Reverend Insanity
1513 Immortal Gu Reward
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1513 Immortal Gu Reward

As Fallen Flower Hall descended, flower petals rained down in the air, they were of different colors, the fragrance of flowers permeated the air.

And most importantly, when these petals fell onto the sand, they vanished like water droplets entering a lake.

Next, the sand turned into mud in almost a few breaths of time.

Seedlings began to grow, emerging from the soil and forming flower buds, before blooming.

When Fallen Flower Hall landed on the desert, it was no longer a green ghost desert, it was a sea of multicolored flowers.

Fang Yuan restrained his soul beast army as he watched without moving.

The door of Fallen Flower Hall opened, as three Gu Immortals came out.

The first one was Fang clan's rank seven Fang An Lei, she had an ordinary appearance, she was a bit fat but her smile was amiable, she gave off a warm feeling.

Fang Yuan had investigated long ago, he knew that this person often handled external affairs in the clan, she had a lot of experience in interacting with forces and experts.

Beside Fang An Lei, there were two rank six Gu Immortals, they were familiar faces.

The left one was handsome with eyes resembling stars, he was chirpy and lively, called Fang Yun. The right one was stable and mature, having an air of nonchalance, it was a rising star in Fang clan — Fang Leng.

"I am Fang An Lei, greetings."

"Fang Yun (Fang Leng) thanks senior for saving our lives!"

Three Gu Immortals walked out and spoke politely to Fang Yuan as they greeted.

Fang Yuan was seated within his soul beast army, he had a solemn attitude and was expressionless. His fierce soul beasts were terrifying, even though they did not move, killing intent permeated.

Over at Fang clan, they were warm like flowers, sincere and extremely polite, these two sides were polar opposites.

Fang Yuan nodded lightly, saying coldly: "I said before, I saved you because I wanted to, I am not after any reward. But I know how you righteous path people think."

"You indeed understand us, I am representing Fang clan, not only to thank you, but also to initiate cooperation." Fang An Lei smiled.

"Oh, cooperation?" Fang Yuan acted slightly surprised.

Fang An Lei took a step back and invited: "We have already prepared tea in the hall, would you like to discuss this with us inside?"

Immortal Gu Houses were strong outside and weak internally, very few were strong inside while weak outside, one example was Hei tribe's Immortal Gu House Dark Prison.

Fallen Flower Hall was obviously the former, Fang An Lei's invitation to Fang Yuan expressed good faith sincerity.

But even if this Fallen Flower Hall had any traps in it, with Fang Yuan's current cultivation level, there was nothing to fear.

"Alright." Fang Yuan nodded, opening his immortal aperture's entrance as the soul beast army was kept inside, he strolled into Fallen Flower Hall with his arms behind his back.

Fallen Flower Hall had many decorations, all sorts of things could be seen.

There was a huge circular table at the center of the hall, tea was already prepared.

After asking Fang Yuan to take his seat, Fang An Lei sat down.

"Please evaluate this, our clan's seven li fragrant tea." Fang An Lei smiled as she said.

Fang Yuan looked at it and nodded.

This tea was like clear water, but when drank, it was hot. And the taste was exactly like warm water.

This seven li fragrant tea was the signature tea of Fang clan, it was naturally not so simple.

The true essence of the tea was that after drinking it, for some time, their mouth and entire body would emit the fragrance of tea.

If they drink seven cups, they would emit tea fragrance for seven days and night, the smell would spread seven li. But if they drink more, there would be no further effect, this was the reason for its name as seven li fragrant tea.

Fang Yuan had heard of it in his previous life, but this was the first time he enjoyed it, he only took a sip before asking directly: "What does your clan want to do, please tell me."

Fang An Lei heard Fang Yuan's icy tone and thought: "This person is exactly as Fang Yun and Fang Leng said, he is aloof and arrogant, he speaks on equal status even against super forces."

Fang An Lei was not upset.

She had seen many experts, some were even weirder, some were bloodthirsty, Fang Yuan was quite normal compared to them.

She smiled even more deeply as she spoke in a clear tone, describing the contents of the cooperation Fang clan wanted to have.

"You want me to collect impermanence rocks?" Fang Yuan tapped his finger on the table as he thought about this cooperation project.

Impermanence rocks were a rank six immortal material, it existed in green ghost desert, and had quite the quantity.

This rock was half black and half white, it only formed in places that constantly had battles. Therefore, impermanence rocks only grew at places where lifeforms died.

