Reverend Insanity
1489 Variant Human Raising Plan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1489 Variant Human Raising Plan

The well was squarish on the outside, but it was circular on the surface inside.

City Well!

Fang Yuan thought about it, he placed City Well in Mini Central Continent.

After Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley, and Reverse Flow River, this was Fang Yuan's fourth secluded domain of heaven and earth.

Throughout history, there were few Gu Immortals who could achieve the feat of collecting four secluded domains of heaven and earth.

City Well was written in >, it was formerly the living environment of minimen.

Right now, that mini city in City Well had been destroyed by Fang Yuan. Originally, Miniscule Mountain was inside it, but it had already been removed from City Well and destroyed in Northern Plains.

However, Fang Yuan's City Well was not empty, there were many blessed lands inside it.

The owner of these immortal apertures were the ones who were killed by Fang Yuan using City Well.

After the immortal aperture becomes a blessed land, it needed to absorb heaven and earth qi, the entrance had to be opened to connect to the outside world.

Fang Yuan had taken the chance to enter and explore these blessed lands.

Those without land spirits that could be ransacked were already looted. The remaining blessed lands had a lot of cultivation resources left behind, Fang Yuan did not take them yet.

"Now that I have blood light spirit suppression, I can suppress these land spirits, but without the upper extreme heavenly eagle, I cannot enter."

These immortal aperture's entrances were closed now, Fang Yuan could not enter for the time being.

"If I can annex these immortal apertures, and take all of their resources away, my dao marks will rise sharply and my immortal aperture development will also increase."

This was a huge amount of profits that Fang Yuan could not devour yet, but it was already his, so there was little chance of getting stolen, Fang Yuan was quite pleased.

"Other than these blessed lands, City Well has huge value, it cannot be underestimated."

With City Well, Fang Yuan could raise variant humans and even pure bred humans.

This was a good thing.

The Gu Immortal world classified the development of immortal apertures into seven levels.

The first level was establishing mortal resources, to produce mortal Gu, mortal Gu materials, and ordinary beasts and plants.

The second level was to have immortal material resources to feed Immortal Gu.

The third level was to raise and produce immortal beasts and plants, completing the ecosystem.

The fourth level was to use excess immortal materials, beasts, and plants to trade and earn profits.

The fifth level was to produce Immortal Gu naturally in the immortal aperture.

The sixth level was to raise variant human and humans, and produce Gu Immortals among them.

The seventh level was to produce lifespan Gu.

These seven levels were in order, they were the summation of the Gu Immortal world's experiences throughout time, until now, it was the golden rule of Gu Immortal cultivation.

It was not that Gu Immortals could not raise variant humans or humans in their immortal aperture from the start, but if they did, the results would not be optimal, and they would be wasting their own foundation instead.

These seven levels were in order, it was created by generations of geniuses in the Gu Immortal world for countless years. If one progressed using this template, their immortal apertures would be very stable and healthy.

Fang Yuan was currently at the third and fourth level, he was quite far from the fifth level.

But he had City Well now, he could directly jump into the sixth level of development.

City Well could allow a Gu Immortal to jump levels and raise variant humans and even humans easily.

What was the advantage of raising variant humans or humans?

The benefits were too immense.

Each variant human race has its own unique resources.

For example, snowmen had ice tears and snow lotus essence, rockmen had rock dragonx, while feathermen had freedom Gu.

If these resources were produced on a large scale, they would be sold in the market for huge profits.

Other than these unique resources, there was also one common resource.

That was — Human Qi!

Heaven qi, earth qi, human qi.

Balancing these three qi was the crucial point of immortal ascension.

During the process of immortal ascension, the higher the human qi, the greater the Gu Master's foundation, and the better the quality of the immortal aperture formed.

After becoming a Gu Immortal, human qi's usage would fall by a lot. The Gu Immortal only needed to balance heaven and earth qi, replenishing them once in a while to stabilize their immortal aperture world.

But that did not mean that human qi was useless.

