Reverend Insanity
1488 Crimes Exposed
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1488 Crimes Exposed

Several days later.

A Gu Immortal was flying above white crane sea area.

This Gu Immortal wore a green shirt and had a young appearance, his nose was sharp and his face was wide, his eyes were shining like stars.

Rank seven aura emanated from his body, his name was Qing Yue Zhi Cheng, he had a huge origin, being a Gu Immortal from the Eastern Sea super force Qing Yue clan, he was the bloodline descendant of the first supreme elder, Qing Yue An.

"This is?" Seeing the barren state of white crane sea area, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's expression sank.

He had affection towards Qin Bai He, even though he knew she was into women, he could accept it.

Even though he could accept Qin Bai He, she did not accept him.

It was truly a one-sided affection, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was rejected from the start but he had never given up, he had persevered for the last decade.

Even though Qin Bai He disliked him, she did not want to be on bad terms with Qing Yue clan, thus, she always replied to Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's letters, albeit half-heartedly.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng would write her a love letter once in a while, but Qin Bai He would only reply with one word - read, or okay.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was satisfied with receiving 'read', but if he got 'okay', he would be smiling for the next few days.

Humans were not emotionless, even Gu Immortals had lust and feelings of love towards others.

But recently, he had not been getting any responses to his letters.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng tried to contact her but they all failed.

He had a bad feeling in his heart, he could not wait any longer, he directly came to white crane sea area.

Once he saw the barren state of white crane sea area, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's brows became tightly locked.

In the past, white crane sea area had a serene environment with flying white cranes, it was filled with vitality, but now, it was robbed bare, there was literally nothing left.

"Fairy Bai He, where are you?" Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's bad feeling was getting worse, he immediately dived into the sea.

He had been here many times, even though Qin Bai He did not welcome him, he often found many appropriate reasons to find her.

This time, after entering the sea, the image that he saw was far different from the image in his mind.

He saw a huge trench with countless crevices and broken rocks, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's heart sank to rock bottom: "Oh no, looking at the situation here, this place was robbed!"

After checking for a while, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was filled with rage.

"They have such guts!"

"They dare to rob Fairy Bai He's sea area, the great history iron and egg crystal rocks were all plundered, this person is so arrogant."

"Fairy Bai He, you must be safe!!"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng thought of the person he loved as he felt shocked and scared.

He looked around but did not find that rank six Immortal Gu House Bai He Palace.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was unresigned, he used his investigative method to look at the surroundings again.

He found nothing.

Qin Bai He seemed to have vanished into thin air, Bai He Palace was missing too, and even more strangely, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng could not find any traces of battle in this place at all!

Fang Yuan did not kill Qin Bai He or You Chan here, that was in dragonfish sea area.

But even if Qing Yue Zhi Cheng went to dragonfish sea area, he would not find any traces.

Fang Yuan's methods to erase traces were simply too outstanding! And the battle was even conducted in the battlefield killer move purple star broken life.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng could not find anything, he felt suspicious.

"Fairy Bai He is an expert among rank seven Gu Immortals, it is unlikely that anyone can kill her stealthily. Unless it is a rank eight Gu Immortal…"

"But rank eights usually govern a domain and restrict each other, any movement from them would cause a huge commotion, how could they come to kill Fairy Bai He without reason? Hehe."

Thinking of this, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's worries lifted.

But soon, his expression turned stiff: "Don't tell me Fairy Bai He got sick of me and decided to change locations and moved all her resources with her?"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng thought about it, the possibility was slim.

White crane sea area produced a lot of resources, how could Qin Bai He give up on it? Even if she found a better area, there was no reason to leave this place alone.

"Unless, she encountered an unbeatable enemy? Against such a strong foe, she had no choice but to give up and retreat?"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng had another thought.

But soon, he shook his head: "If she met with a strong enemy, why would Fairy Bai He not seek help? With her network, with just one word, she would receive a lot of help from various Gu Immortals."

"So what happened exactly? Why did Fairy Bai He vanish so mysteriously?"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng frowned deeply.

He did not think that Qin Bai He was dead, firstly, he did not want to think in that direction, secondly, that possibility was too bizarre.

Qin Bai He was a famous person in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world, her strength was not weak, she was rank seven.

Who could easily kill such a person?

Like what Qing Yue Zhi Cheng had said, unless it was a rank eight Gu Immortal.

