Reverend Insanity
1531 Smoky Warm Jade Field
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1531 Smoky Warm Jade Field

Southern Border, southeast direction.

Yellow dragon river was to the north, while Bai Shou Mountain was to the south.

This was originally a mountain range with varying contours, but it had split apart now, a huge Earth Trench had been created here with immeasurable depth.

The great era was arriving, the five regions were becoming one, the first step was the turbulence in earth qi, and the connection of earth veins. Southern Border had the densest earth path dao marks in all five regions, therefore, after the first earthquake, several more huge earthquakes occurred throughout the region.

Each earthquake was a disaster to Southern Border's mortals. But for Gu Immortals, they were all fortuitous encounters!

All sorts of immortal materials and even wild Immortal Gu would emerge from deep underground. The earth veins were the essence of the earth after all.

These last years, Southern Border's Gu Immortal world had been in deep commotion.

First was the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, followed by the dream realm battle, be it lone cultivators, demonic path or righteous path members, many people had died, especially Wu clan, they had lost seven Gu Immortals!

Southern Border's Gu Immortals became alert as a result, because of the danger, they tried hard to raise their strength.

This time, the earth vein tremors created Earth Trenches, countless Southern Border Gu Immortals invested themselves into this, trying to scavenge for resources and make up for their losses while raising their strength.

At this moment, in this newly developed Earth Trench, a group of Gu Masters were setting up a mortal Gu formation and setting up camp.

The leader had rank five cultivation level and was a woman.

Her eyebrows were thin like smoke, her eyes were as clear as the moon. Her skin was snow-white, and her lips were pink and tender, her silky jet black hair draping over her shoulders, accentuating her beauty.

Right now, she was wearing a plain white dress, she was elegant like an orchid and gentle like water, having an aura of royalty in her.

It was none other than Shang clan's current leader, Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Xin Ci's beautiful eyes were in a daze, staring at the field before her.

This field was deep within Earth Trench, it was extraordinary, the soil was black and firm like iron, colorful smoke was rising up from the soil, floating towards the sky and forming into clouds.

All of the Gu Masters in the field felt a warm feeling permeating their bodies and souls, they felt extremely comfortable.

"The great power of nature, this is truly incredible!" Shang Xin Ci sighed, feeling deeply moved.

A white robed young man was standing beside her, he had a heroic stature, sword-like sharp eyes and brows, a small eagle was resting on his shoulder, it was Ye Fan.

Ye Fan spoke: "This field is not simple, if I am not wrong, this is a smoky warm jade field, it can produce immortal material smoky warm jade, it is extraordinary. This field is actually a few square kilometers worth of land, it has extremely high value!"

Ye Fan still loved Shang Xin Ci in his heart, before this, he had taken it upon himself to help Shang Xin Ci handle the affairs of her clan.

But afterwards, when chasing away the Eighteen Lads of Wine Village, he met Bai Ning Bing and was almost killed.

Ye Fan managed to keep his life and changed drastically, becoming more mature. By chance, he met Lu Wei Yin and became his disciple.

He was nurtured by Lu Wei Yin, not only did he enter black heaven to cultivate, he was even given lots of knowledge by Lu Wei Yin, far surpassing Shang Xin Ci.

"So this place is called smoky warm jade field, thank you young master Ye for the explanation. I finally know why the immortal ancestors in our clan want me to lead the group to guard this place." Shang Xin Ci expressed her gratitude.

She originally had low aptitude and cultivation level, but to fight for the smoky warm jade field this time, Shang clan's Gu Immortals went ahead and used their unique methods to raise Shang Xin Ci to rank five regardless of the cost.

Worry flashed across Ye Fan's eyes.

Shang Xin Ci's enemies were Hou clan and Tie clan.

These two clans also sent their rank five cultivation level clan leaders here, they were bent on getting the smoky warm jade field.

Ye Fan's current understanding of the world had surpassed the mortal realm, he could tell very clearly.

"This smoky warm jade field is a natural resource point. Whichever clan can control this place will gain a sizeable amount of smoky warm jade each year. Shang clan, Hou clan, and Tie clan, even the clan leaders of these three super forces are merely pawns, the Gu Immortals behind them are the true contesters."

"Sigh! The position of Shang clan leader seems high and mighty, but it is merely a political tool for Gu Immortals. They have no freedom and are in danger, lone immortals and demonic cultivators might also be coming here. During the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Shang clan's previous leader, Shang Yan Fei, the father of Shang Xin Ci, died as well. Wu clan's leader Empress Wu Ji and other champions also faced the same fate… if one is not a Gu Immortal, no matter how amazing of a mortal they are, they are still mortals."

Ye Fan felt deep emotions thinking about this, he affirmed his determination to become an immortal!

"Report—! Hou clan and Tie clan have sent large groups of troops of an unprecedented scale, directly towards us." At this time, an investigative Gu Master reported.

A beautiful female Gu Master beside Shang Xin Ci said: "Clan leader was right, we set up a Gu formation and expanded our base, we triggered the bottom lines of these two clans."

This beautiful woman was Wei De Xin, the wife of Wei clan leader, she was once bought as a slave by Fang Yuan and given to Shang Xin Ci. Right now, she was Shang Xin Ci's personal guard, she was loyal and only wanted to repay her gratitude.

