Reverend Insanity
1503 Soul Beast Army
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1503 Soul Beast Army

Fang Yuan controlled the auspicious cloud to move through the sky.

His speed was not fast, but his surroundings were permeating with dense Immortal Gu aura.

The auspicious cloud below him was not ordinary. It originated from a luck path true inheritance in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, after Fang Yuan's modifications, its effect had improved sharply.

The auspicious cloud did not follow Fang Yuan's will, but moved according to the profundity of luck path.

Even Fang Yuan did not know when this auspicious cloud would change direction or where it was moving to, but Fang Yuan was clear that this 'spontaneous auspicious cloud' killer move flew along the path of highest luck.

After leaving Tang clan, Fang Yuan had spent several days to come here.

This was green ghost desert.

A famous danger region of Western Desert. For the last hundred thousand years, there were many Western Desert Gu Immortals who died here.

Green ghost desert's sky was covered with dense dark clouds all year round, with barely any sunlight, it was dark and gloomy.

The ground was covered with large amount of vegetation.

Ghost crying trees were the largest in number, this tree was not tall and had twisted branches that looked like they were demons and monsters brandishing their claws. Every time the gloomy wind blew on the tree, it would shake slightly and emit a shrill scream or a terrifying cry.

Moan moan moan…

The ghost crying tree wailed mournfully, a soul beast quietly moved out and approached Fang Yuan from behind while slowly raising its two sickle arms.

The front half of this soul beast resembled a cockroach with long sharp pincers, while its back half had a long tail like a python.

Fang Yuan seemingly failed to sense it, the soul beast's two sickle arms were raised up to its limit, it then rushed out towards Fang Yuan's back and slashed down its sickle arms!

Victory or defeat was already determined at that instant.

The soul beast's body stiffened in the air and fell down head-first to the ground.

But Fang Yuan acted in time, softly waving his sleeve which sent out a formless force that wrapped around this desolate beast level soul beast's corpse, and brought it before him.

The soul beast's corpse turned into whiffs of dark grey smoke and was constantly dissipating with the wind. Fang Yuan was unable to stop it, and after a while, only a glass-like soul core remained in his hand.

The soul core was heavy and was dark blue to the point of appearing black. As Fang Yuan held it, it was like holding a completely filled wine vat.

This was a rank six immortal material.

It was the essence of the soul beast.

Just like a mud monster only left behind its mud core after its death, soul beasts also had soul cores.

Soul beasts, mud monsters, blood beasts, shadow monsters and phantom beasts were all path beasts, their whole bodies contained plentiful and dense amounts of dao marks of their specific paths.

Fang Yuan inspected and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the soul core, before throwing it inside his sovereign immortal aperture.

Inside his immortal aperture, there was already a small basin of soul cores.

Most were rank six soul cores, and a portion was rank seven. But there were no rank eight soul cores which came from immemorial soul beasts.

With Fang Yuan's battle strength, it was easy for him to kill these desolate level soul beasts and ancient soul beasts.

After he arrived in green ghost desert, many desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts came to find trouble with him. Fang Yuan was charging through their territories, so he would naturally be attacked by them.

Most of these beasts were soul beasts.

Fang Yuan had ghostly concealment, auspicious cloud, however, was not concealed, the target of these soul beasts was the auspicious cloud while neglecting Fang Yuan, unfortunately they all fell to Fang Yuan's sinister scheme.

The emergence of soul beasts was related to two Demon Venerables.

One was Red Lotus Demon Venerable; he damaged fate Gu, creating a loophole in the Great Dao of the world which allowed many beings to escape from the restrictions of fate. After dying, not all souls were sucked into door of life and death, many souls stayed behind in the world.

The second was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable; he created soul path, causing souls to manifest and transform into soul beasts.

But at present, a portion of soul beasts were naturally formed in some places with dense soul path dao marks.

Times were constantly changing.

From Immemorial Antiquity to Remote Antiquity, Olden Antiquity to the present age, the world of five regions had already changed many times.

So these soul cores could completely substitute for souls to be fed to Dang Hun Mountain and produce large amounts of guts Gu.

But the quality of these soul cores could not be compared to Gu Immortal souls. At most, they could only match the souls of other beasts and plants.

"It hasn't even been long since I entered green ghost desert, and I have already obtained so many soul cores. How I wish I could have complete control over this place." Fang Yuan thought to himself.

If he could control this place, it was akin to having an endless supply of guts Gu.

It could completely push his soul foundation to the peak level, and even be used to help others.


Just as Fang Yuan was immersed in thinking, a sharp ear-piercing sound came from behind him towards the left.

A giant scorpion was flying towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's pupils immediately shrunk when he took a glance.

This scorpion was completely black and had a peculiar shape, its whole body resembled a huge round disc, its long tail was behind the disc and its two huge pincers flickered with eerie light. It was charging straight at Fang Yuan with terrifying momentum!

"This is an immemorial desolate beast disc scorpion, it is a wisdom path beast and its favorite food is soul beasts." A line of information instantly appeared in Fang Yuan's mind.

Fang Yuan's ghostly concealment could conceal him from the senses of soul beasts, but it had no effect on other beasts.

Fang Yuan jumped out of the auspicious cloud and escaped.

Fang Yuan had rank eight battle strength, he was not helpless against this immemorial desolate beast.

However, his goal in this trip was not to fight a drawn out battle with the disc scorpion, but to gather as many soul cores as possible.

Fang Yuan retreated, but the disc scorpion did not let go. However, after a while of being chased, Fang Yuan was able to successfully throw off the disc scorpion by using his ample methods.

Danger lurked everywhere in green ghost desert, even Fang Yuan was not safe here.

Over the next few days, Fang Yuan hunted soul beasts while cultivating soul path, increasing his soul foundation. If he ran into any existences like the disc scorpion, Fang Yuan would prioritize escaping as much as possible.

Fang Yuan was not the only one hunting, the Shadow Sect members were also doing the same.

The soul cores obtained by the immortals were given to Lang Ya land spirit to produce large amounts of guts Gu.

In less than half a month, Fang Yuan's soul foundation had reached the range of ten million man soul again.

"My soul foundation is enough, it is time to change battle tactics." Fang Yuan instructed the Shadow Sect immortals to stop killing soul beasts, instead, they would start capturing, subduing or enslaving them.

Fang Yuan had Spectral Soul's true inheritance, he possessed large amounts of methods to enslave soul beasts.

The only thing limiting him was that he lacked soul path and enslavement path Immortal Gu.

Under everyone's efforts, they soon controlled a large group of soul beasts, there were roughly over sixty desolate level soul beasts, and around twenty ancient soul beasts.

Soul beasts of all kinds of grotesque shapes formed a majestic army that rampaged around in green ghost desert.

When they encountered lone soul beasts or small groups of soul beasts, Fang Yuan would command the enslaved soul beasts to charge at them. Those that could not be controlled were killed for their soul cores, and those soul beasts that were on their last breaths would be enslaved by Fang Yuan and the rest.

A dozen or so days passed, the enslaved soul beast army expanded by three times the original size!


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