Reverend Insanity
1548 Paradise Earth Inheritor
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1548 Paradise Earth Inheritor

Even Feng Jiu Ge was dazed when he saw wisdom Gu.

This was wisdom Gu!

It was written in >, it was the vital Immortal Gu of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, it was known to nearly every living person, to think that in this time and place, it would appear before Feng Jiu Ge!

"Lang Ya blessed land actually has wisdom Gu!" Feng Jiu Ge was deeply shocked, he could not control himself.

But soon, he forced himself to calm down.

His eyes burst with bright light, he closely inspected the wisdom Gu before him, finding out that this rank nine wisdom Gu was actually wild!

A thought completely engulfed Feng Jiu Ge's mind, that was — take this rank nine wisdom Gu away!

Immortal killer move — Obtain Treasure Song.

He activated this killer move with unprecedented force, erupting with rank eight might.

Obtain treasure song was able to help Feng Jiu Ge refine wild Immortal Gu directly, the song was warm and kind, filled with a peaceful aura.

As he sang, the wisdom Gu that was fluttering between the tree branches became still.

"Rank nine wisdom Gu?!" The variant human Gu Immortals who were controlling the super Gu formation were shocked.

Wisdom Gu was originally hidden in this valley by Lang Ya land spirit, the variant human Gu Immortals of the three races were outsiders, they were not informed of it.

But now, Feng Jiu Ge destroyed this area, wisdom Gu was exposed, they noticed it.

"We cannot let him obtain wisdom Gu! Quickly disrupt him!" Lang Ya land spirit screamed as he ordered in anxiety.

Next, he added: "But be careful, don't destroy wisdom Gu!"

Even without his reminder, the variant human Gu Immortals from the three races knew how important this rank nine Immortal Gu was.

But now, to disrupt Feng Jiu Ge while not affecting the wisdom Gu close by, they needed intense control and it was quite difficult for these variant human Gu Immortals who had just started using this immortal formation.

The variant human Gu Immortals had to forcefully manipulate the immortal formation as they attacked Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge grunted as he used song warrior.

The obtain treasure song warrior flew towards wisdom Gu, while the other song warriors helped Feng Jiu Ge to block the attacks of the immortal formation.

The variant human Gu Immortals attacked with excessive force that implicated wisdom Gu, but Feng Jiu Ge would block them and defend wisdom Gu.

Wisdom Gu sensed danger, its survival instinct made it fly away.

Obtain treasure song warrior followed behind it but could not produce any effects.

Feng Jiu Ge saw this, his heart sank. Wisdom Gu was rank nine, even though obtain treasure song was good, it was only rank eight, it could not affect wisdom Gu.

"If I cannot get it, should I destroy it?" This thought emerged in Feng Jiu Ge's mind before he denied it.

This was rank nine wisdom Gu, destroying it was a big waste.

And this Immortal Gu was formally the vital Gu of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, if he could get it, it would greatly benefit Feng Jiu Ge, the Central Continent ten great ancient sects, as well as Heavenly Court.

Feng Jiu Ge was unresigned, he did not want to give up.

"Don't go." Feng Jiu Ge pounced at wisdom Gu.

Wisdom Gu flew rapidly, but Feng Jiu Ge pursued it endlessly.

Wisdom Gu felt the threat of Feng Jiu Ge as it buzzed, emitting a strong light.

The light of wisdom.

Feng Jiu Ge was unavoidably covered by this light of wisdom, instantly, countless thoughts appeared in his mind and collided, his intelligence surged, his gaze became incredibly sharp.

All of the questions and difficulties he had in cultivation were all resolving, even though he did not get immediate answers, many crucial bottlenecks were easily broken through.

"Oh no!" Feng Jiu Ge was a legendary figure after all, after several breaths of time in the light of wisdom, he sensed something amiss. He bit his tongue as he forced himself to snap out of it and retreated.

After leaving the light of wisdom, he watched the escaping wisdom Gu with lingering fear.

"What an amazing wisdom Gu, after this short period, I already lost so much lifespan!" A strand of Feng Jiu Ge's hair had turned white.

