Reverend Insanity
1539 Reforming Fang Yuan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1539 Reforming Fang Yuan

Fang Yuan was temporarily trapped in the fetus earth maze killer move, the situation stabilized immediately.

Bright light flashed in Tie Mian Shen's eyes, he flew down and greeted Lu Wei Yin, asking "Senior, how will we kill this demon Fang Yuan?"

Lu Wei Yin smiled, saying softly: "All life deserves to live, even though this Fang Yuan is an otherworldly demon, he is still a living being, how can we say things like taking his life?"

Tie Mian Shen was stunned, Yi clan's two Gu Immortals also flew over, Yi Nan Men said anxiously: "Senior, how can we let him off, this demon has committed great sins, he disrupts the order of the world, now is the best time to kill him, how can we be wrongly merciful?"

Yi Yu also urged: "Senior, if we do not kill him today, he will harm the world and kill other living beings in the future, wouldn't that be worse? His death is the fortune of this world."

But Lu Wei Yin shook his head: "Everyone's words make sense, but you are also biased. There is no absolute evil person in this world, nobody is born as a murderer. Otherwise, why would we need to learn methods to fight and kill? Humans have kindness and evil in their hearts, there is no pure evil or pure kindness. Even though this Fang Yuan is a demonic path Gu Immortal with blood on his hands, having committed great evil, he was not born as an evil person."

"A hated person has reasons to be pitied, everything in this world has causes and effects. What created the Fang Yuan of today is the karma of yesterday. Since Fang Yuan could grow into this evil person now, why can't he turn into a kind person in the future?"

"He is strong and has countless methods, if he is in the righteous path, he would bring blessings to this world, he would save countless people, isn't that more helpful to the world?"

Lu Wei Yin's words stunned Tie Mian Shen, Yi Nan Men, and Yi Yu!

This mysterious rank eight Gu Immortal wanted to reform Fang Yuan!

"Since senior has his objective, junior will wait for senior's success." Tie Mian Shen sighed.

Yi clan's two Gu Immortals looked at each other, they saw the helplessness in each others' eyes.

The three of them were not Fang Yuan's match, they needed to depend on this mysterious rank eight Gu Immortal Lu Wei Yin to deal with Fang Yuan.

Lu Wei Yin had incredibly profound methods, even though he appeared abruptly and set up the immortal battlefield killer move in advance, showing his motive, all the signs pointed to the fact that he could eliminate Fang Yuan.

But to think that after a conversation, Lu Wei Yin still held the absurd objective of reforming Fang Yuan, to turn this huge demon into a kind immortal that would save the world.

"I am afraid this rank eight Gu Immortal has some method to change Fang Yuan's personality?" Yi Yu guessed.

Yi Nan Men spoke directly "Thank you senior for saving us, I would like senior to open this battlefield and let us return to our clan."

Yi clan's Gu Immortals came here to deal with Tie clan, Shang clan, and Hou clan, but the situation developed too quickly, Fang Yuan's appearance completely took matters out of their control.

The two Yi clan Gu Immortals were quite unlucky, they met both Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin, their objectives failed before they even started doing anything.

In this situation, they did not want to stay, it was normal to want to leave.

Tie Mian Shen looked at the two Yi clan Gu Immortals, his gaze flickered but he did not speak.

Lu Wei Yin shook his head: "Friends, don't be anxious, I will not harm you, but now is not the time to open the battlefield. If everyone leaves, I'm afraid there may be reports to the clans and invitations for reinforcements to deal with Fang Yuan. This goes against my objective, you should all wait here for now."

"This…" The three Gu Immortals looked at each other, they had no choice but to accept it.

Inside this immortal battlefield, they could not communicate with the outside world, since they were weaker than both Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin, they could only obey his arrangements helplessly.

"Master, can that Fang Yuan really be converted to the righteous path?" Ye Fan asked in confusion.

Lu Wei Yin turned around and patted Ye Fan's head: "Anything can be possible in this world, right? I am willing to give him a chance to repent and turn over a new leaf. If he does, I am sure that this will be a huge blessing to the world, it would become a wonderful story for future historical records."