Shang Xin Ci nodded, smiling: "The Gu formation has been set long ago, we are pretending to set it up now so as to lure these two clans to attack us, so that we can take them down at once."

Shang clan, Tie clan, and Hou clan had been in this conflict for a long time, they each had wins and losses, it was a tie between them. Thus, Shang Xin Ci came up with a plan to set up a Gu formation and amplify her side's strength to win this contest. The other two clan leaders were experienced leaders and would not cause a commotion in their clans if they left for some time, but Shang Xin Ci was young and inexperienced, if she went out of the clan for too long, there would be a huge commotion internally. This was the reason why Shang Xin Ci had to take a risk.

Of course, she was not taking a risk blindly, Shang Xin Ci had devised her plan after thoroughly researching her enemies, she was confident of obtaining victory now.

"If I can defeat the two old clan leaders from Hou clan and Tie clan here, my reputation will rise sharply, when I return to the clan, things will change." Saying so, Shang Xin Ci's lips curled up as she said loudly: "I hope everyone can put in their effort and claim victory now."

Everyone responded positively.

Shang Xin Ci had Wei De Xin as her guard, Xiong Tu, Xiong Huo, and Xiong Feng as her three experts, she even had Xiao Yan from Shang clan arena, an external Gu Master who had been recruited by her and became an important general. As for steward Zhou Quan, he was taking the place of Shang Xin Ci in Shang Liang Mountain to maintain the situation in the clan.

Ye Fan was like a guest elder, he was not considered a subordinate of Shang Xin Ci.

"The position of clan leader is tiring and hard, but Xin Ci has learned a lot, she is not as weak now, she is becoming more bold." At once, Ye Fan was dazed by Shang Xin Ci's determined and elegant disposition.

"Shang clan leader, what is the meaning of this?" A moment later, Tie clan leader arrived.

Next, Hou clan leader also arrived with his men, questioning Shang Xin Ci: "Little lass, are you trying to take over this entire place by expanding your base?"

Shang Xin Ci smiled lightly: "Clan leaders, we have already wasted a lot of time here. Why don't we decide the victor now, what is the point of stalling?"

Hou clan leader's pupils shrunk.

Tie clan leader laughed heartily, showing Shang Xin Ci a thumbs-up: "Good, you are an amazing junior. The truth is, I am quite frustrated with being here for so long, let's have a huge three-way battle today and decide the victor."

Thus, all three sides sent out their troops and fought.

Shang Xin Ci, Ye Fan, and the other higher-ups were standing on the spot, waiting for the results of the battle.

"Activate the Gu formation." Shang Xin Ci instructed.

The formation path Gu Master beside her was hesitant: "Isn't it too early to activate the Gu formation now? They will have a lot of time to react to it."

Shang Xin Ci shook her head: "Go ahead and set it up."

The Gu formation activated as light filled the battlefield.

Hou clan and Tie clan's Gu Masters immediately panicked.

Shang Xin Ci spoke loudly: "This formation can protect the lives of those heavily injured, Gu Masters from Hou clan and Tie clan, go ahead and fight."

Once she said that, Hou clan's and Tie clan's leaders had changes of expressions.

Tie clan leader laughed loudly: "I've heard of Shang clan leader's kindness long ago, it seems to be true after all, alright, let us fight until the end."

Hou clan leader snorted coldly, thinking: "This lass is truly formidable, she said the incredible ability of this Gu formation to put our resolve in chaos, would we still get rid of the formation after hearing that? I truly underestimated her!"

"Looking at all the clan leaders of super forces and even Gu Master experts, Xin Ci is the kindest person I've ever seen. She could have created an offensive formation, but she chose this and reduced her own advantage. I need to lend her a hand later." Ye Fan thought.

He did not mention his immortal fortuitous encounter to Shang Xin Ci and the rest.

But after cultivating in black heaven, Ye Fan was confident that even rank five Gu Masters were not his match!

The Gu formation activated, under its effect, whenever a Gu Master suffers great injury, they would be enveloped by light and sent out, safe from harm.

At the same time, the Gu formation amplified the power of Shang clan's Gu Masters.

Tie clan and Hou clan had Gu Masters trying to unravel this Gu formation, but before they succeeded, Shang clan's Gu Masters would have a huge advantage.

"Kill!" Xiong Tu, Xiong Huo, and Xiong Feng joined the battlefield, the three worked together closely, most elders were not their match.

Soon, three elders from Hou clan suffered heavy injuries and were sent out of the battlefield by the light.

"Damn it!" Hou clan leader clenched his fist: "I already convinced a crucial person in Shang clan to sabotage Shang Xin Ci, to think that she would initiate battle now. This Tie clan leader is too rash, he actually agreed and fell into her schemes. Hmm?"

At this time, a female Gu Master walked out of Tie clan's formation, she was fearsome!

She fought valiantly, rampaging the battlefield unhindered.

The three Xiong brothers wanted to stop her, but they were sent out of the battlefield rapidly by her unstoppable advancement.

Hou clan leader's eyes were bulging, he finally realized: "So Tie clan has such a person! Amazing, too amazing, even if I go and fight, I am not her match."

At the moment of crisis, Ye Fan entered the battlefield, standing in front of this female Gu Master: "Lady, may I know your name?"

That woman's eyes flashed like lightning as she assessed Ye Fan, showing a hint of sternness, she said in a cold tone: "Tie Ruo Nan!"


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