Reverend Insanity
1535 Misplaced Love
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1535 Misplaced Love

"Who is this person?" Ye Fan raised his head to look at Fang Yuan, feeling suspicious.

At this moment, he could not help but recall his master Lu Wei Yin's words.

"Master said before that this eagle can resolve the karma of one incident on me. I have always been wondering about it, is this Gu Immortal the owner of this eagle, and my karma involves him?"

Ye Fan did not know Fang Yuan because he was in the appearance of the sovereign immortal body, Ye Fan had never seen him like this.

Ye Fan knew about the appearance of Fang Yuan's rank six time path clone, he had learned about it from the people around Shang Xin Ci. This was an easy task, back then, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were the Black and White Demons, they had arrest warrants on them.

Servant Xiao Die was shivering as her teeth clattered.

She could not recognize Fang Yuan, she only knew that he had such a powerful aura and was the owner of the upper extreme heavenly eagle. The eagle was already this powerful, how strong would its owner be?

Xiao Die could not imagine it, she only felt fear, Fang Yuan was likely here to find trouble with them.

Shang Xin Ci bit her lips, her gaze was fixed as she looked at Fang Yuan, there was not only shock in her eyes, there was even suspicion, there was an unclear feeling and sensation in her heart.

The mortals were confused and shocked, but the Gu Immortals were different, they felt a chill in their bodies!

"This, this is?!" Rank six Gu Immortal Hou Yao stared with wide eyes as he became tongue-tied. He knew who Fang Yuan was, but he could not say the answer even though it was right at the tip of his tongue.

Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal body appearance was the same as Liu Guan Yi when he roamed the world.

Back then in Southern Border, he entered the immortal formation and explored the super dream realm while disguised as Wu Yi Hai.

Liu Guan Yi and Wu Yi Hai had very different appearances.

However! After the battle of Reverse Flow River, in order to ruin Longevity Heaven's political plan, Heavenly Court framed Fang Yuan to divide the Northern Plains Gu Immortal forces, announcing the truth behind Liu Guan Yi being Fang Yuan all along.

Thus, everyone learned that Fang Yuan was Liu Guan Yi and had also disguised as Wu Yi Hai. His sovereign immortal body's appearance, which was the same as Liu Guan Yi, was no longer a secret, it was known to all.

This time, Fang Yuan came to Southern Border without using familiar face or any concealment methods.

There were a few reasons.

Firstly, he had a clear objective, he wanted to reclaim the upper extreme heavenly eagle. There was no point in concealing his identity if he was going to make a move anyway.

Secondly, after the battle of Reverse Flow River, Fang Yuan obtained rank eight battle strength, and after such a long time of growth, his foundation was deep and his strength was unfathomable, he had sufficient confidence to roam Southern Border now.

Thirdly, Fang Yuan was purposely exposing his identity to probe the setup of Heavenly Court and the righteous path. But along the way, he was unobstructed.

As a result of several reasons, every Gu Immortal recognized who Fang Yuan was!

"Upper extreme heavenly eagle… Wu Yi Hai… so that's it, this eagle is the upper extreme heavenly eagle!" Shang Qing Qing had countless thoughts, after linking them together, she understood the situation.

"Fang Yuan had rank eight battle strength, this is a widely known fact! A rank eight Gu Immortal is completely different from an immemorial desolate beast! We need to run!" Yi Yu who was hiding in the lake said.

This young and weak looking rank six Gu Immortal was very shocked, his expression was pale, his soul was shaking.

"Why are you so afraid, he might not have found us. Even if we leave now, it is too late, do you think we can outrun him?" Rank seven Gu Immortal Yi Nan Men had an ugly expression, he completely ignored the plans of Yi clan, he tried his best to conceal his aura to the limit.

The immortals were all helpless, but Tie Mian Shen floated up and showed himself openly, flying towards Fang Yuan: "Fang Yuan, you are currently wanted by Central Continent, Southern Border, and Northern Plains, you dare to show up?"

All the immortals saw this and felt deep admiration towards Tie Mian Shen.

"As expected of Tie Mian Shen!"

