Reverend Insanity
1504 Meeting a Benefactor
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1504 Meeting a Benefactor

In green ghost desert, the sky was always covered with dark clouds and there was barely any sunlight.

A small group of soul beasts were moving in the desert.

Different from the rest, there were three Gu Immortals in this soul beast group.

Two were captives and one was the master of these soul beasts.

"Hehehe, you two lads from Fang clan, have you thought it through?" The Gu Immortal in charge was dressed in a grey robe. He had a sharp nose, thin eyes, and had a goatee. He was sitting on the back of a bull shaped ancient soul beast and was looking at the two Gu Immortal captives beside him with a dark and pleased expression.

Fang Leng and Fang Yun had rank six cultivation, they looked clean and tidy, but in fact, their souls were completely bound by dark grey soul chains and could not even budge.

Fang Leng, who was slightly older, had a square face. He kept quiet and did not reply.

The slightly younger Fang Yun had a handsome appearance, he had a rather lively nature as he replied: "Old Ghost Bai Jun, it is not that we cannot write a letter to the clan for you, but you have bound our souls, we cannot even activate our communication means. How about loosening the chains a little so I can message the clan."

Old Ghost Bai Jun snorted: "You are so sneaky, wanting to deceive this Old Ghost? You only need an instant to escape with your body cloud killer move. It was not easy for me to capture you, you think I can be so easily fooled?"

Fang Yun quickly said: "How could I dare to fool senior? It is just that what I said is the truth. You see, it is like this… ahh!"

Before he finished speaking, Fang Yun's whole body started shaking as he let out a terrifyingly miserable scream.

Old Ghost Bai Jun snickered, while Fang Leng called out furiously: "Stop, don't hurt my junior brother."

Old Ghost Bai Jun was annoyed: "Looks like you guys are accustomed to acting without consequences, you still don't recognize your situation? Hmph, then let me teach you."

He then activated his method, tormenting Fang Leng as well.

Fang Leng grunted, his brows tightly furrowed but he did not utter a sound, except his trembling was growing increasingly intense.

Old Ghost Bai Jun tortured them for a while and only stopped when he saw Fang clan's two immortals turning pale as paper, their bodies shaking and covered in sweat.

He inwardly frowned: "If it were ordinary lone cultivators, I could have killed them without consequences. But these two have quite the background, Fang clan is a super force of Western Desert. If I rashly kill them, Fang clan will definitely be able to find that I am the culprit. Fang clan's second supreme elder Fang Di Chang is a famous wisdom path expert of Western Desert. Also, if Fang clan comes to search green ghost desert, it will hinder master's plan."

"But if I just let them go and master asks me later, he might blame me for being cowardly. The only thing I can do now is capture these two to demand ransom from Fang clan, and then set an agreement. With this, I can satisfy both sides."

Old Ghost Bai Jun thought things through and looked at these two captives again.

Fang Leng and Fang Yun were gasping and sweating, collapsed on the ground because of the torture.

Old Ghost Bai Jun sneered: "Even an iron forged man won't be able to endure my methods. To tell you the truth, I am not afraid of you not giving in! What do you think? Want to try it again?"

Fang Leng said through clenched teeth: "Old ghost, just kill us."

Fang Yun however shouted: "Don't, don't, I will contact the clan, okay?"

Old Ghost Bai Jun looked at Fang Yun's terror-stricken look and laughed: "You should have said so before, then you wouldn't have to suffer so much pain. Do it quickly."

Fang Yun gave a miserable cry: "Senior Old Ghost, I am telling the truth, if you don't loosen your chains a little, junior truly is unable to message the clan."

Old Ghost Bai Jun was furious: "Still making excuses!"

He once again activated his methods, tormenting the two Fang clan Gu Immortals.

After another while of torture, Fang Leng and Fang Yun could not endure it any longer, their bodies collapsed on the soul beast's back like a pile of mud.

"Have you thought it through?" Old Ghost Bai Jun sneered.

Fang Leng did not utter a sound, while Fang Yun said: "Yes, yes. But I wonder if Senior Old Ghost has thought it through?"

"Me? What do I have to think about?" Old Ghost Bai Jun asked in surprise.

"Senior, we are Fang clan's Gu Immortals. Senior is a lone cultivator, if you provoke Fang clan, your life will probably become turbulent, right? How about letting us go and getting on good terms with our Fang clan. Wouldn't that be better?" Fang Yun smiled.

Old Ghost Bai Jun was immediately filled with anger: "Kid, you think I am afraid of your Fang clan? Hmph! If I were afraid of your Fang clan, would I have captured you for ransom?"

"Senior is thinking of making a non-aggression pact with our Fang clan by doing this. Junior admits today's matter is our fault, and we have offended senior. We have committed much offense, but please forgive us, senior." Fang Yun spoke weakly.

"Hmph, now you admit defeat, why did you find trouble with me repeatedly earlier? It is too late for that now!" Old Ghost Bai Jun's voice was firm, but was inwardly shaken.

His intention was already guessed by the two Fang clan Gu Immortals, so it was going to be difficult to force them to give in.

Fang Yun continued to persuade: "Senior can punish me, and I will accept the punishment. Actually, I have a lot of assets in the clan, so long as senior lets us go, we can immediately set a nonaggression agreement, we will take it as this matter did not happen and we will even heavily compensate senior. With this, we also don't need to let the clan know of this scandalous matter as that would truly decrease our prestige in the clan."

