Reverend Insanity
1520 Negotiation Fails
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1520 Negotiation Fails

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, he looked at Fang Hua Sheng without fear, his gaze was cold and his attitude was unyielding.

Under everyone's gazes, he spoke: "I, Suan Bu Jin, am a wisdom path Gu Immortal, would I really be so easily deceived? Why did your Fang clan's Gu Immortals fall into Old Ghost Bai Jun's hands? In this battle, Fang clan's reinforcements came at such a timing, you could casually bring out two rank seven Immortal Gu Houses and multiple Gu Immortals. Since when did Fang clan have so many Gu Immortals to mobilize at will?"

Fallen Flower Hall turned silent.

Fang Yuan had all sorts of wisdom path methods, earlier, he did not have enough information, but now, he could deduce many things from just the fragmented information he had gathered.

Fang Chen's expression changed, his gaze turned dark.

Fang Yun and Fang Leng looked at each other with awkward expressions.

Fang Hua Sheng laughed loudly, worthy of a sly old fox.

He laughed heartily: "Friend Suan Bu Jin, you are absolutely right, I am not going to beat about the bush, I'll tell you. This is Fang clan's tactic, for generations, we have plotted to obtain this rank eight Immortal Gu House, we must have it! Friend, if you lend us a hand, we will express our deepest gratitude. See this."

Saying so, he took out an information path mortal Gu and handed it to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan took a look, it was another alliance agreement.

The rules were: As long as Fang Yuan helped Fang clan to take the rank eight Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace, Fang clan would compensate him with a rank seven Immortal Gu, he would be allowed to choose one from their treasury. There would also be a lot of rank six and seven immortal materials given to him.

Of course, confidentiality was the most important point.

The information path Gu worm emphasized this, even if Fang Yuan did not undergo the agreement and gave up, Fang clan would not stop him. But he would have to go somewhere and cultivate in seclusion for some time, and follow another confidentiality agreement as well.

"Oh? Divine Bean Palace, is that the Immortal Gu House created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable?"

"Information about this Immortal Gu House is very rare, even within Shadow Sect's true inheritance, there is little said about it."

"Fang clan has been plotting for so long, they are actually after Divine Bean Palace."

"Rank eight Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable… Fang clan has put in so much time, resources, and manpower, of course they need the confidentiality."

Fang Yuan pondered.

The confidentiality agreement was not too much to ask, even Fang Yuan would do so.

Fang clan was already very polite, of course, the reason was that Fang Yuan had great strength and was a rare wisdom path Gu Immortal, Fang clan wanted to recruit him.

At the same time, because Divine Bean Palace was involved, Fang clan had to be very careful, during this period, any of their decisions had to be carefully thought out, they did not want to provoke Fang Yuan.

If this person had any special methods and ruined Fang clan's plans, what would they do?

Right now, Fang Yuan's problem was not about keeping confidentiality, but what could he gain from this entire event.

The biggest gain was the Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace, of course!

Fang Yuan could fight rank eight, thus, even if he was inside Fallen Flower Hall and was surrounded by Fang clan Gu Immortals, it was easy to fight his way out.

But to ruin his relationship with Fang clan for the Divine Bean Palace that had yet to be obtained, it was too big of a loss.

Let alone whether Fang Yuan could defeat the amply prepared Fang clan, even regarding Divine Bean Palace itself, it was hard for Fang Yuan to suppress it.

And Fang Yuan also needed a vast number of soul cores in green ghost desert to cultivate…

After thinking about it thoroughly, Fang Yuan decided to play around with them for now, it was too early to go against them. And alliance agreements were not unresolvable.

Even if he could not resolve them, Fang Yuan had methods to restrict, delay, and use immortal killer move self cleansing later. Even if it did not work, Fang Yuan could go to Northern Plains and borrow Immortal Gu No and Care to create immortal killer move 'do not care'.

Thus, Fang Yuan spoke: "If your clan obtains the rank eight Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace, your strength will rise to the top of Western Desert. Your conquest is in sight, but you are only offering peanuts to me, isn't it too little?"

Saying so, Fang Yuan paused and destroyed the information path mortal Gu, he placed his arms behind his back as he said: "Actually, I can be bought over, but this amount is simply too little."

Fang Hua Sheng saw Fang Yuan's look of arrogance as he thought: "The intel is right, this person is truly full of himself!"

He smiled and said to Fang Yuan: "Oh? Friend, this means you want to participate in this and help our Fang clan? This is naturally better!"

"After all, Divine Bean Palace originates from Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, it is legendary. How can I not participate in such an event? Moreover, if I do not join, would your Fang clan feel assured with me?" Fang Yuan's gaze flickered.

Fang Hua Sheng praised: "Hahaha, you are very understanding. We are not misers, we can negotiate over what conditions you have. However… the compensation must match the amount of contribution, I am sure you agree with that?"

