Reverend Insanity
1532 Ye Fan Versus Tie Ruo Nan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1532 Ye Fan Versus Tie Ruo Nan

Boom boom boom!

Intense explosions resounded. Mortal killer moves were unleashed endlessly, two figures were clashing continuously as they fought.

One was Ye Fan with immense luck, he cultivated transformation path and light path, he obtained the guidance of a Gu Immortal of Shang clan and was also the disciple of the mysterious Gu Immortal Lu Wei Yin. And the rarest thing was that he did not rely on his fortuitous encounters alone, he was walking on his own cultivation path.

And for Tie Ruo Nan, even though she was born in the super clan Tie clan, her childhood was not fortunate, she lost her mother when she was a child, and her father when she was a teenager, she became one of Tie clan's eight young masters through her own hard work, she was skilled in both the pen and sword, she had a lot of suitors. Especially after getting the guidance of Tie clan Gu Immortal Tie Mian Shen, she became the inheritor of Iron Mask true inheritance.

These two were fighting like two geniuses competing, huge commotions were created, the backlash of their attacks created a large area that would injure ordinary Gu Masters if they went into the range of their attacks, everyone had to evade them.

The Gu Masters from all three clans were stunned from seeing their fight.

"Missy, young master Ye is so strong? Why did we not know?" Servant Xiao Die asked Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Xin Ci's eyes flickered as she pondered: "Young master Ye must have his own opportunities, his strength rose drastically. This is a good thing, but his opponent is not simple, young master Ye has to be more careful."

Xiao Die chuckled as she covered her mouth: "Young master Ye is indeed talented and handsome, everyone can see that he likes you, Missy. If he knows about your concern towards him, he would be so happy."

Shang Xin Ci shook her head, she wanted to say something but did not speak in the end.

Xiao Die had been observing her, she was Shang Xin Ci's confidant, extremely close to her, she was a servant back in Zhang clan, back then, she had followed the caravan along with Shang Xin Ci to Shang clan city.

Thus, others called Shang Xin Ci clan leader or city lord, but Xiao Die still addressed her as Missy, and Shang Xin Ci did not ask her to change her title, this showed how close the two girls were.

Right now, Xiao Die was full of worries, she thought: "It seems that Missy still cannot forget that demonic path Gu Master Fang Yuan. Sigh, what ill-affinity do they have, that Fang Yuan only escorted us to Shang clan city but he became Missy's crush. I wonder where he is now? I'm afraid he's already dead. Sigh, if he really died, I hope we can see his corpse so that Missy can give up and forget him."

Xiao Die had B grade aptitude, she was just a mortal Gu Master after all, she had not interacted with Gu Immortals, she did not know who Fang Yuan was now, she still thought that Fang Yuan was that mortal demonic path Gu Master.

Even though Shang Xin Ci learned about Fang Yuan's current situation from Shang clan Gu Immortal Shang Qing Qing, she did not need to tell Xiao Die about this.

"The new generation surpasses the old, I am truly old now." Hou clan leader watched Tie Ruo Nan and Ye Fan's fight, he felt incredibly shocked and also bitter.

Tie clan leader was more shocked than anything, he thought: "I thought that by sending Tie Ruo Nan, we would be able to sweep away the obstacles and claim victory, but now, it seems that the outcome has yet to be decided. To think that Shang clan has such a hidden expert!"

At the same time, in the sky above the battlefield where mortal Gu Masters could not detect, three Southern Border Gu Immortals placed their gazes on Tie Ruo Nan's and Ye Fan's fight.

They were from Shang clan, Hou clan, and Tie clan, the three immortals were sitting on a white cloud, there was a round table in front of them as fragrant tea was placed before them.

The Gu Immortals drank tea as they used the mortals of their clans as chips to gamble, deciding the ownership of this smoky warm jade field.

This smoky warm jade field was a high grade resource point, even super forces placed a lot of attention on it. If they could get it, there would be huge profits for the entire clan.

But using mortals to compete without Gu Immortals fighting, was it too foolish? Or rather, if they lost, would the Gu Immortals deny the victory?

