Reverend Insanity
1540 Attacking Lang Ya
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1540 Attacking Lang Ya

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

On a plain and ordinary wetland, profound light suddenly emerged endlessly, the light was bright like jade, turning the surroundings green in color. Within the green light, countless butterflies were dancing around.

The light lasted for three breaths of time before fading into sparkles of jade light that dissipated rapidly.

But different from before, seven figures appeared on the ground that was empty earlier.

They emanated Central Continent Gu Immortal aura, the leader wore a red and white robe, he was the famous genius rarely found in thousands of years — Feng Jiu Ge!

These people were directly transported from Central Continent, even Feng Jiu Ge was a little dazed. At this moment, they were looking around and assessing the area.

Beside Feng Jiu Ge, a rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal deduced as he said excitedly: "This is Lang Ya blessed land!"

Hearing his words, the surrounding Central Continent Gu Immortals felt deeply excited.

Feng Jiu Ge nodded in satisfaction, he opened his immortal aperture's entrance and let out a will.

This will was very damaged, it was about to be destroyed after existing for a very long period of time.

Feng Jiu Ge cupped his fist as this will: "We were able to arrive here after crossing two regions thanks to senior's immortal killer move."

This will formed into a human shape with difficulty, it had the appearance of a scholarly teacher, he looked around: "You are all pillars that support Heavenly Court, my main body left this will behind to deal with situations like this. I hope you can all work together and complete your mission, do not let down Heavenly Court!"

"We will do our best." The other six rank seven Gu Immortals said in unison.

This will heard the answer and laughed: "Great, our Heavenly Court will continue to advance with all of your help, we will exist for all eternity!"

As it laughed, the will dissipated in the wind, completely vanishing.

Gu Immortal Fang Yun Hua, who was behind Feng Jiu Ge, wore a white jade crown and had a young appearance, he knew some information as he sighed upon seeing this: "Senior Liang Liang's final remaining will has been destroyed."

Liang Liang was famous in history.

He was a rank eight Gu Immortal from Heavenly Court, a space path expert. He had once obtained Fixed Immortal Travel and elevated it to rank seven.

Later, when legendary immemorial desolate beast Huo Kong wreaked havoc, he participated in battle and died, the rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel was destroyed as a result.

Afterwards, Fixed Immortal Travel appeared in history several times, refined by people of different regions, but it was always rank six, the rank seven version had never appeared again.

Even during Fang Yuan's refinement in Three Kings blessed land, he could not break out of this limitation.

But afterwards, Granny Sha from Heavenly Court refined rank six Fixed Immortal Travel, and with Fairy Zi Wei leading Heavenly Court, she had tried to raise the rank of Fixed Immortal Travel.

Heavenly Court had the greatest immortal material inventory in the world, they had started collecting materials since the era of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, three million years ago in the Remote Antiquity Era!

Fixed Immortal Travel was hard to raise to rank seven because of one crucial immortal material. But this problem was not that big for Heavenly Court.

Months ago, Fairy Zi Wei had used the method Gu Immortal Liang Liang left behind and awakened his final will.

With the help of this will, not only did Heavenly Court raise Fixed Immortal Travel to rank seven, they even collected a lot of Gu worms and created an immortal killer move, seven immortal doors.

This was the immortal killer move that transported Feng Jiu Ge, Fang Yun Hua, and the rest of the Central Continent Gu Immortals into Northern Plains' Lang Ya blessed land directly.

However, the moment they reached, Liang Liang's remnant will that had helped Feng Jiu Ge use the move dissipated after reaching its limit.

The final trace of this legend had finally vanished.

But Heavenly Court's plan succeeded in return.

"Lang Ya blessed land…" Feng Jiu Ge muttered, he floated up as he used an immortal killer move to investigate the surroundings.

Only to see that the terrain was completely flat and empty for all the surroundings, it was a swamp everywhere, only some traces of vegetation grew here in clear view.

But Feng Jiu Ge saw more than that, he looked closely and found the traces of hairy men living in this huge area.

Feng Jiu Ge praised Fairy Zi Wei internally: "Amazing!"

Ever since Fang Yuan lost Fixed Immortal Travel, he had been guarding against this Gu. Even the current Dang Hun Mountain had completely been remodeled, it was to prevent anyone from using Fixed Immortal Travel to teleport into it.

But Fairy Zi Wei used some crucial clues to deduce the appearance of Lang Ya blessed land, using that, they used immortal killer move seven immortal doors to allow Feng Jiu Ge and the rest to arrive in here!

