Reverend Insanity
1514 Simultaneous Ambush
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1514 Simultaneous Ambush


While Fang Yuan and Fang An Lei were speaking, an immemorial soul beast with a bull body and leopard tail extended its limbs and sprinted, like a mountain charging over.

Almost at the same time, there was a shrill noise in the sky, an immemorial soul beast resembling a black python with two wings also descended with a strong burst of air.

"Two immemorial soul beasts!" Fang Yun was shaken, this intense attack made his heart waver, he was almost unable to control himself.

"No, there's three." Fang An Lei was calm and even smiled.

As expected, at the next moment, the ground shook as three huge monstrous fingers emerged from the ground, grabbing towards Fallen Flower Hall.

This was the third immemorial soul beast!

"Rise!" At the crucial moment, Fang An Lei shouted as the Immortal Gu House flew into the sky like a rainbow.

The monstrous hand grabbed thin air, colliding into the bull body leopard tail immemorial soul beast.

But even though it evaded two immemorial soul beasts, there was still a winged black python in the air.

The black python hissed and pounced at the Fallen Flower Hall.

Fang An Lei's eyes shined brightly, she moved the Immortal Gu House Fallen Flower Hall, directly slamming into it instead of dodging.


With a loud bang, both sides suffered injuries.

Immortal Gu House Fallen Flower Hall had cracks all over, the flowers growing on the exterior were falling off.

Meanwhile, that winged black python immemorial soul beast fell and crashed onto the ground, creating a huge crater upon impact.

Fang An Lei had a pale expression, she quickly stabilized Fallen Flower Hall, making it stay still in the air as she used a method to create a shining light around Fallen Flower Hall.

The light shined for a few breaths of time, when it faded, Fallen Flower Hall was completely restored, the cracks had vanished, the flowers were reborn.

"Oh? She can rapidly fix the Immortal Gu House? This method is quite impressive, I wonder how they did it? Did they replace the Gu worms with spares? Or did they refine Gu worms on the spot?"

Fang Yuan was intrigued, as he deduced with countless thoughts in his mind.

Fallen Flower Hall was an Immortal Gu House, it was constructed using countless Gu worms. It was able to repair itself rapidly, most Immortal Gu Houses did not have such an ability.

If they rapidly replaced Gu worms, it was formation path. If they refined mortal Gu, it was refinement path.

Fallen Flower Hall was likely to possess an immortal killer move from either of these two paths.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had too little information now, his deduction was met with an obstacle very quickly, he gave up on it.

"Hehehehe!" Old Ghost Bai Jun's laughter filled the battlefield: "So what if you have an Immortal Gu House? Obediently surrender, I might spare your lives!"

Saying so, the winged black python immemorial soul beast shook its head and flew up again.

Immemorial soul beasts had rank eight battle strength, they had strong bodies, the attack earlier did not have much effect.

Fang An Lei was not surprised, she expected this.

Her collision earlier was just a probe, after all, immemorial soul beasts varied in strength too.

Fallen Flower Hall was controlled by her, she dodged in the sky as she fought against the winged black python immemorial soul beast.

As for the other two immemorial soul beasts, the bull body leopard tail and the one eyed giant with two hands, they could only growl on the ground, they could not fly.

Old Ghost Bai Jun made a sharp noise as the two immemorial soul beasts started to walk towards him.

"A chance!" Fang An Lei's eyes flashed with sharp light, she was about to use Fallen Flower Hall to charge at Old Ghost Bai Jun by getting past the winged black python.

These three immemorial soul beasts had deep battle strength and stamina, she could not sustain a long fight, the best way was to capture the enemy leader, and kill the crucial Old Ghost Bai Jun who was controlling these beasts.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan sneered: "Don't be hasty, I have deduced that this is a trap."

"Oh?" A flash of surprise appeared in Fang An Lei's eyes.

But because of the hesitation, she lost her opportunity, the winged black python challenged Fallen Flower Hall again, preventing it from flying away.

Meanwhile, the two immemorial soul beasts arrived at Old Ghost Bai Jun's side, putting up a strong defense for him.

Old Ghost Bai Jun had no smugness, his expression was grim.

"I purposely left an opening for the enemy to attack, to think that Fang An Lei could resist the urge to use this battle opportunity!"

"Forget it! Activating Soul Beast Token expends my soul foundation rapidly, I cannot sustain it, I need to settle the battle fast!"

Thinking of this, Old Ghost Bai Jun had a ruthless expression as he growled, the fourth immemorial soul beast attacked Fallen Flower Hall.

This fourth immemorial soul beast was like a spider with spikes all over, it could also fly and was the smallest among them, only at the side of a normal tiger.

