Reverend Insanity
1493 Mysterious Sheepskin Map
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1493 Mysterious Sheepskin Map

Inspecting it carefully, Fang Yuan did not find any traps.

He slowly got closer to the dried corpse, when he was five or six steps away from it, a change occurred.

Fang Yuan cursed internally because he had lost control of young Thieving Heaven once more, he became a spectator again.

The young Thieving Heaven muttered: "This person died in the well, was he trapped by the wild beasts and could not escape?"

Next, he came to the corpse, he lowered his head in respect before searching the corpse.

No unexpected mishaps occurred, it was an ordinary corpse, there were no harmful traps.

While searching it, Young Thieving Heaven found that this corpse was a Gu Master during his life, his rank was not low, he seemed to have a high status.

He had no Gu worms left, but within the clothes that he wore, there was a sheepskin map.

Young Thieving Heaven did not gain anything but the sheepskin map.

In this underground hole, light was quite dim, young Thieving Heaven only saw that the map had lines, but they were not clear.

He stored the map carefully and searched the area again, but he had no discoveries.

But young Thieving Heaven was very satisfied.

Because there was a precious water source here.

He was quite careful, he first checked the water quality and slowly drank a little of it after finding no problems with it.

This water source was deep underground, the corpse had spent a lot of effort to create it.

Young Thieving Heaven drank a mouthful of water, he felt a cold refreshing flow as the taste of blood in his mouth from consuming beast blood faded by a lot.

Young Thieving Heaven's gulped, this mouthful of water drew out his inner desire, he lowered his body and buried his face in the spring.

Gulp, gulp, after drinking several mouthfuls, he raised his head as water splattered everywhere.

He sat on the ground with a thud, young Thieving Heaven did not speak, his hands were supporting the ground, his eyes were shut, after a while, he sighed deeply.

After resting for a while, he stretched out his hand, wiping the water from his face as he stood up, returning to the bottom of the well.

Young Thieving Heaven shuddered, the bottom of the well was much colder than the underground hole.

But young Thieving Heaven had his reasons to come here.

He looked up at the well, even though there were several beast skins as cover, the night winds were very strong, one beast skin had been blown away already, a gaping hole was created.

From the hole, young Thieving Heaven could see those stars shining high up in the night sky.

He sighed as he took some beast skin and wood, quickly creating a fireplace, next, he tried to start a fire by using friction on the wood, succeeding after several minutes.

The flame was not large, the smoke flew out of the well while the heat was retained, allowing young Thieving Heaven to stay warm.

Young Thieving Heaven first cooked some meat, before eating them when they were cooked.

After eating cooked food and filling his stomach, he felt very drowsy.

But young Thieving Heaven controlled his sleepiness and used the dim light to observe the sheepskin map that he had gotten.

"This sheepskin map must have existed for a very long time."

"Hmm? Isn't it pointing out my clan's oasis?"

Young Thieving Heaven was shocked.

The small oasis was the focus of this sheepskin map, there were even several Western Desert words on it.

The words were tiny and due to the effects of time, most of them were blurry already, only the first few words and some characters were still clear.

Young Thieving Heaven could barely decipher them, he said uncertainly: "Land of buried immortal… inauspicious… curse…"

"Strange!" After a long time of observation, he could not excavate more clues, he frowned tightly.

"I've been in this world for over a decade, I've heard about stories of immortals from the clan elders. But these are just legends, are there really immortals in this world?"

"This might not be impossible. Looking at Gu Masters, I can see the peculiarity and mystery behind this world, anything is possible."

"Land of buried immortal… don't tell me that the place where I live has an immortal buried there?"

"But why curse? And inauspicious?"

"This sheepskin map is really strange. This world has information path Gu worms to store maps and information. That corpse must have been a strong Gu Master back then, why did he use the sheepskin map instead of Gu worms?"

"This sheepskin map was sewn into the inner layer of his clothes, if his clothes were not torn, I would not have found it."

"He hid it so carefully, it must be very important, but this is too risky, it is far safer to store it inside an information path Gu worm."

Young Thieving Heaven muttered, his eyes flickering with deep thoughts.

Fang Yuan was watching by the side, he had thought of young Thieving Heaven's questions long ago, they were all suspicious, especially the sheepskin map.

"Forget about this now, this sheepskin map also points out the location of the well. If I follow it, I will be able to return to the clan."

Even though young Thieving Heaven had no sense of belonging to the clan, he knew that it was impossible to live alone in the desert.

Not only was it dangerous, nobody could tell where threats could come from, and in terms of food, young Thieving Heaven had a very limited amount of meat now.

This small oasis was too weak.

His eyes felt very heavy, young Thieving Heaven's vision soon blurred as he fell into deep sleep.

He was simply too tired, not just physically, but also the mental exhaustion of all that had happened.

Once he slept, Fang Yuan's vision went black.

In the darkness, Fang Yuan felt that the corrosion of the dream realm became several times stronger, his soul was rapidly expended.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had experienced this before, he endured it until the darkness faded.

The time in the dream realm was hard to estimate, when the darkness faded, his soul foundation had been shaved by half!

When his vision cleared, Fang Yuan was shocked to find out that young Thieving Heaven was tied up at the bottom of the well.

And in front of him was an elderly Gu Master with a grim expression.

This elderly Gu Master had a wrinkled face, his hair was fully white, he was very old, right now, his crooked hands were holding onto a sheepskin map.

He used his hands to caress this sheepskin map as he showed heated and greedy emotions in his eyes.

His expressions made young Thieving Heaven shudder, he might have met a lunatic.

"Who are you? Why did you tie me up?" Young Thieving Heaven asked.

He felt very aggrieved, he woke up tied and was now a captive.

"You should be glad that I, Sha Xiao, have not killed you yet." The old man spoke with a hoarse voice.

He carefully placed the sheepskin map into his pocket as he looked at young Thieving Heaven: "Lad, you are a member of this clan?"

Young Thieving Heaven did not answer.

Because he understood that the elderly Gu Master understood the secret and value of this sheepskin map, he did not kill him but tied him up instead because he wanted to make use of him.

The elderly Gu Master saw that young Thieving Heaven was staying silent, his expression became darker as he floated towards young Thieving Heaven like a phantom.

"Lad, don't think that I do not know what you are thinking if you stay silent. Heh, you have probably never heard of my name, I will teach you a lesson first."

The elderly Gu Master laughed sinisterly as he kicked with his leg.

His leg landed on young Thieving Heaven's chest as the intense pain almost made him fall unconscious.

Young Thieving Heaven was sent flying like a rock, he crashed onto the wall of the well and fell to the ground.

But the pain had just begun, young Thieving Heaven started to scream.

Because the elderly Gu Master's kick was not so simple, young Thieving Heaven felt his entire body going numb, at the same time, his muscles and organs felt like they were pricked by countless icy needles.

The intense pain made young Thieving Heaven suffer immensely, soon, he was covered in snot and tears as he curled up like a cooked prawn.

"Lad, do you know how powerful I am now?" The elderly Gu Master smiled sinisterly.

He was very happy.

Young Thieving Heaven's screams and cries made him feel a deep sense of satisfaction.Cutscene


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