Reverend Insanity
1495 Resting
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1495 Resting

Inside the immortal Gu formation, Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged with closed eyes, cultivating quietly.

Hei Lou Lan and the rest along with Tang Fang Ming were in control of this immortal formation.

Fang Yuan was calculating his gains and losses.

"The gains from exploring Thieving Heaven's dream realm were huge. Not only did I test heaven's will dissipation and obtained a satisfactory result, my theft path attainment has soared to grandmaster level!"

"But, I had to pay a huge price for this. My ten million man soul has now fallen to million man soul, the loss is great."

"I had thought I would use unravel dream frequently, but who could have expected unravel dream to not provide me much help in this dream realm."

From this dream realm exploration, Fang Yuan realized one point.

He might have unravel dream, but this method was not all-powerful.

"Unravel dream was used very few times, so my immortal essence expenditure is little, but my guts Gu expenditure has instead increased enormously!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes and took out guts Gu, using them on the spot.

"So many guts Gu!" Tang Fang Ming's eyes opened wide, revealing clear envy and desire.

He had also explored the dream realm many times, knowing the outstanding advantage of guts Gu. He was barely able to purchase some guts Gu as supply was lower than demand, but now he was looking at Fang Yuan using guts Gu as casually as eating candy.

"Oh, he is the sole guts Gu seller after all." Tang Fang Ming lamented inwardly.

At the same time, his gaze landed on Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

Thieving Heaven's dream realm was enormous like a mountain and was still letting out eerie blue radiance, but right now, a large piece of the base of this mountain had disappeared.

This was the result of Fang Yuan successfully passing through the first stage.

Tang Fang Ming heaved a sigh.

He had already explored and researched this dream realm of Thieving Heaven for hundreds of times, maybe even a thousand times, but his accumulated achievements were not even a fraction of Fang Yuan's one exploration.

Tang Fang Ming was recognized in Tang clan as a pioneer of exploring dream realms, he had a lot of accomplishments, creating many dream realm mortal Gu. But compared to Fang Yuan's achievements, he paled in comparison.

Tang Fang Ming felt ashamed, but beyond that, he felt even more admiration towards Fang Yuan.

After a moment of stillness, Fang Yuan suddenly opened his eyes!

A sharp light flashed past his dark eyes.

By using guts Gu without regarding the expenditure, Fang Yuan's soul foundation once again rose to ten million man soul.

He previously had nine million man soul, but with the corrosion from this dream realm, his soul quality had risen once again and gave a slight feeling of being even more condensed.

"Looks like the dream realm's corrosion of the soul has some supplementary effect in soul cultivation. But if it is examined carefully, the effect is not high, and is far inferior to Luo Po Valley."

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were the two sacred lands of soul cultivation proclaimed by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, they were not resources that ordinary things could replace.

But it did not matter, Fang Yuan had brought Luo Po Valley with him in this trip to Western Desert!

Before he made this trip from Eastern Sea to Western Desert, he had considered everything properly. With his astute nature, how could he not make ample preparations?

"As for Dang Hun Mountain, there is treasure yellow heaven to transport guts Gu, it is the same whether I bring it or not."

Actually, it was not that Fang Yuan did not want to bring it.

But it had a huge demand on heaven and earth qi in the immortal aperture.

Currently, his sovereign immortal aperture had Reverse Flow River, Luo Po Valley, and City Well, every three days, he had to devour large amounts of external heaven and earth qi to replenish his expenditure.

If they were not replenished in time, the sovereign immortal aperture's foundation would weaken, causing a reduction in resource production, including time and space aspects. In severe cases, it might even cause sovereign immortal aperture to crumble.

"The difficulty in exploring Thieving Heaven's dream realm is too high, the first stage is already so troubling, the second stage will definitely be even more difficult." With this comprehension, Fang Yuan decided to first increase his soul foundation by another level before he continued exploring the dream realm.

As such, over the next period of time, he quietly concentrated on cultivating soul path.

Because of the continuous supply of guts Gu, Fang Yuan's soul foundation rose rapidly.

Just as Fang Yuan was cultivating soul path in preparation for exploring the second stage, in Eastern Sea, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was meeting Qing Yue clan's first supreme elder to request for help.

"Zhi Cheng, looks like you are really determined to take the risk for Qin Bai He." The old first supreme elder looked at this descendant who he was rather fond of and said with a sigh.