But this possibility was even slimmer.

The five regions have been in peace for too long, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng subconsciously felt that such a cruel murder would not occur, and it would definitely not happen to his beloved fairy.

But after his investigation, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng had a conclusion.

"Regardless of what happened, Fairy Bai He must be in trouble, I need to find her and help her!"

At once, the thought of the hero saving the beauty appeared in Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's mind.

"If there are no clues here, I will find the nearby Gu Immortals and ask them." You Chan's name soon appeared in Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's mind.

You Chan's dragonfish sea area was famous too.

And in terms of distance, You Chan was closest to Qin Bai He.

They were basically neighbors.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng moved with lightning speed, he immediately left white crane sea area and spent some effort to reach dragonfish sea area.

Dragonfish sea area was in a worse state than white crane sea area, this place used to have countless dragonfish swimming about in millions per group, it was one of the most amazing sights in Eastern Sea, but now, it was empty.

A breeze was blowing as the seawater became turbulent, waves were created endlessly.

"What is happening?"

"Even dragonfish sea area was robbed?!"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng was tongue-tied, he expressed shock in his eyes.

Qin Bai He and You Chan's sea areas were in such states, who was the one who caused this?

After all, both You Chan and Qin Bai He were powerful rank seven experts, they were not weak at all!

This time, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng not only felt suspicion, he felt fear.

He came extremely alert, he went deep into the sea to investigate, but the sad thing was he found out nothing.

"How can this be? What happened exactly? Not just Fairy Bai He, even Fairy You Chan also encountered this. Wait, the dragonfish business, treasure yellow heaven!"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's body shook as he connected to treasure yellow heaven.

You Chan's dragonfish business was famous in all five regions, she definitely had her will in treasure yellow heaven to manage the dragonfish business.

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's consciousness entered treasure yellow heaven as he quickly contacted You Chan's will.

Once they conversed, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng found out that You Chan's will had no idea what happened!

"You Chan and her will communicate quite frequently, the interval is at most three days each time. This means that in the last three days, she and Fairy Bai He have encountered a mysterious attack!"

Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's felt sweat dripping off his forehead.

The more he investigated, the more he uncovered the truth, it was mysterious and terrifying.

Be it You Chan or Qin Bai He, they would not take away the resources randomly and run away. All this showed that they had met with an unstoppable threat!

An intense worry filled Qing Yue Zhi Cheng's heart.

"No, I need to get home and get help from the Gu Immortals in my clan!" Qing Yue Zhi Cheng looked at the empty dragonfish sea area as he felt a chill down his spine, he quickly returned and did not dare to stay any longer.

Qin Bai He's and You Chan's murder was exposed. Even though there was no evidence pointing to the two fairies' deaths, with Qing Yue clan's great strength, they quickly unveiled a portion of the truth.

Meanwhile, the culprit behind this murder case was scot-free, flying casually in Western Desert.

After leaving Eastern Sea, Fang Yuan did not go to Northern Plains, instead, he went past Southern Border and arrived in Western Desert.

Above the clouds, Fang Yuan's consciousness entered the sovereign immortal aperture as he inspected his gains from Eastern Sea.

After killing You Chan and Qin Bai He, Fang Yuan's gains were huge.

He gained a large number of dragonfish, the scale far surpassed dragon scale sea area, they were living all over Mini Eastern Sea now.

He also got a high quantity of great history iron and egg crystal rocks.

There were also two rank six Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan had already started arranging their food.

Qin Bai He's wood path immortal aperture was left in Eastern Sea, he could not annex it or bring it with him. You Chan's water path immortal aperture was already annexed, he gained a huge sea area and a large number of water path dao marks!

But these gains were far inferior to City Well.

Indeed, the secluded domain of heaven and earth, City Well, was now in Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

After Fang Yuan went to Eastern Sea, he first went to turbulent flow sea area and moved the City Well that was left there into sovereign immortal aperture. After that, he went to dragonfish sea area and killed You Chan and Qin Bai He.

Secluded Domain of Heaven and Earth — City Well!

Fang Yuan had wanted to get City Well long ago, but back then, pulling mountain Immortal Gu was ineffective against it, he could not relocate it into his immortal aperture.

But now, using the light of wisdom, he created an immortal killer move using pulling mountain Immortal Gu as the core, to target and move City Well, after a long time of hard work, he succeeded!


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