Reverend Insanity
1533 Underground Frost Heart Lake
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1533 Underground Frost Heart Lake

Tie Ruo Nan grunted as she raised her fists, facing the attack.


A loud sound resounded as fist and palm collided, erupting with white light.

Intense light burst out, the ground cracked from the impact.

Both sides collided intensely before retreating backwards rapidly. After ten or so steps, they stabilized their footing and looked at each other while panting roughly.

At this moment, they both had solemn expressions as they treated the other party as their biggest rival, they did not dare to be careless.

"Really amazing, these two have battle strength far surpassing normal rank fives, they are both Gu Immortal seeds!" Shang Xin Ci sighed in her mind, with her current knowledge, she knew some things about the Gu Immortal world from Shang Qing Qing.

Ye Fan looked around as he spoke: "Tie Ruo Nan, if you can handle this move, I will admit defeat!"

Tie Ruo Nan's gaze focused as she nodded, agreeing: "Okay."

Mortal Gu Masters had limited primeval essence, they did not fight for long, but the battle was intense, they used many mortal killer moves, their primeval essence was greatly expended.

Thus, there was little primeval essence left in their apertures. Tie Ruo Nan agreed the moment Ye Fan initiated a final move to decide victory.

Ye Fan breathed in deeply and started to activate his killer move.

Mortal killer move — Aurora Bird!

Chirp chirp!

Sounds of anxious bird chirping could be heard.

Light flowed like water on Ye Fan's body, these rainbow lights rumbled and gathered on his forearms and right palm.

The aurora lights acted on their own, they chirped as they transformed into the shape of a small sparrow.

The aurora bird gathered energy and had a powerful aura, Tie Ruo Nan had a grim expression, black smoke was emerging from her body. The black smoke gathered on her face and slowly turned into a thin black iron mask.

Mortal killer move — Iron Mask Equipment!

This move came from Iron Mask true inheritance, if an Immortal Gu was used as the core, it would be an immortal killer move.

"Go." Ye Fan called out as the rainbow light on his right arm seemingly gained life at this instant, leaving his body and flying into the sky, turning into a rainbow bird.

The bird flapped its wings as the aurora bird charged forward at an extreme speed.

"Come." Tie Ruo Nan called out too as she charged forward instead of staying back.

At the next moment, she collided into the aurora bird.

Tie clan's Gu Masters gasped, they were worried for Tie Ruo Nan, to think that she actually used her body to block the strongest attack from Ye Fan.

Above the clouds, Tie Mian Shen was calm and unmoved, he knew the power of iron mask equipment, he was confident in its defense.

Chirp chirp!

The aurora bird crashed onto Tie Ruo Nan and turned back into a lump of aurora light, enveloping Tie Ruo Nan.

Black smoke emerged from Tie Ruo Nan's body as it defended against the corrosion of the aurora light.

Both sides were stuck in a deadlock, unable to decide the victor.

"Your Shang clan's Gu Immortal seed is also quite good." Tie Mian Shen praised.

Shang Qing Qing smiled: "It is a shame, he is an external seed."

Tie Mian Shen nodded: "I see that this killer move he had is innovative, it is likely his own creation. To be able to create his own style at this age, he far surpasses ordinary geniuses."

Hou Yao watched with envy by the side, sighing: "Such seeds are all future pillars for the clan."

Shang Qing Qing was humble but she felt very suspicious. She had given guidance to Ye Fan before, but he did not display such talent back then.

"My Shang clan has an arena system, thus Tie Mian Shen and Hou Yao thought that he is an external Gu Immortal seed that we recruited, but that is not the case."

"Ye Fan displayed such talent, he must have had some fortuitous encounters recently. Of course, he created his own killer move, such talent cannot be underestimated. He really is qualified to become part of our clan."

"If we can investigate and find that his origins are not suspicious, we will recruit him. Right, he seems to like Shang Xin Ci, we can make use of that. If he can become a Gu Immortal, so what if we have to give him Shang Xin Ci? This would be a beautiful story in the future as well."

Shang Qing Qing thought and made her plans, while at the same time, two Gu Immortals were conversing and plotting at a lake near the mountain.

These two Gu Immortals were concealing their traces, they had prepared for this long ago.

Among them, one of the Gu Immortals was a weak looking young man, he was called Yi Yu, he had a worried expression: "Will our actions really not alert those three Gu Immortals?"

"No." His companion Yi Nan Men answered with certainty: "If not for my unique investigative killer move, I would not have found an ancient water monster under this smoky warm jade field! Our Yi clan is most skilled at water path, it is hard for these three Gu Immortals to find out."

"And currently, we are not acting directly, we are luring this slumbering ancient water monster to wake up and rampage."

Saying so, Yi Nan Men's words shifted: "Of course, Gu Immortals have all sorts of methods, I cannot guarantee that they will not find out. But even if they find out and expose us, we can explain ourselves too, after all, Yi clan is also a super force, they might be suspicious, but they would not fight to the death with us."

"If they do not discover anything, hehe, when the water monster rampages, they will definitely suppress it. By then, you can act and kill one of them to make the three clans suspicious of each other and fight!"

Yi Nan Men had rank seven cultivation level, while Yi Yu was only rank six, in their plan, Yi Yu was the one executing the assassination, he must have some unique method.

The weak looking young man Yi Yu had a worried expression: "I am not familiar with that move yet, what if the activation fails? What if they find out when I use it?"

Yi Nan Men had a solemn expression: "That is the worst possible scenario, if they find out, I will use my life to stall them and let you escape. I will not admit I am a Gu Immortal from Yi clan even if I die, you must do the same."

"Mm!" This time, Yi Yu no longer had a worried expression, he was filled with solemnness and determination.

Yi Nan Men breathed in deeply: "I am going to make a move."

He activated an immortal killer move with deeply concealed aura, there was not a hint of commotion from it, Yi Yu became more assured.

At the next moment, water ripples appeared deep underground, a slumbering water monster had been rudely awakened!

On the surface, Ye Fan and Tie Ruo Nan were still about to decide the winner when the ground shook.

Puff puff puff!

Gushes of water rushed out of the black soil on the ground and penetrated the battlefield, destroying the Gu formation that Shang clan had painstakingly created.

Dozens of huge water pillars that were tens of feet high appeared in smoky warm jade field.


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