Using mortals to gamble on immortal level conflicts, it was not so simple after all.

Forget about the lone and demonic immortals that live alone, but for righteous path forces, they looked at the long term consequences. They focused on nurturing descendants, like how Shang clan had their young master competition to make them fight for top positions, they even brought in external Gu Masters in the arena. Tie clan also had eight main young masters, and other clans had their own systems, it was all to choose immortal seeds from their mortal descendants!

There was deep meaning in letting the clansmen fight, they represented the future achievements of the clan. Especially those Gu Immortal seeds, losing any one of them was a huge loss to the Gu Immortals.

But Gu Immortals needed to do this, the advantages far outweighed the costs.

Firstly, as long as Gu Immortals did not die in the clan, their foundations would not waver, the clan would not be destabilized. As long as Gu Immortals did not fight, anything could be negotiated.

Secondly, it was a test for these mortals too when they compete. Those who survive would emerge more experienced while those dead genius would not be considered real geniuses. The righteous path has been nurturing descendants for a long time, they could afford to lose Gu Immortal seeds.

Among the three, when competing, there were bound to be positive and negative relationships created, this would bond the clan together. When the Gu Immortal seeds grow in the future, they might have enemies in other super forces, by then, they would not be able to leave the clan, they would need to rely on it.

Any policy had its considerations, this was not just a shallow game where Gu Immortals used mortals as pawns. Those in power were not so simple.

At this moment, the three immortals were focusing on Tie Ruo Nan and Ye Fan, the three knew: the winner of this fight was the key to decide who would own smoky warm jade field.

The immortal from Shang clan, Shang Qing Qing, smiled from the seat to the left: "Congratulations Lord Tie Mian Shen, you found a good inheritor for your Iron Mask true inheritance."

Tie clan had Iron Mask true inheritance, all the immortals in Southern Border knew about it. This true inheritance had a strict requirement, it was hard to find a suitable inheritor.

A true inheritance was a mature and superior set of cultivation content. Sometimes, not everyone could inherit it, there were certain requirements for them.

Tie clan's Tie Mian Shen was sitting at the center.

He wore a martial uniform and his chest and legs were covered in armor, there was a thick iron mask on his face.

He had not brought a mask to wear, it was the trait of cultivating the Iron Mask true inheritance. All the Gu Immortals who cultivate this true inheritance must have a heart of justice, they also were often people most skilled in Southern Border in investigating the truth.

He had originally chosen the divine investigator, Tie Ruo Nan's father, to become the inheritor of Iron Mask true inheritance, but he died on Qing Mao Mountain and recently, finding that Tie Ruo Nan also had the qualities and talent, she was chosen as his new inheritor.

This time, Tie clan sent him here to fight over smoky warm jade field, he brought Tie Ruo Nan along to use this chance to train her.

Among the three Gu Immortals present, the Gu Immortals from Hou clan and Shang clan were only rank six, as the only one with rank seven cultivation level, Tie Mian Shen sat at the center.

When they conversed, Shang Qing Qing and the Hou clan Gu Immortal also spoke respectfully to Tie Mian Shen.

Tie Mian Shen nodded slightly: "Shang clan's fairy is right, this is my true inheritance's successor. But she is still young, she needs to be trained."

Hou clan's Gu Immortal Hou Yao remained silent. He was watching the battlefield now, even though his clan was the weakest now, he had not lost yet. As long as Tie clan and Shang clan suffered losses together, the eventual result was still unknown.

Smoke and dust rumbled as Ye Fan took a step back, he breathed in deeply as his chest inflated and bulged.

Tie Ruo Nan pounced like an eagle from behind him, her fingers were extended like claws.

Ye Fan turned around and spat out a bright red arrow towards Tie Ruo Nan's face.

Tie Ruo Nan was not panicking, her eyes shined brightly as she leaned backwards, evading like an elegant crane, dodging the red arrow.

But at this time, Ye Fan had already found his opportunity, he pushed forward with both hands and pounced.


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