Reverend Insanity
1510 Fang Yuan Gets Captured
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1510 Fang Yuan Gets Captured

Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

"The Gu worm has been selected. Now, let me take a look." Fang Yuan took a deep breath and controlled young Thieving Heaven's body.

He first activated sneak attack Gu.

Immediately at the activation, a blue baby figure jumped out and pounced towards the front.

In the blink of an eye, the blue baby phantom entered the cavern wall. The whole process was silent as if nothing had happened.

Fang Yuan mentally sighed: "This sneak attack Gu is indeed a top-tier Gu, not only is its power outstanding among rank two, it is silent as well. According to the dream realm, this cavern definitely has defensive methods arranged in it. But sneak attack Gu simply did not touch the defenses. I might as well refine some sneak attack Gu in the future."

Fang Yuan had relied on the dream realm to create sneak attack Gu. In the outside world, Fang Yuan could create the Gu recipe for every mortal rank after some modifications.

Fang Yuan could use the rank two sneak attack Gu recipe to deduce its rank one to rank five recipes, he could even use the light of wisdom to deduce rank six and rank seven sneak attack Immortal Gu recipes!

Because Fang Yuan's current theft path attainment level was already as high as quasi-great grandmaster!

After using the sneak attack Gu, Fang Yuan sped up the process, activating the Gu worms which he had chosen in the cavern.

According to the rewards of the competition, the champion could select three rank one Gu, or one rank two Gu.

Fang Yuan had checked all the rank two Gu in the small cavern, although they were quite good, they were not suitable for his use. Fang Yuan then chose three rank one Gu from the large cavern, immediately refining them and combining them into a killer move.

This killer move was activated, immediately forming a giant rhino strength path phantom.

The rhino strength path phantom moved its limbs and directly charged towards the cavern wall.

This part of the cavern walls had already been internally destroyed by sneak attack Gu's power. Now, as the rhino phantom smashed into it, it immediately collapsed loudly.

Following, large amount of water surged out of the hole.

Although Fang Yuan had been a bystander, he had already observed clearly and found this area of the underground cavern was right next to the oasis pool.

This arrangement made sense.

The pool had a spirit spring, the nearer the storage was to the pool, the denser the primeval energy that could seep into the mud and spread. And to this underground cavern where the clan stored Gu worms, it was greatly beneficial.

There were some disadvantages, but the clan had already arranged defensive methods here, and those that could normally enter here were their own people.

Even young Thieving Heaven was only trusted by the clan because he had lived and grown in the clan for over ten years.

But right now, under Fang Yuan's control, young Thieving Heaven acted opposite and went mad, directly opening a hole in the wall to finish Sha Xiao's task.

Water surged in large amounts, a layer of light membrane suddenly shone on the wall, blocking most of the water.

"What happened?"

"Move quickly, something happened!"

Shocked voices came from outside the cavern, the guards immediately rushed in after sensing something wrong.

"What use is it in discovering now?" Fang Yuan sneered, activating sneak attack Gu along with other two Gu to form a killer move.

The rank two killer move covered him with a layer of blue light, increasing his speed sharply.

Fang Yuan moved quickly towards that membrane of light blocking the water, directly passing through it and entering the pool!

This membrane of light had also been in Fang Yuan's consideration, the clan's defensive methods were only mortal level in the end, and to a Gu Immortal like Fang Yuan, they were filled with flaws.

As for the incoming fierce current, even though it had huge force, Fang Yuan's killer move easily opened a way through it.

By the time the two guards entered, they only saw Fang Yuan's receding figure entering the pool.

"This is a traitor!" One guard shouted furiously with bloodshot eyes: "The clan nurtured and raised you, how could you dare to do this?! Was your conscience eaten by the dogs? Die!"

He immediately attacked.

But the other guard quickly stopped him: "Are you crazy? What would we do if your move kills the Gu worms in the cavern? The important thing is to repair the defense as quickly as possible to reduce the losses. The smaller the losses, the lighter our punishment would be!"

That guard did not want to continue listening to the advice, he shook off his companion's arm.