"Yes, I have made up my mind, I hope first supreme elder can help me!" Qing Yue Zhi Cheng said firmly.

But first supreme elder slowly shook his head: "It is not yet the time for me to be involved in this matter. Moreover, the truth is not out yet, even if I make a move, I won't be able to give you much help."

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng felt strange, how could first supreme elder, a grand rank eight Gu Immortal, be unable to give much help in this matter?

But first supreme elder told him of something which immediately made him understand.

"Junior thanks first supreme elder for the guidance, I shall now go ask for help." Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was joyous.

"Go, go." First supreme elder chuckled, waving his hand.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng immediately flew out of the clan's headquarter and moved towards Nan Gong clan's territory.

Qing Yue clan's first supreme elder had told him that whether Qin Bai He and You Chan were alive or not was unclear at this moment, what situation they encountered was also unclear, so what he should do was to find a wisdom path Gu Immortal to help investigate the truth. Only by knowing what happened to these two female immortals could they find the culprit and take revenge.

And the wisdom path Gu Immortal who was most suitable for this was none other than one of the three current wisdom path experts, the one hiding in Nan Gong, wisdom path Gu Immortal Hua An. This person had a close relationship with You Chan, if You Chan was in trouble, he would definitely help.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng felt first supreme elder's analysis was correct, he immediately moved to request help from Hua An.

But midway, he came across a rank six Gu Immortal of Nan Gong clan.

This Gu Immortal brought a message from Hua An: "Young master Zhi Cheng, Lord Hua An already deduced that you would look for him, so he sent me to welcome you. He is waiting just ahead."

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was overjoyed while also sighing in admiration of Hua An's ability.

After a while, the two met.

Hua An spoke: "I will be honest with you, Fairy You Chan came to request my help not long ago, but unfortunately I was unable to be of help."

Hua An and Qing Yue Zhi Cheng exchanged information, and naturally, their first suspect was Fang Yuan.

Because with You Chan's death, Fang Yuan, who was in the dragonfish business, would benefit the most.

Unfortunately, they did not have Heavenly Court's guidance, and only knew that mysterious Gu Immortal who was selling dragonfish in treasure yellow heaven was the most suspicious and had motive as well, but they did not know this person was Fang Yuan.

"I have been continuously deducing the past few days, I am afraid You Chan and Qin Bai He's situation is less than optimistic." Hua An said with a heavy expression: "This time, I am going to request help from the other two wisdom path experts, we will combine our strength and attempt to deduce the culprit."

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng however shook his head at Hua An's words.

"No, I believe the two fairies are still alive, they are not dead! Lord Hua An, please think carefully, the two fairies are rank seven experts, who could easily kill them?"

Hua An understood Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's feelings and mood, nodding consolingly: "Your words are also reasonable."

He then changed the topic and said: "I have a plan, we might as well spread news about the deaths of the two fairies. If they are still alive, they will definitely know we are looking for them and want to help them. If they are being hunted by the culprit, once these rumors spread, the culprit will be confused and will turn his attention towards us."

"Great plan!" Qing Yue Zhi Cheng clapped his hands and praised.

Time passed, soon, half a month went by.

Fang Yuan's soul foundation had increased to ninety million man soul, only a slight distance away from hundred million man soul.

In this period of time, he did not practise any immortal killer moves, instead spending his energy and time mainly in soul path cultivation. With this, his progress was naturally much higher than before.

Although guts Gu were being constantly expended, causing him to lose huge profits and also wasting his capital, Fang Yuan's financial situation was instead slowly turning better.

The reason for this was the dragonfish business.

Fang Yuan killed You Chan and Qin Bai He, even if Heavenly Court wanted to stop his progress, they were powerless to do so for some time.

In treasure yellow heaven's market, Fang Yuan was now the number one overlord in terms of dragonfish business, no one could rival him.

Thus, his dragonfish business was becoming increasingly bustling, especially the silver dragonfish which spurred crazed sales, the individual price was increasing at an alarming rate.

"The noteworthy thing is that news of You Chan's and Qin Bai He's deaths has already spread in Eastern Sea, looks like someone is plotting from the shadows."

"Forget about it, the important thing now is Thieving Heaven's dream realm."

With ninety million man soul, Fang Yuan was very confident. After resting for one more day, he entered the dream realm again to explore the second stage of Thieving Heaven's confusing dream realm.


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