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, Fang Yuan had grown sufficiently to resist rank eight. Afterwards, he went into seclusion and developed on his own, growing rapidly and forcing Heavenly Court, which was pursuing him, to fail in capturing him.

Fang Yuan was a complete otherworldly demon, he was someone who could destroy fate Gu, a huge threat to Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei had always been mindful of him, she wanted to find any means possible to eradicate Fang Yuan!

But after failing to locate Fang Yuan, Fairy Zi Wei's focus turned to Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya blessed land was the number one blessed land in the world, it had provided too much help to Fang Yuan.

Initially, when Lang Ya land spirit was still the white haired land spirit, he had helped Fang Yuan refine second aperture Gu, and even gave gruel mud Immortal Gu to him. It played a crucial role during the events of Imperial Court blessed land!

After the battle of Imperial Court blessed land, Fang Yuan turned into an immortal zombie and was very poor, his finances were in terrible straits. But with the help of Lang Ya blessed land, he deduced Immortal Gu recipes for income and rapidly got past the awkward stage of lacking initial funds.

Next, to protect Hu Immortal blessed land and resist the invasion of Immortal Crane Sect, Lang Ya land spirit lent Fang Yuan beast enslavement Immortal Gu as well as eight desolate beasts.

There was also unfamiliar face, it helped Fang Yuan a lot, this was also given by Lang Ya land spirit.

Next, when Shadow Sect attacked Lang Ya blessed land, they snatched many crucial core Immortal Gu of Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron, the white haired land spirit turned into the black haired land spirit, dog shit luck Immortal Gu was also destroyed in this battle.

The black haired land spirit created Lang Ya Sect, changing the original plan of the white haired land spirit, he gave Fang Yuan a lot of help.

Firstly, during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, when Fang Yuan had just obtained the sovereign immortal body, he was in a dangerous and awkward spot, Lang Ya Sect used treasure yellow heaven to send him many crucial Gu worms and get through that difficult moment.

When Fang Yuan went back to Northern Plains from Southern Border, Lang Ya Sect went to bring him back, losing two hairy man Gu Immortals in the process.

Lang Ya land spirit had even relocated Fang Yuan's Dang Hun Mountain, wisdom Gu and other items before Hu Immortal blessed land was attacked, preserving most of Fang Yuan's assets. Especially wisdom Gu, Lang Ya blessed land had been bearing the burden of feeding it, expending a lot of lifespan Gu.

Next, Lang Ya land spirit asked Fang Yuan to be their external supreme elder, transacting with him and refining dog shit luck Immortal Gu for him, as well as the self luck true inheritance.

After getting Shadow Sect's true inheritance, Lang Ya land spirit exchanged most of the true inheritances' information with Fang Yuan.

And throughout the period of interacting with both land spirits, Lang Ya blessed land had refined a large number of Gu for Fang Yuan, countless mortal Gu and many crucial Immortal Gu.

All of this help came at timely intervals, giving Fang Yuan a huge amount of assistance.

One could say that Lang Ya blessed land had played a critical role in the outcome of Fang Yuan being able to reach this stage today!

And now, even Lang Ya land spirit did not want to offend Fang Yuan with rank eight battle strength, he wanted to improve their relationship.

After the marriage with the snowmen, Lang Ya land spirit became even more assured of Fang Yuan's stance and attitude towards the variant humans. In other words, Lang Ya blessed land was already Fang Yuan's base now!

However, this was also why Heavenly Court's attention was brought to Lang Ya blessed land.

But for a long time, Heavenly Court was unsure of which force was helping Fang Yuan.

Until recently, when Fairy Zi Wei's deductions made a breakthrough.

Thus, Lang Ya blessed land became their first target to attack!

"Such guts, you dare to invade my world!" Lang Ya land spirit suddenly shouted from within the wetlands, a silver giant appeared out of nowhere, it had overwhelming fighting spirit and disposition.

It was the number two ancient battle formation in the world — Heavenly Giant Solor!

Lang Ya blessed land was controlled by Lang Ya land spirit, he knew everything that happened inside it to great detail.

Feng Jiu Ge and the rest suddenly barged into Lang Ya blessed land, the land spirit found out almost immediately. But because they were very strong, Lang Ya land spirit gathered the hairy man Gu Immortals and assembled Heavenly Giant Solor first before going to face them.

A great battle was about to start!


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