Reverend Insanity
1490 Thieving Heaven“s Dream Realm
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1490 Thieving Heaven“s Dream Realm

Fang Yuan met Tang Fang Ming again.

This person was not simple, in the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, he had become extremely famous during the five regions chaotic war, he was almost like the Ma Hong Yun of Western Desert.

Of course, now that Fang Yuan inherited Shadow Sect, he learned about many things.

During the five hundred years of his previous life, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable successfully revived and had sovereign immortal fetus Gu, he lurked in Heavenly Court and secretly controlled the five regions, plotting against the world.

Ma Hong Yun's rise was manipulated by Shadow Sect secretly.

Tang Fang Ming and even the rise of Tang clan were also due to the actions of Shadow Sect.

"Even though Heavenly Court lacks manpower now and seems unable to cope, once the dream realms expand and the five regions get into war, all sorts of people will awaken in Heavenly Court, they will shake the world once again."

Heavenly Court's foundation was too deep, even Shadow Sect could not contest it.

Fang Yuan was starting to understand why Shadow Sect reacted in that way.

He was now following Shadow Sect's old path, Ma Hong Yun was killed but Tang clan was still around, he had to support it.

Fang Yuan had decided on this long ago. Back then, when he and Tang clan interacted and worked together, he was not just trying to use their tributary of the River of Time, he also wanted to work with them sincerely.

Heavenly Court was now aggressively plotting for the future, when the great era arrives.

You Chan and Qin Bai He were almost used by Fairy Zi Wei as pawns, therefore Fang Yuan had to eliminate them.

Be it for the dragonfish business' profits, or the situation of the future.

To contest with a powerhouse like Heavenly Court, Fang Yuan's schemes needed to be elevated to encompass all five regions, he needed to plot against the world!

Tang Fang Ming was extremely happy that Fang Yuan had arrived.

The last time Fang Yuan left Western Desert, he was escaping, Tang Fang Ming did not expect him to return so quickly.

"Bring me to Thieving Heaven's dream realm." Fang Yuan spoke directly regarding his goal.

"Lord Fang Yuan acts quickly, I am in deep admiration, please follow me." Tang Fang Ming led the way.

The two flew for a while before arriving on top of an unassuming desert.

Tang Fang Ming stopped and stretched out his finger as a crack opened in the air, immortal aura permeated from it.

Fang Yuan was a formation path grandmaster, he had deep foundations, after seeing this immortal formation, his eyes shined as he praised: "What a good immortal Gu formation!"

This immortal formation's concealment was incredible, even if Fang Yuan had his investigative killer move active, he could not detect it.

"Lord Fang Yuan, follow me." Tang Fang Ming entered the crack first.

Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he followed.

After entering it, Fang Yuan found out that the space created by this immortal formation was like a grassland.

His field of vision was very wide, there was lush greenery all around, and the most attracting thing was Thieving Heaven's dream realm at the center of the plain!

Thieving Heaven's dream realm was huge, like a mountain.

It was emitting a blue eerie light, radiating the entire formation path space.

The five regions chaotic war had not started yet, but this dream realm of Thieving Heaven was uncovered earlier and found by Tang clan, they secretly kept it and had been researching it.

Even though Tang clan obtained this precious treasure, they were clueless about dream path, their progress was very slow in it.

And this progress was already built on Tang Fang Ming's great talent and ingenuity.

Even so, he nearly died in the dream realm, if his sister had not given up the clues to Paradise Earth's true inheritance and got help from White Sea Shatuo, Tang Fang Ming would have died.

And White Sea Shatuo was a split soul of Spectral Soul, during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he led the Western Desert Shadow Sect members and died in the battlefield.

Fang Yuan did not mention the incident with White Sea Shatuo to Tang clan or Tang Fang Ming, the clue of Paradise Earth's true inheritance was also in Fang Yuan's hands currently.

Paradise Earth's true inheritance was not Fang Yuan's focus now, he was looking at the huge dream realm of Thieving Heaven now.

This blue and dazzling dream realm was very dangerous!

Because it contained heaven's will.

