Reverend Insanity
1502 Lacking Souls
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1502 Lacking Souls

Western Desert, inside Tang clan's immortal formation.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged with closed eyes.

He was inspecting his soul, his ten million man soul foundation level had now already fallen to million man soul, moreover, it was just a little over a million.

"When I passed the first stage, my soul foundation was over nine million man soul. But after passing the second stage, I actually only have just over one million man soul, almost falling down to hundred thousand man soul range."

Fang Yuan inwardly compared the differences between the two.

The second stage was longer than the first stage, and the soul corrosion rate was also much more severe.

An ordinary Gu Immortal with even a little less soul foundation would have no way to endure such a corrosion. Not to mention a whole stage, they would not even be able to pass half a stage of the dream realm.

This made it clear that the difficulty of this dream realm of Thieving Heaven was too high. No wonder Tang clan and Tang Fang Ming's many years of effort was like a newborn baby trying to gnaw on an iron-hard boulder.

"Tang Fang Ming was still able to create so many dream path mortal Gu, this person indeed has quite remarkable talents and aptitude."

Fang Yuan thought of his first life of five hundred years, Tang Fang Ming had created a dream path immortal killer move — Steal Dream.

Previously, Fang Yuan had thought this was because of Shadow Sect's help, but now that he had explored two stages of Thieving Heaven's dream realm, he felt steal dream was more likely to have been created by Tang Fang Ming himself.

The first stage of Thieving Heaven's dream realm had increased Fang Yuan's theft path to grandmaster level.

While the second stage had raised it to quasi-great grandmaster.

"I am just a step away from genuine great grandmaster level." Fang Yuan quietly comprehended and sensed that beautiful prospect that was close at hand.

"If I successfully pass one more stage of Thieving Heaven's dream realm, I definitely can reach great grandmaster attainment!" Even Fang Yuan, with his extraordinary calmness, felt traces of fiery anticipation.

There was a huge difference between grandmaster and great grandmaster.

Grandmaster level could understand about yin-yang and heaven and earth, they could learn about the profoundness of the universe, surpassing the mortal realm and become immortals among immortals, sages among sages.

At grandmaster level, a Gu Immortal could use their path to imitate the specialties of other paths. For instance, in Hei Fan's true inheritance, hundred years harmony, a time path killer move, had the effect of information path.

As for great grandmaster attainment, it meant that the Gu Immortal's understanding of a path was very close to being complete, their knowledge of the path had already reached the limits of the world. They could be considered to be approaching on digging out all the profundities of their path!

The dead Blazing Heaven Demoness was a fire path great grandmaster. The present day's rank eight Gu Immortal Old Ancestor Xue Hu was a snow path great grandmaster.

At this level, Blazing Heaven Demoness had an extreme sensitivity towards fire path dao marks. Previously, she had added a trace of fire path dao mark in every fire path immortal material and plotted against Fang Yuan.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu could casually disassemble all kinds of immortal killer moves. Previously, in the battle of Reverse Flow River, he had nimbly disassembled his trump card battlefield killer move to deal with Heavenly Court and other enemies, even gaining the upper hand.

And a formation path great grandmaster could directly use the natural dao marks in the world to set up formations. They often needed only some mortal Gu to set up immortal Gu formations in some specific areas.

As for above great grandmaster attainment, there was supreme grandmaster.

Great grandmaster was a level where the profundities of the path were being dug out, if Fang Yuan became a theft path great grandmaster, he would understand the profundities of theft path that existed in the world, and there would be almost nothing about theft path that he could not comprehend.

That was to say, great grandmaster was a level where one deciphered just about everything about a certain path.

Supreme grandmaster was to innovate beyond that, to obtain mysteries of the path that did not even exist in the world, to be one step ahead of heaven and earth!

Normally, grandmaster attainment required hundreds of years of accumulation, in Fang Yuan's first life, he had attained grandmaster in blood path.

Great grandmaster often required a thousand to several thousands of years, a number of rank eight Gu Immortals possessed this level of attainment.

As for supreme grandmaster, that was not just a matter of simply accumulation, but concerned talents and natural aptitude as well. Without having awe-inspiring talent and natural aptitude, even if the Gu Immortal lived for ten thousand years, they would not be able to reach supreme grandmaster attainment.

Therefore, supreme grandmasters were extremely rare since ancient times.