"Can it… really succeed?" Shang Xin Ci asked hesitantly, anticipation shone deep within her eyes.

She was a righteous path Gu Master this entire life, she did not want the person she loved, Fang Yuan, to walk on this demonic path of no return.

Right now, from Shang Xin Ci's perspective, Fang Yuan was already trapped, this showed that Lu Wei Yin was very powerful and that Fang Yuan was in danger. At this time, if Fang Yuan could turn over a new leaf, not only would it be a huge blessing, he would also preserve his own life.

"Of course it can. People can change, they can turn bad, but they can also become good. Oh Shang Xin Ci, do you think Fang Yuan is a bad person inherently?" Lu Wei Yin smiled and asked.

Shang Xin Ci shook her head, she had a firm attitude: "I will not lie to senior, I believe that Fang Yuan is not born evil, I can feel his cold attitude, but under that, I can sense endless sadness."

Lu Wei Yin nodded: "Your understanding is quite hard to come by. I know that he has helped you before, do you know that now, he needs your help more?"

Shang Xin Ci was dazed before asking: "Senior, how can I help him?"

Lu Wei Yin smiled: "Very simple, I have already said that you need to encourage and urge him to renounce his evil ways and become righteous. My killer move is called fetus earth maze, it can allow a person to live three lifetimes, experiencing the mortal life fully and comprehending life and death, understanding the vicissitudes of human ways and forgetting the evil in his heart, turning over a new leaf."

"All of us have an inherent nature, but our life experiences are very important too. Oh Shang Xin Ci, if your invest your will into fetus earth maze, Fang Yuan would definitely feel it, let him experience the beauty of life, and summon the kindness and brightness in his heart."

"I understand, thank you senior for the guidance!" Shang Xin Ci had a look of realization, her gaze became firm. A lump of will emerged from her body, entering fetus earth maze like everyone else.

Seeing this, Lu Wei Yin's mind eased, he thought: "With Shang Xin Ci's luck on our side, we will not be fully suppressed by Fang Yuan's luck. Next, it will depend on the other party."

In immemorial white heaven, Chen Yi moved like lightning, flying rapidly among the clouds.

He was still injured, these were caused by Fang clan's first supreme elder and immemorial soul beast Qing Chou, his injuries were covered by strength path and soul path dao marks, they were very deep.

Chen Yi had impressive healing methods, but these injuries could not heal so quickly.

Compared to his injuries, his heart was heavier.

"I actually failed!"

"Not only did I fail to get Divine Bean Palace, I lost in battle and could not kill Qing Chou. Sigh! I was too greedy, they took advantage of it, it was my fault, it was all my fault!"

Chen Yi was very regretful.

He could not answer to Fairy Zi Wei, and also as the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he could not regain his sect ancestor's possession, he was very ashamed.

"After returning, I will quit my role as Heavenly Lotus Sect's first supreme elder and cultivate in seclusion! I will reclaim Divine Bean Palace after my cultivation breaks through!"

Chen Yi made up his mind, he needed to make up for this mistake, otherwise, he would not rest at ease.

He flew for many days, Central Continent was already in sight, but now, three rank seven Gu Immortals approached him.

"Lord Chen Yi, hold on, we have been waiting for you." The three rank seven Gu Immortals said.

Chen Yi took a gaze, they were familiar people, they were supreme elders from the other ten great ancient sects of Central Continent.

"Why are you…" Chen Yi could not understand.

One of the three rank sevens handed Chen Yi an information path mortal Gu.

Chen Yi looked into it, it was a letter from Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei requested for Chen Yi to make up for his failure, he needed to head to the immemorial white heaven of Northern Plains for his mission.

"Lady Fairy Zi Wei, as expected of a wisdom path great expert!" Chen Yi looked at the letter with a bright gaze, he nodded as he sighed deeply.

"Lord Chen Yi, please give us instructions." The three rank seven Gu Immortals asked. Their task was to hand Chen Yi this information path mortal Gu containing their mission, they did not know what they had to do next.

Chen Yi looked at the three of them: "Heavenly Court has already acted against Fang Yuan, follow me!"

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