"My mission here is to capture Gu Yue Fang Zheng and reclaim Dang Hun Mountain, these were all instructed by Fairy Zi Wei. But to think that the rank nine wisdom Gu was hiding here! I already tried my best, but I cannot bring this Gu away. Lang Ya blessed land is also incapable of refining this wisdom Gu, otherwise, they would have done that already!"

Feng Jiu Ge's thoughts moved rapidly.

Immortal Gu were unique.

A wild Immortal Gu had deep attraction to any Gu Immortal.

And it was a rank nine wild Immortal Gu in front of Feng Jiu Ge.

And most importantly, this Immortal Gu was actually wisdom Gu!

"If they refined wisdom Gu, I would not be able to snatch it. But now, it is wild. I need to go back and inform Heavenly Court and the sect about this. The next time we attack Lang Ya blessed land, we must get this Gu!"

Feng Jiu Ge breathed in deeply, he looked at wisdom Gu which was already at the edge of his vision with lingering desire as he used an immortal killer move.

This immortal killer move that used rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel as the core was called, 'human come human go', it was created by the space path great expert Liang Liang. Feng Jiu Ge was not familiar with this move, but it had an incredible effect.

Once activated, not only could it transport people to anywhere in the world, they could also return the same way back. The first half was hard, but the second half was extremely easy.

Liang Liang had already activated this successfully, Feng Jiu Ge was only completing the second half with ease.


With a soft sound, Feng Jiu Ge vanished.

After a few breaths of time, Lang Ya land spirit mobilized the silver giant and arrived.

"Damn it, Feng Jiu Ge, you actually ran away! Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, I won't let you off!" Lang Ya land spirit looked at the tattered Lang Ya blessed land as he shouted angrily, roaring.

Southern Border, inside the immortal battlefield killer move.

Lu Wei Yin sighed deeply.

Three lifetimes were over, but Fang Yuan was not reformed.

"I was wrong!"

"I thought that this Fang Yuan was a heartless person or was filled with hatred and rage, that was the reason for his evil actions."

"But the truth is, he has abundant emotions, he does not lack anything. Even though he pursues strength, he is not obsessed with it."

"What drives him to do this is his goal. This goal is deeply ingrained in his heart, not only three lifetimes, even after a hundred lifetimes, it cannot be eradicated."

"This person cannot be reformed."

"Master…" Ye Fan muttered lightly.

At this time, not just him, even Shang Xin Ci and the rest, including Tie Mian Shen and the other Gu Immortals had woken up.

Everyone was in a daze after three lifetimes, they were savoring the mystical feeling behind it.

Lu Wei Yin looked around as his gaze paused on Shang Xin Ci for a moment.

Her eyes were red, she almost cried, her sadness was evident. She had been emotionally connected to Fang Yuan during the three lifetimes.

Lu Wei Yin nodded secretly, saying to everyone: "I failed, this demon cannot be stopped, he is about to break out of the killer move and escape, let's go."

Ye Fan was shocked: "Master, we have the clear advantage."

Lu Wei Yin smiled bitterly: "I've already tried my best, let's go."

The mortal Gu Masters were confused, but Tie Mian Shen and the two Yi clan Gu Immortals had their suspicions.

Tie Mian Shen asked directly: "Senior's surname is Lu, and you are skilled in earth path, are you the inheritor of Paradise Earth's true inheritance?"

Lu Wei Yin nodded: "That's me."

"So it was like that." Yi clan's Gu Immortals sighed, they paid their respects and greeted Lu Wei Yin.

At the same time, they no longer had any suspicions towards Lu Wei Yin's words.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not have a single offensive method, his Paradise Earth true inheritance was the same. Lu Wei Yin was skilled at trapping and reforming enemies, this was the specialty of Paradise Earth true inheritance.

Among the ten venerables, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable was the kindest and most merciful, he singlehandedly healed the world and stopped the chaos after Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's rule.

But for some reason, this Immortal Venerable did not choose to go to Heavenly Court, he stayed in Southern Border and even left his Paradise Earth true inheritance here.


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