Reverend Insanity
1536 Floating Sinking Iron Sand
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1536 Floating Sinking Iron Sand

"Fang Yuan, I feel like I've heard of this name before?"

"Is that the Little Beast King who refined an Immortal Gu on San Cha Mountain?"

"Even though I cannot see clearly, I'm afraid that's him!"

"He became an immortal? He had such a huge fortuitous encounter! Sigh, why was it not me?"

The Gu Masters from all three clans burst into commotion.

The mortals were discussing the matter and venting their emotions of shock and jealousy, the situation became extremely heated.

These mortals were stuck to old news, Fang Yuan's true fame was only known among Gu Immortals now, mortals barely knew anything of him.

Tie Ruo Nan clenched her fists, gritting her teeth as she watched. She had a simple relationship with Fang Yuan, deep hatred!

The conflict between her and Fang Yuan was a long lasting one, the hatred did not reduce over time, it was like wine, becoming deeper as time passed.

But now, even though the enemy was in front of her, Tie Ruo Nan could do nothing against him!

Fang Yuan was an immortal now! If this was the past, before Tie Ruo Nan knew the difference between immortal and mortal, so be it. But after interacting with Tie Mian Shen, she was very clear of the difference. As a mere mortal, there was no hope in getting revenge on a Gu Immortal!

Now, Tie Ruo Nan's only hope was Tie Mian Shen. She wanted to see Tie clan's Gu Immortal Tie Mian Shen kill Fang Yuan publicly and uphold justice, to take revenge for Tie Ruo Nan's friends and family!

Fang Yuan looked at the three immortals as he laughed arrogantly: "I am here to take back the thing I lost, are the three of you going to try and stop me?"

Shang Qing Qing and Hou Yao had pounding hearts, Fang Yuan had only said a sentence without using any methods, but they felt that his demonic might was overwhelming, they lost all of their fighting spirit.

Fang Yuan's fame resounded in the world, his demonic might was a deterrence to the entire world! Even someone like Wu Yong was toyed around by him, and Heavenly Court could not even catch him after such a long time. These were merely rank six Gu Immortals, it was normal to feel this.

The mortals on the ground heard Fang Yuan's words clearly.

Tie Ruo Nan was filled with anger: "Demon, even after becoming an immortal, he is still a demon! It is a misfortune for everyone that he holds such power. He deserves death, this demon deserves death! The righteous path should eliminate such evil and kill this demon to protect the world!"

Thinking of this, Tie Ruo Nan looked at Tie Mian Shen expectantly.

In her heart, this Tie clan Gu Immortal expert could almost hold up heaven and earth, he could pick the moon and stars from the sky, he could definitely kill Fang Yuan.

After all, Fang Yuan was born in the same generation as her, how long had he been an immortal? How could he be Tie Mian Shen's match?

But at the next moment, Tie Ruo Nan's heroic eyes stared widely.

Tie Mian Shen sighed as he said: "Oh Fang Yuan, you rampaged unhindered over the five regions, you are renowned in the world, I am not your match. But even if I die, I will fight, this is the resolution of my Tie clan!"

"But I have something to say, we are both immortals, we should not implicate these mortals. Why don't we let these mortals leave first, we can have a good fight, even if I die, I will have no regrets."

"What, what did he say? Lord Tie Mian Shen admitted he could not match Fang Yuan? How, how could this be?" Tie Ruo Nan was tongue-tied, this shocking news almost destroyed her entire mental state.

Such words came from Tie Mian Shen himself, her entire worldview had been crushed.

"Let these mortals off? Why should I? Hehehe." Fang Yuan smiled coldly as killing intent surged.

He gazed around and saw the mortals on the ground.

Tie Ruo Nan's anger was not worth his attention, the rage of an ant was pointless rage.

The luck connected Ye Fan, a person who was blessed by fate and had strong luck, even though there was a main and sub luck relationship, Fang Yuan did not want to let him off. Killing this person was beneficial to him. After all, every time Fang Yuan used burning soul bursting luck, Ye Fan would obtain a portion of that luck.

And why was the upper extreme heavenly eagle with Ye Fan, Fang Yuan was very curious about this, he wanted to investigate.

As for Shang Xin Ci?