"Tie clan's Gu Immortals are truly admirable."

"At this point, there is no use in hiding, this is a desperate situation, we need to work together and unite, there will be a chance of survival."

"That's right! Fang Yuan could escape arrest and roam the world, he must have an extremely powerful movement method. If we split up, he would catch up and kill us one by one. Our only hope is to unite and wait for reinforcements to arrive."

Gu Immortals were all not ordinary.

After hearing Tie Mian Shen's words, the Gu Immortals present calmed themselves and understood the situation, they had to unite against this demonic path Gu Immortal who had been the center of attention recently, or they would not survive.

"If Fang Yuan finds us, we will have to fight to the death and resist this demon!" Yi Nan Men and Yi Yu conversed.

At the moment of crisis, Tie Mian Shen stood up and stabilized the righteous path, he was truly an elite of Tie clan, a heroic rank seven expert.

The mortals of the three clans went into a clamor.

"Look, another immortal appeared!"

"Oh heavens, am I seeing this wrongly?"

Everyone raised their heads, their eyes were filled with shock and curiosity.

Normally, immortals could not be found in all five regions, but now, two Gu Immortals appeared out of nowhere, they were deeply shocked.

"Wait, what did the second Gu Immortal say? Fang Yuan? Is he the person that Lady Xin Ci has been thinking of everyday? But his appearance is not the same." Ye Fan's heart shook, he subconsciously turned around and looked at Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Xin Ci raised her snow-white neck as she stared at Fang Yuan without looking away.

When Tie Mian Shen exposed Fang Yuan's identity, she instantly understood why she had that mystical feeling in her heart.

The person she had been thinking of all the time was right in front of her, appearing in such a way, Shang Xin Ci looked at him fixedly as if time had stopped.

Her emotions that had accumulated for a long time erupted in her heart.

Was it because Fang Yuan helped her when she was at her most vulnerable and helpless moment?

Sometimes, she felt suspicious towards herself, was it really love that she felt towards Fang Yuan?

Or was it gratitude?

But now, when she saw Fang Yuan again, even though his appearance changed, the emotions inside her poured out like a waterfall.

At this moment, tears emerged in her eyes, she confirmed that this was love!

Love was absurd, there was no logic in it.

Trying to find an answer for love was stupid and foolish.

But Shang Xin Ci understood that she had met the wrong person at the right time.

She knew that she could not love him, she knew the difference between them. But how could she stop her own emotions?

Thus, Shang Xin Ci was helpless, she could only look up at Fang Yuan's imposing figure.

She tried to open her eyes and see Fang Yuan's appearance clearly, but she could not. Her commonly used investigative killer moves were all useless against Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal body.

"The current me does not even have the qualifications to look at him?" Shang Xin Ci had complex emotions, there was joy, dejectedness, sadness, and most importantly, great worry over Fang Yuan's safety.

But she knew her own identity and strength, she was Shang clan's leader, a righteous path member and an insignificant mortal.

She had learned of Fang Yuan's identity and history from Shang Qing Qing.

But she could not do or say anything, she could only endure while watching silently!

Ye Fan saw Shang Xin Ci's expression, this was the first time he had seen this expression from her, his heart jumped, he had never felt such an intense pain that assaulted him to the core.

This pain was a mix of love towards Shang Xin Ci and hatred towards Fang Yuan!

At once, he confirmed that this Gu Immortal was Fang Yuan!

"Don't tell me the karma master talked about is between me and Fang Yuan?" Ye Fan had another guess.

He was shocked by Fang Yuan's Gu Immortal identity but he soon accepted it.

Because he had met Bai Ning Bing and almost lost his life. Afterwards, he met Lu Wei Yin and learned many things, thinking back, he felt that Bai Ning Bing was likely a Gu Immortal.

Back then, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were known as the Black and White Demons, Bai Ning Bing had already become a Gu Immortal, while Fang Yuan refined an Immortal Gu in Three Kings blessed land, the whole of Southern Border knew that, he must have gotten an immortal opportunity. Why would it be strange that he was a Gu Immortal now?


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