Reverend Insanity
1542 Merely Amounted To This
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1542 Merely Amounted To This

Within Lang Ya blessed land, intense battle was occurring.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals received orders and scattered, setting up the immortal formation. As long as it was created, they would be able to bring Central Continent Gu Immortals into Lang Ya blessed land and reinforce Feng Jiu Ge and the rest.

For Lang Ya land spirit, this was horrible news! They had to be stopped.

"This Feng Jiu Ge is truly devious! Our hairy man Gu Immortals have to work together to assemble ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor and have rank eight battle strength. He wants me to divert my forces, how can I do that?" Lang Ya land spirit snickered in his mind.

If this was the previous land spirit, he would panic and experience complete chaos now.

But this black haired land spirit was adept at fighting, he saw through Feng Jiu Ge's schemes.

"I cannot split up my forces! In that case, I will kill some Central Continent Gu Immortals first, we will compete in speed. Let's see who's faster, your immortal formation setup or my slaughtering of you Gu Immortals!"

Lang Ya land spirit's eyes shined with determination.


The silver giant suddenly shouted as sound waves spread out in all directions, pushing Feng Jiu Ge away.

Next, the silver giant raised its right foot, taking a step forward.

It moved very slowly, as if there was a mountain below its foot.

"Oh no!" Feng Jiu Ge's expression changed, because he sensed the strong aura of space path from this silver giant.

It was using a space path killer move!

Feng Jiu Ge wanted to stop it as he activated triple extreme sound, but the silver giant was unobliging and took these attacks head-on, in order to complete the space path killer move.

The silver giant finally stepped forward.

When the right foot landed on the ground, space below it shrunk by countless times, it moved over a hundred li instantly!

A Central Continent Gu Immortal was flying on a cloud, suddenly, the air around him was pushed away as he was completely shrouded by a huge shadow.

He turned to look, his pupils shrunk to pin size as the silver giant stood before him, its arms were grabbing towards him from his left and right.

The Central Continent Gu Immortal became alert, he gritted his teeth and tried to use a method to escape.

But a profound light emerged from each of the silver giant's hands, the two profound lights landed on the Central Continent Gu Immortal as his killer move activation was broken!

"Quickly save me!" The Central Continent Gu Immortal was locked on by the two lights and could not move, he screamed and sought help from his companions.

At the next moment, he was completely surrounded by the two hands.

The silver giant grabbed as the two hands formed into a silver cage.

An immeasurable pressure assaulted the Central Continent Gu Immortal from all directions, his bones were creaking.

The Central Continent Gu Immortal's expression changed, he could see his defensive methods crumbling, he could not resist the might of the silver cage!

"Save me!!" He could not keep calm anymore, he screamed.


At the next moment, he turned into a pile of bloody flesh, he was completely squashed to death inside the silver cage!

This Central Continent rank seven expert from the ten great ancient sects had died pitifully in the silver giant's hands.

"Good! Gu Immortals from Central Continent's ten great sects are merely so." Within the silver giant, Lang Ya land spirit laughed heartily: "We will continue! That Feng Jiu Ge had rank eight battle strength, he is a tough nut to crack, we will ignore him. Let's kill all these weaklings first, I want to see if anyone will still dare to invade my hairy man sanctuary after this!"

Heavenly Giant Solor was the number two ancient battle formation in the world, it was the peak essence of ancient Gu cultivation. It had rank eight battle strength, but the hairy man Gu Immortals were too weak earlier, including the white haired land spirit, thus, when Shadow Sect attacked, they did poorly, Shadow Sect managed to damage Refinement Cauldron and leave unharmed.

But now was different, after the black haired land spirit's reforms, Lang Ya Sect was created and with Fang Yuan's guidance, the hairy man Gu Immortals' fighting standards had gone up greatly. This way, after assembling ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor, it could truly display rank eight battle strength, and because the black haired land spirit had always made the hairy man Gu Immortals practise the use of this ancient battle formation, even Central Continent rank seven Gu Immortal experts had to die!

Southern Border, fetus earth maze.