The ten venerables were all supreme grandmasters. There were also some legendary characters, like the three refinement path supreme grandmasters — Long Hair Ancestor, Old Eccentric Tian Nan and Old Immortal Kong Jue.

"Grandmaster and great grandmaster attainment level can be achieved through dream realms. But supreme grandmaster cannot be obtained with dream realms." Fang Yuan realized this.

This was obvious.

Supreme grandmasters needed to pioneer in creating something from nothing, while dream realms were legacies left by predecessors. So the highest attainment level that could be reached through dream realms was great grandmaster.

"Once I attain great grandmaster level in theft path, even if there are still more stages in Thieving Heaven's dream realm, I won't be able to increase my theft path attainment level through them."

This was also the foundation for collaboration between Fang Yuan and Tang clan.

Thieving Heaven's dream realm was too large, Fang Yuan's stomach had a limit. Once he was full, there would still be a large portion left for Tang clan.

Tang clan had only been willing to collaborate with Fang Yuan after he made this reason clear.

If Thieving Heaven's dream realm was small enough for Fang Yuan to devour alone, how could Tang clan collaborate with Fang Yuan?

In the coming days, Fang Yuan prepared for his third exploration of Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

He was mainly cultivating his soul.

But in his spare time, Fang Yuan taught the secrets of dream path to Tang Fang Ming.

Tang Fang Ming benefited a lot.

Despite Fang Yuan only imparting some superficial dream path knowledge, as far as Tang Fang Ming was concerned, what he lacked was this lighthouse to guide him.

The first step was always the most difficult. The creation of any path was the most difficult at the beginning.

Once the first step was taken, the following steps could be taken rapidly.

For Fang Yuan, guiding Tang Fang Ming, besides fulfilling the agreement to make it convenient for him to continue exploring the dream realm, was to make arrangements for the future. He was imitating Spectral Soul's strategy of fostering forces in four regions, to surround Central Continent and go against Heavenly Court.

Time flew by, over twenty days passed just like this.

Fang Yuan's soul foundation had once again reached ten million man soul level.

"The third stage of Thieving Heaven's dream realm is sure to be even more difficult. Ten million man soul level might not be safe enough." After Fang Yuan pondered, he decided to continue cultivating his soul to break through to hundred million man soul.

If his soul foundation was not sufficient and the soul was corroded completely in the dream realm, it would be akin to death. Even if there was still a physical body left, he would be just like a vegetable without a soul.

"Maybe I can deduce a dream path killer move to reduce the corrosion of the soul in the dream realm."

This idea only flashed past Fang Yuan's mind before he quickly denied it.

Fang Yuan's dream path attainment level was only ordinary, not even at quasi-master. Creating a dream path immortal killer move? Forget about it.

As such, there was only one path in front of Fang Yuan currently, to raise his soul foundation to hundred million man soul.

But this plan soon met an obstacle.

He was lacking guts Gu!

Fang Yuan had put Dang Hun Mountain in Lang Ya blessed land, Lang Ya land spirit personally took charge of using this secluded domain of heaven and earth to produce guts Gu.

But, guts Gu did not appear out of thin year, it required souls.

The higher the quality and the quantity of the souls, the more guts Gu that Dang Hun Mountain could produce.

The problem appeared in this aspect.

Fang Yuan required a huge amount of guts Gu, Lang Ya land spirit, however, did not have enough souls to produce them.

Previously, Fang Yuan had ordered Shadow Sect members and others to explore Tai Qiu and kill desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, so guts Gu could be repeatedly produced on a large scale.

But now, Shadow Sect's members were with Fang Yuan, and the souls stored in Lang Ya Sect had been completely used up these last few days.

Fang Yuan thought over it, right now, it was better for him to get materials from nearby than return to kill Tai Qiu's desolate beasts.

Western Desert was similar to Northern Plains in that it was similarly incomparably vast.

Western Desert had a place that was rather special and suited Fang Yuan.

"You Chan is dead, my dragonfish business is already dominating the whole of treasure yellow heaven's market. For the next few years, there should be no one that can compete with me."

Fang Yuan intended to use these profits to manage his immortal aperture and not to purchase souls.

It was a loss to use them to purchase souls, Fang Yuan recalled a famous saying — one's own hands can produce ample food and clothing.

Thereupon, Fang Yuan briefly informed Tang Fang Ming of the situation. Then, he left the immortal formation with the Shadow Sect members, towards that special desert.


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