Or maybe, do you want to leave this refinement path true meaning to the other hairy man Gu Immortals?"

Lang Ya land spirit shook his head: "Ever since the establishment of Lang Ya blessed land, the previous land spirit had been considering this issue, but these hairy man Gu Immortals still don't have enough qualifications."

"Then, give it to me." Fang Yuan immediately said.

"You? You are even more unqualified!" Lang Ya land spirit said, firmly.

Fang Yuan gave a soundless laughter.

The current Lang Ya land spirit had the doctrine of hairy man supremacy, all along firmly believing hairy men were superior to humans, and hairy men should rule the world while humans should depend on them for survival.

Lang Ya land spirit did not even look upon those hairy man Gu Immortals, he would even more so not consider Fang Yuan, who was a human.

"Long Hair true meaning is the supreme treasure of my hairy men, even at worst, even if it goes to hairy man Gu Masters, it won't be for you, a human, to enjoy." Lang Ya land spirit's inner thoughts were roughly like this.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, his next persuasion was going to be crucial.

He had already thought properly, at this moment, he said in a serious tone: "First supreme elder, you are also aware of the current situation, it is extremely precarious! Heavenly Court's first attempt failed, but there will be a second attack, a third attack… they absolutely won't give up until they completely succeed or completely fail."

"I understand this." Lang Ya land spirit's tone was solemn.

"If I have this refinement path true meaning, my strength will soar rapidly and I will have even more assurance in helping Lang Ya Sect resist Heavenly Court. Lang Ya Sect has helped me so much, this is my home, I won't stand by and watch Heavenly Court destroy it!"

"If I become a refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster, I can refine Immortal Gu and improve the current super Gu formation of Lang Ya blessed land. You also know I have inherited Shadow Sect's legacy, it contains a lot of information concerning Heavenly Court and Central Continent's ten great ancient sects. Previously, we only exchanged true inheritances, now I am going to share this information with you. I have already deduced that Feng Jiu Ge's group used a killer move with Fixed Immortal Travel as the core to invade Lang Ya blessed land. After we have resolved the compensation matter, I will use wisdom Gu to think of methods to guard against Fixed Immortal Travel. Besides these, don't forget I have some subordinates, you also know that they are all elites in fighting."

Lang Ya land spirit was silent.

Fang Yuan's words were extremely reasonable, it did not matter during the peaceful times, but in this situation, Heavenly Court was gazing at them covetously. They did not even know when the next attack was going to arrive.

Lang Ya land spirit was not ignorant, he knew a lot about Heavenly Court and so felt even greater pressure.

Lang Ya Sect might have Heavenly Giant Solor which was comparable to a rank eight Gu Immortal, but in the earlier battle with Feng Jiu Ge, its various flaws had been exposed.

Lang Ya Sect urgently required even more assistance.

The snowmen, inkmen, and rockmen could barely mobilize a rank eight battle strength.

The strongest battle strength was still Fang Yuan.

Lang Ya land spirit already knew that Fang Yuan, who possessed reverse flow protection seal, was the strongest battle strength among them. Lang Ya land spirit and Lang Ya blessed land would need a source of strength like Fang Yuan in the future.

"Fang Yuan, if you need to refine Gu, I will personally take the task, don't forget there are still other supreme elders, everyone will help you." Lang Ya land spirit remained silent for a while, before saying.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Everyone's strength cannot be underestimated, I already have a deep impression of this when I requested everyone to refine Gu. But can our refinement path ability be on par with a quasi-supreme grandmaster?"

Of course it could not!

"Moreover, there is a huge difference in asking others to refine Gu and personally refining Gu, isn't that so?"

Lang Ya land spirit was silent once again.

These were all genuine reasons, Lang Ya land spirit wanted to refute but could not.

But reason alone could not persuade Lang Ya land spirit.

Fang Yuan knew he needed to use feelings as well.

"First supreme elder, our interactions have always been heart to heart. Are you still not aware of my current situation? Do you still not understand my current feelings? After I escaped the trap and heard Lang Ya blessed land was attacked, I was really anxious, it was like a fire burned in my heart, I really hate myself for not being able to immediately return."

"Lang Ya Sect is my home, in such a huge world, only here can I feel at home. Although I am a human, I want to be a hairy man. But it is a pity that fate toys with people, I was born as a human, and not a noble hairy man."

"But I am willing to permanently transform into a hairy man in the future! I am willing to eternally live in Lang Ya blessed land, marry Xue Er, unite the other variant human races, and assist you in your wish of making hairy man dominate the world!"

Fang Yuan spoke with such emotions that even he himself was filled with goosebumps.

Lang Ya land spirit heaved a long sigh: "Oh Fang Yuan, I understand your feelings, I already knew it. But… this is a huge matter, I need to think and consider it properly. Right now… I cannot make this decision."

A sharp light flashed past Fang Yuan's eyes, he could not give Lang Ya land spirit time to think. The more he thought, the smaller Fang Yuan's hope would become.

As such, Fang Yuan said: "First supreme elder, you are right in wanting to consider it properly. No matter how long you take, I will wait for your reply."

"In this period, I will keep an eye on Heavenly Court and try my best to probe information. I will immediately report to you when they make any suspicious movement."

These words immediately made Lang Ya land spirit come to a decision.

He bitterly sighed: "The situation is perilous, if I still persist in preserving the true meaning, even Lang Ya blessed land might not be safe. Fang Yuan, you are one of us, I trust you. Honestly, if you were a hairy man, I might have already entrusted the whole Lang Ya blessed land to you. This refinement path true meaning… I will give it to you!"

"I will not let down first supreme elder's expectations!!"


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