Reverend Insanity
1541 Fang Yuan“s Love
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1541 Fang Yuan“s Love

"Invaders of Lang Ya blessed land, die!" Lang Ya land spirit shouted as he attacked using Heavenly Giant Solor along with the band of hairy man Gu Immortals.


Seeing the approaching silver giant, Central Continent's Gu Immortals rapidly retreated in all directions.

Even Feng Jiu Ge was retreating.

But he was moving slowly, it was not that he was slower than the rest, but he was purposely lagging behind.

Undeniably, Feng Jiu Ge had the greatest battle strength among the Central Continent Gu Immortals, he was the leader of this expedition, victory greatly depended on him, he needed to control the situation at all times.

"This is Feng Jiu Ge of Central Continent's Spirit Affinity House!" Lang Ya land spirit controlled Heavenly Giant Solor, seeing Feng Jiu Ge, his pupils shrank, he had a grim expression.

The enemies had ill intent, Lang Ya land spirit felt great pressure.

Because Feng Jiu Ge appeared, it meant that Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, and thus Heavenly Court, were the enemies of Lang Ya blessed land!

Heavenly Court was the number one force in human history, it was also the number one grotto-heaven in the world!

How could Lang Ya land spirit not feel pressure facing such an opponent?

"Little Five!" Lang Ya land spirit shouted.

Gu Immortal Fifth Hair nodded: "Watch this!"

Saying so, he used an immortal killer move.

The killer move took effect immediately, appearing on Heavenly Giant Solor, the silver giant opened its mouth as a beam of light burst out.

The beam was very threatening, appearing before Feng Jiu Ge in an instant.

"Such speed!" Feng Jiu Ge was slightly stunned, the white light was right in front of his face but he suddenly smiled.


He vanished in an instant, the light went through his former location and shot far away, creating huge ripples of distortion in the air.

Feng Jiu Ge appeared again, he advanced instead, arriving in front of the silver giant.

"He is above us." Within the silver giant, the investigative hairy man Gu Immortal called out.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were flustered.

"Tit-for-tat, take my move as well." Feng Jiu Ge laughed heartily, waving his sleeves as a grand aura burst out of his body.

Immortal killer move — Triple Extreme Sound!

Feng Jiu Ge punched with one hand, creating a drumming sound. He struck with his other palm and created the chiming of bells. He pointed with his finger and created a sharp whistle.

These were the signature methods of the Three Sounds true inheritance, drum fist, bell palm, and whistle finger.

Earlier, Feng Jiu Ge could only use the first two moves to supplement his methods. But after Fang Yuan escaped his pursuit, Feng Jiu Ge returned to Central Continent and thought about his own insufficiencies, he cultivated hard and learned the third move.

Thereafter, he learned all three methods, forming the triple extreme sound killer move.

Fist, palm, finger, fist palm, finger, using this fluid sequence, Feng Jiu Ge attacked and expended little immortal essence with each attack, the power even increased slightly with each use.

Even though the amplification was not high, Feng Jiu Ge attacked rapidly, alternating between fist, palm, and finger, he attacked for a hundred times in a short time! This way, as the number of attacks increased, triple extreme sound became even stronger!

The sound waves landed on the silver giant as it stumbled backwards, the hairy man Gu Immortals felt dizzy.

The silver giant waved its arms and scattered the clouds and winds, wanting to slam down on Feng Jiu Ge.

But Feng Jiu Ge's methods were too tough, he moved agilely in the air, even though the giant's arms were huge and moved fast, they could not hit Feng Jiu Ge.

"It seems that we need immortal methods against this person!" Lang Ya land spirit shouted with a serious expression: "Third Hair! Fourth Hair!"

The two hairy man Gu Immortals responded rapidly and used their immortal killer moves.

Third Hair used a killer move that created a dark green layer of wooden armor on the silver giant's body.

Feng Jiu Ge's triple extreme sound landed on the wooden armor and the sound waves were completely absorbed.

Fourth Hair's killer move created a golden qi spiral above the silver giant's head, these qi currents shot towards Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge's situation became dangerous all of a sudden.

His attacks were no longer effective, no matter how he flew, the golden spiraling qi currents gathered around his body, he could not shrug them off.

Not far away, Central Continent's Gu Immortal Fang Yun Hua saw this and thought: "According to the information, defeating this silver giant will decide our victory. Since Feng Jiu Ge is in trouble, I can help him."

Thinking of this, Fang Yun Hua was about to use a killer move when he heard his companion's warning: "Brother Fang, dodge!"

"What?!" At the next moment, Fang Yun Hua saw that the silver giant opened its mouth, shooting out a huge beam of light.

This beam of light was aimed at Fang Yun Hua, he quickly used his defensive methods.

But Heavenly Giant Solor had rank eight battle strength, even though Fang Yun Hua was a rank seven expert, he was not like Feng Jiu Ge or Fang Yuan, his defensive methods only lasted for three breaths of time.

But that was enough for Fang Yun Hua to turn into a white cloudy light and scatter, before gathering and forming high up in the sky.

Blood dripped out of Fang Yun Hua's mouth, he had a pale face and shock was in his eyes.

"I was distracted earlier and wanted to use a killer move, exposing a flaw, they were able to sense it immediately, what investigative method is that?"

Lang Ya blessed land had deep foundations, but it mainly focused on refinement path, the previous Lang Ya land spirit had no interest in anything but Gu refinement.

Thus, this investigative method came from Shadow Sect.

