Reverend Insanity
1525 Myriad Life Spring Lightning
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1525 Myriad Life Spring Lightning

Thanks to Fang Yuan's skillful actions, the two final immemorial soul beasts guarding Divine Bean Palace were taken away and enslaved.

The sovereign immortal aperture lost two immemorial soul beasts, but two more came in. One had a bull body and leopard tail, while the other was a one eyed giant.

"This Suan Bu Jin is truly a wisdom path Gu Immortal, our Fang clan has been plotting for generations, but now, this outsider has gained huge benefits while we have yet to obtain Divine Bean Palace. Not only did he get a rank seven Immortal Gu from us, he even subdued two immemorial soul beasts, obtaining rank eight battle strength!"

Fang clan's Gu Immortals had varying expressions, Fang Yuan's gains were too huge, even the third supreme elder Fang Hua Sheng felt a little envious, not to mention the rest of the Gu Immortals.

But this was normal mentality.

Fang clan put in the most effort, but now, Fang Yuan the outsider had the biggest gains, while Fang clan continued to invest in this. It was no wonder that Fang clan's Gu Immortals felt envious towards him.

"This Suan Bu Jin is very capable, he had a method to subdue immemorial soul beasts! But it is not a surprise, he was able to roam green ghost desert and gather a soul beast army after all. But… why does he want great thief Immortal Gu? Does he have a theft path inheritance?"

"This great thief Immortal Gu is one of the core Immortal Gu of theft path, it was created by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable personally. An ancestor of Fang clan had obtained it from a lone immortal by chance, hmph, how can our Fang clan's Immortal Gu be so easy to obtain? How can we stop until we work this Suan Bu Jin to the bones?"

Fang clan's second supreme elder Fang Di Chang thought, he was about to speak but saw that after subduing the two immemorial soul beasts, Fang Yuan shut his eyes and sat down, pretending that he was gravely injured and needed to attend to his injuries.

"Hmm?! Friend Suan Bu Jin?" Fang Di Chang called out.

Fang Yuan was silent.

"Friend Suan Bu Jin, how are your injuries?" Fang Di Chang's eyes shined with cold light.

Fang Yuan was silent.

"It seems that you are gravely injured, why don't I help to heal you?" Fang Di Chang continued to pursue.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes at this point, speaking in a hoarse and fatigued voice: "No need to worry friend, I am fine, I can suppress these two immemorial soul beasts. The important thing now is to take down Divine Bean Palace. This Divine Bean Palace has transformed drastically, it is stalling for time now, there must be a good reason. If you allow time to be wasted, something might happen."

"Since it is trapped in our peach blossom maze, what could possibly happen?" A Fang clan Gu Immortal snorted in disdain.

Fang Di Chang's eyes shone with cold light as he gazed at Fang Yuan.

But Fang Yuan gradually closed his eyes.

"This Suan Bu Jin is so shameless, I wanted to get him to attack Divine Bean Palace and probe for danger but he actually acted like this. It is a pity that the alliance agreement did not give me the right to command him. The big picture is more important now, this Divine Bean Palace has been our goal for generations, we cannot lose it." Even as a wisdom path great grandmaster, Fang Di Chang had to ignore him for now.

He continued to give orders as the three Immortal Gu Houses expended a huge amount of immortal essence, countless flower petals flew out like a storm.

Within the rain of flowers, a large number of flowery wind warriors formed, controlled by Fang clan's Gu Immortals as they attacked Divine Bean Palace.

"Go and prove your loyalty now." Within Divine Bean Palace, Chen Yi had a cold expression as he commanded Eagle Concubine and Old Ghost Bai Jun.

The two looked at each other with great worry and difficulty.

Eagle Concubine said grimly: "With our strength, going out to fight will kill us. Please reconsider it Lord Chen Yi!"

Chen Yi chuckled with a cold gaze: "If you defy my orders, you will die now. If you go out, I will reinforce you, there is a hope of survival. As long as I subdue this legendary immemorial soul beast in time, I will reward you. You know who I am, I will not lie. Make your decision in three breaths of time."

Chen Yi was very forceful, Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine had to obey his orders and go out of Divine Bean Palace, facing the flowery wind warriors.

Boom boom boom!

Both sides fought near Divine Bean Palace heatedly.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine were rank seven Gu Immortals, they were smarter than immemorial soul beasts. Especially when they were experienced demonic cultivators, they had been pursued by righteous path members before and were very skilled at preserving their lives.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine were suppressed but they were very resilient, they managed to restrain these flowery wind warriors.

However, as time passed, Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine got more injured as the situation became dangerous.

Chen Yi was multitasking, reinforcing Divine Bean Palace while suppressing Qing Chou, and also observing the battle, he praised internally: "This move is amazing, it can store multiple immortal killer moves, allowing the Immortal Gu House to utilize countless methods, becoming as flexible as an ancient battle formation, it is not simple!"