Evidently, those were dangerous places.

But dangerous places were nothing much for the current Fang Yuan.

"I have the soul beast army, I am displaying peak rank seven battle strength, collecting the impermanence rocks is an easy matter. The only problem is that they are scattered and I will need to expend a lot of time collecting them and moving around."

Fang Yuan thought in his mind.

This project was really a matter of convenience for Fang Yuan.

He needed to hunt for soul cores, while traveling around, it was normal to see impermanence rocks. In fact, he had a batch of them now, he had gathered them casually while moving about in green ghost desert.

What Fang Yuan needed to consider was, why did Fang clan want this cooperation, what was their true motive?

"Is it like what Fang An Lei had said, impermanence rocks are rarely seen in treasure yellow heaven, they are hard to buy, so they want me to handle this?"

"Or are they trying to use this to recruit me? Or to spread news of Fang clan being grateful to their benefactors?"

The content was that once Fang Yuan hands over the impermanence rocks, he would gain a rank six Immortal Gu as the reward.

The reward was huge!

Immortal Gu were unique, and Fang clan were giving him one! As long as he collected the impermanence rocks, if anyone heard about it, they would think that Fang clan was trying to repay Fang Yuan's kindness of saving their members' lives.

Fang Yuan was somewhat moved.

Not only the reward of a rank six Immortal Gu, but also because he wanted to cooperate with them!

As long as he cooperated with Fang clan and established an agreement, his arrangements in green ghost desert would be recognized by Fang clan.

"But, I feel that Fang clan is plotting something, the matter is not so simple." Fang Yuan was quite suspicious.

Fang An Lei looked at Fang Yuan, seeing that he was deep in consideration, she felt increasingly confident.

"The clan is putting in a huge investment by giving him an Immortal Gu, he will definitely be enticed!"

"As long as we set an alliance agreement, Suan Bu Jin will take the place of the clan and explore green ghost desert, he will be harvesting impermanence rock on the surface, but if he finds the inheritance of Qing clan, our trailing Fang clan Gu Immortals will also find it."

"Even if he encounters enemies like Old Ghost Bai Jun, Suan Bu Jin would have to fight against them. If he finds out about Qing clan's inheritance, because of the alliance agreement, he cannot fight with our clan over it."

"Second supreme elder's plan is truly detailed!"

Thinking of this, Fang An Lei felt an increased sense of admiration towards Fang Di Chang.

"Alright, I agree to it." Fang Yuan thought about it and agreed.

Even though he had wisdom path attainment, there was too little information, he could not deduce Fang clan's objective. Furthermore, he also wanted to work with them.

"Alright, friend, you are very decisive. You will not regret cooperating with our Fang clan." Fang An Lei laughed loudly: "Next, let us discuss the content of our cooperation… hmm?"

But right at this time, Fang An Lei paused, surprise was expressed on her face.

Soon, thunderous sounds could be heard outside.

To make sure Fang Yuan could feel assured, the door of Fallen Flower Hall was not closed, this sound was quite clear to him.

Fang Yun and Fang Leng also had a change of expressions.

"Countless soul beasts are attacking from all directions, we are encircled." Fang An Lei said: "Old Ghost Bai Jun has attacked, he actually subdued multiple immemorial soul beasts!"

"Immemorial soul beasts?" Fang Yuan was slightly surprised, he did not know that the rank eight Immortal Gu was Soul Beast Token yet.

Fang An Lei's eyes shined with a dim light, after thinking about it, she told Fang Yuan about this information.

Fang Yuan was greatly moved.

"This Soul Beast Token is a rank eight enslavement path Immortal Gu, this is great, it is extremely useful for my soul core harvesting plan!"

Once he thought of this, Fang Yuan felt a strong urge to design a theft path killer move to steal this rank eight Immortal Gu!

He controlled himself as he said to Fang An Lei: "Old Ghost Bai Jun dared to come here even though we are in an Immortal Gu House, he is truly confident. Next, it is time for your clan's Immortal Gu House to shine!"

Fang An Lei was dazed, she wanted to see Fang Yuan fight, but he spoke before her and sealed the possibility.

"Earlier, friend offended this person to save our juniors, he is here for revenge. We will definitely punish this evildoer. But if the battle goes wrong later, friend, we hope you can help us out, after all, those soul beasts are immemorial level." Fang An Lei said with deep meaning, without losing any politeness in her words.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Of course!"


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