Fang Yuan's cold gaze flickered slightly, he showed a strange emotion.

He had gotten close to Shang Xin Ci earlier in order to use her and gain footing in Shang clan. But now, Fang Yuan was shocked to find out that Shang Xin Ci's luck was incredibly alarming!

Fang Yuan had methods to inspect luck, Shang Xin Ci was a mere mortal, her luck was clear to Fang Yuan.

Above her head, there was a thick gush of white and pure luck, it weaved and gathered into a beautiful cape, it seemed to be made of countless bird feathers, there was even a drizzle of luck near it, moving around this bird feathered cape.

"Such luck, such a phenomenon, even Ye Fan, Hong Yi, and Han Li cannot compare to her. What is going on? With such luck, Shang Xin Ci is not a simple person, she is definitely an important person in the great era. Strange… why is it that in the five hundred years of my previous life, Shang Xin Ci was only a mortal throughout?"

"Unless heaven's will altered my memories inside Spring Autumn Cicada? Or was it because I ruined Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's heaven defying plan and became the leader of Shadow Sect, I changed many things and Shang Xin Ci got affected? But why Shang Xin Ci? I am afraid that according to the route of fate, she is truly an important person in the new era!"

Fang Yuan was thinking when he suddenly heard an eagle's cry, it almost burst his eardrums.

Next, the upper extreme heavenly eagle's seal weakened to its limit, as it pounced at Fang Yuan with bloodshot eyes.

"Hmm? Even though I have killing intent in me, I have been controlling it using wisdom path methods, it had not spread out. This upper extreme heavenly eagle is actually being controlled, not only is there a seal, its emotions are being affected to come and attack me!"

Fang Yuan snickered, he did not panic against the attack of an immemorial desolate beast.

Immortal killer move — Reverse Flow Protection Seal!

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was a space path immemorial desolate beast, it arrived in front of Fang Yuan with a flicker, its sharp eagle claws slashed at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not evade, he took this move head on!

The huge eagle claw larger than his body scratched at him mercilessly.

Shang Xin Ci gasped, the immortals were surprised, anticipating the results.

Fang Yuan was sent flying by this huge force but he was unharmed. In contrast, upper extreme heavenly eagle cried out in pain as its attack was reversed, it felt immense pain, even though it did not suffer heavy injuries, it was not far from it!

"We will attack now, this is the best opportunity!" Tie Mian Shen shouted as he attacked Fang Yuan.

He was incredibly brave, using killer move iron mask equipment to turn into a ten meter giant.

The iron giant pushed with its palms as black qi surged out like a tide, engulfing Fang Yuan like a tiger's roar.

"Which life form would not want freedom? This upper extreme heavenly eagle is unwilling to be enslaved by Fang Yuan, it wants to escape, we will make use of its battle strength and attack Fang Yuan together, like this, we might be able to persevere."

"Fang Yuan does not even want to let the mortals off, evidently, he is a demon even in the demonic path, he had no bottom line or principles. The mortals will die, we will also not be spared, we should fight for a chance of survival."

Hou Yao and Shang Qing Qing had many thoughts, they attacked as well.

They unleashed their strongest methods from the start of the fight.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he did not evade, he let the three moves land on his body.

At the next moment, these three moves were completely reflected back at Tie Mian Shen, Shang Qing Qing, and Hou Yao.

Shang Qing Qing and Hou Yao were in a difficult situation, they quickly dodged.

But that Tie Mian Shen's eyes shone with brilliance, he shouted: "I'll take this!"

He jumped and entered the rumbling black qi that was reflected back, it did not do any damage to him, instead, he slowly regained control over it.

"Fang Yuan, take this again!" Tie Mian Shen shouted, he burst out with Gu worm aura as black qi surged.

This immortal killer move floating sinking iron sand had both offense and defense in it, it was compatible with iron mask equipment, even if it was reflected, Tie Mian Shen could regain control over it.

And this floating sinking iron sand could be stacked and combined perfectly.

Tie Mian Shen was a rank seven expert, even though his attacks were all reflected by Fang Yuan, he felt that he had a chance of winning.

It was fine that the floating sinking iron sand was sent back, he could still control it and add more killer moves into it to increase the power of this move, he would become stronger as time passes!


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