Reverend Insanity
1534 Fang Yuan Arrives
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1534 Fang Yuan Arrives

Those unlucky Gu Masters who were hit by the water pillars were quickly reduced to piles of mushy flesh.

Such a shocking change made all the Gu Masters incredibly flustered, they quickly stopped fighting and tried to leave the place.

"What is going on?" The three Gu Immortals above the clouds were about to respond when these water pillars gathered into one and turned into an ancient water monster that had a fish body, frog legs, and tiger head!

The water monster roared and pounced at the mortals.

It did not have much intelligence, it thought that these mortal Gu Masters had interrupted its sleep.

Its huge frog legs landed on the ground as a vast amount of water gushed out.

But the three immortals acted in time, three shields of light defended their respective clansmen.

"So this smoky warm jade field has an underground frost heart lake, there was an ancient water monster inside it." Hou Yao had a solemn expression.

Shang Qing Qing gritted her teeth, looking at Tie Mian Shen: "I hope Lord Tie Mian Shen can take the lead, we will assist you to take down the ancient water monster, preventing it from rampaging and destroying the smoky warm jade field."

Hou Yao and her were rank six Gu Immortals, they could not deal with the ancient water monster. Only Tie Mian Shen was a rank seven Gu Immortal, he was naturally going to take the lead.

Tie Mian Shen nodded, he was about to fly down when suddenly, a sharp eagle cry resounded in everyone's ears.

At the next moment, everyone became shocked, the tiny eagle beside Ye Fan expanded rapidly and turned into a huge eagle!

Upper extreme heavenly eagle!

The huge eagle shrieked as it pounced at the ancient water monster.

Upper extreme heavenly eagle was rescued by the mysterious Gu Immortal Lu Wei Yin, it was restrained by his methods and was forced to stay with Ye Fan.

But when Ye Fan met with danger, Lu Wei Yin's restraints would weaken greatly, the upper extreme heavenly eagle would be able to use its strength again.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle did not have the awareness of humans, it could not detect Gu Immortals in the area, it only felt threatened by the ancient water monster and its pride was provoked, it wanted to teach this monster a lesson.

Sensing the upper extreme heavenly eagle's imposing aura, the ancient water monster backed off and turned into water, flowing out of the cave and escaping.

After the ancient water monster left, Ye Fan became safe again, the upper extreme heavenly eagle's seal activated as it turned back into a tiny eagle, a formless force made it return to Ye Fan again.

Silence was around Ye Fan, countless Gu Masters looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Young… young master Ye, what is this eagle exactly…" Xiao Die was tongue-tied, she was completely stunned.

Ye Fan rubbed his nose: "If I say that this is the first time I've seen this eagle's power, would you believe me?"

"Immemorial desolate beast!! Be it the three Gu Immortals in the clouds or the two Yi clan Gu Immortals hiding under the lake, they were completely lost for words.

"Why did this happen?" Those two Yi clan Gu Immortals only wanted to release the ancient water monster, they did not expect an immemorial desolate beast to appear.

"This is a good thing, we do not need to do anything. That immemorial desolate beast can kill these three immortals!" Yi Yu said.

Yi Nan Men had a grim expression: "Things are not so simple, can't you see? That immemorial desolate beast is raised by someone, it is the pet of that young man who was fighting earlier!"

"Shang clan's fairy, what is going on, this immemorial desolate beast is?" Tie Mian Shen's gaze was bright like lightning, he turned around and questioned Shang Qing Qing.

Shang Qing Qing smiled bitterly, she was completely stunned earlier, her expression had given her away, even if she did not expose any loopholes earlier, she could not lie now.

Shang Qing Qing only had rank six cultivation level, she had to say: "I am not sure, it must be the young man's fortuitous encounter."

"What sort of fortuitous encounter can make a mortal raise an immemorial desolate beast as a pet?" Hou Yao exclaimed in a tone of shock and disbelief.

Tie Mian Shen smiled coldly: "This matter is too important, we cannot ignore it. Smoky warm jade field is no longer important in comparison! This young man must have obtained an immortal true inheritance, but our Southern Border righteous path has never had such a method to allow a mere mortal to raise an immemorial desolate beast, I need to investigate this and prevent the demonic path from rising again!"

Shang Qing Qing was furious but helpless, she smiled bitterly: "I am sure Lord Tie Mian Shen will investigate this matter and uphold justice."

"Eagle, eagle, so you are this amazing!" Ye Fan sighed continuously, he stretched out his hand and wanted to touch the upper extreme heavenly eagle's head.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle had struggled and attempted to break free but it could do nothing against the seal, after a long time, it gave up. It returned to Ye Fan's shoulder and felt angry, but hearing his words, it showed a prideful expression, seeing Ye Fan's hand, it stretched out its wing and slapped it away.

Ye Fan smiled bitterly.

Xiao Die watched with bulging eyes: "This eagle is so arrogant, but with that strength, the arrogance suits it. Young master Ye, you…"

Before she finished, Shang Xin Ci interrupted: "Xiao Die, this is young master Ye Fan's secret, stop asking him."

"No worry, no worry, this eagle was captured by my master." Ye Fan saw that this was exposed and did not want to lie to Shang Xin Ci.

"Your master could subdue such an eagle?!" Xiao Die screeched.

Shang Xin Ci had a shocked expression too, she connected the dots, Ye Fan's master was likely to be a powerful Gu Immortal!

While they were speaking, the upper extreme heavenly eagle suddenly showed great fright and became restless on Ye Fan's shoulder, it was like a rat seeing a cat, or a sheep seeing a wolf.

"What happened?" Xiao Die and the rest were surprised, this arrogant eagle actually acted like this, it was a huge contrast to their impression of it.

"I don't know!" Ye Fan shouted: "This is the first time I've seen the eagle act so flustered."

The upper extreme heavenly eagle did not move from Ye Fan's shoulder, but it shrieked at one direction. Its voice was no longer imposing as before, it was filled with fright and even had a begging tone, one could easily tell that fear was in its eyes, and even a trace of anger.

"What is going on?" At once, be it the mortal Gu Masters or Gu Immortals, they looked towards the direction that upper extreme heavenly eagle was crying out at.

Next, everyone saw a figure flying in the sky, moving like a sword piercing the air.

All of the white clouds in the sky were cut into two by this figure.

"It seems like a person?"


The Gu Masters were shocked.

"Who is it?"

"This aura, it is not an ordinary immortal…"

The Gu Immortals were alerted and felt great surprise.

The figure stopped in the air as everyone saw this Gu Immortal's true appearance.

Only to see that his complexion was as clear as jade, his nose was tall and his black eyes were shining with cold light. He had long hair that resembled a waterfall, hanging straight down to his waist. He wore a white robe that fluttered in the wind, he was handsome to the point of looking like a peerless beauty, his dominating aura was extremely intense.

All of the mortal Gu Masters looked up towards him.

In pure silence.

Before they heard him speak in a plain tone: "My bird, so you are here."


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