But it was extremely fast, it shot out like an arrow in the sky.

Fang Yun exclaimed: "So close, this is Old Ghost Bai Jun's scheme to lure the enemy!"

Fang An Lei gave Fang Yuan a look of gratitude, before her expression turned solemn as she faced the enemy with Fallen Flower Hall.

The flying spider immemorial soul beast created huge pressure in the Fang clan immortals.

The winged black python immemorial soul beast was powerful and heavy, but the flying spider immemorial soul beast was fast as lightning, the two worked together, one slow and one fast, one big and one small, pressuring Fallen Flower Hall and keeping it suppressed.

"To think that Old Ghost Bai Jun could really control immemorial soul beasts!"

"How did he do it? Is Immortal Gu Soul Beast Token really that impressive? He could actually gain control of four immemorial soul beasts in such a short period of time?"

Fang Yun and Fang Leng were uncertain, they wanted to retreat.

Fang Yuan laughed: "I have already deduced that he is at his limits. Using rank seven cultivation level to control four immemorial soul beasts, it is far beyond his abilities. In just a while longer, the situation will turn around."

"Oh?" Fang An Lei's gaze shined, she had another thought, she decided to trust Fang Yuan again.

As expected, as the battle progressed, Fallen Flower Hall's pressure fell.

The flying spider and winged black python immemorial soul beasts were cooperating much more poorly now, they were interfering with each other now.

And on the ground of the desert, Old Ghost Bai Jun had a pale expression, his body was shaking as his aura weakened greatly.

But he stared with wide eyes, forcefully holding on.

As time passed, Old Ghost Bai Jun's condition got worse.

"I will spare your lives today! The next time we meet, I will tear you to pieces!" He threatened as he started to leave with his soul beast army.

"Where are you going?" After taking a beating for so long, Fang An Lei was unwilling to let Old Ghost Bai Jun off.

Both sides fled and chased, Fallen Flower Hall attacked as countless soul beasts died.

However, the flying spider and winged black python immemorial soul beasts were still trying hard to stall Fallen Flower Hall.

Old Ghost Bai Jun defended himself tightly, although his condition was worsening, he did not reveal any fatal flaws.

Fang Yun shouted with great smugness: "Old Ghost Bai Jun, where has your arrogance gone?"

Old Ghost Bai Jun shouted: "If not for the fact that I am still unfamiliar with Soul Beast Token, how could you people survive?"

"Wait, something is wrong." Fang Yuan frowned lightly.

At this time, the sound of an eagle tore the sky, even though the four immortals were in the Immortal Gu House, they felt a piercing sound.

This figure was like phantom, emerging from dark clouds.

It was a female immortal.

She wore tight black clothing, her face was pale and white. Her hands had turned into eagle claws, her body was emitting black smoke, as she charged, a trail of smoke appeared behind her.

Rank seven demonic path Gu Immortal — Eagle Concubine!


Eagle Concubine slashed as she passed Fallen Flower Hall without slowing down.

Fallen Flower Hall was heavily damaged, three claw marks appeared on the roof, almost piercing the interior.

"So he has help, hmph." Seeing Eagle Concubine, Fang An Lei frowned tightly.

She spoke to Fang Yuan: "I would like your assistance, friend, I cannot deal with this situation alone."

Fang Yuan knew that she still had not gone all out, but he wanted to work with Fang clan, he could not continue watching on the sidelines.

Immediately, he nodded: "I will deal with Old Ghost Bai Jun, I hope you can stall this eagle claw female immortal."

Fang An Lei agreed: "Go ahead, I will do my best!"

At the next moment, the Immortal Gu House's door opened as Fang Yuan stepped into the battlefield.

Immortal killer move — Ignited Thought Flying Rock.

Fang Yuan had prepared it long ago, he stretched his finger as meteors rained down from the sky, the attack was incredible.

Old Ghost Bai Jun squinted his eyes, his aura was extremely weak, he used the two immemorial soul beasts as his shield to block Fang Yuan's killer move.

Bam bam bam…

Ignited thought flying rocks crashed into the desert, creating a sea of fire for several li of radius, but without any heat.

This was a unique thought fire, it spread and burned on Old Ghost Bai Jun.

Old Ghost Bai Jun smiled bitterly, he wanted to dodge, but he could not spare the effort.

"Oh?" Seeing this, Fang Yuan's heart jumped.


At the next moment, the ground cracked open, monsters were growling, resounding in one's ears like rumbling thunder.

Next, a huge palace shining in green radiance flew out and crashed towards Fang Yuan fiercely.

Rank eight Immortal Gu House — Divine Bean Palace!


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