Reverend Insanity
1522 Green Armor Vegetable Garden
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1522 Green Armor Vegetable Garden

Central Continent's Heavenly Lotus Sect was created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable. During his era, this sect was the number one sect in Central Continent without doubt!

But now, it was reduced to mid-tier among the ten great ancient sects.

Times changed, be it organizations or people, they would not remain constant, there were no force that stayed strong forever, nor would they stay weak constantly.

As the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, Chen Yi had Genesis Lotus' true inheritance, he had the ability to greatly interfere with Divine Bean Palace and influence it.

Fairy Zi Wei was adept at deploying people efficiently, she did not send anyone else to help Chen Yi, he could singlehandedly take over Divine Bean Palace and eliminate the legendary immemorial soul beast Qing Chou, it was highly likely that he could succeed.

But something happened along the way.

"Because of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, this Qing Chou was formed in Divine Bean Palace, it has some of the powers of karma divine tree. Thus, it can sense anyone closely related to Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, if I can capture it, I will be able to research and increase my own understanding of karma divine tree, I can even use it to find the remaining Shadow Sect members!"

Chen Yi was moved.

It was not hard to take over Divine Bean Palace and kill Qing Chou. It was originally quite troublesome, but now that Qing Chou was weakened, it was completely suppressed by Divine Bean Palace.

Chen Yi was a rank eight Gu Immortal, the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he had incredible strength, using Divine Bean Palace, he could easily get rid of Qing Chou.

However, Chen Yi had deeper considerations.

He was the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he had the highest status there! Once this matter was settled, he would go to Heavenly Court, by then, he would no longer be the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, his status would fall greatly.

Heavenly Court was the strongest organization in the world, after Chen Yi joins, he would be a newcomer, he would have the lowest status.

Chen Yi had been the first supreme elder for so long, he had been used to the benefits of authority at the top. He would not feel comfortable with this fall in status, he would want to change this and elevate his status if possible.

And to raise one's status in Heavenly Court, it could be hard or easy depending on the situation, the method was always the same, one had to make contributions.

"If I can control Qing Chou, it would help in hunting down Shadow Sect, I would be very important in Heavenly Court. I would be able to make contributions and raise my status and strength rapidly, I would no longer be in this awkward spot of being a newcomer."

"Ancestor Genesis Lotus had karma divine tree, but this move was wood path after all, he might not have predicted today's situation. If he knew about the situation now, he would surely understand and acknowledge why I am doing this."

Chen Yi made up his mind, after infiltrating Divine Bean Palace, he cooperated with it in suppressing Qing Chou, while trying to subdue this legendary immemorial soul beast.

But just as he was still in the process of doing so, Fang clan's Gu Immortals arrived and set up the immortal battlefield killer move peach blossom maze.

Once it was set up, Chen Yi immediately sensed it.

"They came after all." Chen Yi had a calm expression, he was not flustered. He had already expected Fang clan's arrival.

"Go." Chen Yi stood within the palace, facing Qing Chou, he waved his sleeves and ordered Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine.

In such a short time, he had already subdued them.

Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine wanted to resist, but after knowing Chen Yi's cultivation level and identity, along with Chen Yi's control over Divine Bean Palace that suppressed their master, these two immediately defected and became Chen Yi's lackeys.

Howl! Howl!

The entrance of Divine Bean Palace opened, a large number of soul beasts charged out.

Over at the other end, at Fang clan's side.

As a wisdom path great grandmaster and the second supreme elder, Fang Di Chang was the leader of this expedition without doubt.

He ordered as several Gu Immortals flew out of the three Immortal Gu Houses, converging towards the Divine Bean Palace at the center.

"This peach blossom maze is truly profound! In reality, this Divine Bean Palace should be hidden deep down below the desert, but after the peach blossom maze was set up, it became exposed here in entirety." Fang Yuan was still inside Inquiry Dock, his eyes were shining as he praised peach blossom maze in his mind.

Immortal battlefield killer moves could create an environment that benefited the user.

The peach blossom maze killer move was extremely amazing, it directly changed the terrain of the desert, forcing the hidden Divine Bean Palace to be exposed.

Fang Yuan could not understand the mechanics behind this, he could only make some guesses.

Fang clan's three Immortal Gu Houses were concealed now, they were the cores that sustained the battlefield killer move peach blossom maze, the Gu Immortals inside them were constantly expending immortal essence.

This huge battlefield was filled with peach trees.

At the center of this peach tree forest, there was a majestic Immortal Gu House, Divine Bean Palace.

At this moment, Divine Bean Palace's entrance opened, a larger number of soul beasts emerged. Countless desolate level and ancient desolate level soul beasts, along with three immemorial soul beasts!

These three immemorial soul beasts were naturally the ones that Fang An Lei and Fang Yuan had fought before, the winged black python, bull body leopard tail, and single eyed giant.

Meanwhile, Fang clan had six Gu Immortals, two rank six, four rank seven, Fang Leng, Fang Yun and Fang Chen were included, while third supreme elder Fang Hua Sheng was the person in charge.

When the soul beasts came out of Divine Bean Palace, they did not charge at Fang clan, instead, they surrounded Divine Bean Palace and stood quietly in a circular formation, encircling it.

Boom boom boom!

When both sides fought, Fang clan's Gu Immortals were deeply shocked.

The attacks that they unleashed on the soul beast army had great power, but when the commotion ended, these soul beasts suffered little injuries, and their injuries were even healing rapidly.

"What is happening?"

"These soul beasts seem to be in a peculiar formation, their locations are specially arranged."

While feeling suspicion, Chen Yi suddenly shouted in Divine Bean Palace , the entire place shined in green light, while also emerging from the deepest part of these soul beasts.

Crack crack.

With a series of crisp sounds, these green lights formed into wooden armor that attached to these soul beasts, shielding them from head to toe.

Fang Yuan did not understand, but within Inquiry Dock, Fang Di Chang's expression changed as he exclaimed: "This is Divine Bean Palace's immortal killer move — Green Armor Vegetable Garden."

"Green armor vegetable garden?" Fang Yuan asked.

Fang Di Chang looked at him and smiled bitterly: "This is all the information Fang clan has, we merely know the name and appearance, we do not know its exact effect."

Fang Yuan showed deep interest in his eyes, he looked at the battlefield: "This move has to do with Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, it must not be simple. Let's probe it first."

Fang Di Chang nodded: "Indeed."


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