Conversely, human qi was extremely important to Gu Immortals!

But the method to use human qi had been lost long ago. Qi path was created earlier than strength path, it was strong in the past, but had declined by now.

At the moment, there were quite a few methods to use human qi as a Gu material. Especially some qi path Gu Immortals with some exotic methods, even though these qi path Gu Immortals were quite rare already.

Be it variant humans or normal humans, they could produce human qi.

The higher the number and strength of the variant humans and normal humans, the higher quantity of the human qi.

Of course, under the same circumstances, the human qi produced by a variant human is lower in quantity than a pure bred human.

Other than human qi, there would also be a lot of 'special' immortal materials that would be produced by variant humans and humans.

For example, fan door wind.

This rank seven immortal material only grew on the doors of mortal houses, instead of in nature like forests or mountains. Whenever this immortal material is produced, the mortal's door would not be able to close, it could only stay open.

Such a special immortal material could not be found in the wilderness.

"And there is a hypothesis in Shadow Sect's inheritance."

"The more human qi one accumulates, the more likely that Gu Immortal can comprehend the profundity of human path!"

Thinking of this, bright light shined in Fang Yuan's eyes.

Human path!

This was the path created by Ren Zu.

Throughout history, some rank eight great experts or rank nine venerables would comprehend some of the profundities inside > in their lives.

For example, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable studied > and created all living beings luck and heaven and earth luck.

Or for example, the Ancestor Chai Fu from Southern Border's Chai clan, he had created the human path killer move from studying > in his later years, allowing Chai clan to become a super force.

Such instances were innumerable.

"In my situation, if I start raising variant humans and humans, it would only destroy my immortal aperture's environment, I would waste too much time and effort, my foundation would be expended."

"But with City Well, I will be able to raise them in isolation, it will not interfere with my immortal aperture development. Furthermore, raising variant humans or humans in City Well will be more effective than usual due to the special environment."

"Forget about humans, their intelligence is too high, and they expend too many resources. Now, I should choose one type of variant humans to raise in here."

There were ten variant human races in the Gu world.

They were: hairy men, rockmen, snowmen, feathermen, mermen, inkmen, eggmen, beastmen, miniman, and mushroommen.

Each had their own specialty.

"Which one should I choose?" Fang Yuan had not decided.

There was only one City Well, he could only choose one type of them to raise. Because variant humans needed different living environments, raising more than one would only result in losses to him.

"Forget about beastmen, they are extinct."

"Hairy men? I do need them to refine Gu for me."

"Rockmen? I had raised a batch before, with guts Gu, I can raise them very easily."

"Snowmen are good too, I am related to them by marriage now, the snowman tribe is supporting me."

"As for miniman, they are suited for this City Well to begin with, my immortal aperture development also needs these miniman to nurture my immortal plants."

"As for feathermen, mermen, inkmen, eggmen, and mushroommen… either one of them would give me huge benefits too."

Fang Yuan thought about it, by the time he reached his destination, he did not come up with an answer.

This problem was not urgent.

Because even if Fang Yuan considered it, he did not have the funds to start this huge project now.

His immortal essence stone storage was quite low now.

But thankfully, he had a lot of red date immortal essence, even though he had just fought against You Chan and Qin Bai He.

This was due to the sovereign immortal aperture's time flow, after being restored and further raised by Fang Yuan's time path method, the rate of time was much higher than one-to-sixty now!

Thus, Fang Yuan's red date immortal essence was accumulating rapidly.

"In this Eastern Sea trip, I collected City Well and killed You Chan. I have no rivals in the dragonfish business now, I am earning huge profits every day, that is certain. As long as I continue to sell dragonfish, my problem of low funds will be solved soon."

"The important thing now is Thieving Heaven's dream realm!"

Fang Yuan thought about it as he descended from the clouds, landing on the desert.

On the blazing desert, a Gu Immortal was standing and waiting.

He smiled as he cupped his fists at Fang Yuan: "Tang Fang Ming greets Lord Fang Yuan."


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