Reverend Insanity
1524 Great Thief Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1524 Great Thief Immortal Gu

Even though Fang Di Chang was furious, Divine Bean Palace was right in front of them, this was their goal for generations, they could not fail. And Fang Yuan's enslavement method was the best way to break the stalemate after all.

Fang Di Chang smiled: "What compensation do you want, friend? As long as you tell me, we will do our best to fulfill it."

Fang Yuan asked for what compensation he would get, but Fang Di Chang flipped the question back at him.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Lord Fang is very straightforward, I am not greedy, I only want one rank seven Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan said this as he slowed down, his gaze flickered like he was embarrassed.

"Rank seven Immortal Gu!" Fang Di Chang's heart jumped, he got more angry but his expression became sincere looking as he smiled: "With your ability to suppress all the immemorial soul beasts, the contribution is enough for a rank seven Immortal Gu. If my clan can obtain Divine Bean Palace in the end, we will promise you another rank seven Immortal Gu!"

Fang Di Chang not only agreed to Fang Yuan's request, he even added in more temptation.

"I am ashamed." Fang Yuan sighed deeply: "I need to get this rank seven Immortal Gu now, otherwise, I cannot make up my mind to pay that huge price and subdue the remaining immemorial soul beast."

"How can you be so impatient? You don't trust my Fang clan?!" A Fang clan Gu Immortal could not control himself, he shouted loudly.

Fang Yuan cupped his fists: "Everyone, the price that I have to pay is too huge, my foundation will be heavily damaged. I can only make up my mind after getting the rank seven Immortal Gu!"

"Fine, my Inquiry Dock has a method to communicate with the outside world, I will send over a rank seven Immortal Gu from our headquarters. This is our rank seven treasury, pick one." Fang Di Chang said as an information path Gu worm flew out of his sleeve.

It was a rank seven information path Immortal Gu!

It was rare to see such Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan thought: "It is hard for me to acquire information, an information path Immortal Gu can help me gather information and find out many secrets. During rebirth, my past life's memories were tampered by heaven's will, there are traps in them, I cannot rely on these memories. During this period, I have been using Shadow Sect's inheritance for information, but these things would become obsolete over time. This rank seven information path Immortal Gu is quite useful for me."

Fang Yuan received the information path Immortal Gu and inspected it.

There were six rank seven Immortal Gu listed in it.

"Fang clan has such deep foundations! They definitely have more than six rank seven Immortal Gu, Fang Di Chang just hid those that he did not want me to take."

Just these six Immortal Gu made Fang Yuan feel dazzled.

He was interested in each of these Immortal Gu, because he had Shadow Sect's true inheritance, any Immortal Gu could be put to good use in his hands.

But soon, when Fang Yuan saw one of the Immortal Gu, his heart shook, he made up his mind and chose it!

"Rank seven great thief Gu?" Fang Di Chang heard Fang Yuan's choice and was quite surprised.

This was a theft path Immortal Gu, but Suan Bu Jin was a wisdom path Gu Immortal.

Fang Yuan did not explain, he did not need to. Fang Di Chang displayed these rank seven Immortal Gu, it meant that they were disposable to him. In the current situation, Fang clan was in a rush for time, not Fang Yuan, if they wanted to stall for time and not give him the Gu, Fang Yuan would just do nothing.

"Or… is he afraid I will use this chance to stall him, so he purposely gave me a random answer? When I reject him, he will give it up immediately?" Fang Di Chang guessed, wisdom path Gu Immortals simply had too many thoughts in their minds.

"Friend, you really want this Immortal Gu?" Fang Di Chang confirmed again.

Fang Yuan hesitated before answering: "Yes, this Gu."

Fang Di Chang nodded: "Alright, I will accept this request."

Saying so, he used a killer move and retrieved this rank seven Immortal Gu from Fang clan's headquarters, transporting it into Inquiry Dock.

The process was very fast, Fang Yuan soon obtained this great thief Gu, with Fang Di Chang's help, he easily refined it.

This great thief Immortal Gu was like a beetle with a flat head and long horn, it was the size of an adult, its black exoskeleton had a metallic luster, giving off a tough feeling.

