Reverend Insanity
1551 Four Thousand Years Lifespan Gu!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1551 Four Thousand Years Lifespan Gu!

Dang Hun Mountain was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, there was only one in the five regions.

Guts Gu produced by Dang Hun Mountain was a monopoly, as long as souls were supplied, it was an inexhaustible gold mine.

As such, its value was enormous, Lang Ya land spirit had to compensate Fang Yuan by ten times this value.

If this was an ordinary blessed land or even a grotto-heaven, it probably would not be able to pay such compensation even if the entire blessed land was added in. But Lang Ya blessed land had enough ability to pay this!

Back when Fang Yuan had set this compensation agreement with Lang Ya land spirit, how could he not have considered this point?

Lang Ya blessed land was the number one blessed land in five regions, especially after Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed. It had an extremely abundant foundation, Fang Yuan had no doubt that it was fully capable of bearing the compensation.

Putting everything aside, Fang Yuan first mentioned wisdom Gu to Lang Ya land spirit: "I need to move wisdom Gu to my immortal aperture. So I want the method to move wisdom Gu as my first compensation."

This method was the core of Lang Ya Sect's true inheritance, Fang Yuan had all along tried to obtain it, but even when both sides exchanged true inheritances, he was not able to get it.

Lang Ya land spirit firmly kept this method to himself, he was not an idiot, if he exchanged this method with Fang Yuan, would it not mean Fang Yuan could take away wisdom Gu himself?

Although wisdom Gu was untamed and did not belong to Lang Ya Sect, Lang Ya blessed land's hairy man Gu Immortals had been able to take it out from Hu Immortal blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit's expression immediately changed.

Fang Yuan directly mentioned this request, it was like a sharp sword that pierced Lang Ya land spirit's heart. Lang Ya land spirit had no choice but to agree.

What Lang Ya land spirit had been plotting all along was to attempt to control wisdom Gu by feeding it continuously with lifespan Gu. So he had been willing to part with lifespan Gu and help Fang Yuan raise wisdom Gu.

Unfortunately, even until now, Lang Ya land spirit was not able to get his wish. His plan showed no results.

Fang Yuan mentioning this request was the same as claiming back wisdom Gu. As such, all the investments Lang Ya land spirit made previously were in vain, and it instead seemed like he had slaved away for Fang Yuan.

He was of course not willing to!

But he was not able to explicitly retort.

After all, wisdom Gu might be a wild Immortal Gu, but it was taken out of Fang Yuan's blessed land by hairy man Gu Immortals.

Lang Ya land spirit spoke hesitantly: "Is that… okay? Actually, if we can control wisdom Gu, we can use it as the core to construct Immortal Gu House Secluded Residence, not only can we defend ourselves, but also prevent deductions from almost everyone in the world!"

Fang Yuan smiled: "First supreme elder, your plan is good, but it is extremely difficult to materialize, do you have confidence in implementing it as quickly as possible?"

Lang Ya land spirit was reduced to silence.

Fang Yuan continued: "The current situation is dangerous, it is not favorable for you to protect wisdom Gu. Feng Jiu Ge has discovered wisdom Gu which means Heavenly Court is also aware of it, they absolutely won't be willing to let it go and will attack Lang Ya blessed land again. At that time, what do we do if they seize wisdom Gu?"

Lang Ya land spirit heaved a deep sigh.

What Fang Yuan said was the truth, Secluded Residence was only a fantasy right now, while Heavenly Court's attack was right in front of them.

In fact, Lang Ya land spirit had already hidden wisdom Gu to the best of his abilities, but what could he do when Feng Jiu Ge's investigative method was so innovative and powerful.

Wisdom Gu had once been Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's Gu, now that it was discovered, it was clear Heavenly Court would place great importance on this. Their next attack was definitely going to be much more fierce and dangerous.

Fang Yuan was right, but Lang Ya land spirit was not resigned to give up his plans.

At this time, Fang Yuan added: "First supreme elder, Secluded Residence is a good idea, but it has its disadvantages. If we truly make Lang Ya blessed land into a place of absolute refuge and peace, would the hairy man Gu Immortals still have motivation to actively cultivate? We want to create the rule of hairy men, but if we make these hairy man Gu Immortals live under the protection of Secluded Residence, wouldn't they start returning to their previous lifestyle over time?"

"Hmm?" Lang Ya land spirit was stumped, Fang Yuan's words made sense.

Hairy man Gu Immortals lacked a sense of danger.