Fang Yuan exchanged true inheritances with Lang Ya land spirit back then, one on hand, he wanted the inheritances, and on the other hand, he wanted to increase Lang Ya Sect's battle strength!

Lang Ya Sect had many Immortal Gu, they only lacked useful killer moves.

And now, Fang Yuan's action finally saw some results.

Feng Jiu Ge's heart also sank.

This investigative killer move could sense the weakness exposed by enemies, it was very useful in landing crucial attacks.

With such a killer move, Central Continent's Gu Immortals were greatly disrupted when attacking the silver giant together.

Because these people were from different sects, they rarely worked together, once they attacked the silver giant, their cooperation would have flaws. And these flaws would immediately be targeted by the silver giant.

"The more people here, the more problems there are. I will stall Heavenly Giant Solor myself then." Feng Jiu Ge fought as he thought.

He quickly changed his battle tactic, instructing the other Gu Immortals: "Split up and set up the immortal Gu formation so that our reinforcements can come."

"Such guts!" Lang Ya land spirit heard such words and shouted in anger.

Feng Jiu Ge smiled lightly.

He purposely said that, it was an open scheme that left Lang Ya land spirit no option but to face it.

Even though the silver giant had rank eight battle strength, it was only one entity while Central Continent had seven Gu Immortals, the silver giant could not deal with all of them, but if it sent out hairy man Gu Immortals to deal with them, they would fall into Feng Jiu Ge's scheme.

The battle strength of these hairy man Gu Immortals had risen sharply, but they were not a match for these Central Continent Gu Immortal experts in one-on-one battles.

Thus, Lang Ya land spirit was in a difficult spot, he could neither split up his forces nor stay together!

While Lang Ya blessed land was in an intense battle, far away in Southern Border, in the fetus earth maze, there was serenity.

"Where am I?" Fang Yuan opened his eyes, realizing he was on a bed.

He wanted to get up but found that he was heavily injured.

He had a dazed expression as he muttered: "Who am I? I seem to have… forgotten some important matters."

"Oh son, you are finally awake!" At this moment, an old lady heard the commotion and entered the house, tearing up after seeing Fang Yuan, who had woken up.

"You are?" Fang Yuan questioned.

The old lady was stunned for a second before crying loudly: "Son, did you hit your head and become stupid? I am your mother, you are Shen San, a few days ago, young master Shu sent a Gu Master of his family to beat you up because he did not want you and Xiu Niang to be together. Oh son, listen to mother's advice, even though you and Xiu Niang are close, we are a small family, even though there were Gu Masters in our ancestry, we have already fallen from grace. You cannot beat young master Shu in fighting over Xiu Niang, give up, you should give up!"

"Xiu Niang…" Fang Yuan muttered: "Is this true, I have forgotten all these?"

Some days later, he gradually understood his identity.

He and Xiu Niang were betrothed from birth, but his father died when he was young, losing their only Gu Master in the family, thus they fell from grace. Originally, they matched Xiu Niang's family, but now they were inferior. Xiu Niang's family preferred that young master Shu instead. He had a huge clan and was influential and rich, there were dozens of Gu Masters in Shu clan, if the external Gu Masters were included, they numbered over a hundred!

Later, Xiu Niang came to see Fang Yuan.

"Darling San, how are your injuries? I've been thinking of you day and night, but my parents stopped me from coming, I could only come here today because I lied that I was cultivating with a Gu Master. Oh my darling San, my poor darling San…" Xiu Niang saw that Fang Yuan was lying down in bed weakly, she started sobbing, love was deeply etched in her eyes.

Fang Yuan looked at Xiu Niang, he felt like this was the first time he was seeing her, he assessed her closely. Xiu Niang was young and beautiful, her skin was pure and white, her green hair was long like a waterfall, she wore a white dress and had a slim figure, she was pure and innocent. With tears in her eyes, she was very alluring, she was truly a peerless beauty.

"No wonder that young master Shu likes Xiu Niang." Fang Yuan sighed, he did not speak.

Xiu Niang was upset, but the old lady sighed and told her the reason.

Xiu Niang cried out in agony, she quickly held onto Fang Yuan's hands and talked about the past, attempting to get him to remember who she was.

She talked of scenes of the past, they were ordinary and insignificant, but these were reflections of their love.

Fang Yuan's love was slowly awakened, he looked at Xiu Niang's eyes as he extended his hand, caressing her tender face, he said softly: "Xiu Niang…"

"Yes." Xiu Niang quickly answered as she grabbed his hand, placing it closely on her face.

She looked at Fang Yuan's eyes with deep emotion, saying: "My darling San, oh my dear Shen San."

Outside fetus earth maze, in the immortal battlefield, Lu Wei Yin smiled as he spoke to himself: "I was right after all, how can anyone be so emotionless? This Fang Yuan is not an emotionless person, he still has love and affection in him."

Lu Wei Yin looked around, since some time ago, be it the Gu Immortals like Tie Mian Shen, or the mortals like Shang Xin Ci, they were all floating in the air with their eyes shut.

Among them, Shang Xin Ci's eyes were shut but her pupils were moving around, her face was rosy, as if she was in a beautiful dream that she could not wake up from.

Lu Wei Yin sighed deeply: "The mortal world reflects normal life. To reform this demon, you will all have to forget yourselves in this fetus earth maze and live as another person to experience life again. This is an opportunity, as long as you have sufficient comprehension, you will definitely gain something useful."


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