Fang Yuan obtained this Immortal Gu and felt secretly excited: "My gains are simply too great! I am a theft path great grandmaster now, I lack theft path Immortal Gu. To think that it would come to me now, this great thief Immortal Gu came at such great timing! Not only can it display my superiority in theft path, I can even start making use of ghostly concealment now!"

Fang Yuan had the theft path attainment level, it was very easy to create theft path immortal killer moves.

And the most important one was ghostly concealment!

This immortal killer move was created by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable himself, it was a rank nine killer move with incredible power. But all along, it had been relatively useless to Fang Yuan.


Even though it could protect Fang Yuan from the detection of ghosts and soul beasts, whenever he tried to use an immortal killer move, he would be exposed.

Nobody could see a firecracker buried underground, but when it is ignited and explodes, people would sense it.

Furthermore, ghostly concealment had been interfering with ghost soldier garment, weakening it and limiting its effect.

Ghostly concealment did not expend immortal essence, it operated on its own, that was the ability of a theft path supreme grandmaster. Only supreme grandmasters could surpass the limits and restrictions of this world to a certain extent.

Fang Yuan was a theft path great grandmaster, but he could not activate ghostly concealment himself. Even though he had a deeper understanding of it now, he still had many questions.

But these questions could not stop him from making use of the active ghostly concealment!

As for the way to use ghostly concealment, this rank seven great thief Immortal Gu was the key to solving the problem.

"As long as I add in some mortal Gu and spend some time, I will be able to draw out and use a portion of ghostly concealment's power!"

Bright light flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes.

"But now, I need to get rid of the immemorial soul beasts, Fang clan's patience is dwindling." Fang Yuan wanted to establish a relationship with Fang clan in order to develop in green ghost desert, he did not want to become enemies with them.

Thus, within the sovereign immortal aperture, he killed the two immemorial soul beasts that he had just subdued!

These two immemorial soul beasts were hard to kill, but Fang Yuan had control over them, not only would they not resist him, they would cooperate with him in their suicide.

After dying, Fang Yuan obtained two huge soul cores.

Rank eight immortal materials, immemorial soul cores!

This was very rare.

If he was not in this situation, Fang Yuan would not have killed the two immemorial soul beasts. But there was no choice, hundred and eighty slaves relied on a huge number of soul beasts to work.

Fang Yuan had a vast number of soul beasts, including desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, but they could only help Fang Yuan control two immemorial desolate beasts, that was the limit!

Now that Fang Yuan wanted to control more immemorial soul beasts, it was impossible.

He had no choice but to kill these two immemorial soul beasts!

This was the 'huge price' that Fang Yuan had mentioned to Fang Di Chang.

He was not lying, it was the truth, killing two rank eight battle strength existences, was it not a huge price?

However, after doing this, Fang Yuan used attitude Gu and made himself shake as his face turned pale, blood started flowing out of his mouth and nose.

"It seems that Suan Bu Jin was not lying, the method has a huge price to pay." At once, the Fang clan Gu Immortals who saw this felt better psychologically.

"Even though this is not good, the situation is very urgent, friend, I hope you can do your best." Fang Di Chang urged.

"Of course I will do my best!" Fang Yuan shouted, seemingly gathering his focus as he used hundred and eighty slaves on the flowery wind warriors again.

After three tries, Fang Yuan succeeded in subduing the bull body leopard tail immemorial soul beast like what he did before.


Fang Yuan opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood, his body could not stand firm, his face was pale as paper, devoid of any color, he almost fainted on the spot.

"Suan Bu Jin, be careful!"

"Mind your health, we still need your help for the final immemorial soul beast."

"How are your injuries? I can heal you!"

Fang clan's immortals spoke one after another.

"Don't worry, don't worry." Fang Yuan waved his hand, there was nothing to be worried about, he was acting.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals heard his words as their anger dissipated.

Next, Fang Yuan tried again and subdued the final immemorial soul beast.

The truth was, he needed to thank flowery wind warriors. If not for its ability to store killer moves and use multiple of them at once, how could Fang Yuan obtain the immemorial soul beasts?


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