Fang Yuan smiled: "Of course, let's settle the scores first. Firstly, even if I do nothing and watch, keeping confidential is already a form of contribution to Fang clan, you need to compensate me for that. Secondly, I saved Fang Yun and Fang Leng, even though I did that on a whim, I undoubtedly helped you in this plan to get Divine Bean Palace. Earlier, I did not want any rewards, but now, I do. Furthermore, I was attacked and helped to defend Fallen Flower Hall, fighting against such strong enemies in a dangerous fight, I need compensation for that too. And finally, even after my efforts, a member of your Fang clan accused me and slandered my goodwill, my mood has been ruined, I also need to be compensated for that."

Fang Yun and Fang Leng heard Fang Yuan's chain of words as they went into a daze.

"Why did he involve me?" Fang Chen was stunned: "And… bad mood also needs to be compensated?!"

Fang Hua Sheng's old face was twitching, he noticed that negotiating with this wisdom path Gu Immortal would be a troublesome affair!

Fang Yuan listed endless demands, while Fang Hua Sheng tried to lower them.

But how could he be Fang Yuan's match?

Fang Yuan purposely made all of his claims complex and unreasonable, after Fang Hua Sheng negotiated with him and changed a term, Fang Yuan would go back to a previous term and edit that in retrospect.

Using this method, Fang Hua Sheng was soon confused by Fang Yuan's constant changes, he could not continue in this negotiation.

But Fang Yuan did not let him go, he continued to advance in his claims.

Eventually, their negotiations ended up exceeding Fang Hua Sheng's bottom line.

"I cannot accept this condition. Friend Suan Bu Jin, you can consider it, I will be inside the Immortal Gu House Chicken Dog Coop, after you think about it, you can find me for the alliance agreement." He left with a dark expression, waving his sleeves and leaving.

After leaving Fallen Flower Hall, Fang Hua Sheng entered Chicken Dog Coop.

The negotiation failed!

Fang Chen took a peek at Fang Yuan, in his eyes, gratification could be discerned.

Fang Yun and Fang Leng had complex emotions, Fang Yuan was their savior, but their clan's benefits were involved. They decided to stay silent and did not speak.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, Fang Hua Sheng said that he could not accept it, but that did not mean Fang clan could not accept it. This matter was too important, Fang Hua Sheng left because he could not outmatch Fang Yuan in words, he purposely left, it was a tactic.

"Hehe, Fang clan is after Divine Bean Palace, regardless of success or failure, I need to set an alliance agreement that benefits me. Firstly, it would show my sincerity, secondly, if I fail to get Divine Bean Palace, this would be my backup compensation."

Fang clan sent their third supreme elder, it gave him some leeway.

The current Fang clan was governed by the first supreme elder, while the second supreme elder was the strategist. These were the two people in power, Fang Yuan had to set the agreement with them.

"Fang clan's first supreme elder has rank eight cultivation level, while second supreme elder Fang Di Chang is a wisdom path great grandmaster, but has rank seven cultivation level. He will likely be coming."

As expected, a moment later, an Immortal Gu House appeared, it was Inquiry Dock.

While the Immortal Gu House was still in the sky, Fang Hua Sheng came out of Chicken Dog Coop and flew over.

Soon, Fang Hua Sheng entered Inquiry Dock: "Second supreme elder, how did it go?"

Fang Di Chang said: "Divine Bean Palace got faster and faster, we could not catch up, but we have already used a tracking method, it cannot run from us. Now, we need to repair Fallen Flower Hall and combine all three houses to create the battlefield killer move peach blossom maze and trap Divine Bean Palace, to ensure our victory."

Fang Hua Sheng reported: "That Suan Bu Jin is a tough person to handle, he has gone overboard, our negotiation failed."

"Not yet?" Fang Di Chang smiled, bright light flashing in his eyes.

Fang Hua Sheng smiled bitterly: "He has a glib tongue, his words are filled with traps, I am not his match. But he has been staying inside Fallen Flower Hall, that place is isolated from the outside world, he is purposely dispelling the suspicion that would come of leaving. Even though his conditions are absurd, he wants to make the alliance agreement with us, it shows his sincerity."

Fang Di Chang pondered: "This might not be sincerity, he might be fearless. Fang An Lei was injured, he is quite suspicious. But for our clan's plan, we can tolerate him for now. After all, a little impatience will spoil great plans, after the negotiation failed, this person remained in Fallen Flower Hall, he is likely waiting for me to negotiate with him. Fine, I will meet him."

Inquiry Dock landed as Fang Di Chang came outside, going to meet with Fang Yuan inside Fallen Flower Hall.

This was the first time they met.

Fang Di Chang observed Fang Yuan, mentally nodding as he evaluated: "Arrogant and prideful, he must have his superior aspect. Just the act of escaping from the attack of Divine Bean Palace shows his strength. Moreover, he cultivates wisdom path, he is not to be underestimated."

Fang Yuan assessed Fang Di Chang, seeing that he had a plain face and ordinary appearance, he was internally shocked: "This person is Fang Di Chang? His immortal aura is utterly concealed, even I cannot sense anything from him, he is deeply hidden, as worthy of a wisdom path great grandmaster!"


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