The mortal life continued to unfold.

"It seems that I really lost my memories." Under the moonlight, Fang Yuan sighed.

He wore a thin shirt as he walked around the small garden made with piled up soil. There was a well in it, and half of the bricks around the well had broken, there was also a fruit tree with no leaves, it was dry and wilted.

"This is my home." Fang Yuan looked around and sighed.

He looked at the room that the old lady slept in, it was even more torn than his room, the windows had lots of holes in it, seeing this, a sense of shame and embarrassment assaulted Fang Yuan.

Thinking of Xiu Niang, love emerged from Fang Yuan's heart.

Undoubtedly, these two were the most important women in his life.

After resting for some months, his injuries had mostly healed, he could walk again.

At the moment, countless thoughts were in his mind, the pure moonlight shone down on his frowned brows, he had been thinking about his situation while lying on bed.

"Xiu Niang is truly in love with me, I must marry her, I cannot let her down!"

"Mother really likes Xiu Niang, but because of the situation, she had to painfully give up."

"To marry Xiu Niang, there are two obstacles. One is Shu clan, it has a huge force and many people. The second are Xiu Niang's parents, they are Gu Masters and they look down on a mortal like me."

"The root cause is still my low aptitude, I cannot become a Gu Master. If I could cultivate to rank three, her parents would accept me."


Thinking of this, Fang Yuan sighed deeply.

This was a problem that he could not solve.

Even though in rumors there were Gu that could change aptitude, Fang Yuan was a poor lad, who would spend effort to help him to such an extent?

Even though Xiu Niang had Gu Master aptitude, she was only C grade and had low potential. If she had a bright future and could become a rank three Gu Master, she might be able to decide her own fate, she would not need to be so helpless.

"Then what should I do?"

Fang Yuan sighed as he looked at the moon, he was very troubled.

But at this time, he heard the sound of a zither playing.

"Oh? Why is there music?" Fang Yuan listened closely, the music was not just from a zither, there were also bells, flutes, and so on.

He listened closely, trying to find the source of the music, gradually approaching the well.

"Strange, this music is coming from my well, why is that?" Fang Yuan looked into the well, he only saw the reflection of the moon, it was bright and clear.

Fang Yuan looked at the walls of this well, there were dozens of bricks that formed into the shape of a door, it was shining with a white-jade luster, it was extraordinary.

He was very curious, he tied the rope of the water bucket to the fruit tree and climbed down the well.

When he was lowered to half of the well's depth, he hung onto the rope as he pushed the bricks that looked like a jade door.

He used a small force, but the jade door vanished when he touched it, a form of suction dragged the helpless Fang Yuan into it.

A night later.

Fang Yuan got out of bed, his eyes shining brightly. He was completely different from before mentally.

It turned out that this well had the inheritance of a Gu Immortal, it was known as the Virtue true inheritance. Because of its long history, it was very incomplete.

Fang Yuan inherited this incomplete true inheritance, he awakened his aperture that night and became a rank one Gu Master, he obtained several mortal Gu and gained a huge burst in strength, his life had completely changed.

"Heaven pitied me, I obtained such an unparalleled fortuitous encounter! There is great hope in marrying Xiu Niang now!"

Fang Yuan was extremely joyous.

But he controlled himself, knowing that he could not expose this. The fortuitous encounter was too great, if he exposed it, he would get killed!

"I want to cultivate hard, I will accumulate my foundation and only expose my strength after being sufficiently strong enough."

Cultivate this Virtue true inheritance!

Fang Yuan made up his mind but he frowned.

"But this true inheritance has a weird requirement. It needs the inheritor to maintain a heart of justice, to be a virtuous person. The greater my virtues, the easier it is when cultivating."

"Virtue?" Fang Yuan hesitated.

He had a vague feeling of disdain towards this word in his heart, but after getting this true inheritance, the disdain vanished subtly.

In the following days, Fang Yuan worked hard on cultivation, accumulating strength.

The old lady advised him not to get close to Xiu Niang, he agreed but made up his mind internally.