"You repair the defenses, I will capture this thief!" He threw behind these words, before passing through the light membrane to chase Fang Yuan.

"An enemy?" Fang Yuan's heart tensed.

He was extremely vigilant, immediately sensing the guard entering the water.

But even if he sensed the guard, it was of no use.

Young Thieving Heaven was only rank one with a poor aptitude, having limited primeval essence that was almost finished after Fang Yuan repeatedly activated Gu worms.

Thus, even though Fang Yuan was a Gu Immortal, he had nothing to work with against the rank three guard.

"Thief, how dare you do this! Did you do this because you hated the clan for banishing you, or were you ordered by someone?" The chasing guard could speak even in water.

Fang Yuan held his breath and used all his strength to fight.

But in just two-three moves, he was captured by the guard.

The guard was full of hatred towards Fang Yuan, and seeing him still daring to retaliate, he immediately struck Fang Yuan's chest with his palm.

Fang Yuan's seven orifices started bleeding, the blood spreading in the pool.

"How could your filthy blood pollute my clan's spirit spring?" The rank three guard revealed hatred as he activated a Gu worm to collect all the blood.

"Damn it, I just had to run into a water path rank three Gu Master." Fang Yuan revealed a bitter smile, after being captured, he could not even budge and had to take the palm strike head-on, his soul suffering an unprecedented level of damage.

Fang Yuan endured the pain, after his soul stopped shaking, he carefully inspected it and was astonished.

"So powerful! This one strike cut down my soul foundation by fifty million!"

He thought rapidly, guessing: "There are few water path Gu Masters in Western Desert, was this person specially sent by the dream realm to target me? Fifty million man soul was immediately cut away. If it were anyone else, this one strike might have killed them! Even if it were me previously, with ninety million man soul foundation, over half of my soul would have been destroyed instantly in this situation. And this third stage has just started, the later events definitely look like they will be more problematic!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan could not help but rejoice that he had stably accumulated until two hundred million man soul before entering Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

He then continued to speculate: "If I had not rashly charged in and followed the dream realm development, there probably would not have been this kind of attack. But… by doing this, I likely spared myself of many steps in-between. This dream realm change is worth studying."

Fang Yuan explored the dream realm not only for theft path attainment, but also to accumulate experience and make exploring other dream realms more convenient.

Although the action this time was slightly risky, Fang Yuan had gained a lot.

He might be captured, but a flash of inspiration appeared in his mind, giving him new thoughts: "Wait a moment! This fifty million man soul foundation was not random. Other than soul path Gu Immortals, most other Gu Immortals don't even have such level of soul foundation. If other paths' Gu Immortals were to explore this dream realm of Thieving Heaven, what would happen?"

Fang Yuan thought of Tang Fang Ming, more accurately, he thought of the steal dream killer move that Tang Fang Ming created in his first life.

"In my first life, as dream realms continued to be explored, endless numbers of dream path Gu worms as well as dream path killer moves were created to provide targeted help against different dream realms."

"Thieving Heaven's dream realm has a huge demand on soul foundation, which absolutely could not be explored before the chaotic era. If an ordinary person were to explore it, they would need to have enough dream path accumulation. The best case would be to create a killer move related to dream and soul which can neutralize the corrosion of the soul in dream realm, or greatly reduce the corrosion!"

This dream realm of Thieving Heaven came from a Gu Immortal Venerable and was so huge, the difficulty of exploring it was extremely high. During the early and middle periods of the five regions chaotic war, it was simply a graveyard for Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan was able to explore it by forcibly facing it with his soul foundation.

The most terrifying thing about this dream realm was the intense corrosion of the soul, but Fang Yuan directly crossed this hurdle with his robust soul foundation.

The spirit spring started burbling in the pool like it was boiling.

"What's going on?" The rank three guard was moving to the surface while holding Fang Yuan in one hand, when he saw this situation.

"Sure enough, my action greatly reduced the steps, I have already reached the most crucial juncture of the third stage!" Fang Yuan, however, was jubilant, his gaze shined brightly as he looked at the changes in the pool.


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