Heaven's will could invade dream realms, Fang Yuan had suffered from this during the Southern Border dream realm incident.

Long ago, when he explored the dream realm of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he also met with heaven's will. Heaven's will appeared in Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's form to advise him, and allowed him to outwit Spectral Soul during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain.

As the saying goes, people learn from mistakes, an old demon like Fang Yuan drilled this lesson into the depths of his heart.

"Once the dream realm manifests for too long, heaven's will would invade it, that happened in Southern Border's giant dream realm, Thieving Heaven's dream realm, in Western Desert, has been around for even longer, I'm sure heaven's will has already completely taken over." Fang Yuan's eyes shone with an eerie light.

"If it were before, I would need to avoid it. But now… hehe." Fang Yuan's lips curled up as he stretched out his arm, aiming at Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

Immortal aura surged as Fang Yuan's body was covered in a grey-white light.

His palms were also enveloped by this grey-white light.

Fang Yuan took a step forward and let both palms approach the dream realm, eventually, the grey-white light came into contact with Thieving Heaven's dream realm while Fang Yuan's palms were merely an inch away.

Fang Yuan had the sovereign immortal body, not Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique. If he really touched it, his soul would be trapped inside the dream realm. He was very vigilant about that.

The grey-white light flowed like water, entering Thieving Heaven's dream realm without obstruction.

The grey-white light continued to permeate as it spread out towards the surroundings from Fang Yuan's palms as the center.

This phenomenon lasted for a while, it was as if the mountain-like dream realm was covered by a grey-white light.

The light continued to expand, but Tang Fang Ming only watched quietly by the side.

He could not tell what it was, but he knew it was an immortal killer move.

"Lord Fang Yuan is truly formidable, he actually created an immortal killer move against the dream realm! Compared to him, I have only created several dream path mortal Gu. There truly is a mountain above a mountain, a man standing above another man!" Tang Fang Ming felt deep admiration, he felt how unfathomable Fang Yuan was.

Fang Yuan was expressionless, but he was quite nervous internally.

He was activating the immortal killer move, heaven's will dissipation! Even though it was not his first time, this was his first attempt at using it on a dream realm.

Heaven's will dissipation used heavenly secret Immortal Gu as the core, it could eliminate heaven's will. He had used it against Spring Autumn Cicada earlier, now that he was using it on a dream realm, who knew what would happen.

Time passed, ten minutes went by quickly.

The grey-white light had expanded quite a lot, not only on the surface, but also into Thieving Heaven's dream realm.

Thieving Heaven's dream realm was like a mountain, but one-tenth of it was already covered by grey-white light.

Just when Tang Fang Ming thought that the grey-white light was going to expand further, it stopped moving as multicolored eyes started to appear from the grey-white light.

These eyes were very special, they changed colors with each blink.

The number of multicolored eyes increased rapidly, after a few breaths of time, they went from tens to hundreds, and to thousands in a flash.

After several tens of breaths, there were millions of multicolored eyes, they filled the grey-white light, not only on the surface, but also inside the light itself.

"There is an effect!" Fang Yuan was excited internally but remained expressionless, Tang Fang Ming could not sense the fluctuation of his emotions.

The multicolored eyes continued to blink as Fang Yuan's red date immortal essence was expended rapidly. The heaven's will in Thieving Heaven's dream realm was also getting wiped out along with it.

The multicolored eyes blinked for several times before vanishing, but new eyes would grow in their place.

Heaven's will was rapidly destroyed, after a while, there was no heaven's will left in the grey-white light.

At this time, the grey-white light would expand as the multicolored eyes moved in for more destruction.

Fang Yuan activated heaven's will dissipation for three days and nights.

Eventually, in Thieving Heaven's dream realm, there was none of heaven's will remaining.

Fang Yuan continued to activate the killer move and kept a veil of grey-white light around Thieving Heaven's dream realm at all times. This way, as long as heaven's will tried to invade it, it would be destroyed by the multicolored eyes in the white light.

And now, Thieving Heaven's dream realm was finally safe!

"Next, I will explore this dream realm." Fang Yuan let out a breath of air, he was filled with joy in his heart.


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