Xiu Niang approached him and talked about their tough relationship, but Fang Yuan urged her to endure it, he would find a way around this.

What made Fang Yuan extremely glad was that Xiu Niang believed his words without doubt.

As he cultivated, one day, the old lady got sick and could not recover.

Fang Yuan was extremely anguished, normal medicine had no effect, Fang Yuan's heart was burning with anxiety.

He found a Gu Master to heal her, but the rank two Gu Master looked down on his pitiful fees and did not want to help.

Fang Yuan heard that this Gu Master liked to eat fish, he walked for a dozen li to arrive at a lake.

Fang Yuan started a fire and melted the ice, entering the cold water to capture a fish before giving it to the Gu Master.

The Gu Master was extremely moved by Fang Yuan's filial piety, he decided to heal this old lady.

The old lady was healed and Fang Yuan was extremely happy. His joy only increased when he found that there was a rank two accumulate virtue Gu in his aperture.

According to the true inheritance, this accumulate virtue Gu would refine and appear on its own when Fang Yuan did good deeds and acted kindly. The greater the accumulation of kindness, the higher the rank of the accumulate virtue Gu that is refined. This Gu had many uses, it was one of the core foundations of Virtue true inheritance, its greatest use was to change Fang Yuan's cultivation aptitude, to turn him into the Righteous Virtue Physique.

According to the vague description of the true inheritance, the Righteous Virtue Physique was only inferior to the ten extreme physiques, but it did not have any of the ten extreme physiques' flaws, it represented an unparalleled future and potential!

Henceforth, Fang Yuan did good deeds and accumulated his virtues, he did not give up any opportunity to refine accumulate virtue Gu.

Soon, his kind reputation of committing good deeds spread.

Fang Yuan's aptitude became better and better, his cultivation speed rapidly rose. Two years later, he became a rank two Gu Master.

During an incident, in order to save a child who had fallen into water, he exposed his Gu Master identity.

Coincidentally, an elder from Shu clan saw this, Fang Yuan's secret was exposed.

The Shu clan elder thought, a mere mortal like Fang Yuan could actually improve his aptitude to become rank two, he definitely had a huge secret, thus, he attacked Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan fought with him in an intense battle, eventually, he surpassed his limit and used a mortal killer move — Virtuous Submission!

This moved used up all of his accumulate virtue Gu.

Shu clan elder was hit by this move but he suffered no injuries, he started to cry as he knelt on the ground, slapping his own face as he cried: "I am not human, I am not human, I actually had such evil thoughts, I dare to attack someone as virtuous as you! I am a beast, I am not human. Please forgive me, please give me a chance to redeem myself!"

Fang Yuan was dazed on the spot, he did not think this move would be so powerful.

Henceforth, he subdued this Shu clan elder, and gained a lot of crucial information about the Shu clan young master.

Meanwhile, he worked hard to do good deeds as his reputation spread among the mortals, even Gu Masters heard of his name.

Several years later, the truth could no longer be concealed, Fang Yuan's Gu Master identity was exposed.

But he used other Gu worms to conceal his greatest secret. Xiu Niang's parents changed their opinion of him, but they did not want their daughter to marry someone as poor as Fang Yuan.

Compared to Fang Yuan, the Shu clan young master was simply much superior.

But Xiu Niang loved Fang Yuan alone, this made the Shu clan young master upset as he found trouble with Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's life was filled with hurdles, he was constantly framed and accused, but as long as Xiu Niang was around, he looked forward to each day with hope.

Eventually, when their conflict reached its max, Shu clan young master requested for Fang Yuan to fight him in a battle to the death.

Fang Yuan agreed to his request, this matter escalated and the surrounding forces and Gu Masters heard about it.

Right before the day of the fight, late at night, Fang Yuan was attacked by the joint assault of Shu clan's Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan escaped to the mountains with heavy injuries, he was filled with rage and hatred.

Because he knew that he was heavily injured, he could not be Shu clan young master's match. If he went to fight, he would die. But if he did not, he would lose the match and Xiu Niang would have no choice but to marry Shu clan's young master.