The previous Lang Ya land spirit was too protective of the hairy man Gu Immortals, causing these Gu Immortals to have almost no battle strength. When Shadow Sect had invaded, they were almost subdued.

They could not go back to the previous lifestyle!

Lang Ya land spirit took a deep breath, nodding heavily: "Fang Yuan, I will agree to your request. I will give you the complete method. Out of the ten Dang Hun Mountain compensation, this method is worth half a Dang Hun Mountain."

"Okay." Fang Yuan did not doubt Lang Ya land spirit's words.

Lang Ya land spirit would not lie, it was extremely beneficial for Fang Yuan to transact with him.

"Next, I need some lifespan Gu." Fang Yuan mentioned his second request.

If he took wisdom Gu into his sovereign immortal aperture, he would have to shoulder its feeding issue. Fang Yuan had lifespan Gu on him, but it was not safe to rely on these stocks.

"Okay." Lang Ya land spirit agreed happily to this request.

He was a land spirit, he could live as long as Lang Ya blessed land existed, so he had no use for lifespan Gu.

Naturally, the hairy man Gu Immortals in Lang Ya Sect would need lifespan Gu to prolong their lives.

However, hairy men were variant humans, they had much longer lifespan than humans. Secondly, feeding wisdom Gu was clearly much more important than extending the hairy man Gu Immortals' lives.

Thereupon, Fang Yuan used one and a half Dang Hun Mountain compensation to exchange for a large amount of lifespan Gu.

Long Hair Ancestor was a person from three hundred thousand years ago, Lang Ya blessed land had an extremely long history of three hundred thousand years, it had plundered an enormous amount of lifespan Gu.

Although Fang Yuan had taken away most of the stock of lifespan Gu, Lang Ya blessed land still had a lot left!

Fang Yuan calculated that if he used all the lifespan Gu he had on himself, he could prolong his life by over four thousand years!

Even Red Lotus Demon Venerable had only lived for over three thousand years.

This meant, if Fang Yuan used these lifespan Gu, he could live longer than Red Lotus Demon Venerable! Naturally, the precondition was he was not killed by someone in this period of time.

These lifespan Gu could clearly solve wisdom Gu's feeding issue for a long period of time.

Among the venerables, Red Lotus Demon Venerable had the shortest lifespan. Limitless Demon Venerable and Reckless Savage Demon Venerable lived for over six thousand years. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable lived for over seven thousand years, and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable for over eight thousand years. The longest lived three had all joined Heavenly Court. Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable lived for over twelve thousand years, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable for over nineteen thousand years, and Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's age surpassed twenty-five thousand years, he was the first Immortal Venerable in human history, and also was the longest lived venerable.

"All Immortal and Demon Venerables lived for a long time, but in history, many rank eight and rank seven Gu Immortals have also lived a long life, some even living for thousands of years. There is not a lack of people who have lived longer than some Immortal or Demon Venerables."

"But with the five regions chaotic war incoming, the great era is about to open its curtains, lifespan Gu will become increasingly scarce. Especially, when Great Dream Immortal Venerable reaches rank nine, lifespan Gu will be extremely rare, heaven and earth will no longer produce it, until there is no stock of lifespan Gu left."

Fang Yuan inwardly pondered. These lifespan Gu had extremely huge value, and this value would continue to increase with the passing of time.

According to the historical records, many great experts and old monsters would pay any price to extend their life by even a few days.

Lifespan Gu was only a mortal Gu, but there were many examples in history where lifespan Gu was exchanged with Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan's current compensation was calculated by Lang Ya land spirit according to the current value of lifespan Gu. This no doubt allowed Fang Yuan to get a much cheaper deal.

Of course, if he developed Dang Hun Mountain well, his prospects would also be extremely remarkable.

After settling the lifespan Gu compensation, Fang Yuan used one Dang Hun Mountain compensation to exchange for a huge amount of Lang Ya Sect's sect contribution points as well as beast enslavement Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan had borrowed beast enslavement Immortal Gu a few times before, it was extremely useful.

As for Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus, it was a no-brainer, Fang Yuan knew Lang Ya land spirit would absolutely not part with this Immortal Gu.

As such, out of the ten Dang Hun Mountain compensation, seven remained.

Now, Fang Yuan was going for a big one!

"I want to use seven Dang Hun Mountain compensation to exchange for something in the sect." Fang Yuan said to Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit was immediately tensed as he quickly asked: "Ah? What do you want to exchange with?"


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