Thinking of this, he stretched out his hand as Divine Bean Palace shook, two rays of profound light landed on Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine.

The profound lights moved quickly and entered both of their bodies.

The two of them were shocked, they inspected their bodies but did not find anything peculiar.

At this time, Fang clan attacked again, they had no time to check, they had to fight again.

But during the fight, something different happened.

Whenever they got injured, profound light would shine on their bodies, the damage would be shifted away from them.

"This is Divine Bean Palace's method, immortal killer move graft wood, it allows all of the attacks you receive to be taken by Divine Bean Palace instead." At this time, Chen Yi's voice resounded in their heads.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine were joyful and surprised.

Joyful that they still had value and were not cannon fodder for Chen Yi, now that he helped them, they could last much longer.

Surprised that Chen Yi had already gained control of Divine Bean Palace to use a second move after arriving here for such a short time, it seemed like Divine Bean Palace was already falling into his hands!

"Hmm?" Fang Di Chang soon sensed this change.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine were safe and sound regardless of any killer moves that hit them, profound light would flash on their bodies.

"What move is this? It is so mysterious! Not just attacks, even time path and space path supplementary killer moves cannot affect them."

Fang Di Chang gradually developed a heavy mood, he ordered Fang clan's Gu Immortals: "Go use a killer move to heal them."

Fang clan's Gu Immortals were stunned, how could they help their enemies?

But Fang Di Chang had high reputation, nobody questioned him, they quickly got to work.

Healing methods landed on Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine but had no effect.

"Oh? It seems that there is a capable person in charge of Fang clan." Chen Yi's eyes flashed brightly, he could tell that Fang Di Chang was probing the effect of graft wood.

"Even healing killer moves are useless…" Fang Di Chang soon used his method to make deductions before ordering: "Ignore them, target Divine Bean Palace instead."

The immortals acted as commanded, flowery wind warriors self-detonated as a large number of killer moves with varying effects, either in power or specialty, landed on Divine Bean Palace.

Divine Bean Palace was shaking from the impact, but its core was untouched, only a large number of mortal Gu were destroyed.

Chen Yi nodded to himself.

Fang Di Chang's tactic was very wise, he had deduced the relationship of Old Ghost Bai Jun, Eagle Concubine, and Divine Bean Palace. The two Gu Immortals might dodge or defend against any attacks on them, but Divine Bean Palace could not, it was only passively receiving hits.

And Fang clan's killer moves were unleashed via flowery wind warriors, the effect was amplified by peach blossom maze itself!

If that was not the case, Divine Bean Palace would not have been affected.

Chen Yi frowned slightly, he could only influence Divine Bean Palace now, he did not have control yet. In some ways, he could not even compare to Qing Chou.

Qing Chou could influence Divine Bean Palace and manipulate this Immortal Gu House to fly around.

But this authority was currently in Qing Chou's hands, Chen Yi could not make it move, therefore, it remained stationary.

Chen Yi could kill Qing Chou and take away this authority, he would be able to make Divine Bean Palace fly in that case.

But this way, Qing Chou would die, Chen Yi's own plans would be greatly disrupted.

Therefore, Chen Yi was trying to get Qing Chou to surrender now. If he succeeded, not only would he gain Qing Chou's help, he could also make Divine Bean Palace fly away, he would not be in a passive state.

Fang clan changed its tactic and gained the upper hand.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine became ignored.

These two had their own objectives too, they were forced out by Chen Yi to begin with, now that Fang clan ignored them, they were happy with that. They reserved strength and did not go all out to interfere with their actions.

Divine Bean Palace took the attacks of Fang clan for several minutes, before Chen Yi's brows suddenly relaxed.

After some time, he gained deeper control of Divine Bean Palace, he could use another method now.

"Too bad it isn't a defensive method, but if I use this, it can change the situation too." Chen Yi thought.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Life Spring Lightning!

At the next moment, Divine Bean Palace shook intensely, countless sparks that resembled dragons or snakes coiled around the palace. Lightning gathered into beads of jade green lightning balls as they exploded around the palace.


After a series of explosions, only a few flowery wind warriors escaped, the rest were destroyed.

"This killer move!" Fang Di Chang's gaze concentrated as his expression turned grim for the first time.

This spring lightning did not just destroy the flowery wind warriors, it also landed on the ground and destroyed countless peach trees.

These peach trees were formed from immortal battlefield killer move peach blossom maze, normally speaking, they could regenerate rapidly.

But the places where these spring lightning balls exploded turned into jade green grasslands.

Pine trees grew and took the place of the peach trees, becoming deeply rooted.

Every spring lighting ball created one pine tree, gradually, a sparse forest was created.

Even though this tiny forest could not compare to peach blossom maze, it was like a rocky reef by the sea, adamantly resisting the regeneration of the peach blossom maze.


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