Old Ghost Bai Jun scoffed: "You think I was born yesterday? What prestige do you, Fang Yun, have in Fang clan? It is your senior brother Fang Leng who is a talent among rank sixes, and is a possible successor of Fang clan."

Fang Yun's heart sank, he had not expected Old Ghost Bai Jun to have such detailed information on them.

But he still continued: "Wouldn't resolving this privately be better? If we escalate this, it might not have a good ending."

Old Ghost Bai Jun shook his head: "No, what status do you two have? I will discuss with your Fang clan's first supreme elder, and besides getting my compensation, you will not be allowed to take a single step in green ghost desert for the next few hundred years."

Fang Leng and Fang Yun's expressions immediately changed.

Fang Leng said: "Old Ghost Bai Jun, you are still after this green ghost desert? Your appetite is too big, be careful or your stomach might burst."

Old Ghost Bai Jun laughed in a strange tone: "Although I have rank seven cultivation, I am close to rank eight."

Fang Leng shook his head: "So what? Do you dare to undergo the tribulation?"

Old Ghost Bai Jun stroked his goatee: "Of course, I don't. But, not daring now doesn't mean I won't dare in the future."

He hesitated before making up his mind.

"Alright, let me destroy all your hopes, take a look at what Gu this is!"

Fang Yun and Fang Leng immediately raised their heads to look at a ladybird like Gu in Old Ghost Bai Jun's hand.

This Gu was like sapphire, it was the size of small bowl, and its thick carapace was dotted with countless golden star specks. These golden star specks constantly twinkled with various lights, giving a dazzling sense to others.

Fang Yun's and Fang Leng's minds shook fiercely, their eyes could not conceal their panic.

Fang Leng's eyes widened and he was speechless momentarily.

"This is, this is a rank eight Immortal Gu!!" Fang Yun cried out in shock.

Old Ghost Bai Jun said, pleased: "Let me teach you, this rank eight Immortal Gu's name is Soul Beast Token, it can directly allow me to enslave soul beasts. Rank eight Soul Beast Token can enslave immemorial soul beasts and what it requires is not rank eight immortal essence. I can use it now! Do you understand what this means?"

Fang Leng and Fang Yun looked at each other in shock.

The meaning behind this was too big.

With this rank eight Immortal Gu, Old Ghost Bai Jun could go about his plan slowly, he could control an immemorial soul beast, then use it to control a huge soul beast army and even control this whole green ghost desert.

Green ghost desert had an inestimable number of soul beasts. This was a dangerous land to others, but it was a paradise to Old Ghost Bai Jun.

"No wonder you have such an ambition, you want to grasp this place then use an immemorial soul beast to help you smoothly pass your tribulation and become a rank eight great expert!" Fang Leng's voice turned hoarse.

Fang Yun quickly spoke: "But our Fang clan is the nearest super clan to green ghost desert. As long as senior reaches an agreement with our Fang clan, you will have gained the safest cultivation environment."

"Indeed, it is good you know." Old Ghost Bai Jun's eyes flickered sharply: "Actually, I need to thank you two, you came at such a time. One is a direct great-grandson of Fang clan's first supreme elder, while the other is the second supreme elder's adopted son, although both of you are only rank six, you two have sufficient weight to be put into a negotiation."

Fang Leng and Fang Yun were silent.

Fang Leng inwardly thought: "This Old Ghost Bai Jun is indeed a schemer. Everything is different now with this soul beast token Immortal Gu. With an immemorial soul beast beside him, Old Ghost Bai Jun will need to be treated as a quasi-rank eight existence. The clan needs to be very careful when dealing with him. More importantly, with us as captives, Old Ghost Bai Jun indeed has the best chips to talk terms! Sigh, if I knew this, I would not have listened to junior brother's instigation to adventure here."

Just as he was thinking, Fang Leng suddenly heard Fang Yun's shout.

"Senior brother, look over there!" Fang Yun's voice was filled with pleasant surprise.

Fang Leng curiously looked over, seeing the dark clouds above green ghost desert covering the sunlight, but right now, a white cloud was slowly flying under the dense dark clouds, and was gradually nearing them.

Fang Leng was slightly stumped as he suddenly recalled the conversation he had with Fang Yun before leaving.

Fang Leng: "You have such big guts, you actually want to adventure in green ghost desert."

Fang Yun laughed: "Be at ease, senior brother, I had requested father to make deductions on this adventure. He had deduced that this trip will be threatening but not dangerous, we will meet a benefactor along the way and reap huge harvests."

Fang Leng frowned: "Not to mention that few people tread in green ghost desert, even if we meet someone else, how would you know if this person is the benefactor?"

Fang Yun patted Fang Leng's shoulder: "I had asked father, he said that the benefactor will come on a white cloud."

Fang Leng was dazed, before scoffing: "White cloud? Everyone knows, green ghost desert is shrouded by layers of dark clouds, how can there be white cloud?"

Thinking of this conversation, Fang Leng looked at the white cloud and thought: "Could it be the benefactor as told by second supreme elder?"

Old Ghost Bai Jun also stared at the white cloud with a gloomy expression: "This white cloud emits luck path aura, but it is not only luck path, clearly someone has used an immortal killer move. Who is it? Who owns such rare luck path methods?"


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