"How can I allow Xiu Niang to marry this scoundrel? Even if I die, I will… what sound is that?" Fang Yuan was shocked, he turned around to see a huge beast tide approaching.

"Good! Heaven is not blind, let this beast tide destroy the city, Shu clan would not be prepared for it, they would lose terribly, I would be avenged!"

Fang Yuan was overjoyed, but his smile faded instantly.

He thought of his mother, he thought of Xiu Niang, he thought of his friends and neighbors. The cherished faces of these people surfaced in his mind and lingered.

If he allowed the beast tide to reach the city, how many people would die?

Even if he tried to save them, with his strength, how many people could he save?

"Even if I save Xiu Niang and my mother, what about these people? Don't they have children? They have their own parents too! Not helping them when I know of this disaster, I am also an accomplice."

"Also, no matter how bad the Shu clan young master is, not everyone in Shu clan is like him. There are also admirable people among them, why must I implicate them? Do they deserve to die?"

"Furthermore, I have already lived in this city for twenty years, I am indebted to it, without its protection, I would have been killed by wild beasts. Should I let the beast tide destroy this city? No, this is my home!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's gaze firmed as he turned around, running to the city.

Even though he knew that in returning now, he would likely meet those Shu clan Gu Masters and get killed by them.

But he had to go!

Because having inherited Virtue true inheritance, these last few years, virtues were ingrained in him, his own mindset was changed, he felt that he had the obligation and responsibility to do this!

Fang Yuan returned to the city and informed everyone of the beast tide, it grew a lot of attention.

The beast tide was too sudden and concealed, but thanks to Fang Yuan, the Gu Masters in the city were prepared for it and managed to defend themselves.

The city lord heard of Fang Yuan's circumstances, knowing that he had taken a huge risk to inform them, he praised Fang Yuan greatly.

With the city lord's backing, Fang Yuan no longer feared Shu clan, his battle with the Shu clan young master was also postponed indefinitely.

Next, in the year-long defensive battle, Fang Yuan performed well and saved countless mortals and Gu Masters. He loved to help people and did not seek rewards, his strength grew drastically as he refined countless accumulate virtue Gu, people also praised him greatly and his reputation soared.

When the beast tide ended, Fang Yuan had undergone a qualitative transformation.

He fought with Shu clan's young master fair and square.

And in this life and death battle, Fang Yuan obtained absolute victory.

But he spared the life of Shu clan's young master.

"Oh Shen San, you repaid hatred with kindness, I am in deep admiration, from today onwards, I will follow your lead! Please accept my submission!" Saying so, Shu clan's young master knelt down.

The people in the city were in deep admiration towards Fang Yuan.

Three years later, the city lord felt old and passed his position to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was already a rank five Gu Master, he was the new city lord. The day that he took over the role was also the day of his marriage with Xiu Niang.

Auspicious red characters, lively guests, delicious food and wine, and a comfortable wedding room.

Xiu Niang was dressed up and sat by the bed, looking at Fang Yuan with deep love: "Darling San, we are finally married. I knew I did not love the wrong person."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Of course, but…"

He held his chest.

Xiu Niang was worried: "But what? Are you feeling unwell?"

Fang Yuan shook his head: "I feel a little empty inside."

Xiu Niang smiled, she smiled like a blooming flower, looking truly beautiful: "Why do you feel empty? Darling San, do you know how many people admire you?"

Fang Yuan's expression turned stiff: "They admire me? They merely admire my fortune, authority, strength, and love life."

Saying this, his tone turned cold, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

Xiu Niang's expression changed: "Darling San, what's wrong? Your words are making me uneasy."

Fang Yuan looked at her seriously, he looked at this face that he thought about day and night, he could not stop loving this beautiful woman.

His gaze was so serious, but Xiu Niang felt more and more uneasy.

Afterwards, Xiu Niang saw Fang Yuan shaking his head as he sighed: "Everything that happened… merely amounted to this."

At the next moment, everything collapsed!

Author's Note: This is two chapters combined together.

TL Note: This is how you write an RI fanfic.Sounds like a sick fanfic I know.


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